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Aug. 10

Pay Cable

12:00 a.m. HBO Sherlock Holmes aaac HBO2 Couples Retreat aa SHO The Killer Inside Me aac TMC Two Lovers aaac 1:00 a.m. AMC The Longest Yard aaac BET A Low Down Dirty Shame aac ENC All About the Benjamins aa TCM Ocean’s Eleven aac 1:05 a.m. MAX2 No Way Out aaac 1:30 a.m. STARZ Legion aa 1:40 a.m. PLEX Fetching Cody 1:45 a.m. MAX Braveheart aaaa 1:55 a.m. HBO3 Going the Distance aac 2:00 a.m. SHO Charlie Valentine aa TMC Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas aa USA The Hard Corps 2:10 a.m. HBO The Banger Sisters aa 2:35 a.m. HBO2 One Hour Photo aaa 2:40 a.m. ENC Gangs of New York aaa 3:00 a.m. SHO2 Busty Cops Go Hawaiian SYFY Princess of Mars TBS Guess Who ac 3:10 a.m. PLEX Joe Kidd aac 3:30 a.m. AMC Bull Durham aaa TCM The Yellow Rolls-Royce aac TMC 1968 Tunnel Rats ac 3:40 a.m. HBO3 Girl 6 aa 3:45 a.m. SHO The War Boys aa 3:50 a.m. HBO All the Real Girls aac 4:20 a.m. SHO2 The Trotsky aaa 4:30 a.m. MAX2 The Last Remake of Beau Geste aa 4:45 a.m. MAX Cocktail aac 5:10 a.m. TMC Stolen aa 5:25 a.m. SHO Crazy Jones STARZ Moon aaac


Basic Cable

Today’s Movies

News (N) Access (N) TMZ (CC) (N) Extra (N) So You Think You Can Dance “Top 4 Perform” (CC) (N) FOX 2 News 10PM (N) News (N) TMZ (CC) (N) News (N) NBC News Wheel (CC) Jeopardy Minute to Win It (CC) (N) America’s Got Talent (N) Love in the Wild (CC) (N) News (N) (:35) Leno News (N) CBS News Jeopardy Wheel (CC) Big Brother 13 (CC) (N) Criminal “Safe Haven” (CC) CSI: Crime Scene “The List” News (N) Late Show News (N) World News News (N) ET (CC) Middle (CC) Family (CC) Family (CC) (:31) Happy Primetime Nightline (N) News (N) Nightline (N) News at Six Windsor (CC) Coronation Recipes Dragons’ Den Dried honey. Doyle Bizarre position. The National CBC News George S. This Hour News (N) World News Judy (CC) Brown (CC) Middle (CC) Family (CC) Family (CC) (:31) Happy Primetime Nightline (N) News (N) Nightline (N) Payne Family (CC) Office (CC) Friends (CC) Burn Notice TV14 (CC) Burn Notice TV14 (CC) News (N) Friends (CC) Office (CC) Family (CC) News (N) NBC News ET TVPG Inside (N) Minute to Win It (CC) (N) America’s Got Talent (N) Love in the Wild (CC) (N) News (N) (:35) Leno The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Bus. Rpt (N) Greener (N) Phoenix Mars Mission (CC) NOVA Mars research. (CC) Telescope Contributions. Charlie Rose (CC) (N) Without Trace “The Season” Without “Lost and Found” Without a Trace “Bait” (CC) Without Trace “In the Dark” Criminal Minds “Parasite” Criminal “Public Enemy” Roseanne Roseanne Frasier (CC) Cash Cab Hawaii Five-O (CC) The Rockford Files In the Heat of Night (CC) Frasier (CC) Cash Cab Simpsons Queens (CC) How I Met Two 1/2 (CC) Top Model Fiery runway. Top Model “Rachel Zoe” How I Met Earl (CC) Simpsons Raymond The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Bus. Rpt (N) Ireland (CC) Willow Run (N) Detroit Remember When Peter, Paul and Mary: Carry It On 1960s music scene. Christine CBS News Insider (CC) Christine Big Brother 13 (CC) (N) Criminal “Safe Haven” (CC) CSI: Crime Scene “The List” Two 1/2 (CC) Late Show Simpsons Simpsons Two 1/2 (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) So You Think You Can Dance “Top 4 Perform” (CC) (N) FOX 66 News at 10 (N) Raymond Queens (CC) (5:10) aaa Gangs of New York (2002) Street gang revenge. aa The Scorpion King Ancient assassin. (:35) ac Get Carter (2000) Enforcer’s revenge. (:20) aaa Frozen (2010) (CC) ENC (5:00) aa Amelia (2009) (CC) (:15) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) Daniel Radcliffe. The enemy’s origin. Blood Unfavorable order. Real Time Maher TVMA HBO Superheroes Ordinary citizens. (CC) aaac Up in the Air (2009) A traveler defends his lifestyle. Curb Your HBO2 Dinner for Schmucks (2010) The perfect guest for a party. Blood Unfavorable order. aaac The Town (2010) A thief struggles to go straight. (CC) Treatment Blind Side HBO3 For Richer or Poorer (1997) Tim Allen. Tax evaders hide! (:45) aaa Runaway Jury (2003) Ambitious lawsuit against gun company. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Battle for love. (:50) Sexual MAX Lottery Ticket (2010) Rich young man. (CC) The Final Destination Death seeks youth. aaa Identity (2003) Stranded strangers. (CC) Lingerie (:05) On Top 4 Xmases MAX2 (:55) aaa Tremors (1990) Worms attack town. (5:45) aaa The Ghost Writer (2010) A deadly story. (CC) Green Rm B.S.! “Taxes” NASCAR WEEDS (CC) Franchise NASCAR Franchise Green Rm SHO Skin (2009) Alice Krige. Girl unsure of her racial ancestry. (:55) Knowing (2009) Nicolas Cage. Impending disasters. SHO2 aac Tenure Raising Genius (2004) Math intellectual. (:03) aac Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) (CC) Torchwood Mystery solved. aa Old Dogs (2009) (CC) STARZ (:15) Toy Story 3 (2010) The toys are donated to a daycare. (:15) aa Wake (2010) A woman attends funerals for pleasure. aac My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Stopping a wedding. aac Bandslam (2009) Two teenage misfits form a rock band. TMC 48 “Dropped Call; Derailed” Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (N) Storage (N) Billy (CC) Billy (CC) A&E Swordfish (2001) Savvy hacker steals government money. Swordfish (2001) Savvy hacker steals government money. AMC aa Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) Betrayed in Vietnam. (5:00) 106 & Park “Affion Crockett” (CC) (N) aac A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994) A private eye goes after a drug lord. Toya (CC) The Mo’Nique Show (N) BET Housewives Presents arrive. Housewives (CC) Flipping Growing pressure. Rocco’s Dinner Party (N) Housewives (CC) BRAV Rocco’s “Runway Ready” Makeover “Girard Family” Makeover “Riojas Family” The Greatest 20 greatest male artists in 20 years. (N) Texas Women Texas Women CMT (5:00) Situation Room (N) John King, USA (CC) (N) Anderson Cooper 360° (N) Piers Morgan Tonight (N) Cooper 360° Breaking news. John King, USA (CC) CNN (:26) Scrubs (:57) Daily (:27) Colbert Chapplle Chapplle South Prk South Prk South Prk Benjamin (N) Daily (CC) (N) (:31) Colbert COM (:56) Scrubs Good Luck Good Luck A.N.T. (CC) Good Luck Shake It So Random! Wizards Phineas Good Luck A.N.T. (CC) Babysitter DISN Phineas Cash Cab Cash Cab Sons “AK; Sniper Rifle” (CC) Sons Handle bar trigger. (CC) Sons of Guns (CC) (N) One Man Army (CC) (N) Sons “The Meat Chopper” DSC Investigat E! News (N) Sex City Sex City Sex City Sex City Sex and the City TV14 (CC) C. Lately (N) E! News E! Baseball Tonight SportsCenter ESPN SportsCenter @ MLB Baseball Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at New York Yankees z{| 2011 Little League World Series z{| SportsNation ESPN2 @ Amateur Softball z{| O International Soccer Mexico at United States z{| Standing Melissa (CC) Melissa (CC) Melissa (N) Georgia (N) Teen Spirit (Drama) Cassie Scerbo. Prom Queen. The 700 Club TV G (CC) (N) FAM Standing Special Report (N) The FOX Report (CC) (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) (N) Hannity (CC) (N) On the Record (CC) (N) The O’Reilly Factor (CC) FNC Restaurant “Villari’s” Restaurant “Salt Works II” Restaurant “Snooty Fox” Restaurant New Castle, Del. Food Network “Iron Chef” FOOD Iron Chef “Cora vs. Walzog” MMAthletics Tigers Post Game Tigers Live Cycling “Tour of Utah” FSD @ MLB Baseball Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians from Progressive Field z{| Two 1/2 (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) Two 1/2 (CC) aa 12 Rounds (2009) John Cena. Detective must survive many challenges. Rescue Me “Head” (CC) (N) Rescue Me “Head” (CC) FX Little House TV G (CC) Little House TV G (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) Frasier (CC) HALL Little House TV G (CC) 1st Place Hse Hunt Hunters (CC) Property Income (CC) Income (CC) Prop Bro Perfect home. Hse Hunt Hunters (CC) Property HGTV 1st Place Marvels “Super Ships” (CC) American (CC) Underwater Universe Ocean’s threat. (CC) Ice Road Truckers TV14 HIST Underwater Experts explain. Unsolved Mysteries (CC) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Dance Moms (CC) Roseanne’s Roseanne’s Dance Moms (CC) (N) How I Met How I Met LIFE Hardball with Chris Lawrence O’Donnell (N) Rachel Maddow (N) The Ed Show (N) Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC MSNBC Live Live news. (N) ‘70s (CC) ‘70s (CC) Teen Wolf “Formality” Teen Mom “Terrible Twos” The Challenge: Rivals TV14 The Challenge: Rivals (N) Challenge Challenge MTV SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob BrainSurge Wife (CC) Lopez (CC) Lopez (CC) ‘70s (CC) ‘70s (CC) Married ... (:32) Married NICK SpongeBob aac True Stories (1986) Bryne visits Texas. A Home of Our Own Mom uproots family. (:50) aac The Philadelphia Experiment Men sent to future. Syndrome PLEX 2nd Chance Pass Time NASCAR Race Hub Dumbest Dumbest My Ride My Ride The Car Show Dumbest Dumbest SPEED Pass Time Deadliest Deadliest Legendary battle. Deadliest Legendary battle. Deadliest Warrior (N) Deadliest Legendary battle. SPIKE Deadliest Ghost Hunters “Fort Mifflin” Ghost “Mark Twain House” Ghost Hunters Int’l. (CC) (N) Legend Quest (N) Ghost Intl (CC) SYFY Enterprise “The Catwalk” Queens (CC) Queens (CC) Seinfeld Seinfeld Browns (CC) Browns (CC) Payne (CC) Payne (CC) Payne (CC) Payne (CC) Conan Aziz Ansari. (CC) (N) TBS (4:30) aac Around the World in 80 Days (1956) Balloon trip. aaac The Apartment (1960) A man loans his apartment to his boss. (CC) u Some Came Running (1958) Frank Sinatra. TCM Tiaras Huge prize. (CC) Toddlers and Tiaras TVPG Tiaras Pageant prince. (CC) Toddlers and Tiaras TVPG Toddlers and Tiaras (N) Toddlers and Tiaras TVPG TLC Bones Iraq War veteran. Bones Brennan’s parents. The Mentalist “Miss Red” Mentalist “Blood Brothers” aaa Disturbia (2007) A teen suspects a neighbor of murder. TNT Johny Test Johny Test Hole/Wall Happen? (N) Destroy (N) King (CC) King (CC) Dad (CC) Dad (CC) Family TV14 Family TV14 TOON Scaredy Cops (CC) Dumbest Bikini robbery. Repo Repo Repo (N) Repo South Beac South Beac Daring High-speed crash. TRUTV Cops (CC) (:54) Sanford All Fam. All Fam. All Fam. Raymond Raymond Cleveland Divorced (N) Divorced Cleveland TVLD (:18) Sanford and Son (CC) Cuando me enamoro (CC) Teresa Calculadora. (CC) Primer (N) Noticiero (N) UNIV Noticiero (N) O Fútbol internacional Mexico vs United States z{| NCIS “Dead Man Talking” NCIS “Split Decision” (CC) NCIS “A Weak Link” (CC) Royal Pains “Ta Da For” (N) Necessary Roughness (N) Burn Notice “Beseiged” (CC) USA Rehab Amy’s film; arrest. FamousFood Famous Food (N) Saturday Night Live TV14 Saturday Night Live TV14 Greatest Celebrity pranks. VH1 Dharma (CC) Home Videos TVPG (CC) News (N) Scrubs (CC) WGN Dharma (CC) @ MLB Baseball Washington Nationals at Chicago Cubs from Wrigley Field z{|

TV Listings for WED., Aug. 10  

TV Listings for Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011 for the Pontiac Michigan area.