Discover Germany, Issue 46, January 2017

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muun – simply comfortable Contrary to nutrition, sports or cosmetics, sleep does not get the appreciation it deserves in society. The creative minds at muun are aiming to change that. TEXT: INA FRANK  I  PHOTOS: MUUN

A mattress, a pillow, a duvet – muun offers design products that can be adapted to individual needs. Whether you are a side, back or belly sleeper, muun’s awardwinning mattress can be adjusted by simply turning around the core or its topper, made of the finest foams that take pressure off the body. The three-layer pillow offers two different firmness levels and is adjustable in height to respond to the different needs of every sleep type. The duvet is made of 100 per cent natural fibres and consists of two separate parts that can be joined to create one, thicker duvet. Whatever product one chooses – it is all about feeling at ease and comfortable. When asked about the idea for the foundation of muun, Jessica-Joyce Sidon, head 66  |  Issue 46  |  January 2017

of public relations, explains: “In recent years, industrial companies did not manage to make sleep become a relevant part of our lifestyle. Many people now buy their mattresses in passing and afterwards they are unhappy with the result. That is what muun wants to change.” To find the appropriate materials for its products, muun has taken quite an effort. The staff travelled more than 50,000 kilometres through Europe to find the secret of ultimate comfort. They succeeded and discovered the magic formula: foams of the latest generation, combined with soft textiles. “We were always oriented towards the highest standards,” Sidon tells. “This has an impact on the comfort. Besides, we give a ten-year guarantee on our mattresses.”

muun also attaches importance to social commitment. For every seventh mattress they sell, they give a donation to allow children in need to have their own mattress.