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Miss Fry’s English III Block I Class

Age Poems Chapbook

Based upon Sarah Josepha Hale’s Poem “Thirty-Five” Copyright March 19, 2010.

Fifteen I’m fifteen‐ I’m fifteen!  Nor would I make it more  For not a year has passed that I was fourteen  I would not brake a chain link door  For I have had so much fun in the past Halloweens  For I have learned to drive stick shift like a truck’s  For I have mowed grass that was green  For I have drove uphill in the muck  For I have learned a lot by machine  For I have a lot more to learn from buck  I’m fifteen‐I’m fifteen!      Refrain                   repetition                   simile    By William Ramer  

Eighteen! By: Chelsey Smith

For I am now 18, I am my own adult. All grown up and out on my own, I am a young lady in result. For no one can stop me, And no one can tell me no. I am a young lady, And that’s something I know! For I like being on my own, But sometimes I miss my parents. I am all on my own, And I am really pretty lonely.

Cody glass 

Ninety five    I’m ninety five‐I’m ninety five.  I wish I could make it less  For my hip don’t work  And my back’s like a mess.  My feet really stink  And my teeth aren’t all there.  Since all I do is sit,  And fall asleep when I think,  Ill yell at the kids  And hit them with my cain   then ill sit some more  And let the pills heal my pain    Repetition  simile  personification 


By: Naomi Kline I’m Sixteen ---I’m Sixteen!! Not younger or older, Sixteen opens up bright new beginnings, I am much more boulder. There will be no need for recovery, I’m young and hip Driving, dancing and discovery And need no tip. This is the biggest time to shine Not to whine. High school is like a parked car in the middle of the street, One obstacle to becoming an adult. Repitition,Alliteration,Simile

Im twenty‐two  By Kyle Dreese  I’m twenty‐two, I’m twenty‐two!  The fun has just begun  For just last year  I was twenty‐one  Not a day goes by   That I have something to regret   For Im twenty‐two   Theres nothing ill forget  When all is said and done   Being twenty‐two was the best   For I was at my prime   And always up for the test     Repetition   

Twenty-One Megan Gower 3/11/2010

Twenty-One Now that I am twenty-one My fun has just begun I haven’t got much time left Before it is all done I haven’t thought much about life Until the other day When everything passed by me In their own wonderful way They may have passed me day by day But surely I will tell Of how I spent all of my time Wishing the days farewell My days of school, spent like a dime. Simile Repetition Alliteration

Seventeen Seventeen Seventeen  Youth and adulthood I’m caught between  Many things I’ve come to have seen  Through the journey to seventeen    Seventeen Seventeen  Much more gets through to me, Seventeen years of good embrace  Seventeen years and still a familiar face    Seventeen Seventeen  Where old is new and new becomes old  Where bold become weak and weak become bold    Seventeen Seventeen, Please be good to me    Seventeen Seventeen, Where all is to gleam    Repetition  Metaphors  End Rhyme 

By: Alexis Naugle

I’m twenty-one, I’m twenty-one! A new chapter is just beginning, For my days of school are done, My head is nearly spinning! Where to live? What job to get? What will the world convey? Special children, special needs! I’ll have a busy day. What adventures come my way? My life will be so fun. My heart is singing with delight! I’m twenty-one, I’m twenty-one.

Repetition Personification Alliteration

It is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts.

Adlai Stevenson

English III Block I Poetry Chapbook - Spring 2010  

English III Block I Poetry Chapbook - Spring 2010

English III Block I Poetry Chapbook - Spring 2010  

English III Block I Poetry Chapbook - Spring 2010