Discover Germany | Issue 15 | June 2014

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Page 54

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For companies with a high volume of mailings, such as data centres, insurance companies and banks, the creative engineers at Mayer-Kuvert-network have developed the Kuvermatic®. This specially designed machine produces envelopes that are the same size on every side. With the Kuvermatic® envelopes can now be stacked completely flat and therefore in greater quantities.

The envelope – much more than a disposable product Each day it’s carelessly torn up and thrown away but the next day it’s found anew and intact in our letterbox: The envelope. That faithful companion who brings us a daily selection of orders and invoices, good and bad news, advertising messages; and if we are lucky, even love letters. This reliable part of our day most likely also means a reliance on the companies that comprise the Mayer-Kuvert-network who produce more than twenty billion envelopes a year. This means approximately every fourth envelope sent from Europe was produced by one of its more than forty affiliated companies. TEXT & PHOTOS: MAYER-KUVERT-NETWORK | TRANSLATION: JAIME SCHWARTZ

The diversity that can be found inside each envelope demonstrates the importance and need for a range of envelope types. MayerKuvert-network offers a variety of standard sized envelopes, padded mailers and shipping envelopes. One of the network's star products is the Envirelope® produced in the Swabian town of Heilbronn. At first glance these envelopes might be indistin-

54 | Issue 15 | June 2014

guishable from their conventional counterparts, yet they set themselves apart with their environmental friendliness. Envirelope® products are manufactured with bright white carbon neutral paper and also feature biodegradable plastic windows, water-soluble glues, and fully deinkable interior inks that guarantee one hundred percent recyclability.

Individually designed advertising envelopes for direct mailings is yet another focus of the Mayer-Kuvert-network. As the company motto states: "You only have one chance to make a good first impression." Customers can benefit from the expertise in creating products with visual impact offered by the extensive network of companies associated with Mayer-Kuvertnetwork. For example, allure can be added through choosing a unique print motif or the use of innovative materials with unusual windows or closure techniques. Just imagine a coloured envelope with an atypical form suddenly appearing amongst the standard white and brown envelopes normally found in the letterbox; it’s not hard to believe that this intriguing piece of mail will be picked up and opened first. The products of the Mayer-Kuvert-network ensure that envelopes get sent straight into the receiver's hand and not straight into the rubbish bin.