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Her cup runneth over Redefining sexy within a breast-obsessed society BY VERONICA BLAKE • Meghann Breen shocked her friends with a boob job. At 19 years of age, with a bra size of 36E, the Scarborough resident went under the knife. “E’s just too much,” she said. “Sometimes I couldn’t even see my own feet. It was really hard to tie my own shoe.” Lower back pain motivated the now 24-yearold Durham College police foundations student and cheerleader to get breast reduction surgery. She decided a C-cup size would be more manageable. Reality TV star Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic surgeries in a single day, including size F breast implants. For those with naturally large breasts, back and shoulder pain may motivate the need to get a breast reduction, but the desire to be sexy plays a role as well. Breen wanted to wear tube tops and halter tops like her friends, which was impossible without revealing her supportive bra. Finding clothes for her disproportionate body was a chore. “For my prom dress I probably spent six hours trying to find a dress that would fit me up top,” Breen said. “I was really tinywaisted and I’m 5’1. I’m a tiny person. To have these huge boobs, nothing ever fit.” Sashell Mills, 21, has considered having reduction surgery for her size 38DD breasts. The Scarborough resident enjoyed the male attention her breasts received in high school, but now it makes her feel uncomfortable. “It’s not as fun as it was before,” she said. “I don’t like my breasts. I think they’re too big. But guys love them... Most guys are like, ‘Wow, your chest is big!’ And they want to touch it, feel it.” When at a bar or club, it’s not out of the ordinary for Mills

when strangers approach her and comment on her cleavage. “I’ve had guys ask me if they’re real,” she said. “Yeah, they’re 100-per-cent real... People think if you have big boobs they must be fake.” Breen had similar experiences when she went out on the town. Like Mills, she shied away from the attention, which she found embarrassing. “If I went to a bar, guys would make sexual comments,” she said. “I just didn’t want to go out. I just wanted to cover up, just wear a sweater or something so nothing would show.” The surgery itself takes up to five hours, under anaesthesia. In the most common procedure, incisions are made on the breast, excess skin is taken off and then fat and tissue are removed and sculpted. Lastly, the nipple is raised and the breasts are sewn up. Pain lasts for about a week and most patients can remove bandages and return to normal life after a month. Scarring fades over time and incisions are made on the underside of the breast, enabling the woman to wear low-cut tops and swimsuits without scars showing. While breast enlargement is not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), reduction is covered when the patient experiences back pain. Breen said pain only lasted a couple of days and her scars faded completely after. “I woke up in the hospital bed and I immediately wanted to touch my chest to see how it was,” she said. “After I took off the bandages I was definitely happy. I was so relieved... You look like a whole different person. And it just made me feel a lot better. My self-esteem, my self-confidence – I

was happier with myself.” Dr. Ali Adibfar has performed breast reductions for the past 10 years. In his practice at Elements in Yorkville, he sees an equal number of women coming in for reductions and enlargements. He recommends that women only change their breast size by a cup-and-a-half in either direction. “They’re very happy patients. Extremely happy,” Adidfar said. “Out of all the procedures, the happiest ones are the ones that have breast reductions.” However, Breen is no longer happy with her breasts. After gaining some weight, her new Ccup breasts have ballooned to a DD-cup size. While her back pain is only minimal, she doesn’t want to buy new bras to fit her larger breasts. “They’re like grannyugly bras,” she said. “They don’t have the lace or assortment of different colours. They’re just your regular white, black, tan. I’m 24. I want to feel sexy.” Mills also struggles to find a bra that makes her feel attractive. “No matter where you go, all I see is Bs, Cs. It’s so hard to find DDs,” she said. “It’s not sexy at all. It’s something you would probably see your Grandma wear... It’s just plain. There are no cute little designs.” Despite her breasts growing again, Breen recommends a reduction to women who are unsatisfied with their breasts. But Mills’s boyfriend likes her breasts the way they are. “I don’t know if he would leave me for it, but I know he would get mad (if she had the surgery,)” she said. “It makes me feel like that’s the only reason why he’s with me, because he likes big breasts and I have them. That’s in the back of my head... I’d rather him be with me, for me, and not for them.”

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