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Left: London's foodies love the authentic Kipferl

Middle East or Southeastern Europe.“The Austrian cuisine successfully combines influences from the array of cultures that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire,” says Malnig.“We wanted to reflect that multicultural attitude in the name.”

Restaurant of the Month Austria

Today, Kipferl serves everything from traditional Viennese coffee and cakes to Wiener Schnitzel, spicy Hungarian gulyas soup and the signature dish Käsespätzle, homemade pan fried egg noodles with organic cheese directly imported from a farm in the Austrian mountains. In addition to the set menu, Kipferl offers a monthly special inspired by seasonal produce or events. What makes the restaurant so successful is its dedication to offer a high quality, authentic, consistent service with attention to detail, as Malnig explains: “My role models are the bestViennese coffee houses and restaurants, and we aim for a homely ambiance, professional but unobtrusive service and excellent food at fair prices.”

Kipferl coffeehouse and kitchen A passion for Austrian food and coffee The Austrian restaurant Kipferl in London not only fills a market gap in a city riddled with soulless coffee shops and cheap restaurant chains, it is a restaurant born out of a true passion for Viennese coffee house culture and authentic Austrian cuisine. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: KIPFERL/ JOHNNIE PAKINGTON

As a student, Christian Malnig worked as a waiter in Austria, soaking up the energy of places where quality food and a sociable atmosphere were at the heart of every restaurant. After graduating with a degree in business, he worked in in the financial sector in London before turning his attention back to the food business. “Eleven years ago, I opened a little delicatessens in

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Smithfield together with my partner, but we soon realised that Londoners like eating out and being pampered. This is how the idea for a restaurant was born,”says Malnig. Kipferl Coffeehouse and Kitchen, which recently opened its doors in a characterful building in Angel, was named after the crescent-shaped pastry that has a long-standing tradition in Austria, but originates from the

Testament to Kipferl's success is the 2011 opening of Kipferl on Gordon Square, a small kiosk selling sausages, soups, coffees and cakes, and further plans for expansion are in the pipeline. With the Kipferl treatment guaranteed, the new venture is all set to become the next insiders' tip among London's foodies.