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Meet Mike McHugh

My name is Mike McHugh. I live in Caldwell, Idaho. I am the fourth generation of farmers in my family to live in Idaho. In my free time, I enjoy snowmobiling, riding the side by side, or hanging out with my family. I’ve been married to my wife, Nancy, for 35 years. We have two children; my son, a civil engineer, and my daughter, a surgent technician.

I started my career as a farmer and then drove trucks for four years before becoming a sales rep. I have been a Dairy sales representative for about 15 years. It is a very fulfilling career, and the years have flown by quickly. I like that I get to continue being a part of the good environment and engage with the good people that come with an agricultural community.

I also like that I get to offer help and provide people with solutions. I enjoy working for Simplot Western Stockmen’s because it is a company based in agriculture. We have the resources and facilities to not only grow but to support the growth of service to our communities.

We invest in ways to make things better for everyone. Being so, we understand the problems that come with making a living in agriculture and can often empathize with problems, from experience.

I think my unique background and insight into both the company and customer helps me be a better salesman. I have tremendous respect for the good people in today’s agricultural industry because you must be very sharp and extremely well managed to sustain. My farming background helps me understand the different difficulties in the many facts of agriculture. From row cropping to cattle rearing, I can anticipate needs and provide solutions from firsthand experiences.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

You can give me a call at (208) 250-7339 or email me at mike.mchugh@simplot.com.