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1600 NW 3rd Ave., Blg D Miami, FL 33136 Office: 305.576.3084 Camp Cell#’s: Ms. Nelson CAMP STAFF (305)





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Vice President Saliha Nelson Camp Managers Shedia Nelson Emily Gunter Camp Counselors Devin Reyes Latoya Brady Dance Instructor & Counselor Quinecia Hall After Care Counselors Belinda Cain Jen`a Thomas Jr. Camp Counselors Nanyamka Graham Ezekiel Rodriguez Drama Coach & Jr. Counselor Magalie Gabriel Camp Assistants Shadae Jean-Pierre Ashley JeanPierre Aubrey Steigler Certified Teacher Karen Furrey

5th Week Issue

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The Youth Empowerment After School Program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of funding created by voter referendum in 2002 to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County by making strategic investments in their future – because all children are our children.

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Camper Interviews University of Miami— Ms. Jackie Bell usually comes to YES camp to help us learn about how to carry ourselves, define our own beauty and discuss what’s on our mind. Today’s session was about importance of hygiene with a focus on finger nails, inner and outer beauty and safety. I interviewed her after the session. Q: How long have you been teaching etiquette? A: About 10-15 years. Q: Do you enjoy teaching etiquette? A: Yes, I love to teach young women how to behave, respect themselves and others. Q: What is your favorite activity?

A: To be able to see how a young lady who is recognized light up and feel special. Below are some comments about the etiquette workshop from some campers. Namiya Crespo learned that “you could tell a lot about a person’s face. You are beautiful no matter what.” Brittney Webster interviewed Armani Paschal who mentioned that, “your body always says something about you. I also learned how to calm myself with yoga.” By Taylor Diaz

My interview with Gani Shadae by Khaelyn Monroe Q: What inspired you to play the violin? A: I learned from my aunt and I liked the way it sounds. Q: When did you start playing the violin? A: I started around 4 or 5 years old. Q: How does your mood affect you when you play the violin? A: The music inspires my mood when it’s a sad or happy song, I can put more emotion into it

Advice Column by Shining Stars Dear Shining Star,

“Beautiful” by Christina Aguilara “Beautiful Girls” by Bruno Mars

Why do people lie? Sincerely, Curious Dear Curious, People lie because they want to get out of trouble, but they only get into more trouble. It’s better to tell the truth rather than trying to remember your lies. Sincerely,

“Beautiful People” by Chris Brown The song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilara states that no matter what you look like or choose to look like, if you believe you’re beautiful, you are beautiful.

Dear Shining Star,

Dear Shining Star,

Should your reflection tell you it loves you?

My parents think it’s okay to go through my personal stuff and it’s not fair. Please help.


P!nk fan Dear Betrayed,

The message of the song is that you are perfect just the way you are and no one needs to tell you that, only believe it for yourself. Check out some more inspirational songs below: “Who Says” by Selena Gomez

Shining Star*

Shining Star*

Everyone keeps singing the song “Perfect” by P!nk. What is the message of the song? Sincerely, Betrayed Sincerely,

Dear P!nk Fan,



Shining Star* Dear Shining Star,

standing. They wouldn’t have to go through your stuff if you took time to listen to them and for them to listen to you without judgment and interruptions.

Wonder Dear Wonder, For those with high self-esteem, they need to keep reminding themselves they are beautiful and for those with low selfesteem, always know that you are beautiful no matter what anyone tells you. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL.

I think it’s necessary for parents to go through their kid’s stuff even though it may feel like they are invading your personal space and the trust could be lost be- Sincerely, tween both of you. However, to build trust it helps to take time to sit and talk about Shining Star* your lives and any issues or concerns. This can help also build a bond and under-

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR ALL YES CAMP EVENTS AND CELEBRATIONS When: Tuesday, July 26th Fieldtrip to: Olive Garden in Kendall Time: 11am—2pm For: Etiquette Lunch

Thursday, July 28th

Attire: Nice summer dress or skirt with modest blouse no shorter than 1” above knees or longer or pants with blouse with nice closed toed flats

Camp Show at Cosford Cinema and Camper Art Exhibition Curated by Museum of Contemporary Art: Women on the Rise


ONLY FOR Shining Star Campers:

Destiny Moore, Destyni ChismLewis, Brittney Webster, Guadalupe Valdes, Taylor Diaz, Serena Moreno, Khaelyn Monroe, Saliha Crespo, Namiya Crespo, Lia Latty, Armani Paschal and Aasiya Berry

Wednesday, July 27th

Late courtesy shuttle provided after show to Booker T. Washington for pick up at 6:30pm

Friday, July 29th

Family Fun Field Day CARNIVAL

Last fieldtrip to Broward


Science Center

Learn how to make butter beer like in film “Harry Potter” with Gani Jen`a

and Champion Learning Inc., will be hosting their Annual Back-2-School events (in Liberty City and Miami Gardens) to assist families prepare for the start of the 2011-2012 school year with back packs and school supplies.

Potluck dinner and Camper Recognition Day


Please sign up for potluck during after care

Volume 1, Issue 1

Need Back to School Supplies???

FAMILIES MUST PREREGImax film “Harry Potter: Deathly ISTER by calling (305) 8267900 and a MAX of 3 kids Hallows” per family. Late pick up from 5-6pm at both sites Page 4

YES camp final newsletter  
YES camp final newsletter  

Final camp newsletter