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lindy hickman photography The number one thing you want for your outdoor wedding is good weather! On the morning of the wedding, I sighed with big relief when I looked out of the window of the Manor House Cottage and saw nothing but blue skies and sunshine. By midday, the weather started to change. In the minutes leading up to the ceremony, all I could do was pray for there to be no rain, for the weather to start playing nice! As my walk began down the aisle my long cathedral veil, that I was so excited to wear, started whipping around so hard that my father had to latch on to it to ensure it would not randomly fly off my head! By the time I reached my handsome groom my veil was a goner. In fact, the wind got so bad that it was hard to hear the officiant in the microphone. Luckily it never rained, the wind was intense for most of the ceremony but in the moment when we started to read our vows the wind subsided and the sun peaked through the gray clouds. It was like God was shining down on our union. In that moment I realized that the weather didn’t matter, nothing mattered, except starting my new life with my best friend by saying “I Do!”’ - Sierrah & Matt, married July 20th


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