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50% of the time, it makes sense every time. Issue 31

‘Of Growing Up’

The News On The Hour Every Minute The most important events in our department when and if I notice them. Totally on time, most of the time.

Where’s Debbie? Our lovely Debbster has left us, temporarily, to attend to some urgent matters. I think she’s sitting at the head of a long table, flanked by consigliore, saying “You come into my house, on the day of my daughter’s wedding …” while eating kippers and ‘recovering’. We miss you Debbster, but you haven’t missed much – apart from Grant’s leaving do and Ric’s speech on Grant’s behalf. Poor Dipun, Ric stole all the thunder. Let this be a warning to you, never follow Ric’s speeches, or make any public announcement before him either. He’s a touch act to precede. And to follow. Oh I’ve confused myself. A word about Grant’s leaving do on Friday. It was a great night of integration, until the party was broken up unexpectedly (you know why!). Anyway, there was some sort of panic, and then the next thing we know, we’re marching through the Siberian nightstreets of Portobello road at -20 temperatures, looking for another bar and almost killing fair-weather Garth. The bar shut in our face, which made poor Garth angrily shout at the bouncer “You don’t know our missions!” Although in his defence, it was the coldest night in February in 65 years. (Source: Rictopus Blanc) My toe is still numb (it has, if you must know, never recovered from my ski trip so really I’m not too bothered. Who needs both toes?) Anyway, the most hardcore of us (Mikey B, Lindsay J, Garth, Mark and I) then split up. I will just mention that Nicky Nick C would be in that hardcore group since he also stayed till the very end, but he jumped into a cab and vanished faster than my sunglasses when I dropped them into the crocodile pit in Bush Gardens. Why, of why Nicky Nick?!

SAY WHAT?! The full, unabridged version of all office banter you wish you’d never taken part in. You know better than to talk to me. Or around me. Or even think thoughts near me. I’ll write them down faster than you can spell them.

Aston, mid-creative planning session:

“This is like being caught between heaven and hell.” “That’s perjury”. Gary

“I read you faster than a Kindle”. Ric to Jess

While working on ***** Joe wanted to reach out to the community, with a brilliant idea. Joe: “How about ‘Wrap a tramp for winter’?’” (For security reasons names cannot be mentioned)

Goodbye GA … To honour Adrien and Grant’s leaving, here is a little something in their honour. Totally Grant catchphrase: “Really? Dude! Wow.” “Wait, say that again?” Totally Adrien catchphrase: “This is ridiculous. I mean, I submitted my expenses three months ago. I am not doing any timesheets.They can come down here and get me, but I’m going to tell them they are ridiculous …” Followed by grumbling, and slow return to mac. Here’s 5 things I’ll miss about them. Adrien

Grant 1. His piercing

1. His piercing

2. His repertoire of the same music

2. His repertoire of the same music

3. His super cool SA flip-flops with a bottle opener

3. His purple octopus (nothing dirty …)

4. His bead necklace

4. Huge glass doors falling on top of his head

5. And persistent drive to make awesome ideas

5. And persistent drive to make awesome ideas

See how creative teams merge into one? Look out for the next Semi-Serious edition.

Big kid things we love.

Because no one really grows up and you know it.

“Oh there you are, Peter!� Hook. Classic.

Cadbury’s Joyville Activation in Westfield An enourmous chocolate fountain, where Joyville chocolate engineers take you through the process of making Cadbury’s chocolate. Really well done, the scripts were very sweet. Have a look: ature=related

‘Driving a bus’ You know you’re a big kid (or quite possibly have mental issues) when you refuse to give up your seat for a 5 year old. A 5 year old who wants nothing more than to drive the bus just like you’re doing: that’s sitting at the very front on the top deck of a double decker, and holding on to the rail.

photo of the week “You were looking for grandparents fighting over a hare, while holding weapons, weren’t you?”


Grow the hell up. Arguments no one wants to hear. Outragous opinions. And a self-obsessed view of everything. Plus, over-analysis of, and ponderings on, completely hypothetical scenarios without practical benefits of any kind. The other day someone told me to grow up. Yep, they said grow the hell up. And I said, why, for the love of god, would I ever want to do that? And then I punched them square in the jaw. We tell people to grow up as an insult. Like it’s the worst thing in the world. But as creatives, our livelihood depends on it – and as people, our sanity demands it. So why do we take ourselves so seriously? We are paid, amongst other things, to practise curiosity. And that’s the best thing about being a creative – we don’t have to grow up like everyone else. So why do we get too serious about our ideas and our jobs? And get all self-important on our own asses? I blame whoever first gave us the name ‘creatives’ - way to inflate our self-esteem dude (that’s in honour of Grant’s leaving). Artists. Musicians. Scientists… What are they? Are they not creatives? In any case, this ego seems to have spread through the industry like an overinflated balloon, or if you prefer, a fast accelarating universe (depending on the theory you buy into. Sorry Sheldon). I think this leads to ugly things.

Too much ego, too much competition, and a seperation of work and fun - when having fun is subjective. And we are all subjected to each other’s weird fun - when having fun is subjective. And we are all subjected to each other’s weird subjectivity. So when did we start thinking it’s ok to separate ‘us’ from ‘them’? Calling ourselves creatives and everyone else customers (wait - is that consumers? Oh just call them machines with money already) or the general public. In an industry that’s all about people, does it always matter if we have seen a similarly funny ad before? So what if it’s crazy? Are they going to say, “No, that won at Cannes last year, I must scorn this at once?! and then toilet roll said print/outdoor/TV/activation? I refer you back to paragraph 2. We are people first, creatives second. So, before we throw our toys out of the pram, or try to cry louder than everyone else let’s first bring back a little sense of humour. We don’t ever stop growing or learning. We are all creative, even ‘after we’ve grown up’. (When is that, by the way? I’ll put it in my calendar.) Of course there are a few psychopaths out there, but for the most part, as humans, we’re pretty good at learnings and discovery. Both about ourselves and the world. So I refuse to take “grow up” as an insult, or as a viable instruction. In fact, I retract my jaw-shattering power punch all together and thank you for this highest compliment and lesson. Shucks … You grow the hell up!

End rant.

Semi-Serious #31  

50% of the time, it makes sense every time.

Semi-Serious #31  

50% of the time, it makes sense every time.