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Reserve Your PESACH Ads Now! Call 647-435-3716

New learning opportunity - Join an early morning kollel. Add inspiration & success to your day. For details call 647-893-8950 Shmuel stipends available

Toronto Grapevine - email group for frum women of any age and stage of life. Find out whatʼs going on in the community at large. Itʼs free. Just send an email to tgvmembership@yahoo.com Service provided by FrumToronto.com

Amazing Emunah & Bitachon hotline! Your life will never be the same! 732-719-3898.

Young Wives &/or Young Mothersjoin our Meet N Greet email group created just for you. Find out about stuff going on in the community & stay connected with others in your area. Send an email to MNGToronto@yahoo.com

Celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? How will you be marking this milestone? Ask about Chai Lifeline Programs & brochure. Help be the difference in the life of a sick kid. Contact skaplan@chailifeline.org

Do you know any women or girls who are in need of a place for shabbos? Contact Yana 437-990-7944 and I would be more than happy to host them.


We are here to assist you with all your travel plans. Specifically we offer low prices for flights From Toronto to New York & Montreal. We also sell cheap sim cards for Israel. Please email traveldonebest@gmail.com or call 514-553-2069

LʻChaim Cancer Support Group for Jewish Women - our volunteers are Jewish women cancer survivors who provide confidential peer support to Jewish women with cancer. (A project of National Council of LʼChaim hotline) 416-630-0203.

Torah based 13 step program of recovery or codependency. For more info call hotline. 845-286-1006

Feeling isolated? Would you like a volunteer to check in on you? Need a friendly chat? “Buddy 2 Buddy” - free phone program for women. Contact Chana Kalter 416-785-5657.

Amudim provides confidential resources & assistance to individuals impacted by abuse, neglect, addiction, mental health & crisis related matters. 647-517-0222, 647-951-9385, info@amudim.org

Do you have a senior female relative who lives alone? Kind compassionate shomer shabbos woman available to sleep in so you can have peace of mind. Avoid high agency fees & contact me slaz4227@gmail.com to discuss your needs. References available.

Bicycle Repairs by a shomer shabbos yid. Call Shimon 647-852-3075 shmeely@msn.com

If you have leftover food from a simcha or event and want to donate it please contact danielle.morris@rogers.com will make sure thaat it goes to people who are food insecure. Tizku Lʼmitzvot

Small Wonders - supporting Jewish couples experiencing infertility. Medically, emotionally, halachically, financially. 24hr helpline.416-742-0090 confidential.

Chai Lifeline Canada - providing support & services to Jewish families & kids affected by life threatening & life long illness. Strictly confidential 647-430-5933

Clothing donation drop offs to benefit Jewish schools. Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah 77 Glen Rush box next to garbage bins SE side of lot. Bobov Cheder 44 Champlain Blvd Green bin located north of the front entrance. To add a bin to your school, fundraisers call 416-220-7073.

Jewish Senior Circle pairs volunteers with lonely seniors in their places of residence - private homes, nursing or retirement homes. To sign up a senior in need contact Jewish Senior Circle 647-770-9870 levi@jewishseniorcircle.com www.jewishseniorcircle.com

MT Plumbing Service. Installation & Repairs drains, emergency service. Call Mike 416-722-5225.

Woman policeman from Ukraine will help with any questions. Whatsapp 416-712-4912

Pushka pickup - replacement service if you have a ChaiLifeline, KCC or JHF Pushka - email with your address. thetzedakacanman@gmail.com



Gemach Ateres Malkacrown & veils for brides. Call Judy 647-992-5839 for an appt. Located in Thornhill. accepting donations of crowns & veils in perfect condition only.

Gowns for Mother-of-the-Bride & family - Call Suri 416-783-7465.

Boys Simcha Outfits - Hachnosas Kallah sizes 18mths - 6x. 416-789-2320.

Gemach for plastic serving bowls, platters, spoons & forks. Mirror ties & vases for centerpieces. Lilui nishmas Meir Shimshon Hacohen ben Eliezer Litman and Tamar bas Yosef. 647-778-0076 (Michal)

Miriamʼs Closet - beautiful sheva brachos outfits for kallah & her mother. Shani & Bracha 416-828-6462, 647-217-2259

Cake Gemach - Simcha to Simcha to donate items left from your simcha & enhance someone elseʼs simcha please call Mrs. Susie Bierbrier 416-875-5686 or Mrs. Ruth Galet 416-523-7082 we will be happy to pick up your cookies, petit-fours, cakes, chocolate, nuts & candy.

Simcha Baskets - fully stocked toiletries baskets for the ladies room at your simcha. $20 Call Rivki 416-356-4966.

"Gemach Glickel Chana" A selection of gowns for your next simcha. Located in Thornhill. Sunday & Weekday appointments only. No evenings.

L'zecher Nishmas Glickel Chana Bas Chaim. To book appointment email Thornhillgowngemach@gmail.com

Chuppah Tefillah Card Gemach Making a wedding? Beautiful tefillah cards available for loan. Please contact Rachel at 647-710-8767 or email chuppahcardstoronto@gmail.com

On The House Tablecloth Gemachlarge array of beautiful tablecloths for your simcha. Also some centrepieces avail. Call Fraidy 416-789-4273.

Petals & Lace Gown Rentalchildren-preteen 416-787-9817 42 Dufflaw Rd. CALL FOR HRS

Wedding Shtick Gemach - all proceeds go to Hachnosas Kallah of Toronto. Please call Michal 416-782-3366 evenings.

Petticoat/Crinolin Gemach

Lots of stock - women & girls Come any time the Perfect Fit is open. $50 cheque deposit per petticoat. 416-782-8378 donations welcome

Kallah Sneakers Gemach

Please text 416-450-8699

167 McMorran Cresc, Thornhill

The Toronto Women's Clothing Gemach. Accepting donations in excellent condition, current styles. Call or text 416-726-1726 for drop off locations & hours to shop. Proceeds go to local Kollel.

Place Cards - we have place cards that include 2-4 line poems to encourage Shmiras Halashon at a simcha. Avail. in cream & white colours. Free of charge. Lʼillui nishmas Rebbetzin P. Weinberg a”h. Please call Esther Rochel 416-787-6780.

Bris Card Gemach - tefillah for mother, father, guest attending bris & the nusach of bris. Please call 416-789-9745.

Bris Pillow & Outfit GemachLʼilui nishmot Chaim ben Zvi & Chaya Tzina bat Nissan. 905-731-6336.

Bris/Pidyon Haben Gemach

Zichron Pessy - beautiful bris outfits, poya, pillow cover & tray. Call/text Chaya Goldstein


Simcha Vases (25) - 24” tall clear glass “Pilsner” vases for arrangements either in vase or on top Brand new. $6 rental each. Partial proceeds to Chai Lifeline. 905-881-6340.

Hachnosas Orchim Gemach - quilts, pillows, linen, towels, hot plates, heaters, urns, negel vasser sets available for short term loan. Call Mrs. Leah Esther Fuhrer 416-787-2234 or Mrs. Frumie DʼAncona 416-780-1312.

Simcha Gemach - items such as salad bowls, serving pieces, trays, kiddush cups, challah knives, salt shakers, chafing dishes, hot water urns, baskets, chocolate fountain, centrepieces. A few coat racks & some tablecloths. Call Sori 416-787-9582.

Gemach Gifts - have unwanted new gifts that newlyweds can use? Donate them. Kitchen, judaic, linens, hair coverings. North & South location drop offs. Call 647-832-7479 or email gemachgifts@gmail.com

Brit Yitzchak Gemach - copies of sefer “Brit Olam” with the special learning seder for leil habrit available for Sephardim to borrow. 416-518-8177.

Zichron Yehudit Bridal Jewellery

Gemach - for more information please call Barbara at 416-837-1710

Maternity Gown Gemach - now carrying full length gowns & 2 pieces that are appropriate for family weddings. Call for an appointment. Miri Kaufman 416-932-6632.

Gorgeous chuppa cards with tefillos for the Chosson & Kallah available to use. Contact M. Wachsman 647-741-1336 markitgraphicdesign@gmail.com

Bencher Gemach - lʼilui nishmas HaRav Yitzchak Gamliel ben HaRav Noach HaLevi Witty zt”l. 905-709-6445.

Lucite Chuppa Cards with Tefillos to say at the time of the chuppa. Available to borrow for your next simcha. Please call/text Esti 416-835-8942.

Bris Gemach - Beautiful pillow & outfit to use for bris milah. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Aryeh Ben Nesanel Lemberger. 647-349-8166

Beautiful cards with tefillos for before the Chuppah available to be borrowed. Mrs. D. Jakubowitz 416-789-9745.

Bris Gemach - lʼilui nishmas Harav Raphael ben David Ohayon z”l Beautiful bris pillow & white knit outfit with a blanket to use for bris milah. Starter kit includes gauze pads, vaseline & antibiotics ointment. Call/text Shani Kanner 416-801-9397


Free Tape Lending GemachRʼ Pesach Krohn, Rʼ Yankel Horowitz & more. Call R. Magid 416-785-6096.

Chumashim & Siddurim Gemach we carry chumashim, siddurim, bentchers & challah covers. Lʼillui nishmas Rivka Chana bas Yaakov. 416-785-1169

Emunah book & CD Gemach - many titles available for loan. All on the topic of emunah & bitachon. Call 416-887-7672 & leave a message.

Lʼillui nishmas Harav Zachariah Mines zt”l.

Free lending gemach for books that strengthen emunah & bitachon. “The Secret To Miraculous Salvation”, “Living with Emunah” & others. Please text 416-826-1281.


Tznius Gemach - tznius-size your wardrobe as befits a Bas Yisroel. A minimal flat rate charge applies to cover materials. This service does not include major alterations. Lʼillui nishmas Shprintza bas Chana. 416-781-1787.

Bais Yaakov High School Uniform Gemach- uniforms available by appt. 416-782-2417.

Bais Yaakov Elementary School Uniform Gemach has moved to 37 Shelborne Ave. Please drop off uniforms in good condition in front of the garage. Getting uniforms will be by appt only. Call 416-988-9153 or cwoldiger@gmail.com

The Shaitel Gemach of Toronto is now offering haircut services for children and women. Very affordable. Please call Elisheva for an appointment 647-770-7462.

Bnos Bais Yaakov Uniform Gemachuniforms available & to drop off call R. Tauber. 416-256-1694.

NEW MATERNITY GEMACH for weekday & shabbos is open at 97 Roberta Dr. Text/call 647-822-9757 Anyone looking to donate maternity clothes please leave on front porch of 97 Roberta Dr. or text me. If youʼd like to sell an expensive item please include your contact info & a price. Otherwise all gemach items are free.

Shaitel Gemacher - have a wig not right for you? Let someone else enjoy it! Call Shully Feigenbaum 416-785-5133.

Shabbos hats for men needed for gemach. Drop off is 77 Sultana Ave. email walkincloset1@gmail.com for info

Tznius Awareness - CDs now available from the kinus lʼilui nishmas Mrs. S. Konigsberg a”h. Also available: EZ necklastic kits & knee covers. Min. charge to cover costs. Please call 416-398-5785.

Drop-off of used clothing at 91 Glen Rush Blvd. Funds go towards outfitting disadvantaged bar mitzvah bochurim in our community.

Mens & Boys Gemach - featuring suits, white shirts, dark pants, dressy shoes, leather belts, coats size 10 kids to adults.

$5-$25 Charles, Tyrwhitt, Canali, Boss, Zegna, Strellson, Brooks Bros etc. For appt or to drop off donation call 416-780-1333 or email walkincloset1@gmail.com

Tznisdik Hospital Gowns - available to borrow. 416-256-4350.

New Dressy Clothes Gmach in Thornhill! Tznius dressy clothing available! Come try on and keep whatever works for you. It is for the community, so no charge! I am currently collecting donations of Shabbos, Yontif, Sheva Brochos type clothing for women and teens. To donate please contact me, Chani Abrams at 647 687 0447 or chanirosenberg@gmail.com

Thornhill Ladies Clothing Gemach. 18 Rodeo Drive. 647-406-9196 sherrylynnsolomon@gmail.com 9am-7pm daily. No appt necessary to browse but appts appreciated for dropping off items.

Toronto Shaitel Gemach is offering haircuts, hair colour, hair/wig treatments, wash, blowdry & style at my place. Bathurst/Lawrence. Enquire for FREE haircuts. Very affordable. Call Mrs. Kaplan 647-809-8673.


Car/Booster Seat Gemach - short or long term. Call Rhona Wunsch. 416-783-9323.

Chap-A-Ride to your out of town destination - Need a ride? Offering one? Sending a peckel? 416-782-7141.

Car Booster Seats available for short term use. Call Batya 416-256-7507.


Hachnosas Orchim for out of towners coming to Toronto to date (Shidduchim related) Need a place with privacy? Total confidentiality. No need to stay in a hotel. Call us, itʼs our pleasure. 416-633-1749.

Electric & manual pump gemach. New! Many Medela pumps avail for up to a year. Spectra Pumps also available. Email elishevakest@gmail.com

If you are pregnant & need help with suppers: Volunteers bring suppers for 4 weeks to me to be picked up anonymously. To volunteer/get help email anonymousbutnotalone toronto@gmail.com

Moving? Need boxes? 416-787-9326

Mezzuzah Gemach - moving? in between homes/apartments? checking yours? Short term loans available. Please call 905-889-9970. Lʼillui nishmas Frimshe bas Shraga Feivish a”h.

Kosher Ipad for short hospital stays. If someone you know is going to the hospital overnight (r”l) call for a new ipad preloaded ONLY with koshergames (more options avail on request) 647-261-7775.

Bikur Cholim 416-783-7983


Want to congratulate or mark a special anniversary? Recognize a friend or acquaintance? Want to remember a loved one? Nichum Aveilim? All of these can be tastefully done with our cards. New design & price.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - to borrow or donate medical equipment

Please call the Bikur Cholim office 416-783-7983

Clubfoot/Develpmental Hip Dysplasia - was your newborn just diagnosed?

Maybe we can help. 647-300-4168.

Be Seen & Be Safe Reflective Safety Gemach. armbands, belts, tape etc. Do you or a loved one walk at night? Be safe at night & help others be safe. Email or text to arrange pickup willowbrookstoronto@gmail.com 647-708-8201 pickup in Thornhill. In loving memory of Bracha bas Mini donations of reflective items also welcome.

Multiples Gemach - for families expecting multiples. Clothing, diapers, various toys, sleeping & feeding items. Please email gtmultiplesgemach@gmail.com or whatsapp 416-804-4600.

Sukkah Gemach Do you have/need a sukkah or equipment? contact us & we will try to connect those who need with those who want to give away. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Naftoli Tzvi Ben Harav Yosef Chaim Avrohom z”l. Email sukkahgemach@gmail.com lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425.

Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches. Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656

Natural Cleaning Product Gemach. Free cleaning spray to introduce inexpensive homemade alternatives to harsh chemicals. 647-458-1524.

INTRODUCING: The new CHA-LOVE Formula Gemach

To request or donate safety sealed, non expired formula, coupons or sterile water for mixing, please contact 416-880-7417 or email chaloveformula@gmail.com

Are you or your child laid up in bed? is someone you know recuperating for whatever reason? Would it help to have educating, inspiring & kosher entertainment available on hand? Please call 416-726-4969.

Do you bake 5lbs of Challah on Thursday night or Friday? Please join our Gemach & daven for others. Call 416-CHALLAH (416-242-5524)

Mezuzah Gemach - long or short term. Lʼilui nishmas Esther Berocho bas Eliezer a”h. Please call or email ben@eichornrealty.com 416-666-0242.

ChallosRUs is making challahs with proceeds going to people who need it. Contact challosrus@gmail.com Challah is taken. All ingredients yoshon. Challah baked by Sarah Chaya Basser. References samples available upon request.

Baal Tashchis Gemach - are you making a simcha/party or gathering? Call us anytime & we will pick up the groceries/ leftovers. 416-780-1333 Cooked items will need some hechsher. All food goes respectfully to families in need.

Remote control adjustable beds for post surgery & rehab patients. Available for long term loans. bryskine@gmail.com

Gemach Zichron Esther Bracha we provide assistance in coordinating all shiva needs Bentzy 416-666-0242 or Tzvi 647-862-8501.

New Chair Gemach - white garden chairs. Pickup in Thornhill. Call 416-729-4598 to reserve.

High Prescription Drug Costs?Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507.

Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218

Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches.

Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656

Travel Adapters - Traveling to Israel or Europe? If you need an adapter to charge your devices, call Rivki at 416-356-4966. short term loans free.

Diaper Gemach - if you have any unopened box/packages of diapers or are a family in need, please email TOdiapergemach@gmail.com or text 416-939-9390. Confidential

Pushka Pickup - pickup service for Rʼ Meir Baal Hanes, Bikur Cholim, BYES, Ashreinu

416-781-5372 gelbfamily1234@gmail.com

No time to cook? Bring it & Iʼll cook it for you. Please call Rina 416-209-0406

Liʼilui nishmat Rivka bat Chai.

Pidyon Haben Gemach

Items for pidyon haben, coins to purchase, list of kohanim, packages of garlic & sugar, pillow & clothing. Liʼilui nishmas Mrs. Ester Eichorn Contact Ben at ben@eichornrealty.com 416-666-0242.

We reserve the right to select ads & pictures to be published. We are not responsible for typographical errors, kashrus, availability or quality of products or services advertised.

Chaya Gemach - Lʼilui nishmat

Chaya bat Moshe (N”Y) Helping to get information for Hebrew schools, Hachnosas Orchim, kosher food in the Jewish community. Call Esther Lipovenko 437-221-6585

GPS Gemach - available for short term rentals at no charge. Please call 416-890-8944.

Mezuzah Gemach - Lʼilui nishmas

Chaya Faiga Mirel bas Yechiel Ephraim Fishel. Call Devora & leave a message 416-831-4718.

Short term

Winter Gloves GemachMeshulochim & visitors in temporary need of winter gloves & scarves. 416-789-1515 if no answer, leave a message.

Tefillin Gemach - tefillin available for short term loans (both right & left).

Lʼiluui nishmas Rʼ Simcha ben Binyomin Felsenburg a”h. Please contact Kahan Family 416-782-8766.

NEW! Need to borrow (short term) a Pack n Play or Air Mattress? Text Dianna at 416-662-1551

Looking for a PLATE to break at the wedding? We are happy to provide. Lilui nishmas Rosa Barna 416-824-4135.

Menucha Simcha Gemach - Lʼilui Mrs. M.S. Bat Shimon AʼH. Lice check/ Shaboss/Weekday cooking bring it & Iʼll cook it for you! Please call E. Lipovenko 437-221-6585.

New! Gorgeous Bracha Acharona (& Kiddusha Raba) Cards for your Kiddush. Designed for any occasion & comes with nice stands. Please call for pick up & drop off. M Wachsman 647-741-1336

Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425. lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

Beautifully Illustrated Tribute Cards -available “in honour of” or “in memory of”. Proceeds go to Eim Habonim Smecha, an organization for over 500 single parent families in Israel. Call 416-638-3366.

Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218

High Prescription Drug Costs?Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507.

New Baby Equipment Gemach in Thornhill. Lʼilui nishmas my father, Moshe ben Alexander. To donate or borrow strollers, exersaucers, car seats, booster seats etc please contact Sara Plonka at srplonka@gmail.com

Notary Public Available - evenings in the Bathurst/Lawrence area. Free service for seminary/yeshiva students, cross border travel etc. 416-782-5219, 416-749-4092 or dbotnick@rogers.com

CHALLAH GEMACH - Bathurst/ Lawrence. We will bake fresh (amazing) challahs weekly for those in need. Pay what you can, all proceeds to Tomchai Shabbos. For pickup only. Text 647-531-5024 latest by Thurstday night

Kosher Cleaning For Pesach

Gemach - book ahead of time Call Chaya Elisheva Kaplan 647-809-8673

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