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Columbia Gorge

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway

Length: 90 miles, SR -14

Driving Time: 2 hours

Local Planning Resources: skamania.org mtadamschamber.com

At A Glance

1 Hulda Klager Gardens National Historic Site celebrating Ms. Klager who began hybridizing lilacs in 1905. Gardens preserved and maintained in her memory, containing more than 90 varieties of lilacs, as well as Victorian gardens and a farmhouse.

2 Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Explore the lands and structures at the center of fur trade and military history in Washington.

3 Camas & Washougal

Camas has beautiful treelined streets, boutique shopping and small town charm. Do the free tour of Pendleton Woolen Millls Factory in Washougal.

4 Beacon Rock State Park

This 848-ft tall landmark, located on the shores of the Columbia River, has a trail to the top with switchbacks, handrails and bridges, offering views of the Columbia River Gorge.

5 Gorge Waterfalls

Find the tumbling water of Rodney and Hardy Falls located near Beacon Rock State Park. Look for the 'pool of winds', the place where crashing water will spray you with mist.

6 Maryhill Museum of Art

A castle-like chateau perched above the Columbia River, this museum houses a worldclass art collection and the nearby Stonehenge replica.

7 Columbia Hills State Park

More than 100 Native American pictographs are tucked into the rocks, including the famed 'She Who Watches' which tell the stories of ancient peoples that lived in this region.

Like the Grand Canyon, the Columbia River Gorge is a testament to the power of flowing water. For more than 40 million years, the Columbia River has carved a deep gash into the volcanic rock of the Cascade Mountains. This spectacular river canyon is 90 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep. The high canyon walls create a natural wind tunnel, making the Gorge one of the windsurfing capitals of the world.

National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge has been designated a National Scenic Area and for good reason. You’ll be awestruck by its natural beauty. Here you can see more waterfalls than anywhere else in the country. But the Columbia River Gorge isn’t just spectacular scenery and outdoor fun. There’s plenty of hand-crafted beer, local wines and farm-to-table dining.

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway

This scenic drive is 100 miles long and follows the Washington side of the Columbia River from Vancouver to Maryhill. Enjoy small towns with plenty of local flair, hiking, camping and getting out on the water. Try windsurfing or ripping across the river with a kiteboard!


Start your journey in Vancouver. Its rich history spans from the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1806, when Meriwether Lewis had the wisdom to characterize the area as "the only desired situation for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains." Fortunately for history buffs, Vancouver hasn't forgotten its past. Historic attractions, museums, and parks will take you back. You'll

Sasquatch Seekers

Don’t miss this photo-op in front of the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce—put your face in Bigfoot and say cheese! By official decree, Sasquatch is a protected species in Skamania County.

Above clockwise: Panther Creek Falls

©Jason Hummel


Kiteboards near White Salmon ©Jason

Hummel Photography

Klickitat River ©Jason

Hummel Photography find plenty of fascinating ways to experience Vancouver’s roots from the Native American fur trade days, to the settlement of Fort Vancouver, to the establishment of one of the oldest cities in the State of Washington. Situated along the curves of the mighty Columbia River, Vancouver holds a wealth of cultural and recreational experiences for visitors. The river is a magnet, drawing people to connect with one another and with the natural world. Relax to the rhythms of waves lapping the shore. The half-mile long riverfront waterfront park offers river access, public spaces, and expansive walking and biking. Come experience Vancouver's new waterfront, from shopping to sipping and dining to water sports and parks.

Camas and Washougal

Camas has a charming downtown with tree-lined streets. Originally a mill town, it has been revitalized to include fine shopping, dining, and art galleries while still maintaining its historic feel. The Camas Hotel, a century old, beautifully remodeled European boutique style hotel is located downtown. On First Fridays, downtown galleries, shops and restaurants are open late into the evening. Camas has a seasonal farmer’s market, too.

Just a little farther down the road, you’ll discover Washougal home to the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory. Enjoy a free tour and shopping in the company store. Across the street, visit the Two Rivers Heritage Museum, an historic gem.

Grab a free art map and take a self-guided Washougal public art tour. The city has over 30 installations of sculptures, murals, stained glass, and even dugout canoes. Objects may be historical, educational, or whimsical.

Columbia Gorge Interpretive Museum

This is a 'must-stop' if you’re interested in the geological and human history of the area. In the museum’s theatre you can experience the cataclysmic formation of the gorge during a 12-minute movie complete with teeth rattling sound.

Columbia Hills State Park

More than 100 Native American pictographs are tucked into these rocks. Take one of the guided tours (reserve in advance) to see some of the sacred art, including the famed “She Who Watches.” Several examples line the

Our Indigenous Culture

From the history of the original people, the Cascade Chinook, to those interested in the Lewis and Clark saga, there are traces of the past all along this byway.

~ Enjoy local food, wine, craft beer and cocktails

parking lot so you don't need a reservation to glimpse a few of these cultural treasures.

~ Stroll down beautiful tree-lined streets

Enjoy local food, wine, craft beer and cocktails Explore unique shops, iques, theatre, galleries

~ Enjoy local food, wine, craft beer and cocktails

~ Stay and relax in a luxury boutique hotel

~ Stroll down beautiful tree-lined streets

Discover the Delights of Camas and Washougal, WA as you enter the Columbia River Gorge Historic Charm Awaits You Let our downtown surprise you. Find out more at DowntownCamas.com

~ Explore unique shops, antiques, theatre, galleries

~ Stroll down beautiful tree-lined streets

~ Stay and relax in a luxury boutique hotel

White Salmon is an ideal jumping-off location for hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, whitewater rafters and kayakers, and casual tourists. Between the White Salmon River, Columbia River Gorge, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Mount Adams and Mount Hood, there’s no shortage of nearby outdoor excursions.

Maryhill Museum & Stonehenge

The byway ends at the Maryhill Museum of Art, constructed by visionary northwest road builder Sam Hill. Perched on the banks of the Columbia River, you can tour the museum and Stonehenge replica. At nearby Maryhill Winery with its panoramic views of the Columbia River, relax and enjoy fine wine and live music on the popular Tuscan-style vine-covered terrace on summer weekends.

Goldendale Observatory State Park

NATURAL BEAUTY AWAITS for the hiking, birding, history, water sports and more and stick around for great dining, shopping and craft breweries.

Sky-watchers won’t want to miss a side-trip to this hilltop park, just north of Goldendale. It houses one of the nation’s largest, most accessible public telescopes. The newly renovated site is famous for its dark skies and informative science programs.


With over 30 wineries in the Columbia River Gorge wine region, stop and taste as you tour the Gorge.

Relax at one of our ten romantic getaway cabins in the Columbia River Gorge. Stroll through our lush gardens. Soak in a spa tub with lavender bath salts. Enjoy a relaxing in-cabin massage. Dream it and we’ll work to deliver it.

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Natural Beauty Awaits


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