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Data breaches can bankrupt your company or clients

Malware, spyware. ransomeware, botnets, trojans, phishing. worms, unpatched software... who can keep up? The truth is that many businesses don't, and that is a huge threat not only to your business, but also to your client's personal data. That is why so many big companies are requiring smaller companies to verify security compliance measures before they will do business with you. An employee with access to company email on her unsecured phone that unsuspectingly clicks on the wrong link, can you have you and companies that work with you paying millions due to data breaches.

In 2020, large security firms are reporting that cyber attacks have more than doubled, which makes sense because the pandemic created a perfect environment of increased traffic and transactions online.


But where do you start? Shouldn't your latest subscription to anti-virus software cover you? The answer is: not always. What clients don't realize is that there is a lot of management, maintenance, and customization that goes into business cyber security- like updates, patching, firewalls where you need them, and securing data in a cloud environment in the event a piece of equipment goes down. There are also layers of access and security clearance that should be incorporated into your network to protect your business in the event of a cyber attack.

Most businesses don't have IT personnel that are proficient in cyber security and that is why we have dedicated staff who do this for our clients to ensure that their business is protected 24/7- all year long.