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Time/ B ank

Time/Store Frankfurt page 3

Photograph by / Helena Schlichting


Time/Bank Frankfurt page 5

Photograph by / Helena Schlichting

Time/Store Essex page 7 (top and bottom)

Photograph from / Latitudes

Time/Bank Exhibiton page 9 (top and bottom)

Photograph by / Stefan Pfeil

Hour Notes page 11

Photograph from / Latitudes

Hour Notes page 13

Photograph from / e-flux

Time/Food page 15

Photograph by / Sam Horine

Time/Bank Exhibition page 17

Photograph by / Stefan Pfeil

Time/Bank external wall page 19

Photograph by / David Gómez Fontanills


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Fontanills, D. G. (2012, August 27).

Designed on the occasion of Time/Bank which had exhibitions in New York, Sydney, London, Portikus, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Liverpool and Den Haag and has been ongoing since 2010.

Designed and edited by Micah Rivera

Cover image photographed by Helena Schlichting

Typefaces used in this book were Reiher Headline at 58 pt., designed by Ramiro Espinoza from Retype, and the body text in Bonnie Blond 9.5/13 designed by Artur Schmal from Original Type.

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Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

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