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The Rhetorical Oracle By Seraphina Elvenstone

An alternative handbook full of questions In pictures and verse with offbeat suggestions, On Topics where answers have been denied Look for THE TRUTH somewhere inside !


Prologue I bring to you in love and light, A most unusual oracle, With art work to enhance your sight And rhymes that are rhetorical.

My pictures really do connect But some may leave you blinking, Find the link, and you’ll be correct Just try some lateral thinking.

Some meanings clear, but many hidden You’ll find them most appealing, Thoughts may come to you unbidden And even bring some healing.

This oracle is my invitation And when you just believe, It stimulates imagination Of the joy you can receive.

Some verses make an instant bond To some you’ll find resistance, Others point to what’s beyond And give your life assistance.

So if it is the truth you seek Just hear what I’m suggesting, Buy this book as it’s unique It’s worthwhile you investing.

Some are messages from the Earth Or bring a call to action, Many work for our rebirth Using the law of attraction.

I hope you like my simple rhymes And know that I am sending, My love to you, in changing times With the hope of a happy ending !

Some criticize the government I’m not apologetic, They’re written with the best intent And may prove quite prophetic. 2

INDEX 1.Peace 2.Horoscope 3.Stay On The Path 4.Spirit Guides 5.Medicine 6.Past Lives 7.Toilet 8.Shield 9.Dinosaurs 10.Pendulum 11.Pyramids 12.Superstition 13.Gold 14.Orbs 15. Flowers 16.Aspire 17.Aliens 18.Conscience 19.Music 20.Banksters 21.Oak Tree 22.Gambling 23.Eureka 24.Justice 25.Native Americans 26.Fortune Cookie 27.Witchcraft 28.Censorship 29.Time

30.Feather 31.Zombies 32.Karma 33.Cake 34.Insanity 35.Higher Self 36.Spider 37.Architecture 38.Creation 39.Mushrooms 40.C.C.T.V. 41.Chakras 42.Clouds 43.Medal 44.Bliss 45.Dragons 46.Preppers 47.Crop Circles 48.Organic Food 49.Meditation 50.Genealogy 51.Designer Labels 52.Hope 53.Vampire 54.Statistics 55.Moon 56.Magnet 57.Pets 58.Matrix 59.Alcohol 60.R.I.P 61.Recycle 3

62.Candle 63.Onion 64.Apocalypse 65.Dreamcatcher 66.Bees 67.Thermometer 68.Alternative Therapies 69.Signposts 70.War 71.Ageing 72.Aura 73.Diplomats 74.Ghost 75.Media 76.Blank Page 77.Rainbow 78.Robin Hood 79.Shamanism 80.The Sun 81.Science 82.Crystals 83.Games 84.Spies 85.Maze 86.X Marks The Spot 87.Secret Societies 88.Philosopher’s Stone 89.Luck 90.Brain 91.Impressions 92.Cosmetic Surgery 93.Energy

94.Tranquility 95.Friends 96.Aircraft 97.Bell 98.Crystal Skulls 99.Home 100.Stones 101.Words.


1. Peace.

If every human worked towards peace Surely all war would be banished, The Earth would heal with a sigh of release, But the greedy would find their world vanished. Our peace is exchanged for oil and gold, We exist knowing much fear and strife, Populations are damaged in ways untold So the few get a nice cosy life. Changing the world is a huge objective So we all need to focus our vision, By working together our conscious collective Makes peace the majority decision. So make sure all thoughts are heart felt and kind Compassion and love show the way, To create a new Earth by power of mind, Could bring peace to our world today.


2. Horoscope

When in life you can’t decide Or are baffled by technology, It’s time to get all starry eyed Try embracing old astrology. The papers chart each zodiac But details are evasive, It takes a while to learn the knack Skilled readings are persuasive. Your life is in your birth and sign With planets all converging, And when you know the stars’ design A new world starts emerging. So in the dark no longer grope And no more contemplation, It’s time to get a horoscope And bring transfiguration.


3. Stay On The Path.

Your life’s a pathway, metaphorically speaking The clearest route is what you’re seeking, So use your eyes to stay on the trail And let your common sense prevail. Beware of wolves and wizened hags They’ll bring unhappiness and snags, And even those with nice behaviour May be a sinner, not a saviour. Some people have the darkness within So look out for their evil grin, And if you sense an atmosphere Don’t wait for monsters to appear. We all have fears we have to face So choose a path of love and grace, Believe that you won’t lose your way Go bravely forward each new day


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