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Back Pain and Chiropractics Fort Collins Back pain - curing it, or finding out the exact cause has always been something of a mystery. The basic understanding of how the back functions is known to us, but the muscular system is so unique in each person that treatment of back pain is as mysterious and sometimes as difficult as finding out exactly what caused the pain to begin with. Interestingly enough, one recent health report notes that back pain was typically treated with medication and rest combination therapy. This is no longer the preferred method of choice and instead, those recommendations which were given included massage, as well as chiropractic treatment. As with any other kind of treatment, the treatment of your back pain is going to depend on the interaction and the cooperative efforts of you and your medical care provider. Chiropractics is only as good as your efforts to comply with the treatments that you are given. In some cases you're not going to agree with the need for exercise or movement. Fort Collins Chiropractic is more in tune with natural methods of treatment that will encourage your body to heal itself and prevent further injury. Being a partner in any medical care that you receive is an absolute necessity and chiropractics is no different. Some of the reason why you may be feeling Fort Collins back pain can be determined by your qualified chiropractor. He or she will also initiate treatment for those conditions. Some conditions that your chiropractor may treat which will assist you in overcoming your back pain may include: Muscle tension or injury - In many cases, the pain in your back has little to do with the "slipped disc" that someone told you that you had, or the torn muscles, but more to do with muscle pain from improper lifting, poor techniques, or from something so simple as bad posture or a bad chair when you work at a desk all day. By watching how you sit, or how you perform certain activities, your chiropractor may well be able to help you to alleviate the back pain by making an adjustment, as well as recommendations for your work or sitting posture of equipment. Trapped or compressed nerves - A disk which has herniated or has worn down over time may gradually or suddenly compress a nerve. If the nerve is compressed the chiropractor can find out by examination and an overview of your symptoms. In some cases this can be assisted by chiropractic care and in other cases you will be referred for surgical intervention. Exercise, hot or cold packs, massage therapy, adjustment, and many other things may be used by the chiropractor to treat your back pain. Your assistance and effort--your cooperation in working with your medical professional in helping to find the cause and adhering to the recommended treatment may mean that you live a life completely free of back pain.

Fort Collins Back Pain - Back Pain and Chiropractics  

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