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Top reasons of low women literacy level New Delhi : India | Apr 30, 2014 at 10:39 PM PDT



BY scaleindia

VIEWS: 1 Although literacy levels is improving over the time, but still there are millions of girls who are deprived of getting better education in India. Numerous studies show that girls education in India has not improved at a good pace. Millions of girls fall under the category of illiterates here. Poor level of literacy has a negative impact on women’s life, their families and in the economic development of a country. It also a negative impact on a girl’s health and well being of her siblings. A recent survey on girls education in India and livelihood programs for women shows that lack of education results in poor nutritional status, lower livelihood potential and lack of self respect and confidence in women. Let us discuss about some of the potential reasons why the situation of girls education in India is not so better. The first reason is the conservatism of the Indian society. The conservative society becomes more rigid when it’s time to send a girl child to school. This scenario is more prevalent in rural India. Sending girls to school is not a regular practice in rural India. People do not prefer sending them to schools that are far off from their homes. Moreover, they think that educating girl child means they have to find a better match for them. If they are doing that, they have to shell out more money to get them married. All these thoughts are the result of the conservative Indian society. Another reason for less improvement of girls education in India is the biased Indian society. Even today, there are Indian families who prefer educating boys over girls. They are more inclined to educate boys as they have a thinking that they are going to contribute in improving the economic condition of the family. They know that boys would earn a good income and look after the family when in trouble. India is a male dominated society. In male dominated Indian society, people think that educating girls is of no use as they are going to get married when they reach the age of marriage. So, they keep them away from getting education. There are many benefits of educating the girl child. Educating a girl child increases infant survival rates, decrease maternal deaths, make them more self reliant, improve their financial condition and also aid in developing the economic condition of the country. Educated women also understand the importance of sending their children to school and provide better nutrition to the family. The government is taking a lot of steps to improve the condition of girls education in India. They are coming up with a number of attractive and beneficial livelihood programs for women to help know the value of education and become independent. The government is planning and implementing good strategies to increase awareness among people, especially in rural areas. They are striving to provide better girls education in India.

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scaleindia is based in New Delhi, Delhi, India, and is a Stringer for Allvoices. Report Credibility SHARE: Like




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READ MORE: Livelihood Programs for Women, Girls Education in India, biodegradable plastic MORE NEWS FROM: NEW DELHI : INDIA

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Top reasons of low women literacy level  
Top reasons of low women literacy level  

Although literacy levels is improving over the time, but still there are millions of girls who are deprived of getting better education in I...