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Rin-Taki’s Anime Association Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 Welcome to the Rin-Taki Anime Association, we are a non-profit organization. We have programs and workshops that members and nonmembers can sign up for as entertainment, education or leisure. Please read the membership information below to learn more about what benefits members receive.

October 2004 index card or paper, do not write on artowork, Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email and Title of work. If you would like more information please visit the web site ( or call us at: 726-1353 Deadline: November 5, 2004


Fees: $7.00 per entry Winners will be notified by mail 3-5 days after November 5th. Winners must come in the office to pick up their prize. Prizes are held for 7 days after initial notification, no exceptions.

~Weekly Give Away ~

~ Fan Art Contest ~ Prize: Rurouni Kenshin: The Wandering Samurai Box Set.

Rules: 1 entry per person, artwork must be no bigger than 8x11. Anything bigger will be disqualified. No hentai, yoai or yuri. Any entry that suggests these forms of anime will be disqualified and shredded. Please keep nudity to a minimum as well as sexuality. Entrants may enter their artwork in one of the following categories: Action, Drama or Comedy. Details: Entries can be of any character in the series as long as Kenshin Himura is in the picture. Artwork must have the following information typed or printed on a 3x5

Each month we give away $50, $75, $100 and $125. The first week of the month we choose one entry to receive $50, the second week we choose one entry to receive $75, the third week we choose one entry to receive $100 and the last week of the month we choose one entry to receive $125. Entries are based upon points, the more points you earn the more chances you get to enter. However, once you have used points to enter, then you can’t use them again. Fundraising brings in the most points in the entire association. Please see the Fundraising section in this newsletter. You can save your points up however and use them for the next month or use them to enter more than once in the giveaway. View the chart below to see how many points equals one entry for each giveaway. You do not need to be a member to earn points. 500 points = 1 entry 1000 points = 1 entry 1500 points = 1 entry 2000 points = 1 entry


§ Japanese Expo 2004 § Dates: Friday, November 26 – Sunday, Novem ber 28. Contents Introduction Pg. 1 Price Contests & Give Aways Pg. 1 per Trips Pg. 1 person Entertainment Pg. 1-2 : Information Pg. 2 $125.00 Contact Information Pg. 3 Due Date: November 20, 2004 Accommodations: Expo admission, room & board, transportation, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch, Movie Admission. Details: The Japan Expo is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There will be emphasis on the Japanese culture but there will also be cosplayers and anime booths with merchandise, etc. Please ask for the itinerary for this trip if you want to know more.

ENTERTAINMENT ** Anime Screenings ** We offer free anime screenings to introduce anime to the community. Every other Saturday this month we will have a screening that will be free. At a specific time on the day of the screening we will hand out free posters, t-shirts, key chains, figurines, etc. Free items will vary in quantity as well as in individuality. We also have a concession stand where you can purchase snacks and drinks if you get hungry during the screening. We also have silent auctions where you can bid on items just by writing down your bid on a sheet of paper. Each auction will vary in items.

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Every screening we will also have grab bags or mystery items that you can purchase, sometimes we will even give some away during the screening. Please see the Anime Screening Schedule for the various anime we screen. This schedule is not definite. If you would like to see what anime we are screening each weekend, then it would be best if you dropped by the facility and look at the bulletin board or go to the website.

Saturday, October 23, 2004 12:00pm – 10:00pm 12:00pm – Rave Master 1:00pm – Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi 2:00pm – If I see you in my Dreams 4:00pm – Someday’s Dreamers 5:00pm – Get Backers 7:00pm – Aquarian Age 8:00pm – Hakkenden Auction Items - Visit our website for more details and to view the images of the wallscrolls.

November Screenings Here is Greenwood Flame of Recca Burn Up Scramble DNAngel Spiral His and Her Circumstances

Ж ** Anime Spotlight ** GET BACKERS - Get Backers is primarily the story of Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, two chronically broke but supernaturally empowered youths who run a "recovery service" (recovering lost or stolen things for a price). The principle behind their jobs and behind most of the series is "If it was taken, get it back." In other words, Get

Backers is a series about reconciling past and future. Particularly in the first season the tone is often light and fun, but the second season is a long arc in which we begin to see snatches of the secret of the Limitless Fortress--the central mystery of the Get Backers world. After this arc, in which Get Backers and company save Shinjuku from being destroyed by Ginji's old friend Makubex, a series of one-shot character development episodes leads into the climax of the series, where Ban and Ginji find themselves headed back into the Limitless Fortress. This time, though, instead of saving the Limitless Fortress from Makubex, it's the other way around.

INFORMATION Ω Membership Info Ω We have three (3) different packages that you can choose from, Gold ($75), Silver ($50), Bronze ($25) and Regular (free). Member benefits: discounts on RAA merchandise and special coupons from various Internet anime stores. Other great discounts and privileges include entries into the Weekly Give Away, entries into the weekly anime item drawing, discounts on trips that the association takes once a month, a free movie ticket per month, one entry into the $25 monthly drawing and much, much more…. If you want more information on each membership package please ask for the membership packet at our office.

Ж Ω Library News Ω We are currently working on our library of manga, magazines and dvds. Currently, we don’t have anything for members to view on their own. However, members get a discount from the rental store every month as long as they have a library card through the Rin-Taki Anime Association.

Ж Ω Anime DVD Rental Ω

From Kaniya’s Anime Rentals

Welcome! Sign up now and become a member for only $5.00 this month.

Anime Drawing Entries must be received by the due date next to the item. Yukikaze Vol. 1 DVD (Oct 8) Trigun – Vash Tshirt – Black (Oct. 15) Rurouni Kenshin Poster (Oct. 22) Rent up to 5 dvds at once for four (4) days. If you are a member of the RinTaki Anime Association rentals are free until November 1, 2004. Rental fees: $3.99 per dvd. Late fee of $2.00 per dvd per day.


Ω Fundraising Ω This month we are having the scented candle fundraiser. Order forms are available in the office. Please remember to turn in your earnings weekly. Race to raise the most money by October 14, 2004. The winner will get $100.00* from the proceeds and earn 5pts per dollar raised. This offer ends on October 14th at 7pm.

Ж Ω Club Information Ω Officers: President: Daniel Ramirez Vice-President: Open Secretary: Open Meeting Schedule: Saturday, Oct. 9, 16 @ 2:00pm Friday, Oct. 22, 29 @ 7pm Meetings are held once a week at the screening facility.

Ж Ω Points Ω Contact To contact us for more information or to ask for something to be added into the newsletter, please email or call us at the information below. Email: Phone: 209-726-1353 Website:

Rin-Taki’s Anime Association Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 The following are opportunities to membership points.

October 2004

some of the earn your

Concession on Friday & Saturday – 50pts per hour Attending Meetings – 25pts per meeting. Member of the Month - 100pts Fundraisers – 3pts per dollar Chairing a Committee – 75pts Committee Member – 25pts

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