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Today’s Movies 12:00 a.m. FX My Super Ex-Girlfriend aac MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles Feature 03: Liberation MAX2 Valentine’s Day aa SHO2 South of Pico aa STARZ Alice in Wonderland aac TCM Metropolis aaaa TNT The Da Vinci Code aac 12:02 a.m. SPIKE U.S. Marshals aac 12:35 a.m. ENC A Clockwork Orange aaac 12:40 a.m. HBO2 Cop Out aa 12:45 a.m. TBS American Pie 2 aa 1:05 a.m. TMC Equilibrium aaa 1:10 a.m. PLEX TekWar 2: TekLords aa 1:15 a.m. HBO3 Edge of Darkness aac 1:30 a.m. SHO2 Groupie SYFY Journey to the Center of the Earth 1:40 a.m. HBO 12 Monkeys aaa 2:00 a.m. SHO A Beautiful Life STARZ The White Ribbon aaac WGN Sorority Boys ac 2:04 a.m. AMC The Kingdom aaa 2:10 a.m. MAX2 The Informant! aac 2:14 a.m. COM Major League II ac 2:30 a.m. DISN Gotta Kick It Up ac HBO2 MacGruber aac 2:45 a.m. PLEX Airheads aa TBS American Pie Presents: Band Camp aa 3:00 a.m. ENC Big Trouble in Little China aa MAX Fargo aaa SHO2 Cougar Club ac TMC Give ‘em Hell, Malone aac TNT Poseidon aac 3:15 a.m. HBO3 Federal Protection aa 3:30 a.m. SYFY The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake 3:45 a.m. TCM Things to Come aaa 3:55 a.m. HBO Pirate Radio aaa

Countdown Emmy TVPG The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Entertainment awards gala. (CC) News (N) Sportswork News (N) News (N) Football Night in America News (N) C (:15) Sunday Night Football Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons from Georgia Dome z{| 60 Minutes (CC) (N) The Good Wife “Getting Off” The Wife Innocent client. CSI: Miami “Mayday” (CC) (:17) Sports (:35) Sunny C NFL Football z{| News (N) ABC News Home Videos (CC) Extreme “Dickinson Family” 20/20 “Wrong Turn: The Kati Kim Story” Family’s ordeal. News (N) Sports (5:00) Race To Witch (2009) Heartland Amy inspired. (N) Battle of Blades “Game On” Cover Me Canada (N) The National CBC News CBC News: the fifth estate News (N) ABC News Home Videos (CC) Extreme “Dickinson Family” 20/20 “Wrong Turn: The Kati Kim Story” Family’s ordeal. News (N) Bro. & Sis Friends (CC) Friends (CC) Office (CC) Office (CC) Payne Browns (CC) House “Informed Consent” Ugly Betty World of fashion. TXC MMA News (N) News (N) Football Night in America News (N) C (:15) Sunday Night Football Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons from Georgia Dome z{| F. Sinatra My Music “Moments to Remember” Songs are honored. (CC) Masterpiece Revenge murder. (CC) (N) Guy Kemper Between At Movies Monk Monk sequestered. Monk Actor plays Monk. (CC) Monk Union leader dies. (CC) Monk Julie’s coach dies. psych “He Dead” (CC) psych “High Noon-ish” (CC) Detroit World Outreach S. Ellis Van Impe Heartland (CC) Hawaii 5-O (CC) Rockford Jim’s lawyer aided. Benny Hill Benny Hill Everybody Everybody How I Met How I Met aa King Kong (1976) Jeff Bridges. Giant gorilla transported to New York. Simpsons Two 1/2 (CC) Family (CC) 3 Steps (CC) The Sinatra Legacy (CC) Ed Sullivan’s Comedy Legends Comics pay tribute. (CC) Detroit Remember When Pledge Programming 60 Minutes (CC) (N) The Good Wife “Getting Off” The Wife Innocent client. CSI: Miami “Mayday” (CC) Numb3rs “Calculated Risk” C NFL Football z{| NFL z{| Preview Countdown Emmy TVPG The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Awards program. (CC) FOX 66 News at 10 Nightly news report. (N) (5:50) Parenthood (1989) Steve Martin. Parents have kids. aa Anaconda (1997) Snake terror. (CC) (:35) aaa Casino (1995) A man runs mob’s casino in 1970s Vegas. (CC) ENC (5:45) aaaa Hereafter (2010) People haunted by mortality. Boardwalk (CC) Boardwalk “Paris Green” Boardwalk (CC) 127 Hours Mountain climber. HBO Real Time Maher TVMA aaa Megamind (2010) Brad Pitt. Super-villain. Boardwalk ac Sherlock Holmes (2010) Ben Syder. Monster attacks. HBO2 Blood “And When I Die” (CC) Lottery Ticket (2010) Rich young man. (CC) (:45) The Making of ... Oliver Stone’s film. HBO3 (5:30) aac Leap Year (2010) (:15) ac Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Talking to the dead. (CC) Inception (2010) Leonardo DiCaprio. Entering dreams and stealing ideas. aaa The Book of Eli (2010) A nomad and a book. (CC) MAX Sniper 2 (2003) Tom Berenger. One last job. Strike (CC) (:45) aac Clash of the Titans (2010) Monster killer. (CC) (:35) Dangerous Attractions (2010, Adult) MAX2 S.W.A.T. (2003) Team attempts to keep kingpin locked up. Hurt Locke Thirst (2010) A priest is given vampire blood. Dexter “Hop a Freighter” WEEDS (CC) The Big C aa The Switch (2010) An unmarried woman wants a baby. SHO Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon aac The Other Woman Ex & son hate wife. (:45) aac Glorious 39 (2009) Girl stumbles across secret recordings. not SHO2 Bandslam (:41) aaa Apocalypto (2006) Man sets out to rescue wife and child. (CC) Camelot “Homecoming” (CC) Camelot Two unite for foe. STARZ (5:35) aac The Green Hornet Crime fighter. (:15) aa Multiple Sarcasms (2010) Seeking to be happy. The Back-Up Plan (2010) Jennifer Lopez. Expectant mom. aac Kaboom (2011) Terrifying night. (CC) Giallo (2010) TMC Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) Storage (CC) A&E aac U-571 (2000) An American crew seizes a German U-boat. rsx Breaking Bad “Salud” (N) (:04) Breaking Bad “Salud” AMC (5:00) aac Top Gun (1986) Pilots in training. Basketball a The Perfect Man (2005) Hilary Duff. Romantic blues. (CC) ac Not Easily Broken (2009) Godly vows of married couple are tested. (CC) Born to “Born To Glam” (CC) BET Housewives (CC) Housewives “Black as Ink” Housewives Charity race. Real Housewives (CC) (N) Housewives Private cruise. BRAV Housewives (CC) My Cousin aac Grumpier Old Men (1995) Two rivals are upset by a lovely woman. Makeover “Skaggs Family” Makeover “Williams Family” Makeover “Skaggs Family” CMT CNN Newsroom (CC) (N) News (N) CNN Cover CNN Presents (CC) Piers Morgan Tonight (CC) CNN Newsroom (CC) (N) CNN Presents (CC) CNN aac Drillbit Taylor (2008) Nate Hartley. Bodyguard hired. (:04) Daniel Tosh Happy (:06) Tosh.0 (:37) Tosh.0 (:08) Tosh.0 (:39) League COM (4:26) Major League (1989) Wizards A.N.T. (CC) So Random! Disney’s Shake It Up! (N) Good Luck A.N.T. (CC) Shake It Reality show. (CC) So Random! Good Luck DISN Good Luck Unsolved History “Area 51" Curiosity A dramatization. Curiosity (CC) (N) When Fish Attack 3 (CC) When Fish Attack 2 (CC) Curiosity Mayan prediction. DSC Live from the Red Carpet: The 2011 Primetime Emmy Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian The Soup C. Lately E! SportsCenter SportsCenter ESPN SportsCenter @ MLB Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies z{| Baseball Tonight NHRA Drag Racing “O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Nationals” from Concord, NC no~ NASCAR ESPN2 WNBA Playoffs z{| aa Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) Security guard hero. pqv Home Videos TVPG (CC) FAM (5:00) aac Dodgeball (2004) 50 First Dates (2004) Man falls for girl with memory loss. FOX News Sunday (CC) FOX Report Sunday (N) Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Geraldo at Large Huckabee Entertaining talk. FNC Crave Race “Hog Wild In Memphis” Challenge Great Food (N) Iron Chef “Cora Vs. Smith” Chopped “Squashed” FOOD Sugar High Post Game Boys in Hall Top Rank Boxing no~ Tigers Wky Review World Poker Tour no~ FSD @ MLB Baseball z{| aaa Kung Fu Panda (2008) Jack Black. Prophesized warrior. aaa Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) Lady joins monsters. aaa Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) Lady joins monsters. FX Love Begins (2011) Wes Brown. Adventurer’s work. (CC) Gold Girl Gold Girl HALL (5:00) aaa Love’s (2007) (CC) Love Finds a Home (2009) Haylie Duff. Emotional reunion. Hse Hunt Cash Cash (N) Holmes “Down the Drain” All American Handyman (N) Hunters (N) Hse Hunt (N) Design Final two designers. HGTV Hunters (CC) Ice Road 30 ton; ash spread. Ice Road “The Heat is On” Ice Road Truckers (CC) (N) Top Gear (CC) (N) Ancient Ancient relic & ETs. HIST Top Gear “Beating Tanner” (5:00) The Perfect Assistant a The Perfect Roommate (2011) Roommate’s secrets. (CC) Drop Dead Diva (CC) (N) Against the Wall (CC) (N) Against 911 complaints. (CC) LIFE Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera MSNBC Documentary MSNBC Documentary MSNBC Caught on Camera Teen Mom Teen Mom “Stay With Me” Teen Mom “Time Out” Parents want kid. Teen Mom “Teen Dads” (N) Jersey “Meatball Mashup” Awkward Awkward MTV iCarly VICTOR. Bucket Wife (CC) Wife (CC) Nick News Lopez (CC) Friends (CC) Friends (CC) Friends (CC) (:32) Friends NICK SpongeBob aa Airheads (1994) Radio station seized (CC) (:35) ac Trapped in Paradise (1994) Three inept robbers. ac 17 Again PLEX (:20) aac Max Dugan Returns (1983) A father shows up. The 10 SPEED Center Wind Tunnel with Despain American American Wrecked Car Crazy SPEED Center SPEED NASCAR (:28) Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Bar Rescue “Bar Fight” (N) Bar Rescue “Fallen Angels” SPIKE (:56) Auction aaa Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) Johnny Depp. Pirate alliance battles corporation. ac Lost City SYFY (5:00) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) (5:30) aaa Wedding Crashers (2005) Womanizers at work. Meet the Fockers (2004) Robert De Niro. Eccentric parents. (:13) aac Meet the Fockers (2004) Eccentric parents. (CC) TBS aaa Sounder (1972) A sharecropper’s family struggles. (CC) Citizen Kane (1941) The life and death of a media mogul. u (:15) aac The Power and the Glory (1933) Power corrupts. u TCM Hoarding Teenage hoarder. Hoarding Moving home. (CC) Hoarding Ventriloquist job. Hoarding: Buried Alive (N) Undercover Airline CEO. Hoarding “I Can’t Breathe” TLC aaaa The Shawshank Redemption (1994) A man copes with the horrors of prison. not aac The Da Vinci Code (2006) Tom Hanks. A secret cult seeks Jesus’ descendants. (CC) TNT Gumball Looney T. Eagleheart NTSF:SD King (CC) Family TV14 Family TV14 (:45) Squid TOON Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) Murder in Toontown. Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Bait Car (N) Bait Car (N) Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Forensic Forensic TRUTV Hulk Hogan MMA wrestler. Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland MASH (CC) MASH (CC) MASH (CC) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond TVLD (:20) Hot in Cleveland Noticiero (N) Tigres del N. (CC) (N) Mira quién baila (CC) (N) Sal y pimienta (CC) El Equipo Noticiero (N) UNIV ¡Qué madre Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 Law & Order: SVU TV14 USA aac New Jack City (1991) Wesley Snipes. Drug dealers. (CC) The Greatest (N) The Greatest (N) Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Ge (N) VH1 Christine How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News (N) (:40) Replay Monk A possible murder. WGN Christine

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Tv listings for Sunday

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