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Paragon City, ri December, 26th 2006

...done in by a psychiclLycontrolled statesman. Dang.

Obey Chapter

Chapter Eight:

Obedience's call - Sin Stalker, Stalkling, Obedience, the assassin and the Justice-Knights created by Joseph Cohen. - Biosphere and mr. Cyril created by Aaron Nellis. - Israfel, Dr. Frostburg, Soul Harverst, Dark Synaspe and Any other material owned by their respective creators and owners. - photo editing by Night Hornet and David 2 aka Battlerock X,

That's rather difficult to believe.

My illusion spells will hold.

Are you sure no one can see us ?

Although I'm new to the whole ressurrecting


No one can see us.

This... this isn't right.

I don't sense... anything.

I've never tried to ressurrect someone who's been dead for so long.

In my dealing with magic, death can be a tricky thing. Many factors come into play when bringing someone back.

it's all about time vs power. the more time, the more power you need. maybe you don't have enough.

Time limits, if the soul has moved on and how far it's gone-the mortal body and decay or even if the spirit just doesn't have any unfinished business. I know your powers come from a mutation but perhaps they work on a common ground.

no. I won't accept that. How can you even say that? Sin stalker is your friend too.

I will mourn his passing but it is the natural order.

Besides, it is not the end. His journey is only beginning.

Dark, its...

Then don't. But do you sense anything at all ? the slightest spark of life or spirit ? I will not give up on him. he wouldn't give up on me...


Either its been too long or...

Hm. You sure we can believe biosphere about what really happened ?

No... no. He was here--it's just... I don't think I can do it...

He was here, but now... How can we honestly trust biosphere ?

Not a single thing.

Because sin isn't a fool. He trusted this guy enough to team with.


Well sin seems a bit too trusting at times. letting almost anyone into the Knights.

I wouldn't say that. How could you not ? ... There's something you should know about sin and the group.


the roof of cycorp tower. to explain ? I made a deal with cyril.

Stalkling, no...

you made a deal with criminals ?

a very profitable one, I might add.

I am not a crim--

What about that prototype we needed ? It was destroyed. --all of us are criminals right now. besides we need cyril's help. we need his "agents" and gear to fight off obedience.

Just because others are stupid enough to create a single prototype doesn't mean I am.

I have the Psy-disruptor right here.

Making deals with Cyril, teaming with villains... you're doing just what we're being framed for.

yeah, well Might as well actually do it then. We can't do this alone.

but its not what sin did...

you don't know sin! his first plan fell through, he'd... form a second.

...and he would do whatever it took to get the job done."

he went




betrayed us. and you...

you betrayed us too. how long have you known ?

he was trying to protect us.

a... a month.

Sin was going to tell us. do whatever he could to make it right.

oh yeah ? when was that going to be ?

a month ?!

I was giving sin the time he needed.

in fact, when were you going to tell us about your little discovery ?

He's our friend, we all are. who are those with them ?


some friends... I see them up ahead. but...

I don't know...

the deal isn't done, we-<General, sir. We have three airbornes closing in on your location now.>


We have several incoming flyers heading here now. your comrades ? Enough arguing. Deal's done.

yes, that should be them.


translated from arabic.

Stalkling, this isn't the answer...

<Let them pass. they are

if this was sin stalker, you wouldn't even question him.


I would...

What's going on here ?

what kind of a deal ?

wait. where is your third ?

stalkling made a deal.

third ?

<sir! One of flyers just increased speed dramaticly! It's heading right for you!!!>

Look, this isn't up for debate. we--

shho oo o

s s s hh s s sh h h h h h

Everyone move! enemy inbound!

kra kk

holy $%@& !

where did he come from ?!

Everyone here is a target. we need to scatter. Biosphere and I will go after statesman and find where stalkling landed.

synapse and manticore can't be far behind so soul harverst, your illusions will be needed against synapse. Take Israfel.

dark, take manticore and bring the guy in white and our soldier "friend" with you.

I do not take orders from a yankee like you. I will take statesman.

okay, simple, come with biosphere and me.

big guy,,, still on fire...

my nametag says "Simple Minded", so I go by that for nows. And I'm always on fire, silly.

no. I wanna go with agent...

ugh, villains...

go whereever you want to then.

Knights, you know what to do.

the chaos involvES our heroes as they face the evil Knights and the corrupt cycorp.

Jason smith here, once again. we are first on scene OF an all out super powered brawl, spanning several blocks.

now will someone get me a freaken water bottle! I asked it twice already. while other channels focus more on heroes fighting hordes of giant snow men or on sister psyche's health-

it's coming jason. all the water was left in the truck with me. your assistant's getting it.

-I have decided to fully devote ourselves to bringing you this exclusive live coverage.

Remind me to fire her at the end of the day.

This is jason smith with paragon news network. stay tuned.

but she's your niece, jason...

... and... we're out. you're doing great jason.

excuses. it'll be good for her anyways. a life lesson and all that. jack, we back yet ?

...its jason. simple name, you should know-

-and no, not yet. Matt Myers in Chopper one says there's some action in the alleyway a block over.

listen, jerry.


that notalent hack!

my name is jason. Same name as you.

she's slow, talks funny, and takes too long to do anything. She had her chance at the job.

this is her first day and she has downsyndrome, jason...

he doesn't have the face or talent for tv. he should go be a manager at Up-N-Away Burger!

we are going to reposition.

reposition ?! who's smart idea was it to->koff!< --uh! where's my freaken


where'd he go ?

I don't see him.


ts s s t ss s s s s s

s s ss s s s

s s s s s s s s

s s s s s s. .

...... .

Simple, you okay ? >koff< gaakk... >koff<

think so...

your flames protected you.

Let me see...

how's our friend ?


Where is the small funny looking red guy ?

phew, He's still breathing.

I don't know.

Like I said. Sleeping.

hehe, he's a garbage man.

Help me move this guy. he'll be safe in that dumpster.

Soul, cast your spell to hold him, already!

I'm trying. I can't cast my spells fast enough for him! This is pointless. We need to find Obedience.


<The ice one is still in the way.>

oof !

<he is nothing.> <fire>


m m!!

o o o b oo


uh, uhnn...


What do you think you're doing ?

My job. This does not concern you.

He's down. Now let's help the others and find Obedience.

I shall but first...

There are many around the world who would pay anything to see the lifeless body of that icon of American society.

first I have another job to finish.

And pay, they have.

I'm not letting you near him.

Do you know what this is ? It is an ancient blade enchanted with enough magic to cut through even statesman.

It's said the god hephaestus crafted it to slay ares and aphrodite before deciding on non-lethal means of revenge.

It would have no trouble slicing through you, either.

now step aside.



you americans are always so full of--


aaaaaahhh!! oof! What the... ohgawwd...

Send me Mark II and Mark III. I know the concequences. now listen close. send me mark II and III but set them on level one.

Sir, the Cytrons are for military use only and the contract with them hasn't been finalized yet. If its discovered--

But sir, on that level--

Do it! and send them to my location.

I'm a block away from Cy Tower by that stupid bowling alley.

not yet!

They are already on there way sir.



< k hon k< n o o > h > oof <

e urr rr r <


You crazy! I almost hit you, foo!

hey! foo!

Manticore ?! yeah! stop that Jay walker!


Halt! z z

z zz z tz zz z z > >t z z zz z z< < < z < < <

tz > >t z

z zz z zz < < z z < < < z zz z z< zz

>klink< >klink< >klink< >klink< >klink< >klink< >klink< >klink< >klink<

No, no...



No! Okay! Okay! I'll obey. I'll obey.


don't kill me.

>huff< >huff< >huff< >huff<

>huff< >huff<

Here, take it.

Just go. Just... wait !

What are you doing ?! I'm obeying!!!



is... is he gone ? Did he take the vial ?


--here where one member of the Justice-Knights, a Dark Synaspe, has been arrested.

again, while authorities arrive on scene now, all Justice-Knights members except for Dark Synaspe, have fled along with mr. Cyril of Cycorp.

where have these criminals gone ? what's their dark plan ?

Only time will tell...

Back to you in the studio.

this water is warm you freakin' idiot!

we're out.

My neice or not, get me a cold bottle of water before I die of dehydration!

it's warm cause I peed in it you jerk...

what did you say ?

another bottle, right away, sir. Are... we going with everyone else on the copter ride ? no, simple. Then are we going to fight the policemen and free the garbage man ?

No, simple.

we're done here. I don't care what the legion does. this entire mission has been a crock.

Cyril's a fool. Those other mercs are idiots. I refuse to be around them a second longer.

We can't go back to them. At least not yet.

He's a mean man, too. I thought you said those legion peoples won't like us leaving so soon. That they would--

Then where can we go agent? agent ?

--I know what they said.

I think I know a safe place.

Where ? Where ?

Where ? agent, Where ?

you'll see.

you'll see!

Where... Agent... I wanna know where... ohmygawd!

Where... agent, where ?

I said >sigh< Fine. The rogue isles. We're going to the Rogue Isles.

A cycorp helicopter some where above Paragon City's warehouse district. Sorry, I missed that.

Understood ? Huh ? which part ?

All of it...

ugh! I... I'm fine.

Its just statesman-he... he just tore into that general. Ripped his arm... off. Like a twig.

You don't look so good. You okay ?

I've just never seen that kind of brutality before...

That kind of thing can be difficult to get over... The first time. It gets easier if that makes you feel better.

It doesn't.

I switched the vial and gave manticore a fake.

I don't like that we left Dark synaspe behind--

So keep your psydampeners on.

As I was stating, we had to move.

A fake containing a tracking device. Now, it appears obedience can only control three minds from a distance but at close range it should be able to control more. especially the weak willed.

you will attack obedience all at once, and place the disruptor on it before it can manipulate anyone else against us. understood ? Biosphere ?

yeah, I got it.

My powers can conceal us passed any mindenslaved citizens and heroes.

Abandoned warehouse hideout of obedience obey

obey give . . .

yes ss


I amm. . .

. . . Decieved ?


Make it pay! **

join forces with the Knights in city of **heroes architect entertainment. Search 'Obey' by '@Sin Stalker' and play today!

This is

matt myers

with pnn.

jason smith is no longer with this station due to his-uh-embellishments, unfounded claims and unprofessionalism.

But back to our story.

Several hours ago, at this abandoned warehouse, an epic battle was fought between the alleged criminal group the Justice-Knights and several members of the Freedom Phalanx.

Reports are still coming in and we are attempting to verify all we can.

What we can report is THAT all charges against the Justice-Knights, Richard Cyril and Cycorp have been dropped.

Authorites are also no longer looking for any suspects, new or old.

Dark Synaspe has been released from police custody as well.

In other news, sister psyche awoke from her coma today.

We at pnn are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date balanced news.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

The reason for her coma is still unknown but the search over-seas FOR THOSE RESPONSIBLE has been called off as many begin returnING home.

We'll be bringing you updates as soon as they become available. For the Paragon News Network, I'm

Matt Myers.

Back to you in the studio.

days later

phase one is complete.

a CyCorp Lab Well ?

all charges have been dropped against us. our lawsuit against this city and pnn for all damages is about to settle in our favor.

good. Good.

recent polls show an increase in consumer trust in cycorp.

our stocks are through the roof as we begin to be crey industries main competition.

The creature will be moved to the aquatic installation you've setup.

Begin TO... hrm, and what about

it ?

our deal with the Knights allowed us its "remains".

So as far as anyone knows, we destroyed the creature and are studying the remains.

Excellent. Begin phase


Yes, sir. Right Away.

As for the Justice-Knights, the funeral for their fallen leader is today, isn't it ? yes, sir. It is.

Send a fruitbasket.

Sir ?

A large fruitbasket.




ahah-men. We gather here today to say goodbye...





Are you joining us ? who we all know of as Sin Stalker.

he did a lot for me, but most importantly HE gave me a FRIEND.

Manticore. Well ?

It wouldn't be appropriate.

He would have died for anyone of us.

No one blames you for what happened to him.


You think the kid will be alright ?

...He does.

I'll be keeping an eye out... from afar.

I'm still worried about the fact that when Stalkling and I fought, our powers wENT out of wHack.

And I want to know why.


He died for nothing.

The end

Next time... The team is out of time.

Epilogue: The origin of General Bronze

Are you sure this will work ?

The arm attaches itself directly to his nervous system through experimental CyCorp Nanites. Of course not. This is all theoretical applications at work.

Does he feel anything ? No. He's heavily sedated.

It's showing connectivity! Faster than we thought. It's working !

doctor, what's happening ? What do you... Oh no!

We told you no problems or you and your family suffer.

No! no, please. It's not suppose to be able to do--

The nanites are moving beyond the nerves in his shoulder.

They are connecting, surrounding and encasing every cell in his body!


General, are you alright?


I... ar...





wa m

wa m

Not a weapon... its... an arm ? What did do to me... I-its more. your... they stole it for you to replace...

What did you do to me ?

I thought you knew! I thought you wanted it!

It... they kidnapped me. Made me attach that experimental weapon to you.

Why would I want this?! I didn't know the nanites would spread we... Nanites ?

p-p-please... I have a family.

neerr neerr They said you might even prefer it. The weapon can shift into different tools and...

zer zer

zurk zurk

nerzz nerzz

gurt gurt

zurtz zurtz that... please, I didn't want-they took me against my will!

Everyone must be accountable!

Haha ha!

Especially that Biosphere.

Please! Noooo!!

The start OF MORE...

To To everyone who's read this series and anyone that is about to. Toeveryone everyonewho's who'sread readthis thisseries seriesand andanyone anyonethat thatis isabout aboutto. to.

So So here here we we are, are, the the finale finale to to the the first first multi-issue multi-issue Justice-Knights Justice-Knights story story arc. arc. So here we are, the finale to the first multi-issue Justice-Knights story arc. II hope you've enjoyed it. This was grand labor of love that took years to complete. Ihope hopeyou've you'veenjoyed enjoyedit. it.This Thiswas wasaaagrand grandlabor laborof oflove lovethat thattook tookyears yearsto tocomplete. complete. Years, Years, not just because of the difficulty but also because of the craziness of real life. Years,not notjust justbecause becauseof ofthe thedifficulty difficultybut butalso alsobecause becauseof ofthe thecraziness crazinessof ofreal reallife. life. Between Between the start of this and now, I've had long term relationship end and job end. Betweenthe thestart startof ofthis thisand andnow, now,I've I'vehad hadaaalong longterm termrelationship relationshipend endand andaaajob jobend. end. An An accident that left my hand unusable for time and follow up that put me in wheelchair. Anaccident accidentthat thatleft leftmy myhand handunusable unusablefor foraaatime timeand andaaafollow followup upthat thatput putme mein inaaawheelchair. wheelchair. I've I've gained new friends and learned to walk with cane. I'vegained gainednew newfriends friendsand andlearned learnedto towalk walkwith withcane. cane. I've I've had long term relationship start all over again and fiance. I'vehad hadaaalong longterm termrelationship relationshipstart startall allover overagain againand andaaafiance. fiance. I've I've seen an idea used to play out in my head while driving to work transform into this comic. I'veseen seenan anidea ideaIIIused usedto toplay playout outin inmy myhead headwhile whiledriving drivingto towork worktransform transforminto intothis thiscomic. comic. I've I've loved, lost and created. And while am not where wanted to be I'veloved, loved,lost lostand andcreated. created.And Andwhile whileIIIam amnot notwhere whereIIIwanted wantedto tobe be by by the time finished this, never gave up. bythe thetime timeIIIfinished finishedthis, this,IIInever nevergave gaveup. up. this IIImay may leave leave this world world tomorrow tomorrow and and never never do do the the main main things things I've always wanted to, may leave this world tomorrow and never do the main thingsI've I'vealways alwayswanted wantedto, to, but but at least leave something behind, even ififit ititis is just stupid dinky little CoH fan comic. butat atleast leastIIIleave leavesomething somethingbehind, behind,even evenif isjust justaaastupid stupiddinky dinkylittle littleCoH CoHfan fancomic. comic. At At least ititwas was something... Atleast leastit wassomething... something...

Thank Thank you you to to everyone everyone who who helped; helped; to to my my peers peers in in the the C.C.C. C.C.C. like like Battlerock Battlerock X, X, Night_Hornet, Night_Hornet, KK/Techspider, KK/Techspider, Thank you to everyone who helped; to my peers in the C.C.C. like Battlerock X, Night_Hornet, KK/Techspider, and and on the CoH forums like Dark_Respite/Samuraiko, to the devs like Back-Alley Brawler and mods like andon onthe theCoH CoHforums forumslike likeDark_Respite/Samuraiko, Dark_Respite/Samuraiko,to tothe thedevs devslike likeBack-Alley Back-AlleyBrawler Brawlerand andmods modslike like Niviene Niviene and and Ex Ex Libris, Libris, And And most most importantly importantly my my love, love, Kate. Kate. Niviene and Ex Libris, And most importantly my love, Kate.

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Justice-Knights #9: Obey 6 of 6  

The end of the first multi-issue story arc. The Justice-Knights are finally together and they have a plan, but will it be enough? With Obed...