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Penny auctions are the hottest shopping trend to sweep the Internet since eBay. Many wonder, what separates penny auction sites from its competitors such as eBay? The one fundamental element that separates them from the rest is that if you have done your research and implement the right strategies, you can bid without spending all your money. Unlike traditional auction sites, where you have to spend your entire fortune for one item that you have always dreamed of. Today, I am going to show which penny sites are taking the world by storm and let you in on one premier type of penny auction site that will dominate every penny auction in the near future. 1. - BidOnX is a terrific penny auction site but they are also the first to introduce tournament auctions. And being first...they are doing it the best. Tournament competitions limit the number of competitors, restrict the total number of bids that can be used in an auction, reveal every bidder and how many bids they have left, and allow multiple bidders to win in each auction. Users can participate in and view multiple auctions simultaneously through separate windows. This was thoughtful development and a nice benefit for prolific bidders. The combination of these innovative features truly changes the bidding dynamic quite a bit. Instead of worrying about who will spend the most bids chasing a product or prize, consumers can focus more on their individual bidding strategy and style. No other site offers the combination of huge prize values and bidder fairness than BidOnX. 2. - What separates Bidfire from the rest of the penny auction sites online is that bidfire prohibits auto-bids. Auto-bids allow consumers to bid without physically being present at the auction. This is not only fair to the others that are competing for the item of value; it also encourages fraudulent actions. The prizes at Bidfire are also top notch. They auction off only top tier brand name products. In the world of traditional penny auction sites, Bidfire is a standout. 3. - Swoopo was actually a pioneer for the penny auction craze that started about three years ago and has taken the world by the storm today. Swoopo is the first perfect penny auction for those interested in entertainment shopping. Swoopo also offers discounts on bid packages, so that you can save money on your bids. 4. - This is a new kid on the block when it comes to penny auctions but don't let that stop you from participating in the fun. Foopile offers an array of products from Nintendo Wii to iPhone4. 5. - Play2bid is one of the few auctions that allow its consumers to bid with less than twenty-five cent for every item. However, do not let Play2bid's bidding options to let you think that they have less quality items. Their items change frequently; however, you can guarantee that it is only the best electronics to suit your needs.

6. - What separates Beezid is that when you sign up you are eligible for bonus and discount bids. This will not only assist with you with having a happy bidding experience but also enable you to have more bids. The reviews for Beezid have been mixed but our experience has been positive so we list it here. 7. - Nailbidder unlike the other average penny auction sites has items for everyone in a variety of categories. You can buy anything from earphones to gift cards. 8. - Offers consumers the option to buy the item immediately or to place bids in a traditional penny auction. Our only criticism for Bidzillion is that they tend to be a bit stingy when it comes to sign up bonuses. BidOnX for example offers 25 free bids for each new member where as Bidzillion only offers 2 bids. Aside from that, however, Bidzillion is a reliable site and most of the reviews and our own personal experience has been positive. 9. - Whether it is your birthday or special occasion you can purchase gift cards for less than a penny at this site. The niche focus of this site is unique among other penny auction sites however every other penny auction site out there offers gift card auctions. If gift cards are all that you are interested, you might want to try Giftcards4less first. However, the competition seems much harder and more persistent on this site which could cut into your savings. 10. - Offers everything from Starbucks gift cards to Nintendo DS. We don't find anything unique about Bidcity among penny auction sites so they were ranked rather low in this article but the quality of the products and the ease at which a consumer can get started was rather easy. If you like to diversify the sites you frequent then this may be a good site to consider. As we can see that there are penny auctions online for anyone and for any item; it's about finding one that can suit your needs. Which is possible since now we have options on the types of auctions that we can participate in. Have a wonderful bidding day!

Mike Watson is an expert in the field of Penny Auctions. He has been actively involved in the penny auction community, since the industry got off the ground. He enjoys cycling, reading, movies and spending time with his family.

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Penny auction can save you money ==== ====

Penny auctions are great for selling inexpensive products on-line.  

A how-to guide to selling products on penny auctions sites.

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