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Brilliant News! the newsletter for the Benny Bear Club

March 2012

Hi Benny Members, Welcome to your first, very own newsletter, I am so excited! Now I will be able to share all my news with you - where I have been, what I have been doing and, most importantly, letters, photos and pictures from you, my Benny Bear Club members! Donʼt forget to tell your close friends, and your brothers and sisters about me - they can join too. They will also receive a membership pack with one of my new Benny Teddy Bears. The trouble is – I think I need more outfits; perhaps you can help me design some? Ummmmn, what is coming next month ... I know, Easter! Perhaps an Easter outfit would be good, with yummy Easter eggs in my pockets!

March - Whatʼs On this Month? March is the beginning of Spring. It will be so nice to come home from school in the daylight. There will be lots more time to play out in the garden and look at all the new flowers, plants and wildlife beginning to stir from their winter sleep or, as we bears call it, hibernation. What can you see in your garden? I have seen:

a blackbird

a squirrel

a crocus

a daffodil

(Match the list here to the pictures on the right of this page) Tell me about four things you have seen in your garden that let you know it is nearly Spring. You can use the new Benny Bear postcard (available from Shine) to write about them, or just send me your drawings and photos in an email or letter – but donʼt forget to put your name and age on them!

Benny is a bear with hydrocephalus. Benny helps children to understand what it is like to live with the condition

Did you know it was World Book Day in March?

I love reading and I love being read to as well. World Book Day helps children and bears to explore lots of different books and give you lots of ideas to write your own stories. Try writing your own story about Spring, you could use the four things you have seen in your garden to help you get started. I wrote this just for you guys ... It was a lovely bright morning, when Mummy called me to tell me breakfast was nearly ready. I pulled back my curtains, rubbed my eyes with my warm and fluffy paws and looked out into the garden. I could just make out the yellow petals of crocuses and daffodils, pushing through the soil, as if to say ‘morning Benny!’. The snow had all melted and the ice on the fishpond had thawed and I could see the orange, shiny scales of the goldfish, splashing happily in the water, eating the nobbly pieces of fish food Dad had thrown in before he went to work. The cat next-door was stretched out on the decking and a blackbird was bobbing his beak up and down into the pond water, closely watching the cat, who really was too lazy to be interested anyway. Dad had already fed him his breakfast when feeding the fish.

The trees were beginning to show signs of Spring, with tiny shoots appearing, ready to unfold into new leaves and hopefully provide new fruit and flowers for the birds and insects. Suddenly, a bushy tail flicked back and forth between the branches of the tree and a squirrel balanced carefully on a bendy twig, trying to reach the plastic feeder, filled with nuts for the birds! He managed to take some of the food and tucked it away into his mouth, before disappearing back into the woods. ... Oh, that reminds me – it is breakfast time for me too! I race downstairs and Mum has poured my cereal into a big, blue bowl – I look and laugh – Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! At least I haven’t got to swing from a branch to eat my breakfast.

Bennyʼs ʻTip of the Monthʼ Breakfast is an important meal of the day, try and make sure you eat something healthy before leaving for school. Food is like fuel for our bodies, just like petrol in a car – we canʼt work without it. Donʼt forget to take sips of water throughout the day too. I often get headaches if I donʼt eat and drink properly and, if I am not feeling well, I always tell my teacher or teaching assistant. They know all about my hydrocephalus and encourage all the children in my class to drink water.

Shine Information Donʼt forget to tell everyone about Shine, my blog and now the Brilliant News! newsletter. If you would like me to come along to your school, that would be really cool – I love visiting new schools and nurseries – my contact details are at the bottom of this page. I have just been to St. Paulʼs Church of England School in Nuneaton. We had a fantastic Teddy Bearʼs Picnic and I met two children who have hydrocephalus, just like me. Here are some photos of my new friends -

Thank you everyone – I had a great picnic and a lovely day at a new school.

Be brilliant!



Next Month ... Oooh – can you believe it April already and lots to look forward to. Donʼt forget to log onto the Benny Bear Blog site and see what is in store next month. email: Tel: 01733 555988 Benny Bear Club website: Shine website:

Colour me in!

Benny Bear Newsletter - March 2012  

Welcome to your first, very own newsletter, I am so excited! Now I will be able to share all my news with you - where I have been, what I h...

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