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Dedicated to Design… In terms of design, one of the most important aspects is the material with which one works. A material is more than just a means to an end; it is a living influence on the final product. Therefore, we have taken a closer look at one of our favourite materials, wood, and present five items that use the material in a clever, innovative and beautiful way. BY: THOMAS SCHROERS


1. Founded on a passion for wood and straight-forward design, the label Mein Eichentisch is dedicated to the development of unique oak tables. The tables, featuring clear lines and an elegant minimalism, make for a timeless addition to everyday life. Shown here is the model LIGHT, but there are different forms available. Sizes can also be individualised. 2. This wooden companion is called ‘Josef’ and he has a wonderful temperament. Created by Anton Doll, it features oak wood and a simple, clear design language. Flexible in application, ‘Josef’ will assist you in every room and in any capacity. £140. 3. Wooden toys are not only for children, but also for newlyweds. Here is a puzzle that will light up hearts and minds. Perfect as a present on a wedding day, this gift can not only be shaped into a heart but also in many other forms. Especially popular is the option to engrave the names of the receivers. £17. 4. With a material like wood, there are no limitations. Madera by Otono Design is a wall clock like no other. Featuring a simple, clear design language each clock is unique, due to the vein of the walnut or oak wood. Colours are wide ranging, but always brash, making for a perfect contrast. £ POA.


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10  |  Issue 46  |  January 2017

5. Ever thought about a wooden bow tie? Well, it is time to do so, because BeWooden is designing bow ties that are not only for the extravagant, but are for everyone. All ties are handmade and the designs are varied, creative and of unique appearance. Currently, BeWooden is offering around 20 different styles while constantly developing new ideas. From £42.