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The fairy of teeth Changes teeth for gifts She has thousands of pieces in a chest within a tree.


Hannah is six and she keeps all her teeth she’s a messy girl and her room is full of dirt.

But one happy day Hannah shouted out loud Yeepeeh yeeh, Fairy of teeth!!! I’m loosing one of my front teeth.


Hannah is happy today She’s lost her first tooth And she’s eager to meet The famous fairy of teeth.

What nice present May she have for me? Will she be pretty? Or will she be greedy?


But where is it? Let’s play hide and seek I’m sure I lost it In this messy room. ‘nice Fairy of teeth With your wand white and bright Do magic and find it And give me my gift’


The fairy is frowing As Hannah is untidy Her tooth is now missing No treat without tooth!


She looks on the shelf And under the bed She looks in the drawers And even behind the curtains

The tooth is not between the cushions Neither within the lamp It is not on the wardrobe Not even behind the door.


No treat but a trick Though is not Halloween Hannah takes a tooth From the science classroom skull.


Yeepeeh yeeh, fairy of teeth You may came Give me my gift back As I have your tooth, at last!

Here is your gift Nothing but a tip: ‘messy girls who lie From wiser people can’t hide.’ THE END


the fairy of teeth