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The spaceship landed in the town of Bartlett.

A door open and a robot jumped from the Spaceship.

Grrrrr, Grrrr Hard drives need hard drives.

The military surround the robot as general Spitmore walked up to the robot.

Hello I’m general Spitmore. rrrrrr

Tell mister Roboto we are friends.

Wait! something is happening.

I’m not sure what its saying.

Hard drrrive

AHHHH! He ate my walkee and my hand!


Are you ready to go?

Yeah! Yeah! Whats your rush princess?

Stop Crying. Move it baby or do you need to cry more?

You think its easy with this?

Everyone lives underground now. There are people alive up top but their all crazy. Technology is rare these days.

If you were an inch taller I’d kill you.

Because I need you to open the hatch, so I can catch one.

Hurry up I’ll miss it. Ok why do I have to go with this time

Please, I saved you and if you were an inch shorter I’d kill you.

You do know how dangerous it is to wear those right? Please you have a grenade belt on.

Ok, if things get nuts you run to the safe place.

Please Spitmore, you just keep them busy and try not to hurt yourself.

So princess whats the plan, I kill’em, you catch’em We’ll see Spitmore.

Celphones are the worst zombie robots, angry little machines.

General why do you have to say that?

This is life, the general loves to kill’em and mara catch’s them for her save the world plan.

Can we go now and don’t kill it.

Thats a great cytologic specimen.

Darn! run general. Hmmmm Look this ones grown some little legs. dangerous little shits can jump now.

Time to kill some Zbots Ohyeah!

Love this part. Hurry before it changes completly.

RRRRR Hard drive.

Zombie Robots "fromanother planet"  

Zombie Robots invade Earth and the only two people on the planet that can save it is a little 8 year old girl and a one handed General.

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