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hat does it mean to be a modern working woman? After chatting with Kristen d’Offay, of the womenswear brand d’Offay, I know it looks a lot like her. It’s a spring morning when I pick up the phone to give Kristen a ring. The Texas native has lived on each coast, with time spent in both New York and San Francisco, but she gets butterflies every time she thinks of Santa Barbara: “I am in love with Santa Barbara. It’s so beautiful and laid back yet it’s super stylish and it has a great energy to it.” Right out of college, this girl boss’ first job was working with a designer in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to her, this experience, in combination with time spent as a corporate recruiter in New York, would be the exposure that inspired her own clothing brand. Fast forward to 2018, the stay-at-home mom of three was in the midst of a divorce, “I remember thinking ‘what next?’ I had wanted to start a clothing line for a while but there was always an excuse as to why I couldn’t.” And with that, d’Offay was born. “I have always had a clear vision on how I want to dress and how other women want to dress, especially women who’ve had kids. You want to feel good, sexy, and confident and I always knew that I could design something that women could feel good in,” shares Kristen. At the core of d’Offay is women. From the names of pieces to the women she works and surrounds herself with. Who is the d’Offay woman? “The d’Offay woman embodies everything I aspire to be. The line is sophisticated and timeless but has an edge to it.” Kristen sources all of the fabrics herself, only using fibers that are friendly to the earth, “I never use fabrics that are itchy, harsh, or that feel

Wtoo tight or uncomfortable. I’m always going to use soft, luxurious fabric that makes you feel good in what you wear.” Kristen is a firm believer that one’s outside appearance reflects how one feels on the inside. It’s because of this that she is committed to making women look and feel beautiful when they wear d’Offay. With pieces named after powerful female role models in Kristen’s life, like the Gigi Slip Dress, Claudia Cami, and the Mimi Skirt, d’Offay’s debut collection is composed of light-weight silks that beautifully drape the body, with classic silhouettes and the female-form in mind. There is a denim jogger and knit pieces that can be dressed up or down, as well as gorgeous, custom-print summer dresses that can be worn year round in sunny California. “Floral and light and pretty and happy….I think that's what everyone wants to wear instead of sweatpants,'' she explains with a giggle. I couldn't agree more. Everyday, Kristen puts her heart and soul into d’Offay: “I want women to feel good in what they wear. Feeling good can take on a different meaning for everyone but the three core feelings are: comfortable, confident, and sexy. Once you feel those things, that energy is put out and life is better.” d’Offay is authentic and thoughtful, and Kristen is dedicated to her brand being more than just a clothing line, but a physical representation of the women who wear it. *

“You want to feel good, sexy, and confident and I always knew that I could design something that women could feel good in.”