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Rundle Academy Writing Anthology

Danielle Vanderbeek – Grade 12


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Junior High

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Senior High

Alex Hartwell – Grade 10

Section 1:

Aia Davis – Grade 7

Elementary 3

Fall Poem By: David Samuels I feebly wandered down the dim street, on Halloween night, while chewing a Mars bar. Within the gloomy bushes, I saw a mysterious monster lurking. Jubilantly, gleeful kids chanted, “Trick or treat!” And they received immense mounds of luscious sweets! Breathing heavily, I smelt the fowl stench of rotting leaves seeping up my red nose. While I heard the wind blowing and wolves howling ominously and sinisterly, I tasted the cold, wispy, air beating down upon my plump jacket. I turned around to observe the origin of the hot breath beating down on my skin, only to see an obscure cloud of my breath in the reeking air. Behind my back I felt the eerie warm air, but it was not mine. Screaming bloodcurdlingly, an incorporeal face charged at me! The foul beast engulfed me, and then I felt a searing pain throbbing on my forehead. While screaming and sweating strongly, I awoke on the night of the 30th of October…


Ghosts, Ghouls Goblins By: Jared Hamilton Feeling that itchy wool sweater that grandma quickly knitted for me under my cool costume. Sweet caramel apples I smell of in the crispy air. Quickly I ate all the luscious candy and it was very fine. Down treat street I heard the words, “Trick or Treat!" Without a doubt I saw a eerie black cat on the long street. Halloween By: Ben Maxwell Down the misty street I saw a laughing pumpkin head that ate a terrified kid’s deadly candy. When I was running for my life from evil pumpkin head, I felt a petite slimy slug against my trembling leg. Smelling rotting teeth in the smelly Halloween air, I passed out. Ugly old vampire loudly slurping blood of his poor victim Sweetly at my worm house I tiredly drank my hot chocolate.


Halloween By: Evan Barter In the dark woods I smelled lifeless bodies, and I notice a disembowelled corpse witch only happened to be my foul sister. Dying from the rich tasting blood coagulating in his mouth he tried to scream piercingly but he could only make bubbles of blood, which only built up to infest his precious brain. The horrid odour of flaming bodies stench is slaughtering my prized brain cells. Promptly I started to sense a freakishly quaint and sick feeling while I started to hallucinate that someone was whispering through the crisp wind. While listening to the moan of defining ghouls for hours, I chucked the dangerous Molotov cocktail into their face BOOM! Madly the insane man took out an abnormally large machete then he decapitated the man sloppily. The scorching soul of our mad man can burn your brilliant mind just by thinking because he is a telepath. A gloomy man appeared just as a wild vicious beast was summoned from a cold stone slab. During the Halloween massacre, a silver wolf howled during the great blood shedding battle. Who will win? You mustn’t leave any survivors. Bubbling, stew the witch cackled menacingly at the boring old sleeping man. 6

Halloween By: Nicole Menard

With their sleek black cats flirting with frightening white ghost swooping here and there, I saw horribly ugly witches. As well as the smell of sugary candy canes and chocolaty lollypops, smoke from a brightly burning fire filled my nostrils. I heard the groans of brain less hungry zombies looking for lunch, and the screams of little children though the misty black night. The fowl taste in my mouth form licking my bloody icky wounds was accompanied by the taste of last night meaty diner. I bit my pitch black long pointy finger nails well feeling my blood red cracked lips as the huge deathly monster came running after me.

Joe Wright – Grade 12 7

Halloween By: Jared Essar Near the gigantic door to the large spooky house a pumpkin glimmered in the dark moonlit night. In the trees a terrifying monsters rose from the ground with weapons and shields. Carefully I walked towards the large spooky forest where you could see nothing but rotting corps and graves it smelled like caramel apples In the graves there was only a single hand but it didn't move but as I reached for the candies the hand threw a huge candy torpedo It tasted like bubble gum then a scary monster came up the road and I ran to my house. THE END

Johanna Jurok – Grade 9 8

The Pickle Eater!!!! By: Taya Colwell The pickle eater is dark green. Unbelievably has super light green blood. For some strange reason he has only one eye, know this is the strange part his eye is on his left knee. The eye is rose red with black dots all over it. Fooled, because he’s a pickle that is 18 inches tall .Strangely it is a pickle with no mouth. Slime covers his whole body that smells of a under cooked old hamburger. He has one hair on the top of the middle of his head. The one hair is pink. He has no arms, but he has two legs on the right side and one leg on the left side He lives in a sharp yellow cactus and the cactus is in the middle of a hot sandy desert. The orange walls are made of yellow sand; it smells like an old wet dog. He has rock furniture. The furnisher is black. Luckily the cactus, which is sharp and slimy, is yellow! If you were to go in his home, you’d be thrown into the pit of man-eating-sharks. By the way, he has 2000 sharks, which are all named Steve. Obviously he can turn you into a slimy blue pickle, and then you will be his slave for the rest of your life. Same thing in his eyes can turn you in-side-out only if you look in his eyes. Unbelievably he can eat you, which it takes him at least half an hour to. Amazingly he can also read your pink squally mind. As well he can walk on water Unbelievably he has some weaknesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strangely you can dry him out! If you want, you can eat him, if you like over sized pickle. According to all the weaknesses afro more are to splash cold clean water all over him but. You must get his whole body or else nothing will happen to him. If you want, you can tell him mean pickle jokes. Unfortunately the hardest way is to take his eye out!


ACTION MOVIE IN THE THEATHER!!! BY: ARI BOUMA “Fooooosh!!!” goes the title. Blah blah blah goes the start. CRAAAAACK! CRASH!!!!! Goes the building. “AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Go the people below. “WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP!” Go the sirens. FREAK OUT FREAK OUT FREAK OUT Go the witnesses “BLAHAHAHAHA!!!” Goes the evil guy.


Goes his face

“YOU INSALENT FOOL!!!!!!!” Goes the evil guy GASP Goes the hero when he was told the plan.

“YES THERE ARE MORE.” Goes the evil guy WOOSH Goes the hero, and he is gone. PLOT, PLOT, PLOT Go the evil guys


BLAM!!! BLAM!!! KAPOW!! CRAAASH!!!!! Goes the plan

GASP!!! Goes the hero CRUSH Goes the hero and he appears

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!!!! Go the evil guys faces and the plan is stopped.

The End Or is it? Yeah I think so. But I don’t KNOW so. DUN DUN DUUUN


An Old House (from like 1930) By: Ryan Nakamura I shriek in the night when the wind is howling strongly I groan with age My wooden bones squeak like a mouse My wooden skeleton moans with every step you take The bones in my skeleton are frail and can break easily I feel your footfalls on my steps and floors My structure creaks while you sleep My eyes are closed in winter

The skate board By: Ian Hards I Ollie high and touch the sky I trip on your shoelaces I back flip high I laugh and squeak And I get dizzy when I spin 11

Fun vacation

By: Dustin Faulconbridge

Roar goes the Ford Flex going down the highway Chatter chatter goes my Brothers Woof goes Jewels and Rocky, my dogs Ding doing goes the music from the radio Beep goes my bother playing on his DS I Hooray we’re here goes my brother and me Woof goes Jewels and Rocky trying to get out Stamp stamp goes dad feet up the stairs with the luggage Woof samba greets jewels and rock Snore goes dad going to sleep Chatter goes everyone in the room Snore continues my dad Thump goes brother jumping on dad Woof woof go all the dogs to get outside Sizzle goes the bacon in the frying pan Tap goes my mom on her phone Woof go the dogs running to the boat Zip goes the fishing line Hooray I cheer as I get a fish Cater calls my mom to get on the tub Bbbbbbbuuuuuuuummmmmmmppppp goes the tube as we crash on top of it Splash goes my grandad into the water falling off the tube Roar goes the boat heads back to the docks Beep my aunt and uncle into the driveway and the next day do it all again! And….’’NERF FIGHT’’ 12

WAR By: Miles Fryett The bang of the rifle as the solders run faster and faster at the enemies The swoosh of the bullet spinning

the air

Making the soldiers cry waaahahahaď Œ The drip as the puddles of blood are getting bigger and bigger The swish of the barrels spinning round and round The cock of the slide as it goes back The roar of the harrier jet as it slices through the air like a knife The boom of the crash elevating the fight The flash of the light as bright as fire The speed of the fight going as fast as a bullet The click of the new magazines as they enter their guns The thrill of the fight as it slows down slower and slower The happiness in the air when the war is over


World War II By: Nathan Litvinchuk Bang go the grenades exploding on the ground Boom goes the shotgun as the bullet comes out Waboom goes the helicopter when falling down Kapow goes the tank when exploding Screech goes the soldier when he dies Wapow goes the pistol when shot Wabang goes the bridge when collapsing Beep goes the landmine when exploding Clank goes the gun after it’s out of ammo Sizzle goes the bomb when exploding Buzz goes the ak-47 after shot Kaboom goes the missile when shot

Shelby Stephenson – Grade 12


Have you seen this man?

Well he is Israphel and he’s slowly taking over the Minecraft world. He’s been shooting people in minecraft and making them slaves like, zombies, creepers, skeletons and spiders. Nobody can stop him not even Honeydew or Xephos or Night Peculiar, who was reported dead. The pale faced man is a Reverend John’s son who went out looking for mushrooms and got killed by Creepers. He’s taking out his revenge on the world of Minecraftia. So watch out Minecraft players he might attack any minute. Some of the victims of Israphel where talked to and they said “I want my TNT back so I can blow him up!” “HE WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF MY ENCHANTED DIAMOND SWORD!!!!!” So there you have it Israphel is slowly taking over the minecraft world so always look behind you or you might get killed by Israphel.

By: Keegan Janzen


Jason By: Emma Jacob

Jason Swift was trying as hard as he could to distract the forest giants from reaching the gate but as soon as Jason’s blade entered their skin the wounds instantly healed themselves. Even worst, they were driving him towards a crumbling cliff that would surely kill him if he fell off. He could still see his friends racing across the field in there bloody and torn cloths. Thorn Steel was in the front, black hair whipping around her face and ruby red blood running down her arm. Next was Max Hawk with only half of his shirt left and dragging his useless foot behind him. At the back was the beautiful Hazel Grace, she was his dream girlfriend, but the problem was they were barley friends. Jason was still thinking about Hazel when he backed into a pine tree and tore the sleeve off his t-shirt. Jason cursed under his breath and stabbed another giant in the stomach. Jason was at the edge of the cliff and the next step back he took would send him plummeting down the mountain. He always knew he had a talent for killing, it was in his blood. Ever since he was 6 he had weird dreams of himself killing very thing he saw and that he was meant for greatness. Jason stared to bubble in rage. Why hadn’t his father told him! That he was going to die fighting, that he would kill everyone around him, that nobody would leave him alone. If he died now, at least he could save his friends and end his horribly life. Jason decided. He took one look at Hazel now at the gate waiting for him, he mouthed “Go!” and jumped off the cliff. Everything happened so fast. The giants grunted in surprise and stood there confused as Jason plunged down the slope, lost grip on his sword and hit the ground with a huge thud. Jason moaned as a searing pain ran along his arm. Jason looked up and saw the world was spinning, black dots were appearing before his eyes. He knew he had only a few seconds of consciousness left and managed to drag himself under a tree before everything started to get fuzzy. The last thing Jason heard was Hazel’s scream before he blacked out. Hazel Grace was in shock. As soon as Jason jumped the cliff Hazel screamed as loud as she could to try to get the giants attention so she could smash them to bits. The giants turned around and as soon as they saw her outside of the gate they immediately made her their target. They raced thought the trees toward her with their clubs raised towards the air. And Hazel was ready. She lifted her hand to the sky causing a nearby tree to lift out of the ground and turn on its side. Hazel found out she had this talent when she was 4. Hazel was in her bedroom pretending to be a fairy princess with a stained pink dress and bent glitter wings. Then she accidently raised her teddy bear 2 feet in the air with her plastic wand. Hazel was thinking of telling her parents about the incident but she decided not to cause her parents would think she was insane. 16

Hazel was about to let the tree fly when she got pulled back with such immense force that she hit the rock wall 3 meters away. Max Hawk was standing over her with an emerald green t-shirt that said: Mess with me and die! Hazel couldn’t take it anymore. She let out a long loud series of sobs that she could hear echo down the mountain. Hazel squeezed her eyes shut and curled up in a ball while Max tried to comfort her and ask her what was wrong. Finally she managed to say in a shake voice that Jason died. When Max processed this he started to cry and would stop.”I can see why, they were best friends” Hazel thought. B y now Hazel had stopped blaming herself and told Thorn Steel about the bad news who didn’t seem sad at all. After a bunch of tears and blame everybody finally pulled themselves together and decided to keep going no matter what gets in their way. Hazel led the way across the mountain with a very tired Max and T horn trudging behind. They never stopped for a break or even for a drink of water. And by the end of the day they were almost halfway across the mountain. Jason could feel a warm liquid trickling down the side of his head and splash to the mossy ground beneath him. Yet he couldn’t open his eyes. Jason felt like he had just been run over by a truck. His lungs felt squished and every breath was a struggle. Yet he couldn’t open his eyes. About 3 hours later Jason finally managed to peek though his heavy eyelids and saw the most horrifying sight. His bright yellow t-shirt was splattered with blood, there was a pool of blood beneath him and he couldn’t feel his arm. But he wasn’t dead. Jason tried pulling himself up but a searing pain brought himself back down. He tried rolling out underneath the tree but it hurt just as much. Then it hit him.

Kara Sikora – Grade 11


Ode to Captain MacTavish By: Bram Bouma How you have your giant shot gun And when you’re on the Job you’ll never stop for a bun

Ode to Cpt. MacTavish How you like to put holes in Russians And jump off tall buildings And always get stabbed

Ode to Cpt. MacTavish How you get smeared with beautiful Colourful, rose coloured blood and you Have your powerful wanting to slap bad people

Ode to Cpt. MacTavish How you like to push your partners Off really tall buildings and get carried around Through streets

Ode to Cpt. MacTavish How you always get pwned and always End up fine but this last time how you finally died.


Ode To Max By: Cassandra Petropoulos Ode to max So old, wrinkly and Cuddly Ode to max Who Shedds on Your bed. Ode to max Who can’t get to The litter box on time Ode to max Who’s almost 19 years old Ode to max Or greatest Family pet

Ode to max We love you With all are Hearts.


Have you ever had Peter’s special lunch at your school, well Rundle Academy had the delicious delicacy of gigantic milk shakes, fry’s, and burgers. This event took place March, 19th. It was for the student’s enjoyment, and to raise some money for student council. It was Peters Drive In, but you might ask what Peters Drive In is? Peter’s is a famous drive in restaurant, opened in 1962, and is still around in Calgary Alberta. They are really famous for their 30 cm tall milk shakes, 4, 500 shakes in total. I mean they have any regular or mixed shake you could ever dream of. In one day Peter’s sold 4,000 milk shakes, and there is only one Peter’s and that’s just the shakes! The event did take place at Rundle Academy March 19th during lunch. Rundle Academy has had this many times before for special lunch, but this is the second time this year it’s happened. All these special lunches that the school has are in fact for the enjoyment of the student’s, but the student’s like Peter’s the best by far. We visited Rundle Academy to ask the students a few questions. One eleven year old boy quoted, ”I love Peter’s, but me and a few of my friend were a bit mad there was no root bear flavored milk shake on the order form.” Another student said it was, “very tasty.” Go to www.peter’ for more information on Peter’s.

By: Mitchell Kloss


By: Phoenix Shomody It was a sad and miserable day for Steve Donuts and Courtney Donuts. They were about to lose their house to the bank because Steve didn’t have a good enough pay from his job doing archaeology to pay for their house. If he didn’t find enough money in time they will lose their house in a week. One day Steve and Courtney went to look for a better job but they had no luck. One of the stores gave them hope. The man at the store said “There is legend of a big foot fossil in mount Bigfoot.” They were willing to sell their car to get a hot air balloon to get to mount Bigfoot. Only a mad man would take such a bargain. They got home went to a used car store sold their car to buy a hot air balloon. They both said to themselves “this is it” and they took off graciously into the air heading to mount Bigfoot .Before they left they packed food and water just in case, extra clothes and coats and all of Steve’s archaeology gear. As they flew in the air Courtney heard something. It sounded like non-stop gust of wind. It was the balloon is had a Tear at the top! They both were screaming in terror. They were just above the mountain and descending quickly. Before they knew it they had landed. As Steve and Courtney looked around it was nothing they expected. It was like a barren wasteland. There were skeletons hanging from the wall, sand stone and sand everywhere. They thought to themselves “the town can’t see this side of the mountain.” Steve studied the walls there were prophecies written on the wall about an army of Bigfoot fighting and one giant big foot in a royal throne. Steve blew some dust of more of the wall there was more! It showed the army of big foot being turned into stone by a flash of light. The light looked like a sphere incrusted with jewels after that carving it showed A man and a woman found the sphere and becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams. Steve said to Courtney “Do you think that this is us?” “I don’t know” Courtney responded. But I have a feeling that we should explore more. Steve took 21

a quick picture of the prophecy. And they moved on as they walked further the hieroglyphics kept going it was as if they never ended but they came to and stop so did Steve and Courtney it was a cave inside it was a dim lights showing a sphere encrusted with diamonds emeralds and sapphires and behind it the throne with the rare king big foot king as they stepped forward it was a trap! Arrows came out of the wall and the big foot came to life! It roared fiercely at them big foot charged at them the big foot was pelted with arrows by his own trap and smacked the ground and the shockwave cause the cave to start to collapse. Courtney quickly yelled “get the sphere!” Steve dashed to the sphere swiped it causing a giant boulder to fall it was chasing him Steve dolphin dived over the injured Bigfoot and the boulder smack into the big foot the shockwave launched them into the air and they were free falling into snow as they landed big foots dead body was following them down the slope they had an Idea and jumped on the big foots body and used it as a sled they were going faster than a shooting start they finally got to the bottom of the slope smashing the ground as they got off the big foot he grabbed some of the hair as proof when they got the sample they went to the baked cashed in the sphere and they were rich! After they celebrated they went to Steve’s job and showed them the big foot hair they were famous and rich it was the best day of their life as they smile with glee. Sneh Yadev – Grade 7


Mother’s Day Acrostic Poem By Sophie Burt

Makes yummy muffins Oscar puss we miss Twisker is our new cat Heart of gold Ruby is new to our family Sweet as pie

Daring to care At home you cook good things You are amazing


CBC Studios 1724 Westmount Blvd. NW Calgary, AB T2N 3G7 MARCH 16, 2012

Dear Angela,

Thank you for the cookies and t-shirts and mugs, and the tour and air time and meeting the people. I learned a ton of things for the sports clip. I had no idea that the guy does not have to come in to do the sports. And all of that stuff in the TV room was really cool. But the funniest part is when we got to almost stole David’s cookies. When I got to play the music, that was fun. Meeting the boss was awesome too because he’s in charge of everything. I would like to have David’s job when I’m older. It looks like fun! I Really like CBC more than global news I. I told my parents it was really fun meeting you and David and Julie. Thank you.

FROM, BROCK FISHER!!!!!!


Dear Dad,

June 15, 1609

I am at sea with a crew of 10 and we are doing great. There is a lot of big waves, we don’t have a disease yet. We are about to abort the land in 2 days at the most. I work for Henry Hudson and his ship the Half Moon is very unique because of the steering of the ship. I am sleeping on a bunch of fur of beavers, and we eat fish, and fruits. For games we play with cards. We are trying to find a route to Asia because we want to trade for silk, and spices. The crew doesn’t like Henry Hudson as a leader. He knows the sea almost more than himself and he reads Martin Frobisher’s maps. A company hired him to find more land, also to explore. We have been at sea for about a year. We have been surviving on stuff that’s going rotten. When we find new land we will make new homes for people and become allies to the 1 nation. The men got tired, cold, and miss their families. But are leader Henry Hudson still wanted to keep trying to find the North West Passage. After long days at sea the crew decided to ditch Henry Hudson so we gave him a boat and pushed him off at sea. So the crew went back home to see their families. All the sudden a plague had hit the men in the ship so the crew got sick and not many survived. Luckily the plague was over and we didn’t hear from Henry Hudson again. That was the end of his life. We sailed off again and still to find the North West Passage. We brought 100 men to set a trading post at New France and than a disease went and hit the crew for the second time and almost half the men died. I am doing well and feeling healthy. I hope you will be able to join me in New France soon. I have started to build a sod house and beginning to farm my own food. Love, Ryan Campbell


May 12, 1534

Dear mom, dad, and my sisters, We are on our way home now. It was a long hard gurney. It took us 97 days to get there and another 700 days of sailing along the cost. It’s taken us 80 days to get to where we are now. Captain Cartier said we will be there in 10 days. We found New France. We found the village of Stadacona and met the Iroquois chief Donnacona and his suns. When we left Cartier decided to kidnap Donnaconas sons and we are taking them back with us.

The way there was horrid. It rained for a month and we had to sleep on the raw food in a row and hug. The storm only lasted 1 day and three passengers were knocked over board. 2 were rescued and the other lost at sea. So far there have been no other major storms, just light showers.

We have had to eat raw food the whole trip except when we sailed along the cost where we would hunt for food. Cartier is planning on coming back next year and he said we could each bring are family to set up a settlement.

Yours sincerely, Sam Toews


Science Center By: Ben Taylor

Did you know that the new name for the science center is TELUS spark? When we went to TELUS spark we saw all 4 galleries. They were called Open Studio, Being Human, Earth and Sky, energy and innovation. Before lunch we went to a program called mix-it. In mix it we did chemistry, we got to mix potions and we mixed powders and stuff like that. My favourite gallery was energy and innervations, because we got to make hydroelectricity. And the very last thing we did is see stuff go on FIRE! What will you see at TELUS spark?


Christmas Poetry By: Elisabeth Faircloth-nunn December 2, 2011

Sleigh bells Golden jingle Ringing, singing, glowing Dance across the sky Ornaments


The Haunted House By Juliana Bruyn

As Cuddles the bunny carefully entered the abandoned house, the doors shut behind her. She turned to see if it was locked and it was. Midnight the cat said," I’m hungry for some fish and mice". “I’m hungry to," said Cuddles. We have to do just as we were told to. But when they reached out for the candies a ghost came out with a huge gun and said," That's mien." Then he took Cuddles and Midnight to the big cage ware he locked them in. "What should we do", asked Midnight." I don't really know", said Cuddles. They stayed there all day waiting for someone to come and rescue them. But no one would let them out. "I’m really hungry I can just about smell a mouse", said Midnight. Just then they heard a tiny squeaky little voice that said,"I'm here to help you out "." Who's there", said Cuddles. "It's me Squeaky the mouse", said the squeaky voice. "A mouse for me to eat at last", said Midnight. "I'm not going to help you if you try to eat me", said Squeaky. "Ok but after you get us out you need to get some candy for us", said Cuddles. "And if you don't Midnight will eat you", said Cuddles. "Ok ", said Squeaky. After they got out Squeaky ran off and said,"I'll be back with the candies". "Ok ", said Cuddles.”We will come with you", said Midnight. "Ok", said Squeaky. "Let's go", said Midnight. When they got to the hall where the candies were Squeaky crawled into one of the cabinets. "Fallow me to get the best candies ", said Squeaky. "Ok ", said Midnight. When they got to the hall and saw the big bags of candies Cuddles said, "We will have to get 12 of them". "Ok", said Midnight. After they got the candies they ran out the door behind them Squeaky hurried after them. "Mission completed", said Cuddles. "Let's go home", said Midnight. "Can I go with you guys", asked Squeaky? "Yes", said Cuddles. The End! 29

My New Year’s Resolution By: Zander Clay

When you make a promise to yourself that you try to achieve, that’s a New Year’s resolution. There are lots of New Year’s resolutions like trying to improve in school work or being nice to your siblings. People make New Year’s resolutions because they want to be a better person. People make New Year’s resolutions on the first day of the year. My goals for personal improvement is to finish the book series called Fable Haven because I love reading. I will do this by reading every day. I will also drink more water to stay hydrated. I will do this by bringing a water bottle to school more often. My goal for family and friends is to get along with my siblings better because we need to be nicer to each other. I will do this by staying away from them. My goals for school and the outside world are to get on the excellence honour roll and to win one of my ski races. I want to do better at school so I can get on the excellence honour roll. I think I can ski fast, I want to prove to myself that I really can. To get on the excellence honour roll I’m going to try to do better in school. I don’t know how I’m going to achieve the ski race goal. I’m going print an extra copy of this so I can check it off every time I achieve something.


Polar Bears By: Charlie DeLand

Polar bears have white fur which helps them camouflage themselves. Their black skin keeps them warm. If their teeth are worn out and if there are scratches on their noses you can tell that they are old. They eat seals and fish. They wait for hours on their stomachs for seals. Females stay with the cubs and the males get the food. The polar bears live in the Arctic and the penguins live in the Antarctic. There is a polar bear jail. The moms need fat to keep their cubs alive. Oil spills, chemicals, global warming, and hunters are all threats to polar bears. They travel great distances in one day. Pregnant polar bears live in dens for 7 months. Polar bears evolved from brown bears. Polar bears have babies at age 4, and can have babies every 3 years.

Polar Bears By: Eden Lynch

Polar bears have white fur and black skin. Polar bears are fat. Polar bears evolved from brown bears. If polar bears get scratched from fighting another polar bear you can tell how old they are. Polar bears eat seals. They will wait for many hours for seals on their stomachs. Polar bears do not eat penguins because they do not live at the North Pole. Penguins live at South Pole. Polar bears make snow dens to live in. Polar bears have babies when they are 4years old. They have babies every 3 years. When polar bears are born they can fit in your palm. 31

Polar Bears By: Jessie Stewart

Polar bears have white fur and black skin. When their claws are worn down they are quite old. Polar bears have black eyes. Polar Bears eat fish and seals, but not penguins because they live on the other side of the world. Polar bears wait for hours on their stomachs for seals to eat. Polar Bears live in the Arctic where there is lots of ice to catch seals. The ice in the Arctic is melting from global warming. Oil spills, chemicals, global warming, and hunters are all threats to polar bears. Polar Bears have rings in their teeth. Polar Bears have babies at age 4. Polar bears have a polar bear jail to protect people and polar bears.


Polar Bears By: Matt Hopkins Polar bear’s skin is black, but their fur is white to blend into the snow. Their teeth have rings like trees. Babies weigh up to 6-7 grams. Polar bears have a good sense of smell and hearing. They can smell and hear up to millions of miles. Pregnant polar bears live in their dens for 7 months. Polar bears have babies at age 4 and can have babies every 3 years. Polar bears lay on their stomachs on the ice near a hole. They wait for a seal to come up then they grab it and kill it. Polar bears do eat fish, but they don’t eat penguins because the penguins live on the other side of the world at the South Pole. Polar bear’s favourite food is ice seals. Polar bears are on top of the food chain in the North Pole. Polar bears live at the North Pole. The North Pole is very cool. The north polar has ice, snow, and water. In the summer time there is grass, rocks, bushes, and a little ice. This makes the hunting difficult for the polar bears. Did you know that there is a polar bear jail in Canada? Did you know polar bears evolved from brown bears!?! Poachers are the biggest threat to polar bears.


The Liger By: J.T. Hironaka

Here is the story about Liger. There was a huge piece of land where a whole bunch of tigers lived, but there was one tiger who was one of the weirdest tigers of all. His name was Steven. He was just a tiger, but he is one of the laziest things you could ever imagine. All he ate were french fries and all the other junk that would make you fat. Every day there would be a tournament, but every once in a while he would ask the tiger who was in charge of it. No one ever knew why he joined he would just win. What he would do is just fall on them the way he gets a KO is by his BO. There was another tiger that was the strongest of all. The strong guy’s name is Arnold. So Steven joined, but he had to fight Arnold. Steven was planning what he was going to do. He said, “I did eat baked beans. I should fart because he’s taller than me and I can’t fall on him. He went into the ring and he had a huge fart it made cracks in the ground, people fell on the ground. It stunk so much that Arnold fainted and then Steven was the world champion for fighting. Arnold was so furious. When he woke up Arnold lost his memory. Arnold thought he was the best.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle By: Jaxson Rogers

Have you ever seen a mouse on a motorcycle? This book is about a boy named Keith and a mouse named Ralph. The two of them met at a hotel in room 215. Ralph sits on the motorcycle and Keith tell Ralph how to make it go. With the sound pb-pb-b-b-b Ralph was driving the motorcycle. Keith was sick and needed an aspirin, but Keith’s mom and dad did not have one. Ralph was on a mission to find one for his new best friend. Foolishly Ralph lost the motorcycle. Will the motorcycle ever be found?

Ryan Scott – Grade 10


The Mouse and the Motorcycle By: Will dePaiva

When Keith got to the hotel he had a motorcycle in his suitcase and a sedan, sports car, and ambulance. Keith got his own personal room and made very good friends with a mouse named Ralph. Keith let Ralph ride his motorcycle and Ralph lost the motorcycle in the sheets and managed to chew his way out of the sheets, but not the motorcycle. Then he went back into the knothole in the wall and he had to tell Keith the owner of the motorcycle. One day Keith was really sick and Ralph wanted to get Keith an aspirin because he let him ride his motorcycle. Keith got Ralph’s family room service. He also got Ralph’s family a peanut butter sandwich. One day Keith asked Ralph to go home with him and his parents. Keith had a cage for him, but Ralph said no. So Keith gave Ralph his motorcycle.


The Trench By: Julia Hansen My brother and I were walking through the woods one Halloween day when we saw what appeared to be a short cut “Let’s go that way,” my brother said. We walked on the tiny dirt pathway for a little while then we came to a graveyard and the pathway ended. On the other side of the creepy graveyard there was what appeared to be an old trench; it was about six or seven feet deep and about two feet wide. “Let’s go look in the trench” I said “I don’t think we should it looks really deep” My brother Nick observed. “It does look really deep but we’re both tall so, we should be able to get out.” I assured him. My name is Julia and I wasn’t really scared of anything but, my brother did not like jumping into deep holes or other things like climbing on to things that were high, but I did. Once I had convinced him that it was safe to go in the trench he jumped in and I followed. It was really deep but we would figure out a way to get back up.

We started exploring the trench Nick found an old bullet buried in the dirt. “I wonder if the trench was made in world war one or world war two? “I asked “I don’t know ” Nick replied, my brother read a lot of history books about the wars that happened and he knew a lot of stuff about the wars but he had never read about a trench here in Calgary. The bullet was rusty it had probable been in the trench for a while and had gotten rust and other stuff on it because of the weather. “Nick come look at this!” I yelled “what is it” he yelled back and came running over. “There’s a tree covering a hole and I think I see a ladder leading down. But the tree is huge just like all the other ones in this forest.” “Let’s see if we can move the tree” nick panted he had finally made it all the way over to where I was. Together we managed to lift the tree and push it away from the hole. Underneath the ladder leading down in the hole looked like it would break as soon as you stepped on it. “Let’s go down” Nick insisted “I don’t think we should it doesn’t look very safe” I replied “are you scared to go down Julia.” He teased “no” I lied. The truth was I was a little scared about going down the hole the ladder would probable break and we could be stuck down there with no way out. Nick started to descend into the hole the ladder surprisingly did not break when we climbed down. The hole was deeper than it had appeared to be and at the bottom there was a pathway leading to a small village. “Nick it’s an underground village this is amazing!” “Yeah it sure is” Nick replied “let’s go explore” I called as I started walking towards the village “okay” Nick agreed. We walked for what had seemed to be ages, when we finally reach the tiny village Nick said “Julia I think the town is abandoned.” “Your probable right I don’t see anything move but I feel a breeze coming from the south.” “But at the same time I’m not quite sure that way is south though.” I added “Me either” nick agreed again. Nick usually didn’t agree with me on things but this time things were different in this village I felt like I was in a different dimension, or a different world even. The tiny village gave 37

me a dark, creepy, and a magical feeling it just had something dark and spooky about it that I liked. I looked to my right and saw a huge tall building with big arched windows and grand doors. “Look!” I almost shouted “what” Nick whined “look at that building over there” I exclaimed “Cool!” he observed. Just then I saw a red little thing move then come out of the building. It was followed by ten other red things Nick and I ducked around the nearest wall and hid. I think one of them saw us because the next thing I knew nick had pulled me to my feet “run!” he yelled, and we started running.

Luckily we were both fast runners but the little red things were fast to we turned around lots of corners and eventually we got lost and just ran in any direction but the direction of the village. After a few minutes of running we came to a ladder that looked like the ladder we climbed down so Nick started to climb the ladder and I quickly followed behind him. We almost made it to the top when Nick heard a crack. “Did you hear that?” he asked “no” I answered, then the ladder cracked. We fell down and landed on top of some of the monsters. The others started clawing at us and trying to jump on us Nick and I started running again this time we ran into the village and up the big building that the little red things came out of there was more of them in there and they started chasing us we started running up a staircase. When we finally reached the top we found another ladder but we didn’t climb it instead we ran into a closet and locked the door and turned on a light and found a passage way that lead to another stair case going down. “I wonder what’s down there.” I said “I don’t know and there is only one way to find out” Nick replied. We started to descend down the staircase when we got to the bottom we found a waterfall and a river. “The river doesn’t look very deep and we could try swimming to get out of this place.” I suggested “no I don’t think we should but I see a ladder right next to the waterfall let’s try climbing it” Nick suggested “Okay” I replied. We started climbing to see what awaited us at the top.

Meagan MacdonaldJasper - Grade 12


Kidz VS Teachers By: Oliver Petti One day at ST. Patrick school in the municipal of bogey bogey Ave. it was time to leave school when a trustee gave everyone detention. He explained how HE didn’t want to do it the superintendent wanted to. That made the students the opposite of civil. No one had a servant to break them out. Sammy was too busy trying to figure out what a reeve was to even care. Everyone else decided to hold a forum. A kid named Bob suggested to call the services no one really liked the Idea. Then a kid whose dad owned a district suggested to call city council that wasn’t a very popular Idea either Sammy, the leader of the meeting jumped up and yelled, “Why don’t we hold the teachers captive until they let us go!?” people loved it but then super man came to the rescue.


Remembrance Day By: Olivia Leaver

Melancholy flows through the air. Bravery leads to death. We stand here praying they come back. Soldiers risk their lives for our country, So we do the same in return. We are mournful with poppies on our shirts.


Johnny By: Gannon Wilson

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Happy Johnny, Giant Johnny, Freaky, wired, crazy Johnny, Mantel, creeper, abuse Johnny, Those are just a few. Stacker Johnny, Killer Johnny, Horrific Johnny, Screaming, moaning, yelping Johnny. Thinking, plotting ,distorting Johnny, Freaky Johnny too. Lumpy Johnny, Cold Johnny, Psycho Johnny, Axe Johnny, Don’t forget happy Johnny. Last of all-best of all, I like funny Johnny.


Frankenstein By: Kemarr Bishop Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Frankenstein Tall Frankenstein, Big Frankenstein, Small, scary, crazy Frankenstein, Fat, gross, mean Frankenstein, Those are just a few. Funny Frankenstein, Smart Frankenstein, Haunting, vanishing, terrifying Frankenstein, Creeping, glowing, stalking Frankenstein, Abusing Frankenstein too. Green Frankenstein, Black Frankenstein, Yellowish Frankenstein, Don't forget shriveled skin Frankenstein, Last of all, best of all I like Frankenstein monster.


Goblins By: Lachlan Gordon

Goblins, Goblins, Goblins Green goblins, Red goblins, Weird, small, boney goblins, Smart, weak, big goblins, Those are just a few. Fat goblins, Stupid goblins, Cackling, jumping, screaming goblins, Crawling, laughing, leading goblins, Tall goblins, too Small goblins, Fit goblins, Insane goblins, Don’t forget old goblins, Last of all best of all I like goofy goblins.

Carson Brennan – Grade 10


Lost By: Nathan Retzer It was the year, 2654 the time 13:51. Vic was sitting on the airship as the announcements came on.

You will be instructed on how to use the safety gear. The airship began to lift off with a tormenting noise. The ground got smaller and smaller and the layout below started to change. Vic plugged his headphones into his iPod (generation 647) and began to play his music.vic was on his way to Egypt for vacation as the hours passed suddenly the announcements came on.

Birds just flew into the engine and were going to crash. Please remain calm. Vic had no intention on waiting he quickly grabbed a parachute from under the seat. And ran to one of the doors he kicked the door open and jumped out. As he was falling he yanked on the tab and the parachute opened and pulled him up into the air as the ground got closer and closer. Everything went black about 20 to 30 minutes later Vic woke up. He lifted the parachute off and stood up. He started to follow his shadow for about 3 hours. He suddenly heard skittering across the sand he stopped walking. And saw small black objects moving across the illuminated sand. They got closer just then Vic realized that they were scorpions. He began to run away but as he was running he noticed a camel. He started to head towards it hoping it was friendly. He took a few more steps and then leaped. The camel moaned as they charged at the swarm. Vic started to hear crushing sounds as the camel pummeled the scorpions. The flock ended and they continued on. 44

Soon the horizon started to get shiny and in the other direction there was a massive dust cloud. Vic had to make a hard choice.die of thirst or go in a sand storm. He looked around and over the sand dune he noticed a tree top. And then quickly thought trees offer water. Vic headed toward the trees. Suddenly the camel jumped and Vic shouted wow! And they both went tumbling down the hill. Vic was still on the ground when the camel got up and ran towards the oasis. Vic moaned and got up on all fours. His face was covered in sand. Then he started commando crawling to the oasis. He grunted like a zombie as he slid into the oasis. Suddenly his head popped out of the water. He started laughing like a maniac. Then the camel jumped out of the water and onto the land. Vic swam to the edge and climbed out. The camel kneeled down for Vic to get on. He climbed on. Then they were off Vic would sell the camel and buy a plane ticket and head home. He learned an important lesson that day: always listen.

Georgia Needham – Grade 7


Section 2: Stef Mudry – Grade 12

Junior High 46

A Poem By: Nick Block The crow is perched upon the tree Only he is filled with glee While the world wept A smile he kept The dead man lowered to the ground And then it drowned In a sea of soil There was no toil With that, he let out his wicked crackle To make the dead man rattle Indeed he had mirth When the coffin turned to earth A smile stretched across his beak Which caused a shriek among the weak With that he left, the messenger of creth Bearing the message to Death


Bullgon the Dragll By: Eric Hallson Next to Mount Olympus on the mountain where the Titans used to live is a cave were an ancient beast lives. The name of this mighty beast is Bullgon. Bullgon is a rare species know as a Dragll. Draglls are a peaceful race of monsters usually spending most of their time flying around and snoozing under a tree. Many humans respect these creatures because of their great size and strength, but also for their kindness. Draglls have been known to help if needed, which is not very often. During the clash of the Titans against the Olympians, the Draglls became confused on whose side to join, therefore getting caught in the crossfire and beginning to dwindle in numbers. The reason why it was a hard decision was because they didn't like Kronos and were lifelong enemies of the Hundred Handers who constantly destroyed their homes. Bullgon was one of the last of his kind except for a few scattered around the countryside which make easy targets for their mortal enemy. Many years after the battle of Olympia the feud between these two great civilizations continues. Bullgon is constantly being attacked by a Hundred Hander named Flisnog. He's very aggressive and mean, constantly agitating Bullgon. Out on the old battleground, our friend is foraging for some wild berries and hunting a wild pig. Quietly he follows his supper with a basket of berries and a point-end stick to kill his prey. When he returns home with his trophy, a pile of chocolate has gone missing from his stash. Knowing it was the Hundred Hander Flisnog, he rages shortly causing small gray clouds to appear. At the end of the war against Kronos, Zeus felt sorry for the Draglls and gave them the power to create clouds. Depending on the mood, different colors of clouds will appear. Bullgon despises Hundred Handers but he dares not venture near their homes. The Hundred Handers, living in Tartarus, destroy almost anything they steal in red hot magma. Tartarus is too hot for a Dragll to survive for more than a minute. Even with their power, they would die within 30 48

seconds. Bullgon has been plagued by that menace for 10 years now and he doesn't know what to do about him. He has tried many things to stop him from stealing his possessions but it doesn't work. Many attempts have failed and many more probably will, like the time he tried to block off the entrance to his cave, but that just meant he couldn't access it himself. Bullgon's house or cave is surprisingly neat and very spacious with lots of furniture made of stone. He has a stone TV, fridge, lounge chair, and a dining table with chairs. On the wall are many paintings and tapestries which he made himself using berry extract to create them. A few of them are self portraits, others are of nature. He's even painted a town which he later sold for 3 Golden Nuggets and 10 pigs. Multiple candles light up the room. His bed sheets are made of fabrics he weaved himself like silk and cotton. The mattress is made of springs and foam. Among all this is a small bookshelf and a display case on the other side opposite of the bed. Within this display case are substances such as pyrite, silver, gold, quartz crystals, a fossil of a fish, and enough geodes to fill a cart. Rarest things among all this is a small diamond, and a small meteor. That night, a loud scwidg sound came from outside Bullgn's humble habitat. Thinking it is that dreaded delinquent Flisnog, he scampers out in a rush. "Who's sneaking around at this hour?" asked Bullgon in a slightly raised voice. "I hope you're've disturbed my supper." Hopping happily from behind the bush came a rabbit. Feeling sorry for shouting at a creature so delicate, he goes over to give it a carrot, unaware of the hundred hander hiding in the shadows behind him, who is carefully sneaking into the entrance to steal some food off the table. When Bullgon returns to his house, he discovers that his dinner, the massive roasted cow, was gone. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Turning around frantically, Bullgon watches in horror as Flisnog finishes the last morsel of meat. After a small showdown, if you can call it that, Bullgon decides to watch some TV only to find that his wire had been cut. "That's the last straw," raged Bullgon furiously." Steel what you want but you don't screw around with my TV. "Suddenly the sky grew black as massive clouds raged overhead and rain started to pour so fast it was like a waterfall. The wind made the speed of light wish it was faster. Tornadoes acting like hurricanes destroyed everything in their path. The hundred 49

hander ran as fast as he could but was instantly blocked by Bullgon whom for the first time in 20 years, had flown faster than 150 km/h. Flisnog trembles in horror as his mortal enemy stares straight into his eyes. With one swift motion Bullgon summons a tornado which instantly sucks up his enemy who was never seen again. From that day forth he now lives in peace without disruption. Every time Bullgon is happy or in deep thought fluffy white clouds appear in the sky.

Canada By: Nick Block The country I find the greatest, in my opinion, is Canada. I say this because this country of ours has never been defeated in the areas of landscape, people and economy. I say the landscape is unsurpassed because of the Rocky Mountains. Few sights have ever surpassed the natural magnificence and elegance of the Rocky Mountains, countless people from all over the world come to see them, from New Zealand to Portugal and they all say the same thing: “The Rocky Mountains are a natural beauty to the world and should be able to be seen by all”. The people that congregate to the mountains are greeted by the unusual respect and kind-heartedness they are given by Canadians. Many places they explore the tourists are greeted by people who don’t like them and are vulgar, Canadians have somehow grown away from other influences and became the polite and kind people they are today. The tourists bring excellent currency into our economy, which some would consider, to be the best in the world. Canada was not immensely affected by the economic downturn because of the smart restricted economy set by our government, in this failing economy other countries markets are down every day, but Canada continues to prosper by boasting triple digit gains on the TSX. These are all of the reasons why Canada is the finest country on earth.


Dear Valentine,

If you Call me by my love name, Treat me nicely, Respect my space, Don’t obsess with Justin Bieber, Be funny, Let me cry when I have to, Don’t blame things on me, Let me sleep in, You for sure can be my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day By: Rachel Crossfield


How to Make a Liam Cup Cake By: Liam Rhinehart 1 cup whiteness 7 cups upbeatness 10 cups smelliness Athleticness Creativeness To start the Liam cup cake take 1 cup of whiteness and put into a bowl with 7 cups of upbeatness and mix well. Start warming oven to 350 degrees Celsius. While that’s warming up, put 10 cups smelliness into a different bowl and 2 cups of gooey athleticness. When that turns white, mix that bowl with the bowl of whiteness and upbeatness. Now put that into the oven and bake. Get the creativeness and out of the fridge and get ready to spread it on your cup cakes of Liam. After ten minutes pull the cup cakes out and spread the creativeness. Let sit for 30 seconds then enjoy.


Shadow: A Greek Myth By: Madison Hillstead Just directly east of Zeus’s gold proud throne, in the misty woods a tall, raven black haired lady walked peacefully through the dark forest. Her name was Persephone, Goddess of the underworld. Her skin was 5 tones darker than it was when she started her trip into the underworld. As she was walking back to her mother’s temple, she encountered an unexpected visitor, Helios, the god of the sun and light. As Helios first walked toward Persephone, she didn’t know who he was, because the strong light of the sun blinded Persephone. But as the light backed down she could see a familiar face and a smile fell upon her face. Just before Persephone fell in to his strong muscular arms, Helios cried, “Hey beautiful!” They both looked dreamily into each other’s eyes. Just as Helios’s chariot pulled up, Persephone fell into shock and questioned, “What would my mother say?” Helios replied, “Who cares she knows that you’re in good hand it’s not like I going to bite your head off.” For 9 long months Persephone kept a secret that would change the way people thought about her, for Persephone was pregnant, but not with Hades’ child, with Helios’. It was June, the most beautiful time of year as flowers were dancing in the wind, the birds took to the air. Persephone walked slowly to Helios’ temple, for she had news that was not nearly as beautiful as the month itself. For the news was to tell Helios that she was carrying his child. At first he was over joyed with the information, but then his smile was washed away by the river running out of his eyes. Helios knew that if Persephone were to ever have a child with anyone but Hades, that he would suck the child into the underworld.


“What are we ever going to do?” Persephone whimpered out of her pink rose-like lip. With the eyes of a warrior Helios cried, “The right thing to do and that is to fight for the ones you love!” That day the sun was brighter than ever, the temperature was a scorching 136F. That day the snow melted off the highest mount and the ocean felt like a hot bath. There was no way that Helios would ever back down. Months passed, the couple were the happiest they had ever been. Every morning Persephone would make Helios’ favourite breakfast which was eggs sunny side up and golden brown toast, with half a glass or fresh squeezed orange juice. Then Helios would wrangle up his horses, gives Persephone a kiss as she grasped her tea and watched him bring light to the world. But today when Helios awakened, there were no eggs, there was no toast, and there was no sweet humming. There was only screaming and noises that would sting the ear. This was the day that Shilo would be born. The screams of Persephone made the underworld tremble. It made mountains crumble. For the birth of a god was the most painful thing ever. But shortly after out came her beautiful face which glowed, just like her dad. Helios went to pick up the bundle of joy but a dark force was pulling her to the ground. Helios knew what it was, it was Hades trying to get hold of the baby. But Helios pulled back. Both gods would never stop trying to win. And from this day they haven’t given up, but all that’s left of the child is a shadow which takes the figure of anything in the path of the sun and the ground. The End


The Outsiders CAST – Similes and Metaphor By: Miss Coleman’s ELA 8 Class

Cherry is a pillow among rocks. - Max Smith Darry is a rock: strong and solid. - Gracie Cherry is like a strawberry in a bowl of brusselsprouts. - Tyler West Ponyboy is a philosopher in a room full of scientists. - Paige Dallas is a hornet among bees. - Eric Hallson Darry is sad like an empty box. - Jack Bridges Sodapop is the heater in a cold cabin. - Maddie Hillstead Johnny is as broken as the ruins of Rome. - JT Rehill Dally is like a prisoner gone wild. - Rachel


King By: Lara Smith A long time ago in a far away land there was a purple polka dot ship that sailed the green sea of Canada. The captain was just a boy and not like a teen just a small boy the age of 10 his name was Sam the great. They were on a trip to find a hidden treasure in the bottom of the of the green sea they sailed night and day and one afternoon Sam saw it land like it was waiting for them for a hundred years. As they pulled up to shore 3 big dragons were weighting on the shore for them. Sam the greats crew unpacked there purple ship and set there create and luggage on the sandy red beach. Sam walked up to the 3 dragons proudly and bravely “Hello young man what can I do for you” “Can you take me to a large castle with 54 rooms 19 bathrooms on the roof and 30 closets on the wall?” . I don’t think I can find you what you looking for said the dragon but I’ll try. So all the crew and the boxes and bags were put on the dragon and they flew off in to the forest. “So what’s your name” he asked the green dragon he was riding? “My name is George the great I was a king long ago then my cousin wanted the kingdom for himself so he tried to kill me but I was too fast I knew what he was planning I knew he would do something like that.” “And that’s why I’m not a king anymore I’m like a dragon realtor.” “I Sam the great shall help you to get your kingdom back to you so let’s get over there.” So they went off to find the dragon’s castle to take back the throne. After there long travel they landed in a big grassy field filled with flowers and grass and at the other end of the land there lied a magical castle that towered over the land crating a shadow as dark as night. “Is this what you been looking for Sam the Great?” “I don’t know let me look around,” so he look and found nothing that he liked and he walked out disappointed. “I do not like it we must go and look at more” and so they kept on looking and looking and looking but there was no castle to be found that matched his idea. And finally George said “well that’s all the places we have to offer” “No there must be more there must be,” and the house sitting next to them was the place he has been looking for it had everything they have been looking for what about that place its perfect said Sam it has all we need.” “You don’t want to live there it’s a horrible place” stammered George. 56

“ I Sam the great is afraid of nothing, “so same walked to the door acting like a hero when no one should go in there have been stories of goblins and goons in the horrible castle. The door opened with a creek and Sam’s crew watched him go in. Sam turned around and said “there’s nothing to be afraid of” his crew took a deep breath in relief. There was something tugging on Sam’s shirt then it grabbed him he was yanked from the door handle and dragged into the depth on the tower screams of terror spread through the tower and outside. A faint yell was heard by a crew member. “Sam’s in trouble I could hear him screaming inside, let’s get him said another.” The crew plowed through the doors into a large dark gloomy room with bits of bones scattered around like a graveyard. “There he is I just saw him out of the corner of my eye and he was being dragged into the next room.” Moments later Sam found himself dangling from a log over a fire he was knocked out and his head hurt from the club that hit him in the head. His uncles were red and slowly oozing blood form the tight ropes that hung him there then he realised what was going on they were going to eat him he was a meal to whatever took him into this strange place that he was in. One of the beast thumped in he was short and a dark ugly green he had warts on his face and two teeth in his mouth and those two teeth were yellow and brown broken and chipped his breath smelt like a old sewage that pigs lived in, he didn’t seem to smart and almost didn’t know how to talk. “We going to eat good tonight this will be the best meal we have had in months no one will come in here cuz everyone is to smart but not this little guy.” At that point I had enough he just called me dumb he was seriously calling me dumb he was referring to me. “Hay who you are calling dumb, stupid,” I said bravely. He turned around and looked me right in the eye “what did you just call me.” He walked over and his face was so close to mine I could smell his breath and his mouth was shut close, that’s when I started to get frightened. “Let me go why do you want to eat me I’m all skin and bones I am sure there are many other animals that would be much better than me. “Your right I could do so much better.” So the beast went off to find another animal to eat and as soon as he left Sam’s crew came in. “Are you ok Sam, one of his crew members said. “Yes I’m ok but that beast was going to eat me and we have to go now before he comes back and we are still here.” So they all ran out of the tower and jumped on the dragons and flew off to the kingdom to get back the throne for George the great. They flew for many days and nights and ended up at the kingdom and slammed down the door to the floor. They looked around and the room was filled with diamonds gold and joules and at the end sat a big fat tall green dragon covered with joules and rings “Get out of my throne yelled George this is my kingdom and I never should have 57

flown away from this place and let you hurt the people.” “I know you are right I should give you back your throne and I should have never tried to take it from you and you can have all my t as a gift,” said the king. And George got back the throne and Sam got all the treasure and they lived happily ever after.

The End

Carter Gall – Grade 12


How to tell if someone is lying By Teanna Markle You can tell when a person is lying. When there fidgeting and the way there arms, legs and hands move. A person who is lying will try to avoid eye contact and you can tell when someone’s lying when they touch there face, scratch behind their ears. Police observe these kinds of things when they are testing if a criminal is lying. You see people lying all the time mostly at school were you’re with all your friends. A guilty person’s reaction is that they would probably get all defensive about the lie there trying to back up. An innocent person will most likely go on about the offensive. A liar is always uncomfortable confessing to his/her accuser. The person will never look in the accusers eyes and they may turn their body or their head in the opposite direction there accuser is facing. The liar might unconsciously place an object like coffee or a book in between you and them. A liar will use your words to make an answer to your on question.

Callum Beckford – Grade 12


Inheriting a Baby Dragon By Rowan Edy

If you inherit a baby dragon what will you do? You are unprepared and haven’t

taken care of a dragon before and don’t even know how to take care of them. Dragons are dangerous and hard to train the first thing you should do is not having a wooden house. You need to let the dragon know who is feeding it and who is its master and to listen to

them. Dragon’s burn down man made thing like when little kids break people Lego sets. Let

the dragon find a cave that it likes and live there. Since you haven’t made the house or other people have then the dragon won’t feel tempted to destroy it. The dragon also needs

boundaries to where it can go in the house so it doesn’t destroy one of your old ceremonial porcelain plates and bowls. Dragons love anything that catches fire so a tip would be you

should get old hay stacks or a field to burn things in. Controlling your dragon is very crucial you need to treat it like a dog if you tell them to sit them praise them and give them something like fish or raw steak.

Controlling fire is hard but it is like a cough. They are unstable and uncalled for. An

adult dragon can control its fire on command but babies are unstable like time bombs. They should first be trained to breath fire on command and then to teach them when it’s safe to use it and what not to attack and what not to burn down. To teach them to fly is the most difficult thing a trainer will have to overcome. Dragons can teach themselves to fly but if

they do they could fly away and burn houses down so you need to teach them where to fly and where not to fly. Once they become old enough to hold your weight you need to learn 60

how to saddle a dragon like how you saddle a horse. Dragons are harder to control but if

you get lucky you won’t have to use reigns and you can command them where to go. These dragons are hard to train but are worth your while. Feeding your dragon is crucial. Babies usually have steaks to UN sharpen their teeth so if they bite it isn’t as bad. Every animal teethes so get it a very strong bone or rope to gnaw away at that. There are games

preferred for dragons that are great and are fun if you like games that involve humans then dragons would like games that involve dragons. There are 2 games that dragons enjoy Skyrim and Spyro. It also likes to play games like hide and seek.

They always like hunting in hide and seek so let them choose

anyway. The last tip is they hate cars and also the dragon will

grow extremely fast. So you will need a big household. Oh one

last thing this is crucial to your life: DON’T TAKE YOUR

DRAGON TO THE GAS STATION! Loren Andreychuk – Grade 10


Innocent Dentist

By Aia Davis-Grade 7

One day far, far away from China There was a dentist His patient was asleep And had very bad teeth

All of the sudden the zucchini That was on his teeth decided To attack the dentist the dentist thrust Bubble gum floss At the zucchini

The zucchini Fell unconscious The dentist unexpectedly Ran to east Africa With his gold fish named Gary

And from that day on The dentist Felt innocent


By: Liam Cronin- Grade 7 Once there was a killer who was poor, but who had a beautiful daughter. Now it happened that he had to go and speak to the landlord, and in order to make himself appear important he said to him, "I have a daughter who can knit straw into gold." The landlord said to the killer, "That is an art which pleases me well, if your daughter is as clever as you say, bring her tomorrow to my mansion, and I will put her to the test." And when the girl was brought to him he took her into a room which was quite full of straw, gave her a knitting machine and a needle, and said, "Now set to work, and if by tomorrow morning early you have not knitted this straw into gold during the night, you must die." Thereupon he himself locked up the room, and left her in it alone. So there sat the poor miller's daughter, and for the life of her could not tell what to do, she had no idea how straw could be knitted into gold, and she grew more and more frightened, until at last she began to weep. But all at once the door opened, and in came a little man, and said, "Good evening, mistress miller, why are you crying so?" "Alas," answered the girl, "I have to knit straw into gold, and I do not know how to do it." "What will you give me," said the man, "if I do it for you?" "My necklace," said the girl. The little man took the necklace, seated himself in front of the wheel, and whirr, whirr, whirr, three turns, and the box was full, then he put another on, and whirr, whirr, whirr, three times round, and the second was full too. And so it went on until the morning, when all the straw was knitted, and all the boxes were full of gold. By daybreak the landlord was already there, and when he saw the gold he was astonished and delighted, but his heart became only greedier. He had the killer’s daughter taken into another room full of straw, which was much larger, and commanded her to spin that also in one night if she valued her life. The girl knew not how to help herself, and was crying, when the door opened again, and the little man appeared, and said, "What will you give me if I knit that straw into gold for you?" "The ring on my finger," answered the girl.


The little man took the ring, again began to turn the wheel, and by morning had knitted all the straw into glittering gold. The landlord rejoiced beyond measure at the sight, but still he had not enough, and he had the killer's daughter taken into a still larger room full of straw, and said, "You must knit this, too, in the course of this night, but if you succeed, you shall be my wife." Even if she be a killer's daughter, thought he, I could not find a richer wife in the whole world. When the girl was alone the man came again for the third time, and said, "What will you give me if I knit the straw for you this time also?" "I have nothing left that I could give," answered the girl. "Then promise me, if you should become landlady, to give me your first child." Who knows whether that will ever happen, thought the miller's daughter, and, not knowing how else to help herself in this strait, she promised the manikin what he wanted, and for that he once more knitted the straw into gold. And when the king came in the morning, and found all as he had wished, he took her in marriage, and the pretty miller's daughter became a landlady. A year after, she brought a beautiful child into the world, and she never gave a thought to the man. But suddenly he came into her room, and said, "Now give me what you promised." The landlady was horror-struck, and offered the manikin all the riches of the kingdom if he would leave her the child. But the man said, "No, something alive is dearer to me than all the treasures in the world." Then the landlady began to lament and cry, so that the man pitied her. "I will give you three days, time," said he, "if by that time you find out my name, then shall you keep your child." So the landlady thought the whole night of all the names that she had ever heard, and she sent a text over the country to inquire, far and wide, for any other names that there might be. When the man came the next day, she began with Joe, mike, rowan, and said all the names she knew, one after another, but to everyone the little man said, "That is not my name." On the second day she had inquiries made in the neighbourhood as to the names of the people there, and she repeated to the man the most uncommon and curious. Perhaps your name is Phyllis, or red riding hood, or Lancelet, but he always answered, "That is not my name."


On the third day the messenger came back again, and said, "I have not been able to find a single new name, but as I came to a high mountain at the end of the forest, where the lawyer and the narcissist bid each other good night, there I saw a little house, and before the house a fire was burning, and round about the fire quite a ridiculous little man was jumping, he hopped upon one leg, and shouted 'To-day I bake, to-morrow brew, The next I'll have the young landladies child. Ha, glad am I that no one knew That Liam is my name'" You may imagine how glad the landlady was when she heard the name. And when soon afterwards the little man came in, and asked, "Now, mistress landlady, what is my name?" At first she said, "Is your name Ross?" "No." "Is your name Harry potter?" "No." "Perhaps your name Liam?" "The flobin has told you that! The flobin has told you that," cried the little man, and in his anger he plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in, and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two.

Matt Shideler – Grade 10


Three Different Limericks By: Dominic Petti– grade 7 There was a young lady from surrey She had a brother named Murray A snake bit his shoe His face turned blue And that was the end of Murray

A very old man from tring Thought he was able to sing He let out a note Snap went his throat And now he can’t say a thing

When running along the street to school Samuel was being a fool He saw from afar A flying car And thought it was really cool


Penny and the Puppy By: Amy Major-grade 7 Once upon a time there was a business man who owned four different businesses. All four businesses advertised food. But that wasn’t all what the business man had. He also had three pretty daughters. Then one day the business man had to go shopping in Wal-Mart for a new suit. He asked his three daughters if he could get anything for them. The first daughter said that she wanted a hot pink, sparkly dress, the second daughter wanted a real pearl necklace, but the third, whose name was Penny, the youngest, prettiest and sweetest of them all, said to her father that she would like a royal red rose that he picked from the flower section. When the business man had finished writing down all of the things that they wanted on one of his don’t forget to do lists, he set off to Wal-Mart. He walked into the garage where his silver, convertible, eight thousand dollar car sat. He got in and reached in his pocket then pulled out his keys. Then put the keys into the ignition and turned the key, and drove off. Then after about an hour of serious shopping he headed home. However, a sudden storm came, and his car could hardly make it in the howling wind. Cold and rainy, the merchant had lost all hope of reaching his house, when he suddenly noticed a bright light shining in the middle the woods were. As he drew near, he saw that it was a castle, bathed in light. "I hope I'll find shelter there for the night," he said to himself. When he reached the door, he saw it was open, but though he shouted, nobody came to greet him. Plucking up courage, he went inside, still calling out to attract attention. On a table in the main hall, a splendid dinner lay already served. The merchant lingered, still shouting for the owner of the castle. But no one came, and so the starving merchant sat down to a hearty meal. Overcome by curiosity, he ventured upstairs, where the corridor led into magnificent rooms and halls. A fire crackled in the first room and a soft bed looked very inviting. It was now late, and the merchant could not resist. He lay down on the bed and fell fast asleep. When he woke next morning, an unknown hand had placed a mug of steaming coffee and some fruit by his bedside. The merchant had breakfast and after tidying himself up, went downstairs to thank his generous host. But, as on the evening before, there was nobody in sight. Shaking his head in wonder at the strangeness of it all, he went towards the garden where he had left his horse, tethered to a tree. Suddenly, a large rose bush caught his eye. Remembering his promise to Beauty, he bent down to pick a rose. Instantly, out of the rose garden, sprang a horrible beast, wearing splendid clothes. Two bloodshot eyes, gleaming angrily, glared at him and a deep, terrifying voice growled: "Ungrateful man! I gave you shelter, you ate at my table and slept in my own bed, but now all the thanks I get is the theft of my favorite flowers! I shall put you to death for this slight!" Trembling with fear, the merchant fell on his knees before the Beast.


"Forgive me! Forgive me! Don't kill me! I'll do anything you say! The rose wasn't for me, it was for my daughter Beauty. I promised to bring her back a rose from my journey!" The Beast dropped the paw it had clamped on the unhappy merchant. "I shall spare your life, but on one condition, that you bring me your daughter!" The terrorstricken merchant, faced with certain death if he did not obey, promised that he would do so. When he reached home in tears, his three daughters ran to greet him. After he had told them of his dreadful adventure, Beauty put his mind at rest immediately. "Dear father, I'd do anything for you! Don't worry, you'll be able to keep your promise and save your life! Take me to the castle. I'll stay there in your place!" The merchant hugged his daughter. "I never did doubt your love for me. For the moment I can only thank you for saving my life." So Beauty was led to the castle. The Beast, however, had quite an unexpected greeting for the girl. Instead of menacing doom as it had done with her father, it was surprisingly pleasant. In the beginning, Beauty was frightened of the Beast, and shuddered at the sight of it. Then she found that, in spite of the monster's awful head, her horror of it was gradually fading as time went by. She had one of the finest rooms in the Castle, and sat for hours, embroidering in front of the fire. And the Beast would sit, for hours on end, only a short distance away, silently gazing at her. Then it started to say a few kind words, till in the end, Beauty was amazed to discover that she was actually enjoying its conversation. The days passed, and Beauty and the Beast became good friends. Then one day, the Beast asked the girl to be his wife. Taken by surprise, Beauty did not know what to say. Marry such an ugly monster? She would rather die! But she did not want to hurt the feelings of one who, after all, had been kind to her. And she remembered too that she owed it her own life as well as her father's. "I really can't say yes," she began shakily. "I'd so much like to..." The Beast interrupted her with an abrupt gesture. "I quite understand! And I'm not offended by your refusal!" Life went on as usual, and nothing further was said. One day, the Beast presented Beauty with a magnificent magic mirror. When Beauty peeped into it, she could see her family, far away. "You won't feel so lonely now," were the words that accompanied the gift. Beauty stared for hours at her distant family. Then she began to feel worried. One day, the Beast found her weeping beside the magic mirror. "What's wrong?" he asked, kindly as always. "My father is gravely ill and close to dying! Oh, how I wish I could see him again, before it's too late!" But the Beast only shook its head.


"No! You will never leave this castle!" And off it stalked in a rage. However, a little later, it returned and spoke solemnly to the girl. "If you swear that you will return here in seven days time, I'll let you go and visit your father!" Beauty threw herself at the Beast's feet in delight. "I swear! I swear I will! How kind you are! You've made a loving daughter so happy!" In reality, the merchant had fallen ill from a broken heart at knowing his daughter was being kept prisoner. When he embraced her again, he was soon on the road to recovery. Beauty stayed beside him for hours on end, describing her life at the Castle, and explaining that the Beast was really good and kind. The days flashed past, and at last the merchant was able to leave his bed. He was completely well again. Beauty was happy at last. However, she had failed to notice that seven days had gone by. Then one night she woke from a terrible nightmare. She had dreamt that the Beast was dying and calling for her, twisting in agony. "Come back! Come back to me!" it was pleading. The solemn promise she had made drove her to leave home immediately. "Hurry! Hurry, good horse!" she said, whipping her steed onwards towards the castle, afraid that she might arrive too late. She rushed up the stairs, calling, but there was no reply. Her heart in her mouth, Beauty ran into the garden and there crouched the Beast, its eyes shut, as though dead. Beauty threw herself at it and hugged it tightly. "Don't die! Don't die! I'll marry you . . ." At these words, a miracle took place. The Beast's ugly snout turned magically into the face of a handsome young man. "How I've been longing for this moment!" he said. "I was suffering in silence, and couldn't tell my frightful secret. An evil witch turned me into a monster and only the love of a maiden willing to accept me as I was, could transform me back into my real self. My dearest! I'll be so happy if you'll marry me." The wedding took place shortly after and, from that day on, the young Prince would have nothing but roses in his gardens. And that's why, to this day, the castle is known as the Castle of the Rose.


Powerful Toilet By: Tal Preston A guy named Bob Had to go to the washroom Really bad Every stall was taken Except for one that said Out of order. He really didn’t care So he just went in. After he was the only one there He felt the toilet shake And he didn’t know what was happening After the toilet was shaking The toilet exploded.


The talented burger By: Jackson Howe There was a cow

that got killed by people. He got cooked so he was a burger.

But this burger was different. He was talented. He was talented at killing people. He would make people choke on him.

Life of a Pumpkin By Aden Garcia Ahmadi - Grade 8

One warm sunny day a pumpkin was born. Little did he know that his life would shortly come to an end. When I sprouted I felt the sunlight all over my leaves and stem weeks I grew into a pumpkin. Shortly after, the farmer picked me up. As I was loaded on to the truck I glanced around to see the area before I left to my new home. Sadly the sun blocked my sight. Vroom! roared the engine as I bounced up and down. A few hours later, I arrived at a place called CO-OP. Shortly after I arrived, sticky fingers ran all over me. Then this big burly man picked me up and put me in his car. I felt uneasy when I saw all these knifes in the car. But soon enough we arrived at the house they picked me up and put me on a table. I relaxed for a while. Suddenly a blade thrust through my stomach I tried to gasp for air but it went deeper and turned and started to carve up my head. I tried to scream but nothing came out. 71

BEST Present Ever! By: Alix Stephen - Grade 8 “ Alix where are you?” Ashley called from down the stairs. “I’m coming!” I yell back. We are just about to go and meet our coach Eric, at the wax hut in Canmore for a meeting about going to the Haig Glacier. When we arrive there are about 15 other people standing in the small room. Once we arrive Eric starts to talk about going to the glacier to go skiing for 6 days. ‘I really want to go, who wouldn’t want to go?’ I think to myself. After Eric Explains that you have to be 13 to go, you we will be going for 6 days and we are running to the glacier, he tells us that if we want to go then to tell him ASAP. The whole way home, Ashley couldn’t stop talking about the trip. I think that she really wants to go. As soon as I get home I ask my mom and dad if I could go, they both say yes and start to help me pack. I call Ashley to see if she has asked yet, she said her parents said that she had no skis and was not allowed to go. We were both upset that she wasn’t allowed to go. When I was lying in bed that night and I had the best idea. I am going to buy her some new skis so then she could go on the glacier like the rest of us. The next morning at breakfast I asked my mom and dad what they thought of my idea. They loved it! That day at about lunch time my dad and I went down to life sport to get a pair of skis. By the time it was 1 PM I was waiting for the skis to get the bindings put onto the skis. I was now more excited than she was after the meeting! That night I was so excited I couldn’t sleep! That next morning I called Ashley to see if she wanted to get together. We where meeting at the Starbucks by her house to have a drink. When I walked through the door of the Starbucks with the biggest pink and white striped box I could find, Ashley was not the only one looking at me. Her eyes lit up and it looked like she had just seen a unicorn. She ripped open the box and there was a brand new pair of Fisher, skate skis. She pulled out her phone a called Eric to tell him that she was able to go now. 3 days later: We had just put our skis and other things onto the helicopter and we were running into the glacier to meet my other coach Fraser (he went up to the glacier early to make sure that everything was ready), for a hole 6 days of skiing with my team. Ashley and I are so excited! This is going to be so much fun!


The Dove of Peace By Cal Tecklenburg - Grade 8 Back during the time of 1000 B.C. there was a town named Jonesville, right on the Southern tip of Africa. The trees we’re tall , the meadows white as snow, deserts as far as the eye can see and mountains that could be on postcards. Although Jonesville scenery was stunning the people there were not so pleasant, each house was about a mile apart from each other. There was constant fighting, arguing, and never peace. In the town of Jonesville people say that that peace was stolen by a Greek god named Arsenal, had a major outrage because when he was the ruler of Jonesville he could not bring peace to the town because the hate had had over powered the peace that Arsenal tried to give, and when he died the town remained filled with hate. One doomful morning when all of the people got up to pray just like every morning. A little boy named lazar bent down on one knee to pray and knot that seemed to fall from the sky landed on him. The note read ‘’ At the rosins tree you will find me’’ So an anxious lazar headed toward the tree. After a terrifying journey Lazar reached the rosins tree and on the very first branch there sat a bleach white dove. The dove murmured. ‘’I will bring peace to Jonesville.’’ So Lazar ran back to Jonesville with the bird in his hands. When he arrived back to town he set the white dove on the tallest pillar in all of Jonesville The dove remained there for the whole existence of Jonesville. After a couple years the people of Jonesville agreed to name the town the Cape of Good Hope. And from that day on the dove has represented peace.


Mythology Tale Garrett Smith - Grade 8 Back in the year 5302 B.C. there was a large desert village in the land of Narnia. Village had a major problem with monsters coming to his village. A few hundred years ago there were no monsters but then the red lord appeared in their dimension and brought all kinds of monsters with him. Now the monsters were so bad that they would have to leave and find a new place to live every two years. They had already done it at least five times. The people had hoped that someone would get rid of the red lord and the monsters but everyone who tried got killed. One day in the middle of when the warriors of the village were fighting off some monsters a man no one had ever seen before ran into battle, it looked like he had a glowing red aura around him and he carried a spear. When the battle was over he talked with the villagers and said that his name was carter. He also said that he had the blessing of the god Garrett god of spears. He also said that he had extra strength with spears which is why he carried a spear. He had been to a lot of other dimensions which he rid of monsters and he came to this dimension to kill all the monsters and kill the red lord. The red lord was the evil man who brought all the monsters with him. He said that he was going to need the 5 strongest warriors to come with him to help defeat the red lord. They went on a long journey to Zenonia and along the way they had to fight hordes and hordes of monsters. Finally when they got to Zenonia it was about midnight so they decided to wait until morning to keep going. The next morning they had found the largest castle they had ever seen. They had lost two men in battle and one was badly wounded, almost dead. The two men got killed when they were fighting two drakens. Drakens can easily be up to 50 feet long and to bus’s together wide. The third man who is almost dead got that way when they were fighting a fire golem. The fire golem is made of pure fire so the only way to kill it was to douse it in water. While they were waiting for morning the one guy died. In the morning they packed up and went towards the castle only then they realized that on the castle walls there were archers and catapults. 74

Quickly they ran back to the cover of some trees hoping that no one saw them. They talked among themselves and agreed that they needed a disguise to get into the castle. They came up with a plan where one of them was going to dress up as a merchant and have goods on a stolen horse and the other two were going to hide in the bags and pretend that they were goods. The plan started off well but they had to make a run for it when the guards outside asked to see the goods and looked inside the bags to see that two people were hiding in there. They ran through all the monsters killing only the ones they needed to. When they reached the throne room they burst inside ready for a fight but what they saw surprised them, sitting in the throne was just a kid and he looked about the age of nine. He was talking to a monster. One of the warriors, a master in archery shot the monster and it dissolved into a pile of gold dust. The kid looked really scared as the three warriors approached him. He was about to call his guards but one of the three men put his sword to the kids throat so the kid couldn’t move. He said that he was sorry and he would leave this dimension and return to his home dimension and bring all the monsters with him. He held up a remote and pressed a button immediately a portal opened up and the kid jumped in. Carter said goodbye to the other two people and said that he had to go with the kid to make sure he didn’t cause any more trouble and jumped through the portal as well. The two warriors went back to the town in Narnia and they had a peaceful life for a while.

Zach Woolf – Grade 12


The Meaning of the Name Jessica By: Jessica Lorne In the small village of Gregifer, (which is just north of the Huge village Saperos), there is no light. Many years ago, the evil god Ursula, took away the villages light forever, because one of the gods that used to live in the village made Ursula very angry. There was a little boy that goes by the name Leo, Leo had just turned 10 a few days ago, and he had never seen light before. When he was old enough to understand, his mother and father told him all about Ursula, and how she took away their light forever. After he heard the story he was determined to regain the village sunlight. But his mother and father and everyone else in the village of Gregifer always doubted him and always said that it was impossible. The only person who believed he could bring the light back to the village was his grandmother. In fact Leo went to his grandmother’s house after helping his mother clean the house. When Leo got to his grandmother’s house, he told her that he wanted to get the sun back for the village very soon; because the village needs to start farming again, because the was running out of food from that the other villages had given them. His grandmother told him that she had a magical map that she could give to him. She was waiting for just the right time, and today was that day she is going to let him take the journey to the Sun Mountain’s. The Sun Mountain was next to the village of Ridgecroft, There is also no sunlight there either, no one in the village of Ridgecroft tried to go to sun mountain because no one knew how to get there. The village is very far from Gregifer, and it could take about 20 days to get to Ridgecroft. Leo was so ecstatic; he thanked his grandmother, and she started to pack for his long journey. Leo’s grandmother packed a bag made up of bamboo, and inside there was food and water and a special potion that Leo has to pour out on the top of Sun Mountain, for the Sun goddess to appear. When Leo was all packed up he hugged his grandmother goodbye, and left to go tell his parents.


When Leo got to his house he told his mother and father that he’s going on the journey no matter what they say. His Father was very proud that he is going to take this adventurous journey; his mother on the other hand, was a bit worried that it is too dangerous for such a young boy. But that didn’t make a difference of whether he’s going or not. He hugged his parent’s goodbye and started his journey, once he stepped out of the door all he heard was a quiet breeze flowing by. Leo was 18 days into his journey, he was becoming extremely tired, Leo ate all of his food and had little water left. Leo was very thirsty but he wanted to save the last bit of water for when he arrived at the mountain. At last Leo reached the top of the mighty Sun Mountain. It was incredibly surreal for Leo, and that he has come this far and will finally get to see sunlight, but most importantly, get sunlight back for his village, and Ridgecroft. Leo carefully took out the magic potion, and lightly poured the potion on the mountain, after one drop touched the mountain, there was a flash of bright light, coming on all sides of him. The bright light slowly faded away, and he saw the Sun Goddess, Jessica. Jessica looked softly into Leos eyes, and thanked him for taking the journey to Sun Mountain. Leo told Jessica how he needed sunlight for his village and the village of. Jessica could see that Leo was exhausted from his 20 day journey; she offered to take him home. Since Jessica was a Magical Sun Goddess she could go anywhere with just a snap of her fingers. When Leo and Jessica arrived back to the village of Gregifer, Jessica pulled out a small magical bag out from her pocket, Leo had a confused look on his face and asked what it was for, Jessica said that it was the sunlight, Jessica swirled and turned and allowed the sunlight to fall out of the bag, within a matter of a few seconds, the sun came out, everyone in the village was cheering, even his mother and father. But Leo couldn’t help but notice his grandmother wasn’t there. After that everyone thanked Jessica for bringing the gorgeous sunlight, but most of all everyone thanked Leo for taking the journey. After the all the celebrating, Leo realized that he 77

had forgotten all about the village of Ridgecroft, But Jessica said that she would take care of the village for him, and that he needs to rest, Leo thanked Jessica, and she went her way to the village of Ridgecroft. The sun has now set, and the moon is gently lighting up the sky of Gregifer. When Leo went inside his house, His mother nor father was inside, he assumed they were at his grandmother’s house, so Leo went back outside and made his way to his Grandmother’s. When Leo arrived His mother, father, and grandmother were there. Tears poured down Leos face, his parents hugged him tight. Leo’s grandmother had passed away during the Sun Celebration. Leo’s Mother and Father told Leo, that his Grandmother would have been very proud of him. Leo’s parents told him that she should be left in peace. Leo nodded his head yes, and everyone went home. When Leo got in bed, he was very gloomy, but then a little grin appeared on his face, because he knew that his grandmother would be very proud of him. Leo closed his eyes, and waited for the sun to rise again, in the morning. The End

Horrible Horoscope - Pisces By: Mitch Tuckwood - Grade 8 Things are looking good for you today. Expect to be hit by a guy on a bike. The Good news is you will meet a new friend. And the bad news is your finances are failing. You will lose all your money in the next month and you’re going to be living in the street. Beware of toasters and blue people. Avoid old orange cars as they won’t stop for you to cross the street.


All about Al By: Madison Shields-Knutson - Grade 8

Al Pal is an alien and is the proud son of Mel and Sally Pal. He has 22000 brothers and sisters. He is a special alien he loves to trick people because he is too scared to show is face to anyone, so he flashes in and out really fast. Al makes people believe that he was never there. When he is making people mad he is really happy but when everyone doesn’t care he is there he gets made so here is a hit Run! But if he is made don’t go read the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” because that where he lives or you can get lucky and he could be with his family because he is the most loyalist guy to his family he could never disappoint them. Al loves his family his dad Mel is a funny guy but when he is telling you what to do he is a strike guy. His mom Sally is a sweet lady but if she ever tries to give you a cookie just say no she cannot cook and al has 22000 brothers and sister and if a tell you about every one of them we will be here forever. Oh and I saved the best for last his best friend the cutest dog in the world Ali. They do everything together they play, eat and even sleep. But Al hates people very much because all we want to do is find him and his family. So his mission in life is to stop people from finding aliens. You see one day Al made the wrong decision, he thought it would be funny if he scared a nerd, but that was the wrong thing to do. The nerd was in fact Timothy Brown. If you don’t know who that is he is then man that told the world that aliens do exist and we are going to find them. So Al has to stop him and the humans from finding his home.

Ian Dirks – Grade 11


The Meaning of the Name Robyn By: Robyn Brodylo The village of Mia, just north of a sand dune, had been having many bad crop seasons and many people were beginning to starve. The son of the undercover king of Syracuse Noah, was determined to bring good crop and healthy livestock back to the village. But he would have to make a great journey to the five mountains, where the god of livestock and harvest was said to have been seen by one lucky person many years ago, he could not be sure but he had no other choice. Noah was working on building the arch, but the well being of the people was more important so it would just have to wait. Noah knew that the trip to the five mountains would be harsh, and you could only see them when the sun was in its perfect alignment with the mountains, which would make it harder to find. Noah knew what he had to do for his people. So that night he had packed a bundle of food and essentials for the trip. While the village was sound asleep, Noah crept out of his hut and headed off to the five mountains. After many hours of hiking in the soft hot sand, the sun had started to rise. Noah wanted to see something other than sand, so he rose his head and gazed up at the sunrise and noticed a large, fuzzy blur appearing. It was the five mountains, but he had to hurry because they wouldn’t stay for long, as he hurried up the mountain into the middle of the five mountains where the god of crop and food was said to have been seen and heard. Noah peered over the mountain top and scanned around for the great goddess but there was nothing to be seen except rocks and more rocks. As he was turning around to return home, when in the corner of his eye he noticed a little flicker of light near a clump of rocks, so he went on forward down into the center. Once Noah had reached the center where the rocks laid, he walked around the pile searching for the object that had made that flash of light when suddenly, a large bird like creature red up creating a large gust of wind, and blowing dust in Noah’s face. Noah was speechless for what was flying right in front of him but he just couldn’t believe his eyes so he rubbed them and rubbed them again, but still the creature in front of him was still as real 80

and alive as the first time he rubbed his eyes. The bird just flew there for a while as did I just stand there, after many moments of silence and staring the bird said in a loud booming voice “Hello there weary traveler, I know why you’re here” “you’ve come here to ask me to bring back good crop and healthy livestock back to your small village haven’t you?” “Yes I have come here to beg for your help in a time of great sorrow for my people”. “I beg of you to help us oh great mighty sky god” “Do you have any offerings for me Noah?” “Yes but only some humble cheese and bread, all that I have to offer you". “That will have to do.” SMASH! And the bird was gone. Noah traveled back to the village, and once he arrived he noticed all the people dancing and celebrating the new growth of their crops, and healthy livestock. With barely any energy left he struggled his way into the village that was green and healthy with life. “You did it Noah!” called out the people overjoyed at the sight of life in the village, “but how did you know that it was me who brought back life to the village?” “I heard you talking in your sleep, you talk really loud by the way” said his dad happily “But you should have never left without my permission Noah. What if I didn’t know where you were going?” “Sorry dad” said Noah but he was too happy to be mad. Before they started Celebrating Noah had to say something “people of Mia, I would like to let you know that I wasn’t just me who did it, I also had help from Robyn the bird goddess of Livestock and crop. Now let’s party!”


Jaxon in a Nutshell By: Jaxon Gaetz - Grade 9 There are many famous people that have done great things for the world and have done their part to make history for themselves. I have yet to do anything that has made a great impact on anything, but if I fall upon the fortune of fame and glory, I would like to join great men and women. I would like everyone to know exactly how I had lived and what my personality was like. To do that, I would display three significant items that represent me. This would include my long board, my shoes, and a crest. The first item I would display would be my long board. It is one of my main sports, and it’s been my transportation for years. It always got me to Wendy’s when my parents wouldn’t feed me and it’s the one thing I can do with all of my friends. It also makes me most of my money. This is why it would be the first thing I would display. The second item to be displayed would be a limited edition pair of bill Cosby Nikes. I dance 4 times a week, and tour all over for competitions and performances. Soon, I will start teaching 6-9 year olds. I have become attached to these shoes, even though they no longer are hole-free. The third and final item I would display in a museum would be a family crest to represent my family. The crest displayed is off of a suit of armour from the Robertson clan of Ireland. My great something grandpa took a ship to Canada a long time ago and his sons son founded the town of reed deer. This patch is a good icon for my family history. If someday I accomplish anything, I would like these items to be displayed in a museum to show how I lived my life. And I hope that someday, if I die, these items will be displayed for the entire world to see.


Masters of Killing Time By: Carmen Farmer-grade 9

As the tired teacher talked on The students let the wise words wash Over their heads Unlikely for them to listen the troubled Professor started suffocating the Students with his loud words The soft whisper of the talkative Friends are gone and all that remains Is the work ahead. As the teacher gives up and sits quietly down The bell rings and the group of smart talkers leave high-fiving Saying confidently to one another we are now and forever the masters of killing time.


Nervous Deer The nervous deer ran through the green rolling tall hills. Beneath the dead lifeless trees he ran as fast as a cheetah. He ran to the sky blue river waiting for the others. Then a dark tall bold shadow came from across the river. Then the deer lay dead with its brown soft fur now with a red gory hole.

By: Rajan Bhullar

BFI BIN By: Sean Clarke - Grade 9 One of the most disgusting places for me to be locked up in would be a BFI bin. I would imagine that when the lids are down and it’s fully locked, the air flow would come next to being dead. Then the air would grow thick with co2, making breathing very uncomfortable. A dynamic factor though would be the heat; the hotter it is outside then the hotter it is inside. This might not be all that bad but it could evaporate the garbage juice! Can you imagine smelling and breathing that in? It is because of thick air, the uncomfortable heat, and the juices, that would make this such a terrible experience for me, not to mention the humiliation. Being saved would be great but all the people would wonder how you even managed to get into the bin.


Parent to Be By: Johanna Jurok - Grade 9 The anxious father waited in the waiting room in the hospital. Passing back and forth praying, thinking about the birth of his child. He dreaming of having a little boy to play baseball together with in the backyard. Getting up early for morning hockey practices. Watching a first game, first goal. Or having a little girl one for him to spoil and to dress up and play tea party together. Driving to the movie theatre and parking a block away. Her first boyfriend and walk down the aisle with. Either one he would not care only if he had somebody to love and care for and to have a family.

Invisible Children By Auria Geskin We hear your cries Recognize your fears We will no longer swim in darkness Our judgment was clouded Consumed by our bubble no longer We will fight for a future Fight for a cause Spreading the word around the globe This cannot be ignored For everyone must know

Rachel Crossfield – Grade 8 85

The Homeless Man By: Gabe Colpitts - Grade 9 The homeless man Lived through the western plains, Across dangerous Detroit And through the beautiful Atlantic Ocean He lived In a marvelous country Called Italy Throughout the hills And throughout the vast land Of the living He lived In a mysterious old box Scratched, old and ragged He lived Over the hills Where civilization lies Under the fallen down tree And beside the church That’s where the poor old homeless man Lived


A Museum By: Amanda Wheatley - Grade 9 When people put things in a museum they want to be remembered for a life time and even longer than that. Being remembered for the good things you do is something everyone wants, but if you put something in a museum you can’t see everything they have done only the few things you have done. Everyone wants to put the most important things to them in a museum and I would rather pick something’s that are close to me. Thing that I take with me everywhere and I will never forget. The first thing I would put in a museum would be my IPod. My iPod means the world to me I never go anywhere without it. If you have not noticed music is everywhere it’s all around us. You can’t go anywhere without being followed by music. Even a simple beat you can hear walking down the street. It’s a wonderful thing music, you can talk to people though music you can interpret music with dance as well. My iPod is one of the best things in my life. The next thing I would put in a museum would be my clothes. My clothes represent who I’m both sad and happy times. They show my style and how perceive the whole world for what it is by showing me the styles of everyone and everything. They are so important and I have so many to. My mom says I’m a hoarder of cloths because I have so many, I even keep track of how many clothes. I have I know the exact number of tops, skirts, pants, shorts and swim suits I have. The final thing I would put in a museum would be my art. My art shows how I feel at that moment, and I think it’s important that I show people how I felt after I die. Understanding how someone feels is hard I know but after you understand it you know why they did what they did. It can be hard sometimes to know how some one feels just looking at some ones art but it is so worth it. My art is the way I see and feel life. These are the three things I would put in a museum. Art it is the best way to interpret me and who I am as a person. So this is how I like to show me I hope you like it to. A museum is the way of showing people about a piece of you and these are the pieces I have decided to show everyone. I want people to remember me as loving the fine arts so I hope that’s what people will do. Conner Rasch – Grade 10


Essay on Education By: Mia Berloni – Grade 9 Have you ever thought of what the world would be like if people were not educated? What if only some people were educated? A good education should be a right for everyone, because no one can succeed without one, if everyone has a good education the world would be more peaceful, everyone would have the chance to be more successful, and people would be well rounded. A good education should be a right for everyone because education is the key to success, and everyone should have the chance to be successful. Everyone, no matter what they come from or how much money they have should be given the chance to live out their dreams. If everyone had a good education there would be more equal opportunities, for people to get the jobs they have always wanted. If you are willing to learn, you should be able to get the education for what you want to specialize in, or what job you want to do. If you are not willing to put the effort in to get a good education then it should not be forced on you, but it should be available. Since there are so many valid benefits to getting a good education, it should be a right. Getting a good education can teach you how the world works, and make you understand how important it is to know what is going on in the around you, anyone should be able to receive a great education. If you don’t know how the world functions then you don’t know the basic things like how to make an educated vote and without that you can never really be a part of the place you live in. So if this information is not available to everyone we will never really have a city of informed citizens. With a good education comes the understanding of the importance of knowing what is happening in your society and if a good education is not a right then there will be people who don’t know what is going on in the world, and will not be able to help. If people don’t know what is going on around the globe then they cannot be global citizens. People need to know if there is going to be a election soon, if the first African American president was just elected, or if there was an earthquake in Japan, but without a good education what 88

would make them care about anything like that? If people never get the chance to learn how important it is to know what is happening in the world or their community we will never have a civilization full of citizens of the glob. We will have a world full of people getting through the day and not caring what is going on around them. Getting a good education will make you a well-rounded person and everyone should be well rounded. A good education can stop ignorance, and help people see the situation from different angles which could help stop a lot of conflict in its tracks, so making a great education available to everyone would make this world better place. If good education were a right for everyone then we would have less violence, because when people are educated and can understand the other person’s point of view they are less likely to resort to violence. A world with less violence is better for everyone, and if good education were a right then the world would be a more peaceful place. A good education should be a right because if everyone were educated there would be more understanding because everyone would have the same level of education. For example if a person with a degree in science went up to a person with a grade 12 education and tried to start a conversation about science it would not work because one person is so much more educated then the other, but if everyone had a good education then that would never be a problem. There would be less war because the different sides would have a good education, and understand were the other person is coming from. Most wars or violent disagreements are because one person can not see it from the other persons point of view so they fight over it, a good education if a easy fix for this though.

So as you can see there are many very important reasons that a good education should be a right, for everyone no matter their gender, race, Religion, or personal wealth. It could help the world become more peaceful, fill the world with well-rounded people, and help everyone get the jobs they want. All these reasons are enough to make people want to help other people get good educations.


1 cup of calmness 3 doses forgetfulness 2 pinches of craziness 5 table spoons of craziness 3 cups of funniness

Grab a bowl and pour in one cup of calmness. As the calmness gets thicker, add 3 doses of forgetfulness into the bowl. Once the calmness and forgetfulness become harder, add 2 pinches of craziness with a dash of water to make it turn into thick paste. While stirring add 5 table spoons of security and 3 cups of funniness. The thick paste will become liquidy and full of character. Mean while heat the oven to 400’c and put the bowl in the oven, and wait for the characteristics to rise. Serve it warm!

By: Brad Hollohan


Recipe of Davis By: Davis Maxwell Two cups of niceness One cup of laziness Half a cup of kindness Cup of enthusiasm Sprinkle of logic Pour in 2 cups of niceness, into a big pan. Stir while pouring in fried laziness. Add half a cup of kindness and mash it up. Put the dish in the oven until it bursts. Cook for 350 degrees for 5 hours. Take the dish out and pour in half a cup of enthusiasm, wait seven days for it harden. Sprinkle logic over the top to add flavour. Heat in the microwave for 5 minutes, and serve warm.

Recipe of Max By: Max de Paiva Ingredients: 2 ¾ cups of athleticism 1 cup coolness 2 ½ of funniness 2 ¼ cups of caring Directions: 1. First mix 2 ¾ cups of athleticism and 2 ¼ cups of caring in a bowl. Stir until mixed. 2. Then throw in 2 ½ cups of niceness and 1 cup of coolness, mix until smooth. 3. Put the batter into a cookie pan and sprinkle 1 cup of funniness on top and cook until schools over. 4. Once the dish is cooked all the way though, cut it into small people, then prepare the dish on a silver platter and surround it in sweets. 5. Serve it hot and ready to eat 91

RECIPE OF CALI By: Cali Champagne

½ CUP OF SHYNESS 2 CUPS OF ATHLETICISM 1 CUP OF NICENESS 1 ½ OF HONESTY 2 CUPS OF ENERGY 1. First get two bowls. 2. In one bowl, mix together, shyness and niceness. Mix till well blended and a brown color. 3. In the second bowl, mix together athleticism and honesty and mix until it’s a yellowish color. 4. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-40 minutes. 5. Mix the two bowls together in a blender until they are the same color. 6. While it is blending, slowly pour in the gooey liquid energy while it spins on medium speed. 7. Get a 9” by 10” rectangular pan and lightly oil it with vegetable oil. 8. Wait until the oven heats up and pour into pan and even it out with a spatula. Let it cool for 20 minutes and serve with choice. 9. Enjoy


Recipe of Payton 3 cups of tallness 2 cups of smartness 2 cups of athleticism 4 cups of funniness 4 cup of niceness In a giant container, mash 4 cups of funniness into 4 cups of niceness. Adding 2 cups of athleticism will make your dish into a tall Italian with funky glasses. To make it more flavourful add a sprinkle of laziness. When heated at 400° the smartness will start to pop out. Right after you heat the dish, throw in some kindness. Let it cool until ready to cooperate. When you’re done the ingredients will mix in very well with each other. Lots of people like this dish because it’s fun to be around. By: Payton Budd


The Recipe of Dylan By: Dylan Graham Ingredients: 3 bottles of liquid funniness Flour 2 ¾ cups of powdered athleticism 1 ½ hard blocks of laziness 100 cups of smartness 2 ½ cups of niceness

How to make: Get three bottles of liquid funniness and mix it with flour to make a thick, gooey substance. While stirring the gooey substance put 2 ¾ cups of powdered athleticism. If the gooey liquid turns blue then you have done it right. After, put the gooey liquid into a pan and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 270°c. while you are waiting start to mash 1 ½ hard blocks of laziness. Once you get the laziness into a fine powder, mix it with 100 cups of smartness. Stir until it becomes a sweetish red liquid. After 10 minutes, take out the pan from the oven. The gooey liquid should be a nice fluffy solid. Pour the sweetish red liquid over the fluffy solid and finally sprinkle 2 ½ cups of niceness. Enjoy!


WE ARE NOT ALONE! By Nick Hansen One of the biggest debates in science is whether or not we are alone in the universe. However one side in particular is winning. There are increasing amounts of evidence that we as humans are not the only intelligent life in the universe. It is quite certain that there is advanced life forms on other planets in the universe as we have already found planets that can support life, and have also discovered basic forms of life, and we haven’t even scratched the surface by exploring in our own galaxy, let alone the universe. Our first piece of evidence to support the fact that we are not alone is that we have discovered many planets that can sustain advanced life forms. Using new technology like advanced telescopes such as Hubble we can see farther into the universe than ever before and so we have discovered many new things that were before not thought possible, such as carbon planets (planets made up of carbon). Now we have already discovered more than 10 Earth like planets that can support advanced life forms. Now think, if earth can support life, why can’t these planets? Many of the earth like planets discovered so far have near perfect conditions for life to evolve, which means that there is a very good chance that there is other life on those planets. This is the first reason I believe that there is life on other planets. Our second piece of evidence is that we have already found single celled organisms, or their remains, on other planets, and since according to evolution, humans evolved from such creatures, why couldn’t other life do so as well? We have traced many forms of bacteria back to planets such as mars, and found single cell organisms there as well. Mars also may have once contained advanced life before its atmosphere thinned. If we and all other advanced life forms that we have discovered grew from single cell organisms, why wouldn’t other Single cell creatures as well? There is even a possibility that we evolved from single celled organisms from mars. If there are single celled creatures on Mars, then they will be on other, more habitable planets as well, where they can evolve. This is the second reason I think that we are not alone. 95

The third reason I think we are not alone is that there are billions of galaxies and we haven’t even scratched the surface of our own galaxy. The universe to too large for our minds to comprehend and we haven’t even finished exploring our own solar system. Because there is so much space with so many habitable planets, it seems impossible that we are alone! Even in the miniscule amount of our galaxy we have explored, we have found evidence to indicate life exists in other places. With this evidence we can only imagine how many life forms there are in other solar systems. If in our solar system we have already found one habitable planet with intelligent life, earth, then the habitable planets in other solar systems should have life as well. Scientists say that the universe is constantly expanding, if this is true, then new solar systems and planets are constantly being created, so that new species are in all likeliness constantly evolving. This is the third reason that I believe there is other life in the universe. This evidence adds up to heavily support the theory that we are not alone. With all this evidence, it is certain that there is life on other planets, not necessarily little green martins, like in the movies (though that would be ironic) but life none the less. One commonly assumed thing, is that other life in the universe, would look or act somewhat like us. This is not necessarily true, other species may look or act in ways that we cannot currently imagine. When we are able to achieve advanced space flight then I am sure that we shall find other life in the universe. I am certain that we are not alone.


Section 3: Hunter Shearer – Grade 11

Senior High 97

Creative Response to Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men By Ally Duckworth – Grade 10 The following is an imagined court scene, where the character of George is on trial for the murder of his friend, Lennie.

As George walked up to the witness table, sweat was dripping past his nose, hands were shaking violently, and as he got to the stairs he tripped over a step. “You seem pretty nervous there George” said Mr. Rivers the prosecuting lawyer. George sat down and took a deep breath, followed by a sip of water. He looked around the court room, he saw everyone staring at him. “George? George may you please answer the question” the judged questioned. “Sorry, what was the question?” he responded. “What happened with Lenny, leading you into killing him?” the lawyer repeated. “Well, Lenny has always been getting in some sort of trouble, and I always got to back him out of it, he just can’t do things for himself anymore.” George explained. “That doesn’t mean you can go and take someone’s life away” Mr. Rivers turned to the audience and said “As George Milton pulled the trigger of the gun, he didn’t think about what would happen next to him. He thought maybe this is it, maybe I’ll shoot Lenny and then get away with it, and no one would have to know” he turned back to George who was tracing his fingernail in a craving on the desk. “It wasn’t right for you to take a man’s life away because they have been making mistakes, and has a disability and forgets things all the time. He had a life ahead of him, but you just couldn’t stand the fact that he is always getting you in trouble and you have to back him up. You promised his Aunt Clara that you would take good care of 98

him, but we all guess you lied to him because, where is he now? Well he’s dead now. You didn’t protect him, you did it to protect yourself, you didn’t want to get canned from the job you had, and you didn’t want everybody back at the house to be against you. You told him that you would come back for his rescue if he got into any trouble, and he did, and you did come back to him but this time you killed him” “I object!!” yelled an audience member “No objections sir, please do continue Mr. Rivers” the judge interrupted “ I mean George there could of been other options besides what you did, you could of ran away with Lenny, live on the streets for a while, then take Lenny to some sort of rehab, to help him with is disabilities.” George looked down at the table, tears fell from his face, he reached in his front pocket of his overalls and grabbed a handkerchief, and he blew his nose in it, looked around, wiped the tears from his eyes, and then began to speak. “Well...” George paused, he reached in his pocket and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and drank some, and then he screwed back on the lid and continued “Since Lenny had always been getting in trouble, we had never been able to keep a job for more than a month. He ends killing animals, but he means no harm, he’s a nice person.” George explained “Well, if he means no harm and he is a nice person, why did you shoot him?” Mr. Rivers looked at the judge and gestured him to end the trial. The judge was staring blankly into the audience, he saw that some women were wiping tears from their eyes, everyone was looking at each other in confusion, as the judge went to pick up the gavel he dropped it instantly like it was made of hot coals, his face turned bright red in embarrassment, he bent down to retrieve 99

the gavel. As he got up he banged the gavel and commenced to speak, “I hear by declare George Milton guilty of the murder of Lenny Smalls, and here by sentence to a life imprisonment. Case Closed” The judge motioned the large security guard to handcuff George; he then led him towards the exit doors. Mr. Rivers gathered up his papers and watched as the crowd scurried out of the court house. He shuffled the papers on his desk and neatly placed them in his brief case, he then sneaked a mischievous grin on his face. He grabbed his long coat and put in his beige cowboy hat and walked out of the room.

Miraan Patel – Grade 10 100

My Ride By: Carson MacKichan - Grade 11 Potential energy flowing into my ride Being born into life like a child from the womb Kinetic energy exploding; it can't hide

Intelligence of a human is required to guide As it rolls away it emerges from its tomb Potential energy flowing into my ride

I ponder alone; I'll be safe inside Alone inside with my thoughts I have plenty of room Kinetic energy exploding; it can't hide

Across the luxurious leather formation I slide Waiting for the green I prepare to zoom Potential energy flowing into my ride

From childhood on she has been my eternal pride Her persistent gargling sounds, over me loom Kinetic energy exploding; it can't hide

Upon the ground her turning feet glide When warm in the front, the back gives off perfume Potential energy flowing into my ride Kinetic energy exploding; it can't hide


Got No Patience! I’ve got no patience, no sentiment for you! so I’m not going to take this rubbish Soon, patience and I will be stuck like glue You’ve got no will, no power, it’s so true I must attain this patience and punish I’ve got no patience, no sentiment for you! I can’t get it, until I do, I’m blue. It’s not there, this patience is too puckish Soon, patience and I will be stuck like glue Your bleakness may make solitude anew Stop talking; it’s making you too sluggish I’ve got no patience, no sentiment for you. You’re so analytical, I’m askew Without patience, I will soon be boorish Soon, patience and I will be stuck like glue Your small talk is exhaustingly askew Is it patience fault, or am I puckish? I’ve got no Patience, no sentiment for you Soon, patience and I will be stuck like glue Luke Empey Gr. 11

Jake Dean – Grade 10


Creative Response to Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” By Nick Duus – Grade 10

The following imagines a situation where the character of Lennie is on trial for the murder of Curley’s wife. This is the speech that the defence lawyer might give:

I am Lennie’s lawyer who will be defending him in this case. I will be trying to convince you that the killing of Curley’s wife was an accidental death. I will be painting a picture of what might have happened in the barn. I will be talking about his past with George and how they traveled together. Finally I will be talking about why Lennie ran away from the ranch when he was innocent. The question that I will be answering is what happened in the barn before and after Curley’s wife’s death. The evidence that was found says that Lennie can be very rough and also likes to pet soft things. We came to the conclusion that Curley’s wife let Lennie pet her dress or her hair. Lennie must have gotten a little too rough with her and she got scared. From what my defendant has told me he got scared when she got angry at him and this type of thing has happened before, but at a town called Weed. There were no death involved, he just scared the poor girl. My client didn’t mean to kill Curley’s wife through anger or vengeful rage. Most people who know him says he is harmless unless provoked or harmed. My client told me that he was trying to tell Curley’s wife not to scream or else George Milton would get angry and he wouldn’t be able to tend some rabbits he was going to get when him, George, and Candy get a ranch of their own. Unfortunately my client was a little too rough with her and unfortunately my client doesn’t know his own strength.


I have found out about Lennie’s past through George. George had told me that Lennie wasn’t always the brightest. Lennie lived with his Aunt Clara who raised him for a long time. When my client’s aunt died, George took in Lennie and George and Lennie have been traveling ever since. The reason why George took my client in is because he realized that my client wouldn’t be able to take care of himself on his own. George also told me that he would play mean tricks on him when they were younger until one of those tricks in a way backfired on George. George had told my client Lennie to jump into a river not knowing that Lennie couldn’t swim and with that incident he knew that he would have to watch out for Lennie. Now the big question that has yet to be answered is why my client ran away from the ranch when the accident had happened. I am here to answer that very question. The reason why Lennie ran away was because George had made him go there if anything bad had happened and hide in the brush until George came for him. Lennie told me that he had realized that a bad thing had happened so he ran to the brush that he and George had stayed the night they had to walk to the ranch from the bus stop. I have painted a picture of what happened in the barn. I have briefly explained to you who Lennie travels with and why. Finally I have told you the reason why my client had ran away from the ranch when the incident occurred. Those are some of the things that I hope change your mind about whether Lennie killed her through anger or vengeful rage or just accidently killed her through not knowing his own strength. I hope that you the jury make the right choice and realize that Lennie was innocent.


Extended Metaphor By: Alex Ruck – Grade 11 My brother T.C. is a house; this house has one storey and a basement. On the outside of the house there is a large garden full of varying types of flowers. The house is small but perfect for just one. When you walk in the house you will see everything in perfect harmony, the chairs, tables, lamps, and all of the other furniture is dull, colorless, and it is very comfortable. There are books on all the side tables about all assortments of things. In one room there is a single cat, calm and sleeping, perfect for the small house. Then there is the basement, it is lively full of color and bouncing with people and humour. All of the people in the house are intelligent happy people joking around and having a good time. The basement is a very hard place to get to you must go down sets after sets of stairs, but once you’re in the basement you are very glad that you took the time to get there. This is one of the happiest places around.

Extended Metaphor By: Evan McNally – Grade 11 My mother is a flower. She has long roots that keep her strong through heavy wind and storms so she doesn’t blow away. She has brightly coloured petals that make up her beauty. Each petal is covered with intricate designs of knowledge, compassion and perseverance. All of these attributes are absorbed into the leaves like when photosynthesis occurs. They percolate in the mind and soul of the flower until the finished product is released like when oxygen is released into the atmosphere. This product is much more valuable than air.


Metaphor Assignment By: Ian Dirks – Grade 11 My dad is a lone spruce tree standing atop a hill, straight and stoic against any element thrown at him. Atop its lonely hilltop the tree stands with quiet dignity and wisdom, watching but seldom interfering in the world around it. Its ever expanding rings weave an intricate tail of knowledge both learned and passed on from years of life, showing its wisdom as it looks over all the lands it stands its lonely watch upon. The tree has survived many disasters and it is still standing, a testament to its strength and fortitude. Its outsides are covered in strong, hardy bark but on the inside he’s soft and sappy. His roots weave their way through the ground and soak up thoughts and knowledge, feeding the ever growing trunk above. His long, aged branches provide shade and comfort to all who seek cover and refuge beneath them.

Extended Metaphor By: Kara Sikora – Grade 11

My gramps is an old history book. Each page is flied with a different story, experience, or fact. Because it is old it has a layer of dust on the front cover, it does not get opened allot. If you do get the chance to read it you are filled with a whole different experience, a hole different view on life, a new way of seeing things. The book is dated and some of the facts in the book are not relevant to today. The spine of the book is damaged and rigged but it does not affect the way the book opens. Some pages have been ripped out or have tears in them; this makes it hard to read some stories. The book is kept on an old shelf with the few other books just like it.


“Masque of the Red Death” Paragraph Response By: Rosemary Breton – Grade 12 In this assignment, students were asked to respond to questions based on the Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “Masque of the Red Death” in paragraph format. Question: Re-read the sections about Prince Prospero. Using support from the story, write a description of the Prince and describe the type of person he is. Any man, who flaunts his power in the face of death, allowing the less fortunate to suffer in squalor while he celebrates to the point of gluttony, cannot be a noble one. A man who engages in exactly this deplorable manner, Prince Prospero, is the subject of this character study. Prospero is obviously affluent, he has the means to seclude himself and some thousand of his peers in a castle, with such an excess of supplies that he is able to hold a grand masquerade ball, a celebration fashioned to mock the death he has so eloquently avoided. The ability to hold such extreme revelries while the land outside of his castle is plagued by pestilence, speaks of arrogance and an eccentric nature. Prospero’s conceited pride is demonstrated in the establishment of the story; his hosting only the rich peers of the realm, his festivities, and lastly his willingness to separate himself from the outside world when it no longer suits his fancy (“The external world could take care of itself”). The eccentricities of the Prince are more noticeable as they take the form, not as the underlying foundation of the story, but as the prominent decor and setting. Prospero’s peculiar tastes -- the layout and color of the rooms -serve to remove him from the less prosperous common folk he has left to die, and from the reader. This is not a tale that pulls at one’s heart strings when death comes to claim the Prince, but rather it is a story that allows the reader to recognize with clarity, unencumbered by feelings of distress at the demise of our protagonist, the truth in the message behind the allegory, namely that no one, even the most prosperous, can avoid death.


Holocaust Poetry The following poems were inspired by the Elie Wiesel novel Night.

Goyeh - By: Darian Magee – Grade 12 Men to the left, woman to the right Helpless rage as she walks away Twisted men cast a shadow over her light Memories blanket my life in gray

Stare into the mouth of the malignant cave Shed no tears, for you shall be reunited in smoke Precious goyeh empowers you to embrace the grave I am home, her love a warm cloak

Burning – By: Dan Driscoll

Death engulfs me, an All consuming inferno, Until darkness comes


Everlasting Night – By: Dan Driscoll – Grade 12 The darkness of death, Full of terror and fright, There is no hope it seems, In this everlasting night. This must be what it was like, Before he said “let there be light,” There was absolutely nothing, In this everlasting night. It seems utterly hopeless, Under evil’s powerful might, There cannot be salvation, In this everlasting night. Yet there is thought of hope, In stars that shine so bright, We must embrace that thought, In this everlasting night. Finally the sun rises high, Liberating us from our plight! Finally bringing an end, To this everlasting night.


Amber Rose – Grade 12

Rundle Academy Writing Anthology 2011-2012  

Rundle Academy - Student writing and art work for the school year 2011-2012

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