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Middle ages by Jeremy contois Back in the middle ages there were highly trained knights protecting a castle with almost 45tons of gold bars and coins. Well the knights were protecting the castle, they seen the lands most wanted bad guy in the middle ages. When they saw him they said get to the gold and protect it. Get in your battle station and prepare for the fight of your life time. When the most wanted got there he got thru most of the knights that were protecting the doors. When the most wanted got there they got ready for the fight. When he got to the gold he got thru one of the best knights of all. At the time the most wanted got to the gold he got an arrow to his leg. After he got an arrow to his leg, he told the knights his name his name was john the most wanted criminal of all. When the knights got his name they put him in the dungeon until he turned to bone. At the end all the knights that were down got treatment and stronger armor and weapons. A few years after the big fight the castle was slowly losing its balance as it sits in the woods with nearly 300 knights standing in the castle protecting it. As the castle sits as is the servants were trying to put it back together. As the servants were trying to but the castle together they put something out of place that made the castle collapsed nearly killing all the knights. After the castle collapsed the king and queen just got back from the trip they went on with two servants that helped them with every thing they did on there trip they went on. As soon as the king and queen got back they got the master knight to them what happen, as they were asking what happen one of the servants were yelling for help to get him out of the brick that he was under. As soon as the knights seen him under the brick they to him and lifted the brick off of him before he got crushed. After the knight got him out they took him to the nurse that lived on the other side of the woods18. When the knights got him to the nurses house they seen that the nurse was tied up to the chair next to her room. When the knights seen her tied up they put the servant down on the treatment bed then helped the nurse on tie her self to help the servant that nearly got crushed20. As the knights were helping the nurse on tie her self the guys who tied her came back with something that puts people to sleep. As the

guys who tied her up got there the knights got there weapons to get them down to the ground so they can put him in the under ground dungeon that the servants made after the fight that happen a few years ago. The guys who tied up the nurse got one knight with the thing that put to sleep but the nights that they didn’t get got them down to the ground and put hand ties around the wrist so they don’t do anything to the knights23. As the knights were putting the wrist ties on the guys the nurse was helping the guy who that nearly got crushed. At the end of all the things that happened the knights and the servants were helping put the castle back together with the king and queen. After all that non stop working the knights and the servants were finally done fixing the castle they all got back to doing what they always do. There’s my story on the middle ages.

The End

Protect the castle  
Protect the castle  

Highly trained knights protect wealth... at what cost?