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local fashion also have to be accounted for. Hiltl’s tailored creations are also available in larger sizes, but that is not all.“It’s also the silhouettes that have to be taken into consideration. In Scandinavian countries men tend to opt for slimmer cuts while in the Eastern regions a wider shape with a higher waist is required,”Betz says. He reveals the trend for the upcoming winter season.“The dandy-look is key, a groomed look with attention to detail”and“subtle details such as contrast piping on the pockets or special buttons make all the difference. Voluminous materials in muted red hues, dark green nuances and luscious brown are ideal for a perfectly defined wintry look,” Betz recommends.

Outstanding gentlemen’s trousers made in Germany Hiltl has been designing and tailoring high quality trousers without compromise since 1955. Today Hiltl’s trousers are available on four different continents and offer the perfect cut for men of all shapes and sizes. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: HILTL

In a persistent and non-compromising quest for the perfect trouser, company founder Fritz Hiltl searched tirelessly to improve his tailoring. Exquisite fabrics manufactured by the world’s leading weaving mills, guaranteed fit (no shrinkage), a special tailor-made style waistband, exclusive buttons and eye buttonholes with cross bar tacks are the Hiltl trousers’ signature features. Furthermore, Hiltl’s creations include metal zippers that comply with high standards, a safety pocket for the wearer’s valuables, extra-long topside lining, non-iron high-tech seams and ultra-precision hemlines that won’t wear out from rubbing along the shoes. Despite the reasonable price tag, Hiltl offers amazing quality.“I am proud of the fact that we have the freedom

14 | Issue 15 | June 2014

to use high quality fabrics and materials for our collections. We do not have to compromise on quality due to budget restrictions,” Michael Betz, Hiltl Product Manager, says proudly. It is these outstanding quality features that have earned Hiltl trousers worldwide recognition. International distribution is flourishing. “Because of the different regional climate conditions, we have to offer enough variety in our summer and winter collections,”Betz explains. While in Europe a thick and luxurious condenser yarn flannel may be a bestseller, the warm textile wouldn’t be of much benefit for Australian or African customers, he points out. As well as variations in climate, body shapes and