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Smart, Sexy, Spiritual, Strong




hat very next morning Sarah needed a shot of espresso in her arm she was so tired. “Hey, Sarah, how’s it going?” Ashford asked, “Good to see you,” he said sincerely. “Fine, fine. You too,” Sarah groggily replied not as sincerely, then added, “How ‘bout chu?” She was on a long unruly line at Starbucks when he just so happened by and unfortunately saw her through the store front glass. “Heard you got married,” she offered cordially then reluctantly added, “Congratulations.” “Yeah. Yeah, thank you and happy birthday to you. Heard you just had one,” he replied displaying very large, stained teeth. “Thank you. I appreciate that,” she responded with a pleasant albeit forced smile. “You’re my age. I remember,” he nodded in recognition, “I…uh…” he suddenly stammered. Sarah moved forward in line just as he was about to hesitantly divulge something of relative importance to her. “Yes?” she inquired more interested in him leaving than anything else. “Well, it’s nothing really,” he replied with a shrug. It was the shrug that caught her attention. “No, what is it?” she simply asked really and truly wanting him to scurry along. She was hung over. She was worn out. She just simply wasn’t


Beverly A. Burchett

in the mood for more crazy so early on in the day. “Well, my wife, well she’s younger than us…” he hedged. “Yeah…aaannnnddd…” said Sarah watchful all the while thinking, ‘What the heck is he getting at?’ “Well, I just thought that maybe, I mean, I believed that perhaps…” he paused. “Yyeeessss…” Sarah asked while positioning her body into a kung Fu stance. “…Well, well, you know, well, that it might have been…you…” he smiled and, of all things, winked. She did not wink back. “…but…” he shirked again and this time sucking in air. “But, what?” Sarah asked meanwhile thinking, ‘What the heck, I’ll bite.’ “…But, it’s just that…I wanted kids…” he finally answered as if slightly disappointed in the outcome of his choice. Sarah’s brow furrowed. Then her head inquisitively titled down and cocked to one side. She studied him. She was utterly confused not with what he said but with the implied message within. Suddenly speechless she stood prepared to drop kick him if she could maneuver behind him fast enough as not to be detected. If he knew what was best for him, he’d back up. Hell, everyone in the City could see that she was now a little crazy too, and definitely dangerous. Luckily for him, Ashford finally managed to see the now wickedly scathing stare Sarah was giving him and intelligently went on about his business. He waved good-bye to her from the sidewalk.

Smart, Sexy, Spiritual, Strong

About the Author Beverly A. Burchett placed second in the Billie Holiday Theatre Poetry Contest and thusly her love of writing was spurred. She’s a graduate of the famed High School of Performing Arts, and has acted in a number of national commercials as well as a few popular films, including “Fame”, and “Joey Breaker.” Her latest works Queen Kinni, Open Doors and Random Arts of Kindness, a journey, are available in stores and on-line at, and Beverly’s also a published lyrist, who resides in New York.


Smart, Sexy, Spiritual, Strong  

What if you’re blissfully enjoying your single life and suddenly everyone you know starts pressuring you into marriage? Further, what if yo...

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