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T hat Wondrous Hippo We Once Knew

A story from the wonderful world of Sophie, Ron & Jackie Fletcher

A Hippopotamus we once knew had tiny buds that grew and grew until two giant wings stood there; both pointed high into the air.

A gianormous Hippo butterfly; down on the ground aimed for the sky. Standing there in bright sunlight, a winged Hippo; a wondrous sight. She took off running toward the Sun, already having so much fun

Now at full run with wings aflapping; the other Hippo's were all clapping, as in the air she slowly rose until the ground it left her toes.

So there it is, that Hippo flew; that wondrous Hippo we once knew. And now that Hippo, wild and free lives in a nest high in a tree.

Well there you are, our story’s done; We hope that reading it was fun! If you liked it, that’s just great; We hope there’s more if you can wait. ‘Cos we like stories, old and new and ones that make you giggle too! So just hang on and we’ll be back With more great stories down the track. Remember life should make you laugh, like wallowing in a big mud bath. So jump right in, don’t mind the mess; ‘Cos laughter’s like muds sweet carress. It makes you laugh until you cry; like Hippo’s flying in the sky.ll

So from us here it’s now adieu We laughed a lot; hope you did too!!

That Wondrous Hippo  

A story from the wonderful world of Sophie, Ron & Jackie Fletcher

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