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editorial. he world keeps rotating. For better or worse, but it keeps turning and there is nothing we can do about it. With every repetition it brings nightfall and daylight. With every repetition it brings hope for some and it brings fear to others. Everything is in balance. During the days we were in Krakow a lot has happened in the world. Starting from an actual tornado in northern Poland, continuing with the vote on the Anti-Counterfeighting Trade Agreement that fell through in the European Parliament. The Red Cross has anounced that the Syrian uprising can now be clasified as a civil war. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma became the first woman to lead the African Union Comission which is only comparable to the European Comission. Things continue happening. Whiles these events took place we were teambuilding, working in committees, having eurovillage and euroconcert, walking to and from the university and so on. We were not a part of any of those events. These events however can and most probably will influence our lives in the short and near future. What has the African Union Comission to do with my future, one might ask. The main thing is that it you

are not a part of it, because you do not have the skills, knowledge and experience to be a part of it. Experience, knowledge and skills is what you have gained though. You now posses more than you had at your disposure a week ago. Use that. Use whatever you can to become the best you can be. “Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” These lines are a part of, in my opinion, the most inspiring musical compilation I have ever heard. I would dare to go one step further and say that that goes for your mind and soul as well. Use the tools you have gained from this week in order to bring your body, mind and soul to the next level. Truly use it as the greatest instrument you will ever own. The world keeps rotating whether or not we like it. Every dawn and dusk marks a new opportunity for you. Make sure to use whatever is at your disposal to, perhaps, one day make an editor mention your name just as I mentioned Nkosazana DlaminiZuma’s name. Use every repetition in every way you can.

whale tales.

eyp connecting people.

Waltter Suominen

he session is reaching its end. It is time to look into the distance towards the horizon and start thinking on what you experienced and encountered. After spending these five days in a tight community consisting mainly of like-minded people, few things are certain. Most likely you all met someone to mentally connect with and someone you will surely miss after the session ends. The connection each and every one of you has made here will surely remain with you in your minds and hearts. Both due to the shared memories made with your newly found colleagues and the intriguing conversation you shared with them. Now that you have breached the individual barriers surrounding one another I highly urge you to remain in touch with one another. It is believed that connections made in young age have the tendency of growing into something that lasts throughout our lives bringing us joy for many years to come. Not only will they make you happy, but also I have never heard people complaining about having too many connections to foreign countries. One never knows when having a local in a different city around the world can prove useful. One also grows as a person and

widens one’s sight on life through the people we meet. It might all sound good in theory but trust me, it is even better in practice. For the past three weeks I have travelled around Europe. Staying in places I had no previous knowledge about, and although visiting a city for the first time is exciting on its own, having someone to show you around and helping you with the general planning gives your trip an even deeper local aspect to it. And all it took was to contact the people I have met throughout my previous sessions. Sending few messages now and then will keep the relationship updated, which is of course highly recommended, since staying passive reduces the strength of the connection formed through these shared memories, ending up only in remorse. During our era of social network, claiming that one is lacking the means is not a valid excuse. Enjoy the last day of the session and listen to my advice, talk to the people you have not yet shared a conversation yet and make new connections. Remember to also value those you have already made and keep in mind that close partnerships can be found in the most unlikely places.

post depression. lot of you after this session will experience a sensation of despondency, of emptiness and a chill on your bare upper lip. A combination of feelings known as Post EYP Depression, also known as PED. You will miss the fast-paced, globally relevant discussions, you will miss the atmosphere of the General Assembly, and you will miss your new moustache friends. This is a very common diagnosis among EYPers. But do not despair, for there are plenty of experienced EYPers at the session who have experienced exactly what you will experience, and who can give you some comforting words of wisdom. You know that you are suffering from PED when you start to lack concentration in your classes at school. You find yourself daydreaming, reliving the memories. I must also warn you that you might succumb to a severe case of Facebook addiction. Due to the never ending uploads of photos, moustache updates and friend requests popping up every so often. You will most probably

find yourself stalking everyone you saw at the session. Hint: the President uses all three of his names on his account. And on that note, you will miss the people you connected with at the session so much that your closest friends from home might start thinking that you do not like them anymore. To get over this suffering, there are a few things that can help ease the pain. The most effective method has shown to be to do it all again and attend more sessions. But until then, carry flipchart markers and postits with you at all times. Play teambuilding games, grow a moustache, and of course, read the session newspaper and watch the videos over and over again. You will soon discover that after EYP sessions, time flies. Reading the paper will help you remember what an amazing session you had, and relive the moments captured in the newspaper and in the videos. Remember, if you want it to, the moustache will live. Wear it on your face and in your heart.

Hugo Dürr

Everybody dance now! wesome, fun, dancing. Three words that described the best parts of last night’s party. Although the theme was revolution there weren’t many costumes going around. Surprisingly though, there were some delegates wearing moustaches and one that had actually grown one during the session. Enthusiasm was not missing. In the beginning, everyone was chilling out with their friends, having relaxed conversations about what they did during committee work. The delegates looked exhausted, but something in their smiles hinted me that they were up to something big for the last night. And I was correct. The journalists opened the dance floor, dancing insanely to the rhythms the DJ was play-

ing. Soon, the encouraged delegates joined in. Strong vibes, cool strobes and the party was certainly on. The dance floor attracted more and more people to the floor and suddenly the place was full. Everyone was singing, dancing, and having as much fun as they could. Even the shyest delegates, the French girls couldn’t stay away anymore and were seduced by the public. Dancing as a group, making the classic EYP circles or sometimes doing the “show-medance”, throwing hands in the air, delis forgot all their weariness and melted their shoes in the dance floor. As a friend of mine says “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight! “

Ίριδα Καρασμάνογλου

invasion. o long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye... Or not. Really, there was no trace of actual adieu sentiment to be spotted amongst the animals of the farewell party. Perhaps because all of us are going see each other again the day after, during the last four resolutions being discussed in the GA. But I think there is more than just that. There is no need for saying goodbye: we are all going to see each other again after the session. Believe it or not, you can see if a group of people is only acting like a group or if it really feels like one. Compared to other groups I can tell that all of this forum’s participants did socialise full throttle. I would not be surprised if anyone would do what I did after making new friends at an international EYP experience: hitchhike all the way to their hometown just to see them -in my case that meant Amsterdam-Paris and back. I do not know many other ways to meet so many new faces from other countries in such short time than in EYP.

So I refuse to let it happen and say bye and forget these faces again. By that time you are seeing someone you met at this session again, reliving the memories you have; do not forget to mention the farewell party highlights. Moustache invasion! Thanks to the Editorial Assistants who went through the exhausting exercise of cutting over a hundred fake moustaches that we could turn Club Reza into a moustache gala. Although they fell off within a few minutes, we still have the pictures of all the innovative ways to stick them on your body. It was the ideal icing on the cake. During the session we have had moustaches featured in the videos, on Tiago’s upper lip, on a whale, in our minds, on the derriere. Probably hunting your dreams too. And now we finally had a moustache stuck under our noses altogether. The feeling of having one big ‘stache family will remain long after the session.

Mattho Mandersloot

hakuna moustach-a.

Hugo Dürr

1994 was an interesting year. Many of you delegates came to the world, OJ Simpson fled from police in his white ford bronco and Norwegian voters said No to joining the European Union. The highlight of the year however, without a shadow of a doubt, was Walt Disney’s release of “The Lion King”. “The Lion King”, unquestionably the greatest Disney film of all time, changed the lives of countless young children of that generation. Not only through its fundamental message of pride and determination, but also through its magnificent and relative characters. More precisely, and holding the essence of what I am portraying, Timon and Pumbaa. It means no worries For the rest of your days It’s our problem-free Philosophy Hakuna Matata The two are carefree and glorious in every way. Their way of life encompasses a mentality of “live every day to the fullest” and “don’t waste time contemplating”. Essentially, they say that all problems are simply material, which you can do without. Relating this to your everyday life, and also EYP, more specifically this forum, I come bearing these words of wisdom. Words of wis-

dom which I grew up with. By the time you get a chance to read this, your General Assembly will be over, and you will be on your way home to return to your old lives. To carry on with your normal activities. And, almost certainly, begin to regret having to leave those who have been your family the past week. It will hurt, and you will be upset. But now, remember the wise words of Timon and Pumbaa: hakuna matata. Those troubles are not real troubles. Troubles do not exist. Only imagination. It is not the end of the world. Life does go on after EYP. The people you have met, those who you really connected with, you will see them again. And you will attend more sessions, and you will experience EYP again. Remember that. You choose yourself whether you will listen to this or not. I won’t take it personally. But I moustache you one thing: go home now, snuggle up in the sofa, and watch The Lion King. Can you do that for me? Good. Because I know that if you sing hakuna matata to yourself, you will cheer up. And you will realise that all you can say in such a situation as this is hakuna moustach-a. And remember, YOLO.

arlings, I have a tiny question for you. For the past five days, have you paid attention to the beautiful city around you? Well I know you have all been quite busy with the session all the days, but you should not miss this fascinating city. Especially the city life. Just check these six notso-basic things you need to learn, see, feel and be aware of about Krakow. NB. I feel the urge to make one thing straight, the following article does not cover numerous monuments or fancy restaurants to visit. These are only notes scrabbled down by an EYP tourist.

6. Do not trust neither to the weather nor to the forecast. Never ever. Please tell me that it wasn’t only me that has been completely confused by the weather in Krakow. In fact, I have been making brief observations by looking at the window for the past fifteen minutes. Until now, it has been heartwarmingly sunny for four minutes, gray and nebulous for seven minutes and windy for the rest four minutes. Impressive, Krakow, now I can’t wait for your usual heavy rain in the evening.

5. Do not be perplexed. Last Friday, when the participants were walking to the CW venue, there was an awful smell in the air, a dense fog and an ear-splitting siren sound all over. When I just looked around a little, I saw it. A burning car on the street, on a Friday afternoon. What’s more interesting than that, local officials told me that it was a usual Friday afternoon scene. Seriously?

wow wow it’s krakwow.

4. Look around carefully: On Sunday, when we were walking back to the dormitories from the Theme Party, I was looking around with surprising eyes, trying to capture pictures of the mesmerising beauty of the city; I found a cell phone on the street. A pure, innocent cell phone lying on the pavement. A master example of Krakow randomness.

3. Be fully prepared to walk. Not that you do not walk in your home countries. What I mean is… Be prepared to walk a lot. Even for hours sometimes. Wait, do not worry, it is just half an hour from the Main Square to the dormitories. If you will not get lost.

2. Be prepared to run to the last bus. I do not want to bum you out, but you are probably going to miss that last bus if you will not run. If you are seeking for a little adrenaline and thrills, Krakow is the perfect place for you.

1. Learn Polish. Or else you might experience inconveniences during your trip. Another tip is to get kraking in Krakow easily is to practice your Tarzanish. Just a tip.

Şayen Tokyay

Do you know that we can find out what type of delegate you are according to the music you listen to? If not, take a few minutes to answer the following questions and you will find out. 1. What did you include in your suitcase for the session?

3. What do you do during coffee breaks?

5. Describe the session in two words

a. Black t-shirts and all-stars b. Colourful outfits, always in fashion. And sneakers c. Mostly suits and formalwear d. Random things, not always matching

a. Hanging out, looking cool b. Running and dancing through the corridors c. Check out something about the topic d. Sit in a quiet corner, watch the people go by

a. Rocks, chill b. Fun, popular c. Politics, discussion d. Cool, chatting

2. How does your notebook look like?

4. The thing you need the most during a session?

6. What will be the first thing you do back home?

a. Ripped papers in the back, little drawings everywhere b. Lyrics and funky stuff everywhere c. Categorised alphabetically and placed on an iPad d. Sufficient, effective small notes only you can read

a. Alll that guitar music b. My favourite chick-flick movies c. iPad, white, clean iPad. d. Attitude to make it through whatever they say

a. Find the closest gig of your favourite rock band b. Find everyone on facebook c. Start getting into next years study materials d. Buy new, sound protecting earphones

Most a’s: You’re a rock delegate.

Most b’s: You’re a pop delegate

Most c’s: You’re a classic delegate

Most d’s: You’re a dubstep delegate

You’re cool and you like to chill and have fun. You’re the one that wants to have a good time. You’re quite prepared for your topic.

You are one of the lucky delegates that take part in every conversation/ party/company. You like to hang out with everyone, meet new people. You’re quite prepared too, as it seems like you know everything.

You seem like the nerd of the committee, because you just want everything to be perfect. You know almost everything around your subject.

You’re the quiet type. You’re one of those delegates who probably need spersuasion to speak your mind. You like observing more than getting involved. Use this talent of yours to contribute by providing vast general information about your topic.

Ίριδα Καρασμάνογλου

1. Have you met Kārlis in person, AKA the Kraking King? Sonat (AGRI): Yes, I already knew him from Turkish Nationals. Mike (CULT I): Well, sure Luigi (ITRE II): I have no idea Konstantinos (AGRI): What is Kārlis? 2. Have you had a chance to met Tiago, Kaja and Maciek? S: Tiago, yes. I haven’t met Kaja and Maciek, but we’ve been walking around together for the past few days, I hope that counts. M: Tiago, Kaja, no. I ran into Maciek yesterday though, it was three in the morning, hope it counts. 3. Have you kissed our precious one, one and only, MC Whale? L: Not yet, but I have a romantic couple picture with him. K: Are you serious? Is there someone who hasn’t? 4. Have you hugged any journalists so far? L: Shall we hug? K: I got the warmest hug from Irida the other day. 5. Choose: Tiago with moustache or Tiago without moustache. S: With a moustache. An additional piercing would be more attractive though. L: Without moustache. Moustache does not perfectly fits with his style. 6. Which performance was the most mesmerizing during the Euroconcert? M: Dara singing “Rolling in the Deep.” K: Your “Wannabe Moustache” rehearsal.

Şayen Tokyay

“Mc Whale is so classy!” (ITRE I)

CULT I had a very contradictory topic but nonetheless they managed to pass their resolution in the General Assembly.

*Mobby is so stylish! (AFET)

Certain members of ITRE II have expressed their true feelings that the Presidents should definitely have kept the moustache #forthewin

Rumours are being whispered around the dorms that ITRE II are preparing for a hefty amount of attack speeches for the coming debate

Time management was not a problem for this committee of CULT II and they did great.

“Of course I do have a speech written. Yet, I do not need a piece of paper to defend our point”, has been said in the summation speech of the debate of EMPL 2 resolution. Then, a paper has been ripped off and a heated speech has been conducted afterwards. Ambitious youth speaking.

Dave for ever and ever! (ITRE I)

Team spirit and good points in the debate were two things that characterised Cult I’s committee work.

Sonat, Greece and Steff (AGRI) took 3 desserts at committee dinner, swapping when someone shouted ‘swap’. They kept swapping, for one that was horrible.

ITRE II, after an exciting debate yesterday and a passed resolution, celebrated like no other committee #hardcore #partyhard

While I went to take a committe picture, they shouted: “You cannot take our picture, wait!” And I was surprised after this instant reaction. Then the voice continued, “We do not have Tatu here, he should be in the picture.” There I understand. EMPL 1. One huge group of young people, full of love.

Dunja (AGRI chair), during GA: “Steff, could you pull up my sleeve, I’m holding the placard up you know.” Steff couldn’t do anything but obey.

DROI: 12 rainbows in favour! No unicorns abstaining!

Matteo (DROI): “I would like to thank our fellow rainbow committee for addressing our point concerning Gay Day.”

Defending “Undergraduate internship” had not been as easy as it seemed, but EMPL 2, with scribbled notes, a common goal of preventing youth unemployment made all the committee act as one and take down every piece of opposite argument.

Dunja allowed AGRI, when voting about speeches, one vote per person. Only to realize after collecting votes that Greece voted 3 times. Really?

Arnolds, chair of CULT II was always giving his delegates proper advice for every problem they faced.

the lost speech.

Imagine a trashed room with two guys attempting to wake up. Well, just think of the famous scene from ‘The Hangover’ and read the following as the FICTIVE EYP equivalent. Egi: What on earth did we do last night? Sonat: I’ve got no clue, man. Only some vague hippies and a Greek pretending to be a billboard. Egi: Oh darn, amigo, I just remember the moment that I had marvellous ideas about how to write my speech. I wrote them down when we were at the bar. I think eventually it was quite fit to be an actual speech. Sonat: About what, man? What are you talking about? Egi: Let me think. Ah yes, I discussed it for two entire days with fascinating lads and girls from completely different countries. It was about shale gas! In the end we came up with a great solution; I remember the utter satisfaction seeing it on paper. And today… we need to defend it in front of all the others! We’re supposed to be at this GA in half an hour and I still need to find my speech! Sonat: You’re right! Let’s get going! Off they go to the bar, trying to retrieve the lost speech. Arrived at the bar, Egi runs up to the Polish bartender. Egi: Sir, have you seen the piece of paper I forgot last night? Bartender: You didn’t forget it. In fact, you were showing off with it; you even came up to me, saying I had to see this masterpiece. When you walked out, you were showing it to a girl with red hair. Sonat: That’s Gaia! Let’s run to the GA venue, probably they’re already there! Totally exhausted, they arrive at the venue, where GA is about to start, Egi’s ITRE I being the first on the list. He just sees Gaia’s waving hand from the other side of the room, holding a piece of paper, when the words “ITRE I, you are recognised to deliver your defence speech” resounded. Egi walks up to the podium, passing by Gaia to pick up the speech. Filled with joy to have his speech back, he addresses the audiences, folds his piece of paper open and reads out loud. Egi: “Dara – 0634572891”

Mattho Mandersloot

optifinnishism. “Always look on the bright side of life”- this simple phrase from the Monty Python’s classic “Life of Brian” (1947) culminates my life as a peculiar Finnish optimist. The ideal itself is rather simple: no matter what happens, there is no point in getting tangled on the negative side of it, as it could always be worse. It could be snowing. Pure optimism is a mental attitude, which sees every situation and event present as being the best one possible. Though not only the current moment, optimist also sees the future scenarios sharing the similar air of perfection. Its heritability is a highly debated topic. Though most researchers agree that it is a biological trait, which might be influenced by our individual living environments. This makes complete sense, going with the fact that we are more of an exception in the North as the natural selection sadly favours pessimists. Pure Finnish optimism is more connected to the current weather and amount of light during the day. Apart for being a rare individual, the benefits of optimism are numerous: enjoying every moment to the maximum, not caring about the minor missing details or being able to survive situation most people would run away from. The list is endless. Downsides of course exist, but are few in numbers. The one that needs to be mentioned is most likely the bad tendency of disregarding ones health and mental sanity, but apart from that, all the rest are non-lethal. What does not kill you makes you stronger. However, the life of an optimist is not as easy as a song by Kelly Clarkson. The optimistic lifestyle in Finland collides with the base values of my Finnish heritage traits: Complaining about the weather and being emotionless when it comes to enjoying everyday life. Due to these I am often regarded as the black sheep in our traditional small talk, since where I come from only greetings and complaints on the weather are shared when engaged in a conversation. It is truly a shame that this underground Finnish mentality has not reached the recognition of the scientific community or followers of this futures innovative outlook on life. Most people dream about the utopia, while negating their current surrounding, resulting in general unhappiness and mood swings. What they fail to see is the small positive things in every scenario, but an optimist can easily enjoy even the smallest joys of our everyday lives. So the next time you feel like the world has something against you, or the sky pours water, drenching you along the process, just think: “Hey, it’s not that bad, it could be snowing or the Martians could be taking over the world”. This feeling of content is my passion.

Waltter Suominen

feel the flow. ou open your eyes. It’s very early in the morning. Every single muscle in your body is still hurting from the previous day and every little neuron in your brain is still hurting from the previous night. But you got to get up. You cannot let yourself waste any single hour on the mountains. You wake up your buddies - it’s a bit comforting, that they look even worse, take a quick shower, make quick breakfast, take all your stuff - you’ve been collecting these clothes and equipment for years and you love every bit of it , and leave the hotel… Bam! That’s first beams of the sun on your face. Even it is January and you’re 2,000 meters over sea level, it’s not even remotely cold. Winter sun in the mountains can’t be compared to any other. You take few breathes of chilly, mountain air and suddenly feel great. Muscle pains are gone and yesterday is just a memory. It’s so miraculous that you begin to wonder if your body isn’t turning into some fern and you’re capable of photosynthesis. But right now it’s not your concern. Right now all you want to do is to grab your board and start riding. Just hit the ski lift, few minutes ride to the top, and there you are – fastening your bindings, choosing the best track on your player - MGMT, The Prodigy or some good, old-school American punk rock - you take last look on the amazing view around you - white peaks glittering in sun - and start to ride.

Now you feel the flow. Unconsciously, you put your hands in the air. It’s early, so there aren’t many people here yet, and the tracks are prepared nicely, so you can let yourself gain some speed. You completely forget about all your life’s problems and issues, they seem meaningless. Right now it’s only you, your board and the track underneath. And you simply love it that way. If you get tired or bored – feel free to take a break. Sit by the bar, take of your jacket, a t-shirt is more than enough grab a drink and just enjoy yourself for a while. Chillin’, chillin’, chillin’… But hey! Have you been to the snow park yet? The funkiest stuff is always happening there. Tricks, jumps, killing evolutions… Sit down and watch. Or do something yourself – you can always count on applause, bump, or high five from other riders. After a good day of good riding, you feel tired and happy. Back to the hotel. Shower, dinner... You think about going to sleep for a while, but when you’re closing your eyes, you still feel as if you would be on the slope. Because when you ride you ride to the fullest. With your body and your mind.

Mich Rejm

hał man

True value of eyp. oland. A couple years ago. Human Resources specialist, working for one of the biggest Polish company gets fired for organizing integration trip for the employees. The situation was unpleasant – president of the company personally requested disciplinary discharge after reading a title in one of the biggest Polish newspaper: “Concentration Camp in Polish companies.” Idea was as simple as it was moronic and disgusting. Human Resource (HR) department, in order to integrate and entertain employers during the trip, decided to input certain scenario. Workers got divided into two groups: “prisoners” and “guards” from concentration camp and all integration activities were based on that concept. Surprisingly, there were people who didn’t enjoy the roleplay and case quickly got to its sad ending. So, dear Watson, what can we deduct? Elementary! HR specialist was not an EYPer. He couldn’t have been: every one of us knows - sometimes by intuition - how to prepare a proper integration activity, efficient and pleasant. That’s because we’re taught those things from the very beginning of every session. We’re familiar with different techniques of integration widely used during corporate integration events. You think teambuilding is just a set of games useful only during the session? Think again. When you’ll be in your thirties, working somewhere, during integration trips you’ll remember that you have been doing these things already. Or maybe you’ll gain enough experience now and make a living out of it?

HR is waiting. The so called soft skills are more and more required on today’s labour market. Creativity, interpersonal skills, independence or persuasion techniques – those are starting to matter more than, for example, number of obtained certificates or courses attended. And that’s what, among other things, EYP is for me – it’s one of the best academies of soft skills. Tens of trainers, hundreds of trainings, thousands of opportunities to learn or to develop something new. While being a teenager Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, dropped out of college. Because of the sudden amount of spare time he started to attend the calligraphy workshop. Those classes were considered useless, as nobody actually could make money out of that. But Jobs enjoyed it – even though it was the waste of time. But ten years later, while designed first Macintosh it all came back to him. He used this skill, designing first computer with beautiful typography. That’s what can happen to all of us. Working on a resolution, dwelling on social political matters or just playing the ‘drunken bottle’ – those are just the tip of the iceberg. The real, most valuable core of EYP gives us certain sets of skills that are valued on the labour market. We may not see this yet. But I’m sure that even the smallest thing we’re learning here will pay off in the future. Words “Thanks God I was in EYP” will become our worklife mantra.

cult I.

cult II.


empl I.

wannabe moustache. Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want So tell me what you want, what you really, really want I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want So tell me what you want, what you really, really want I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna really, really, really big moustache ah If you want my future, forget my past If you wanna be with me, better grow on fast Now don't go wasting my precious time Get your moustache on we could be just fine Refrain: I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want So tell me what you want, what you really, really want I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna really, really, really big moustache ah Chorus: If you wanna be my moustache, you gotta get with my face,(Gotta get with my face) Make it last forever, never ever shave it If you wanna be my moustache, you have got to grow, Waiting is not easy, but that's the way it is Oh, what do you think about that Now you know how I feel Say, you can handle my growth, are you for real (Are you for real) I will be patient, I'll give you a try If I don't look like Sellick then I'll shave it bye bye Refrain Chorus So, here's a story from EYP You wanna be with me, you gotta listen carefully We got H (Hugo) in the place who has moustache on his face You got K (KÄ rlis) like MC who likes it on a... Easy M (Mattho) doesn't come for free, he's a real lady And as for Kens, ha you'll see Slam your body down and wind it all around (x2) Chorus If you wanna be my moustache You gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta Slam, slam, slam, slam (make it last forever) Slam your body down and wind it all around (x2) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Slam your body down and wind it all around Slam your body down and zigazig ah... If you wanna be my moustache

moustache disastrache.

onight John feels dashing. His trousers fit him perfectly and his jacket is amazing. Five people have already turned their heads around to look at him and it has only been ten minutes. He nonchalantly sits at a pub waiting for his friends. Friends, friends, friends. He has so many of them. But what did you expect? This is how things are for cool kids. Wait, who is that stunning girl passing by? The sight of such a beauty gets him out of thoughts. He takes his sunglasses off, shapes his moustache up and stares at her with his loverman glance. It always works. He knows it. He has been trying to pull it off in front of his bathroom mirror for such a long time. There comes the undeniable evidence: the girl is responsive to his moustachioed appeal, otherwise why would she go on eyeing him off? John feels satisfied right now. It is good to feel attractive. However, it has not always been so. John frowns and tries to forget about what he just remembered. He hates those moments where the past comes flooding back at you when you really don’t need them. But it is too late now, and there it is. He recalls how unpopular he used to be. He can picture his poor face again, and how pitiful looking he used to be. So much pain, so many years to endure this unattractive appearance. It was that very physical aspect that kept friends, girlfriends, good grades, money and respect from him. Do you know why? Just because he was hairless. Being smooth-faced is not comparable to any moustache.

Kensa Traoré

And do you know what it means in this cruel word? Well, it is simple: you just go through all what he endured. But all this had lasted enough. John had enough of it, and time had come for him to find a solution. After long research, he saw the light. A grand idea appeared in his mind: if he couldn’t grow any hair on his face, then he’s in need of a sticker moustache. Why couldn't he had thought about it earlier? Anyway, it was too late to regret now. Now that he had his moustache on, everything was so easy. The thought of his past life left John, and he can no longer picture his ancient hairless face. All these were nothing but bad memories. John nonchalantly laughs and strokes his hair. Let us go back to the eyecontact scene. John looks around, but surprisingly he cannot find the girl anywhere. Hmm, she hasn’t gone anywhere, no one could resist his loverman glance. John combs his moustache - it will help him think. Wait. Where has it gone? Why is there nothing on his upper lip anymore? No way. John quivers with dread and slowly looks down. There it is, poorly laying on the floor! How can his fake moustache have slipped off his face? John has no idea of what is going on. He cannot think anymore. The only thing to do is to get out of here. He starts running faster and faster. Hopefully, one can’t die of shame..

Kensa Traoré

Our father’s organisers,

Without you the Krakow forum could never have taken place. You are the creators

who make it all work. You are the shepherds guiding us foreigners through this land of yours. You provide food and beds to everyone, may the morning sandwiches and coffee breaks be blessed. May the sacrifice of hundreds of hours for preparation before the session be rewarded. May all the stressful situations you had to deal with give you strength. You are the humble servitors being at everyone's disposal, not expecting any reward. You are the wise lamplighters, leading us through the dark patches of Krakow. You are the everyday heroes. May your doings be blessed and remembered till the end of time.

We are also immensely grateful to Kaja and her phone for playing the song 'Hey Oh' about a hundred times a day. We all know it by heart. Thank you, Kaja. At the same time we should address our warmest thanks to the adorable organisers, who were in charge of waking us up every morning. A thousand thanks to Alicja, Margareta, Monika, Maria and Paulina! Wakeups are useful in limiting the damages the inevitable lack of sleep has. On the other hand, such awakenings might be slightly too energetic for the most delicate of us. Let us have a thought for Dominika then, who, even though not a morning person, did an amazing job and looked like the sunshine every morning. Eventually, all of us should be very grateful to Maciek who like a knight in his shining armor defeated the evil printing of the of the newspaper. As the printing machine broke, gentle Maciek had to deal with the Polish service man widely under the influence of alcohol. But what would our outstanding head-organisers not do for us? Exquisite Slava was awesomely patient and never was he seen flying off the handle. Congratulations Slava - you are a priceless organiser; Thank you Konrad for spanking people already on the first day. We will remember you,

Amen. With this being said, let us name some of them whose acts will stay in our memories for a long time: A special greeting goes to Ola for her eating performance recorded while shooting one of the videos. It is always good to know how much popcorn one can fit into ones mouth. During the theme party, Artur stunned us with his wonderful Balkans revolutionist flag. Therefore, it has been decided that the Dancing King-prize will forever belong by right of moustache to our brilliant organiser.

We very much appreciated Zofia and Katarzyna's lovely smiles. Ola's good temper and joy should be remarked as well. Last but not the least: Michał. He’s someone between the Godfather and Mother Theresa – The word “NO” does not exist in his dictionary; there is not a single task too impossible for him to do. Always on duty, always smiling. Thank you mate. Dear organisers, we owe so many things to you. Thus, here are my last words: EYP needs you. You have proved it.

h, those mystic letters “D”, “I”, “Y”. Actually, they can describe whatever you want: improved repair-tools, post-Marxism theory or just some swear words written on the other side of your school desk. Maybe you’re already a part of it. While DIY philosophy is about doing something yourself by inventing new or just by following already existed way to do it. It appeared as a philosophy in early 70’s and deeply rooted in the whole punk subculture. Those times were marked with youth revolutions against consumerism, bureaucracy and the whole social system. Arguably since the 1970’s emerging punk bands began to record their music, produce albums and merchandise, distribute their works and often performed basement shows in residential homes rather than at traditional venues. That was done in order to avoid corporate sponsorship or to secure freedom in performance. As mass media in its different forms is an instrument of shaping people’s minds and preferences youth saw in DIY culture the way of opposition to mass culture: they create their own music, magazines and movies that talk to the audience, that make it to think, not only consume.

Talking about actual examples, you probably may know the artist called DUB FX. Benjamin Stanford (DUB FX) is an independent artist using only: live performance, word of mouth, internet social networking and a number of easily accessible free samples. He travels all over the world with his street performances selling CDs he recorded without any commercial help. DIY magazines (zines) are also widespread. I bet that you have at least 5 and maybe even more in your hometown. It’s a wonderful chance for young artists to share their work, place for a few critical articles and lots of subcultural-anarch-punk stuff. But as the whole phenomenon zines create a platform to put forth your art without being censored by any commercial or government structures. Independent film industry is also developing, but unfortunately it is more often aimed at film festivals than at average youth. Although DIY culture remains to be a very controversial thing, it inspires to act instead of being passive, do instead of buy, and learn instead of reproduce. Maybe it’s also the kind of innovation in a real social life – it starts from one only person and turns into one huge wave of changing and improving things.

Anna Safronava

ow I want you to test your imagination. Think of a world where Big Brother comes and destroys every piece of music that has ever been created. Well, your imagination probably failed to picture that huge fat nightmare where there is a bloody silence everywhere. Music, with all its varieties, all its charm and beauty, is as essential in our lives as the curly French fries in an Arbys’ menu. Radios, soundtracks, torrent, movies, music blogs, delirious annual music festivals or the fantastic “Street Music Event” that I’m missing while I’m writing this article... All these seem as familiar, warm and cosy alternatives that would introduce a completely different genre of music to your music library. You surely enjoy the journey of discovering new bands, the new sugary taste that these findings leave in your ears. Yet, people feel more comfortable when listening to songs that they know by heart. The reason for that is because you immediately associate your lovely memories with the songs you have been listening for years. So, you are more likely to just enjoy listening to a different song but not really wanting to find new music all the time. This process may perfectly not be your passion. Well it is mine. “Introducing new music to your life” did seem as simple as it reads, but I have to say, NO. Let Grooveshark be my witness, all new and authentic music pieces are gems for me. Now that my not-so-secret passion is revealed, you might wonder, how I live with this passion. First, I follow numerous alternative music magazines, not like Blue Jean of course, but the ones that harmonize art and music. I also try to read music blogs, Pitchfork – some moustachioed

hipster somewhere in the world is proud of me for this choice, I know. – Just love ITNO Music though beware that it is surrounded by English gentleman arrogance. And LesInRocks – French know it well. Then, my melomaniac identity takes the lead. I begin to search for free material from all of the bands I have read about in these magazines and blogs. Afterwards, I immediately synchronise my iPod from my iTunes library to update my little Apple friend. Besides that, I adore listening to the radio. Don’t sigh and tell me that everybody does. For example, I have a habit of listening to my favourite radio station while I am studying for my finals. While I am listening to this wonderful indie and rock radio station, I write down the new artists I hear to the list of mine. This secret is the list that I have been keeping for months and months so that I will not forget my own discoveries. For sure, this list provides background for my new playlists in Grooveshark. Last, but as you might guess certainly not for least, you now think that I am a groupie. Well I have to clarify that point. If we are talking about certain bands, have I heard someone saying The Strokes? I might be called as a huge groupie-ish fan. However, for others, I am just an impressed listener. They call me “the girl who still wears the wristband of last months’ Two Doors Cinema Club concert” , they call me “the girl who adores the local bands that probably have 30 fans at most” and “the girl who begins to dance and does not stop when The Killers begin to play” but I call myself a kraking passionate. Let us all pay tribute to the revolution that the bands will bring, let’s set the world on fire with the tunes, moustaches!

Şayen Tokyay

team. To finish this off, being the editor, I would like to take a second of your time to give you some insight on these nine magnificent people that worked by my side. Firstly, let’s start off with the ladies of the team. Irida worked so hard, that she actually tried to break into a room at the dorms, only to understand that she on the wrong floor. Kensa was enough sleep-deprived to sing “The Circle of Life” for at least ten minutes. In French. Sad. Şayen did not give up trying to convince us all that Turkey is in Europe even though she lives in Ankara and even the United Nations say that Turkey is in Asia. Anja’s craze went off every time someone mentioned change. Apparently coins were enough to drag her off of working on videos. Mattho had a huge fight with the lady sitting at the reception in the dormitories. Apparently she was not that fond of our “little” sheep pretending to do fencing. Hugo not only wore sunglasses as a baby, but also was the one who came up with the “Wannabe Moustache.” song. Sweden. That’s all I’ve got to say. Manfredi is still not cool enough to pull off people calling him “Freddy” and also spent more time passed out on Misiek’s bed than its owner actual spent sleeping in it. Since I mentioned him, I want you to know that Misiek was the one who just could not get the press-room out of him. He lived in it in Krakow and when we got to Warsaw after the session, the press-room mooved with him along with two other people from the editing squad. There’s not much to say about Waltter. He’s pretty Ok’. I mean, it could be snowing. With this phrase he constantly tried tell us that it’s all good. Or maybe he just tried to prove to the rest that he’s actually Finnish, the Dutch at Eurovillage would beg to differ, I’d say. As for me, I don’t think I’ll try to take pictures at the sports hall of the university where the GA happened. You will not believe, what level of high pitched sounds can the lady working there reach. You never want to touch her phone or enter the cloak room there. Trust me on this one. But let’s be honest here for a sec and throw all the jokes aside. We tried to give you the best of what we have. You be the judge of whether we succeeded at that or not, moustache. knows we tried. From the facebook page to the whale. From the burning car to revolutions at parties. From running to busses to wearing nothing but hot pants at Euroconcert. We were there for you and we’d do it all again, given the chance. Over and out,

moustache. issue three.  

First issue of moustache. Press Team of the 1st International Youth Forum of EYP Poland.

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