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Top, left: Königstraße and Hindenburgbau Top, middle: Waranga - the place to see and to be seen. Photo: Dieterich


A young, green and varied metropolis Even though Stuttgart may be one of the most high-tech cities in Germany, it still has more than 1,000 years of history to look back upon. Visitors can expect a combination of traditional, laid-back Swabian culture and a drive towards future innovation, a mix of elegance and exclusivity with an earth-bound outlook on life. TEXT: CORDELIA MAKARTSEV | PHOTOS: STUTTGART-MARKETING GMBH

It is not easy to describe the many faces of Stuttgart, one of Germany’s leading business locations, embedded between the green valleys and rich vineyards of the Neckar valley. We asked an expert, Armin Dellnitz, Managing Director of StuttgartMarketing GmbH: ”Stuttgart is both a vibrant economic hotspot and an attractive destination for tourists. Here, nature meets technology and tradition encounters innovation. What is very special is the city’s topographic position and the idyllic landscape as well as its top-class cultural events.”

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A must-see for all motoring fans Since the day Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the first ever petrol engine in their little workshop - now a much-visited attraction in itself - Stuttgart has been considered the cradle of car manufacturing. “Stuttgart is home to many global brands, a manifestation of the region’s inventive talent which can be experienced in two spectacular museums up close, the Mercedes Benz and the Porsche Museum,” explains Armin Dellnitz. The Mercedes-Benz Museum, the only museum in the world to present the history of the automotive industry from start to finish, has

more than 160 dream cars on display. And the classics in the Porsche Museum are guaranteed to thrill young and old. But Stuttgart is not only about car manufacturing and high-tech innovations. Art lovers will find wonderful treasures in its museums, particularly the State Gallery’s art collections and the exceptional collection of modernist and contemporary art in the Art Museum Stuttgart. In autumn, the State Gallery will pay tribute to the multifaceted oeuvre of the Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer in a large exhibition. Learn about history from the Stone Age to the modern era at the Old