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Roberto Aguayo     Molly  E.  Daniel     ENC  1145     March  24,  2013     JFK  Assassination     On  the  day  of  January  20,  1961  America  was  watching  every  TV  news  station,  listing   to  every  radio  awaiting  the  new  president  John  Fitzgerald  Kennedy  to  take  his  oath   into  the  oval  office.  He  was  highly  sought  by  a  lot  of  Americans  and  brought  to  the   white  house  a  stark  contrast  in  organization  compared  to  the  decision  making   structure  of  president  Eisenhower.  His  first  three  years  in  office  he  made  a  lot  of   great  changes  and  like  all  presidents  there  was  some  bad  stuff  that  happened  but   overall  he  had  confidence  in  himself  and  wanted  to  go  for  reelection  because  it  was   time  to  elect  a  new  president.  By  the  end  of  his  first  term  he  was  campaigning  all   over  the  United  States  and  on  November  21  of  1963  he  and  his  wife  Jacqueline   Kennedy  departed  on  Air  Force  One  gearing  themselves  for  a  five-­‐city  tour  of  Texas.   He  knew  that  Texas  was  going  to  be  a  tough  state  to  sweep  and  would  affect  his   reelection  if  he  didn’t  get  it  so  he  wanted  to  meet  and  greet  with  the  people  and  get   as  much  of  a  personal  connection  that  he  could  with  them.  They  went  to  San  Antonio   the  first  day  and  everything  went  according  to  plan,  the  people  loved  his   humbleness  and  how  he  talked  to  them  outside  amongst  getting  slightly  wet  from   the  rain.  On  the  morning  of  November  22  they  had  a  stop  in  Fort  Worth  were  it  was   rainy  and  very  gloomy  weather  but  they  managed  to  grab  the  people  attention   because  of  how  Kennedy  and  his  wife  weren’t  afraid  to  talk  in  the  rain.  After  that,  

they departed  for  a  quick  13-­‐minute  flight  to  Dallas,  Texas.  As  they  left  the  airport,   Governor  John  Connaly  and  his  wife  Nellie  were  already  waiting  in  the  limousine  to   accompany  the  president  and  the  first  lady.  Since  the  rain  had  deceased  and  was   turning  into  a  beautiful  day  the  plastic  bubble  top  had  been  left  off  on  the   convertible.  Crowds  of  ecstatic  people  lined  up  the  10-­‐mile  stretch  of  streets  just  to   wave  at  Kennedy  and  Jacqueline.       Almost  to  the  end  of  there  concourse  the  limousine  was  turning  off  Main  Street  at   Dealey  Plaza  at  around  1230  p.m.  driving  past  the  Texas  School  Book  Depository   and  that’s  where  the  scene  turned  tragic,  three  gunshots  were  fired  at  the  presidents   limousine.  Surprisingly  the  crowed  managed  to  keep  cheering  and  didn’t  become   ecstatic  not  realizing  it  was  really  tragic  because  President  Kennedy  was  struck  just   below  of  his  head  right  around  the  right  side  of  his  neck  piercing  the  top  of  his  lungs   and  also  hitting  Governer  Connally  that  was  in  the  front  seat.  They  were  both  rushed   immediately  to  the  hospital,  at  around  one  o’clock  president  Kennedy  was   pronounced  dead  by  a  gunshot  wound  taken  to  the  head.  Governor  Connally  was   okay  after  suffering  serious  injuries  to  his  shoulder  and  hand.  The  United  States  was   at  risk  at  that  moment  because  there  leader  was  dead  but  as  quickly  as  he  died,  one   hour  later  at  2:38  pm  CST  vice  president  Lyndon  B.  Johnson  took  the  oath  of  office   on  board  Air  Force  One  just  before  it  departed  from  Love  Field  in  Texas.       There  are  many  questions  out  there  that  we  don’t  have  answers  too,  the  one   thing  in  this  research  paper  is  that  from  all  this  evidence  that  has  been  collected  I  

believe that  Lee  Harvey  Oswald  did  not  act  alone  in  the  assassination  on  John  F   Kennedy.  This  paper  will  uncover  all  of  the  minute  details  in  this  whole  ordeal  and   what  really  happened  that  day  of  November  22,  1961.   Was  there  actually  in  fact  another  gunman  that  fired  another  shot?  And  what   was  going  behind  in  President  Kennedy’s  personal  life  that  most  of  the  people  didn’t   know  that  could  had  lead  to  his  assassination,  was  he  the  man  he  said  he  was,  what   were  other  people  saying  about  him?  Were  there  secret  plots  that  we  didn’t  know   about?  In  this  essay  we  will  find  the  conspiracies  of  how  gossip  and  gender  roles   tied  into  his  assassination.   As  we  all  know  it  by  how  it  was  descripted  in  the  introduction  the   Government  released  that  the  assassination  on  JFK  was  the  work  of  one  man  and   one  man  only,  which  was  Lee  Harvey  Oswald  but  when  you  look  back  and  examine   the  crime  scene  in  detail  its  just  doesn’t  piece  together.     As  we  look  into  Oswald’s  past  he  had  a  rough  time  growing  up  being  raised   by  a  single  mother.  He  was  known  to  be  a  loner  and  one  of  the  quiet  kids  at  a  young   age  when  he  turned  16  he  enlisted  in  the  marines  and  started  learning  the  Russian   language.  In  1959  he  was  given  a  dishonorable  discharge  by  the  marine  reserves   and  after  that  he  decided  to  move  to  the  Soviet  Union,  which  he  lived  there,  from   1959  to  1962.  There  he  met  a  girl  named  Marina  Puskova,  which  was  native  to   Russia.  He  moved  back  to  the  United  States  in  1962  and  from  there  is  where  it  is   questioned.  Was  he  working  for  the  KGB  of  Russia?    

Another conspiracy  that  is  very  interesting  to  find  out  about  is  the  mob  and  there   connections  with  the  government.  We  start  off  buy  taking  a  look  at  Kennedy’s   background.  He  wasn’t  the  “Perfect  President”  everybody  thought  he  was.  He  was   known  to  have  a  fetish  for  beautiful  blonde  celebrities  but  the  one  that  is  known  by   a  lot  is  the  notorious  Marilynn  Monroe.  He  also  had  affairs  with  other  women  even  if   they  weren’t  blond.    This  is  one  reason  why  the  mafia  conspiracy  was  tied  to  his   assassination.  Not  only  did  the  mobsters  have  other  reasons  to  get  rid  of  Kennedy   also  because  him  and  his  brother  which  was  the  head  of  organized  crime  were   trying  to  get  rid  of  the  mobsters  and  their  organized  crime.  The  three  main  guys  in   the  plot  to  kill  Mr.  Kennedy  were  Carlos  Marcello,  Santos  Trafficante,  and  Jimmy   Hofa.  Not  only  is  there  key  evidence  in  this  because  The  Kennedys  and  the  mafia  go   way  back,  the  only  reason  JFK  was  elected  president  was  because  of  the  mafia.  JFK   and  Chicago  mob  boss  Sam  Giancana  shared  the  same  mistresses  in  Judith  Cambell   Exner.  Gianca  helped  President  Kennedy  win  votes  in  Chicago  and  all  over  the  east   coast.  But  as  the  mafia  helped  president  Kennedy  they  soon  sought  after  him   because  once  he  came  into  the  oval  office  him  and  his  brother  wanted  the  mobsters   to  die  out.  So  out  of  protection  for  the  mafias  themselves  they  assassinated   president  Kennedy,  included  in  the  plot  was  Jack  Ruby,  this  was  the  person  who   spontaneously  came  out  and  killed  Lee  Harvey  Oswald  which  was  the  person   charged  for  the  murder.  But  why  would  he  do  that?  Who  was  Jack  Ruby  and  what   was  he  trying  to  hide?  Finding  the  phone  records  of  Jack  Ruby  found  that  he  had   multiple  phone  calls  to  an  out  of  state  number  of  Carlos  Marcello  in  the  3  month   time  prior  to  JFK’s  assassination.    

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Schiem E. David, The mafia Killed President Kennedy, Chicago: 1988 Vernon G. Robert, The Murder of JFK, 1999 Schiem E. David, Contract America: The mafia murders of John and Robert Kennedy, Chicago: 1983 Workshopping 1) they were placed an alright order. You need more pharagraphs. 2) The researcech and the development was well delivered. 3) I want to know more about the topic. I want it to be more indepth and have more facts and quotes. 4) Be more clear about your position.



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