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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G


No Hidden Requirements

Hanson Electronics, UScellular™ Authorized Agent 2384 Jackson St., Stoughton, 608-877-9548 603 E. Main St., Evansville, 608-882-0680 1015 N. Main St., Oregon, 608-835-2980

Things we want you to know: New consumer or small business (25 lines or less) postpaid Smartphone service plan, new line and port-in required. Tax due at sale. A Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee applies; this is not a tax or gov’t-required charge. Additional fees, taxes, terms, conditions and coverage areas may apply and vary by plan, service and phone. Credit approval required. Offers valid at participating locations only and cannot be combined. See store or uscellular.com for details. OFFER DETAILS: Purchase a Samsung GS21, GS21 Plus or GS21 Ultra via 0% APR, $0 down, 30-mo. Retail Installment Contract (RIC) and receive an $800 bill credit divided into 30 monthly credits. Bill credit applied within 3 bill cycles and ends when balance is paid. Line must remain in good standing with required price plan for entire 30-mo. RIC. In the event of cancellation of service, customer will be responsible for the entire RIC balance. Free offer applies to base model and memory. 5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See uscellular.com/coverage-map for details. Limited-time offer. While supplies last. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Offers valid at participating locations only and cannot be combined. See store or uscellular.com for details.©2021 UScellular adno=204269


Requires a new line, postpaid Smartphone service plan, port-in, credit approval, qualified Smartphone purchase and comes via monthly bill credit on a 30-mo. RIC. 5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See uscellular.com/coverage-map for details. Taxes, fees, and additional restrictions apply.

2 - Call 845-9559 to advertise in The Great Dane — Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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Q. . My 7-year-old son keeps asking for a dog

Q. Do dogs and cats see colors? A. Color vision in pets is interesting, and it does effect the way many veterinarians work with

but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. A. Adding a pet to the family is a many year commitment. First take time to do some research. If you rent, are pets allowed? Do you have access to outdoor space? Can family work schedules allow for letting a dog out during the day? Can your family afford the basic costs as well as the medical ones that can arise? Who will care for the animal? Is your child responsible enough to help with pet care? You may want to start by offering to “pet sit” for a friend’s dog a few times to get a better idea of your child’s true interest in being an owner. adno=203799

203 West Verona Avenue • (608) 845-6700 adno=203797



Q. Which retirement plan is right for my business? A. If you’re a business owner, you’ve always got a lot on your mind – but you still need to

Q. My teeth are sensitive. What can cause this? A. If eating ice cream or sipping hot coffee causes dental pain, you may have

think about helping yourself and your employees save for retirement. In fact, you need a plan. If you don’t already provide a retirement plan, you’ll find that it can be a good recruiting and retention tool. Some states are now requiring businesses to offer a retirement plan. If your state mandates one, you’ll want to evaluate all its features carefully – contribution limits, potential tax credits, overall cost, and number and type of investment options – to determine if it makes sense for your needs. Of course, you are always free to set up your own plan. You may get a tax credit if you establish a 401(k), a SEP-IRA or a SIMPLE-IRA. Plus, contributions to these plans are usually tax deductible. Which plan is right for you? It depends on several factors, including Brendon Diers, AAMS® number of employees, annual income and so on. Your tax advisor and financial professional can Financial Advisor help you make the right choice. And once it’s in place, your retirement plan can brighten the financial future for yourself and your employees. This article was written by Edward Jones for the use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. 161 Horizon Dr., Suite 107a • Verona, WI 53593 (608) 845-2533 • Member SIPC brendon.diers@edwardjones.com • www.edwardjones.com


Brendon Diers, AAMS®, Financial Advisor

Drs. Kate & John Schacherl, D.D.S.

sensitive teeth. Possible causes of sensitivity include tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, or exposed tooth roots. The good news is that sensitive teeth can be treated. The type of treatment depends on what is causing the sensitivity. We may recommend desensitizing toothpaste, which contains ingredients that help block transmission of sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve. Fluoride gel can be applied to teeth in-office to strengthen tooth enamel to reduce sensation – yes, even for adults. And, gum recession surgical procedures – like the Pinhole Procedure we do at the office – can cover and protect exposed tooth roots and reduce sensitivity. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, ask us how we can help.

(608) 845-6127

105 N. Main St., Verona • MainStreetDentists.com

Certified Public Accountant


Q. How am I supposed to account for my Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan?


A. In the most recent round of stimulus, loans forgiven are considered tax-exempt income with effective date of the CARES Act. Expenses used from proceeds of a forgiven PPP loan are now deductible. Additionally, companies with gross revenue loss of 25 percent in any quarter when compared to 2019, are eligible for a second round of PPP loans. Your tax accountant will know how to account for your PPP loan on your tax return if you provide the correct information. Feel free to give us a call for any of your tax concerns this upcoming tax season.


232 Chads Crossing, Verona WI 53593 david@davidhennickcpa.com • www.davidhennickcpa.com


A. Your attorney serves to protect your interests by identifying potential problems and offering ways to address these concerns. Your attorney can help you prepare, negotiate, and understand documents necessary to a real estate transaction. At the beginning of a residential transaction there are documents that the Seller must often provide to the potential Buyer including a Real Estate Condition Report as well as documents disclosing issues impacting the value of the property, such as the presence of lead paint. Terese M. Hansen If you are the Buyer, your attorney can help you negotiate the terms of the offer and Attorney-At-Law ensure that relevant testing is done for such things as radon, and/or water related issues. If you intend to purchase property on a land contract, or lease to own, an attorney can prepare and file the necessary documents. If the property is an investment property, your attorney can assist you in properly titling your property to reduce your exposure to liability. If you were interested in performing a like kind exchange, your attorney could assist you in properly and timely identifying the property for the exchange. Attorneys typically bill based on time spent, not a commission. 111 E. Verona Ave., Verona, WI 53593 (608) 772-3939 • hansenlawverona.com hansenlawverona@gmail.com

Hansen Law



Q. What is a multi-stage furnace? A. Your furnace is sized to maintain the temperature inside during the coldest

Q. How can Comfort Keepers make an impact on the life of an elder? A. It is easy to get caught up in the physical tasks of caring for an elderly loved one.

President & CEO

Responding to calls for help, cleaning, providing healthy meals, ensuring medications are taken - along with tending to the details of your own life - can keep you busy with little time to spare. However, it takes more than task-oriented duties to keep seniors vital, active and healthy. Elders are happier and healthier when they are active, connected and feel they contribute to the world around them. The engagement of the “whole person” is the unique philosophy behind Interactive Caregiving™. Comfort Keepers knows that elders who need care also want to maintain happy, independent living within their own homes. Comfort Keepers’ goal is to help the seniors do exactly that by interacting with clients physically, mentally and socially, and to enhance the overall health and well- being in their lives.

Dave Kaltenberg

normal outside temperatures. But, most of the time during the heating season, the outdoor temperature is above this minimum temperature. At these more moderate conditions, a single stage furnace is actually larger than it needs to be. A multi-stage furnace will reduce its heat output in these times, when full capacity is not needed. This usually results in better comfort and more even heating throughout your home. Plus, since many multi-stage furnaces include an ECM bl wer motor, you may also get lower electrical costs and quieter operation than a standard motor provides. For these or any other questions on your HVAC system, contact Dave at OK Heating & Air Conditioning.


579 D’onofrio Dr., #10, Madison, WI 53719


James Rudolph

How can an Attorney assist Buyers or Sellers in a real estate transaction?

(608) 442-1898 • comfortkeepers.com/Madison 161 Horizon Dr., Verona, WI 53593




Q. How Can I Beat A Competing Offer?

Q. I am an expert in my line of work, and I’m interested in advertising in the Ask a Professional series. How can I get more information?

A. Multiple offer scenarios are very common in a seller’s market. Many buyers are faced with trying

Making a Difference, One Home at a Time! (608) 492-2272 kschulz@KeithAndKinsey.com • www.KeithAndKinsey.com


to beat out another buyer when offering on a home (one of our recent listings had 14 offers). Aside from the obvious thing, price, there are many things you can do to make your offer look better. First minimize your contingencies. The more contingencies you have, the more ways you have to get out of the contract, every additional contingency is a negative in the seller’s eyes. Second, have strong financing. A buyer who is putting 20% down with conventional financing provides much more confidence to a seller than someone attempting to do a low down payment specialty program. Third, don’t ask for Keith & Kinsey Schulz extras. Asking for something as minor as a home warranty affects the seller’s bottom line and could make you lose to the competition (you can always buy your own warranty later). Fourth, adapt to the Real Estate Team sellers timeline. Ask the seller when they want to move and try to align with their date. Fifth, put down more earnest money. It doesn’t actually cost you more because it’s credited towards your bottom line at closing, but it shows more seriousness and confidence in your offer. Lastly, write a love letter, anything you can do to play on the seller’s emotions and make them want to sell the house to you is beneficial. Believe it or not, price isn’t the only thing a seller looks at, other terms can win you the deal.

Bryann Bozeman Advertising Sales Consultant

A. It’s simple, just call or email me and I can answer your questions. This is one of the best places to tell your potential clients and patrons what you can do for them! And you’ll reach over 30,000 homes through the Verona Press and the Great Dane Shopping News.

Verona Press & Great Dane Shopping News


David Hennick CPA




The Caring Center/Verona Montessori House 402 W. Verona Ave. • Verona • (608) 845-8620

pets. Some people mistakenly think that dogs are colorblind; in reality, dogs have dichromatic vision and can see much of the range of colors that humans can see (although dogs can’t distinguish colors in the orange/yellow/green range). Dogs can see better in low light than humans can, and they can also see into the ultraviolet UVB spectrum. Cats have color vision similar to dogs; cats see especially well in dim light and in the blue/violet/ultraviolet end of the color spectrum. Dr. Barney Smith This information about pets’ color vision is useful when choosing colors for a veterinary clinic (or for a home, if you are really into your pets!). Soft beige, green, blue and violet colors are calming for pets because they can see these colors better – this color palette is used on the walls of many clinics to help reduce stress and anxiety during pet visits. And doctors are “ditching” white lab coats in favor of more muted colors of clothing that may help pets relax. Color choices – as well as a better understanding of animal behavior – are helping to make veterinary clinics a fear-free place for pets!

veronasales@wcinet.com • 608-845-9559 133 Enterprise Dr., Verona WI • connectverona.com adno=49266 adno=188381

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 — Call 845-9559 to advertise in The Great Dane - 3


“Our Family Helping Your Family”







7-Year Extended Warranty* A $695 Value!

Special Financing Available *

12 days, departs May - Sep 2021





Offer valid December 15, 2020 - March 1, 2021




Subject to Credit Approval

*To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and activate the generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list of terms and conditions.

800-373-5550 ClearyBuilding.com


HANSEN AUCTION GROUP ONLINE AUCTION 3600 Square Foot Commercial Building



Exceptional investment opportunity on a nice corner lot in Cudahy, WI. Several entry doors and overhead doors with multiple entrances.

promo code N7017

*Prices are per person based on double occupancy plus $299 in taxes & fees. Single supplement and seasonal surcharges may apply. Add-on airfare available. Onboard Credit requires purchase of Ocean View or Balcony Cabin. Offers apply to new bookings only, made by 3/31/21. Other terms & conditions may apply. Ask your Travel Consultant for details.


For more info call 715-418-1030

Terms: 10% Buyers Fee. 10% Down bank draft or check, with the balance due in cash at closing in 45 days. Real estate co-broking is encouraged. Bryce Hansen, WI Registered Auctioneer #225. adno=206697



Serving the Verona Community for Over 40 Years!

FREE IN-HOME DESIGN CONSULTATION CALL TODAY *Offer valid only while supplies last. Limit one per household. Must be first time purchase. Minimum spend amount applies. Financing subject to third party credit approval. Some financing options cannot be combined with other offers and may require minimum monthly payments. All offers subject to change prior to purchase. See AmericanStandardShowers.com for other restrictions and for licensing, warranty, and company information. CSLB B982796; Suffolk NY: 55431H;NYC:HIC 2022748-DCA. Safety Tubs Co. LLC does not sell in Nassau NY, Westchester NY, Putnam NY, Rockland NY.

• Residential • Commercial

newshowerdeal.com/display | 888-674-3005

Krantz Electric Inc.


Tina’s Home


Specializing in Residential Cleaning

She’s The Right One! She found our boat in the CLASSIFIEDS


Weekly • Biweekly • Monthly Insured • Move-In Move-Out • Free Estimates


2650 N. Nine Mound Rd., Verona 845-9156 www.krantzelectricinc.com

{ HERE }

Cleaning, LLC


• Solar Systems • 24-Hour Service



Every Classified That Is Placed In The Shopping News Is Also Placed FREE On The Web!

r racto Cont ies ir Inqu ome Welc

Call today for a Free Estimate & In-Home Consultation

fi For Results You Can Trust


JOHN YODER E3552 Griffin Pit Ln LaValle, WI

(608) 845-9599

Do it Once, Do it Right!

Plan Ahead for your Spring Roofing Now!


Building a new home? Check with us first. We offer competitive pricing!

COUNTYLINE KITCHENS “Dedicated to Quality and Customer Service”


Enos Miller E2690 State Rd 154 • Hillpoint, WI 53937

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Our kids play sports all year; I’m considering Chiropractic even though they are not injured. It seems that a lot of pro athletes, including Aaron Rodgers do this, what are your thoughts.

A. Athletic training has changed rapidly in the last decade and in an effort to gain every

edge, today’s professional athletes and teams incorporate every training and rehab technique possible to gain that edge. Regular chiropractic visits for your student athletes will certainly help increase their performance and keep them from being sidelined during the season. Chiropractic can enhance performance through increased range of motion. . Getting all joints such as: hips, knees, elbows, into their natural alignment helps restore range of motion and ultimately increases sports performance. Chiropractic care also helps speed up recovery not just from injuries, but regular wear and tear, more importantly it reduces the need for pain medication. By restoring muscle, joint and nerve function the body can more rapidly repair and regenerate itself. Clinical studies published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that spinal manipulation showed significant improvements in both pain and function with no major adverse side effects Lee Unwin, BCMT, CSCS

102 N. Franklin Street • Verona, WI 53593 (608) 848-1800 • unwinchiropractic.com


Jill Unwin, DC, CCEP


Q. What are the main differences between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis? A. Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are the two main types of arthritis, although there are over 100 varieties of arthritic conditions. OA is commonly referred to as the “wear and tear” arthritis, as it is caused by the breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage of one or more joints. A person with OA will typically have more pain/stiffness/soreness in the mornings or after sedentary periods of time. Crepitus (a creaking or popping feeling) and localized swelling are often noticed in the joint(s). RA Susan Armstrong, MPT is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of joints, tissues and/or Physical Therapist organs. Individuals with RA usually experience periods of flare-ups and periods of relief. RA generally affects multiple joints in the body and is characterized by the destruction of the joint capsule by the person’s own immune system. Physical and Occupational Therapy treatments are specific and very different for each type of arthritis. Contact Stellar Rehabilitation to obtain the correct care for either condition at 608-845-2100 or www.stellarrehab.com .

Comprehensive Therapy Services 1049 N. Edge Trail • Prairie Oaks (608) 845-2100 • Verona, WI 53593 • www.stellarrehab.com

If you would like to join our Ask the Professional Section, contact Bryann Bozeman at 845-0165 to find out how!












Free Estimates and Fully Insured Wet Basement and Foundation Repair

Explore ClearyBuilding.com




Find Your Dream Building Today!

Prepare for unexpected power outages with a Generac home standby generator

We Offer Payment Options!

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Design Homes, Inc.


Custom Homes Since 1966

Price locked for the entire build

Historically Low Interest Rates!

Homes in Inventory Ready Now!

Only 5% Down

Kohler and Pella Standard in all Homes

Debt Free Family Owned Company Since 1966

STOUGHTON. 2-BEDROOM Upper. Available April 1. Remodeled. No Pets. 1-car garage. Rent $750. 608-332-6013.

Bring Us Your Plans & Ideas Today!

FRENCHTOWN SELF-STORAGE Only 6 miles South of Verona on Hwy PB. Variety of sizes available now. 10x10=$65-month 10x15=$75-month 10x20=$85-month 10x25=$95-month 12x30=$120-month Call 608-424-6530 or 1-888-878-4244

Our Classic 1248 sq. ft., 3-Bedroom, Ranch Starts At Around $99,000! tewide liver Sta We De & Parts N, WI, To IA, M E. O, & N of IL, M

Standard Specs!

NORTH PARK STORAGE 10x10 through 10x40, plus 14x40 with 14' door for RV & Boats. Come & go as you please. 608-873-5088

R-55 Ceilings ~ 2x6 Walls Pella Windows ~ Kohler Plumbing Mohawk Revwood

Popular Options!

Edgerton, WI


Quartz Counters & LP Smartside Siding

DesignHomes.com • 920-923-4380

DEER POINT STORAGE Convenient location behind Stoughton Lumber. Clean-Dry Units 24-HOUR LIGHTED ACCESS 5x10 thru 12x25 608-335-3337

RASCHEIN PROPERTY STORAGE 6x10 thru 10x25 Market Street/Burr Oak Street in Oregon Call 608-520-0240

FARM ALL SEASONS SELF STORAGE 10x10 10x15 10x20 10x25 10x30 Security Lights-24/7 access OREGON/BROOKLYN CALL 608-444-2900 UNION ROAD STORAGE 10x10 - 10x15 - 10x20 - 12x30 24-7 Access Security Lights & Cameras Credit Cards Accepted 608-835-0082 1128 Union Road, Oregon, WI Located on the corner of Union Road and Lincoln Road OFFICE SPACES FOR RENT In Oregon facing 15th hole on golf course Free Wi-Fi, Parking and Security System Conference rooms available Kitchenette-Breakroom Autumn Woods Prof. Centre Debbie 608-835-3628

DIRECTV - Every live football game, every Sunday - anywhere - on your favorite device. Restrictions apply. Call IVS 1-888-925-9452 (WCAN). DIRECTV NOW. No Satellite Needed. $40/mo. 65 Channels. Stream Breaking News, Live Events, Sports & On Demand Titles. No Annual Contract. No Commitment. CALL 1-855-7321304 (WCAN). EARTHLINK HIGH Speed Internet. As Low as $14.95 month (for the first 3 months.) Reliable High Speed Fiber Optic Technology. Stream Videos, Music & more! Call Earthlink Today 1-855-404-9615 (WCAN). HIGH-SPEED INTERNET. We instantly compare speed, pricing, availability to find the best service for your needs. Starting at $39.99/month! Quickly compare offers from top providers. Call 1-855-534-0408 (WCAN). INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU INVEST! Midwest Free Community Paper Association does not knowingly accept fraudulent or deceptive advertising. Readers are cautioned to thoroughly investigate all classifieds and other ads which require an investment. (MCN).


Your free press strengthens our community. Not by being separate from it, but by being part of it.

This free community paper is a vital force in our community. We live here, we work here, our kids attend school here, we shop here, and we love it here. Because we feel so connected, we want everyone to feel the same way. That’s why we offer the best our community has to offer each issue. We invite you to strengthen our community by shopping locally, being involved, and supporting each other. We do. Insert Your Logo Here

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NEW AUTHORS wanted! Page Publishing will help self-publish your book. Free author submission kit! Limited offer! 866-9517214. STAY IN YOUR HOME LONGER with an American Standard WalkIn Bathtub. Receive up to $1,500 off, including a FREE Toilet, & a lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-6616016 or visit www.walkintubquote.com2 (WCAN). TRAIN ONLINE to do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Professional at CTI! Get trained & certified to work in months! 888572-6790. (M-F 8-6 ET). WCAN (WISCONSIN Community Ad Network) and/or the member publications review ads to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous people are ready to take your money! PLEASE BE CAREFUL ANSWERING ANY AD THAT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! For more information, or to file a complaint regarding an ad, please contact The Department of Trade, Agriculture & Consumer Protection 1-800422-7128 (WCAN). PUBLISHER’S NOTICE - All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise ‘‘… any preference, limitations, or discriminations based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make such preference, limitations, or discrimination.’’ We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this paper are available on an equal opportunity basis.

A&B ENTERPRISES Light Construction Remodeling No job too small 608-835-7791 COMPUTER & IT TRAINING PROGRAM! Train ONLINE to get the skills to become a Computer & Help Desk Professional now! Grants and Scholarships available for certain programs for qualified applicants. Call CTI for details. 608-999-3925 (M-F 8am-6pm ET) (WCAN). TRAIN ONLINE TO DO MEDICAL BILLING! Become a Medical Office Professional online at CTI! Get Trained, Certified & ready to work in months! Call 920-6008950 (M-F 8am-6pm ET) (WCAN).

FOR SALE Goldendoodle puppies, ready in April. $1,200 female, $1,000 male. 608-5767562. GREAT PYRENEES purebred puppies, born January 5, $500 OMO. 8124 Narrow Cut Lane Bloomington WI. CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS Noon Friday for The Great Dane and Noon Monday for The Courier Hub and Oregon Observer unless changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 845-9559, 873-6671 or 8356677.

RICK MILES COINS, BUY AND SELL: U.S. Coins, 40% and 90% silver, gold coins, old currency, coin collections. Also do appraisals. 608-988-6406 or 608-723-4917.


BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! We edit, print and distribute your work internationally. We do the work. You reap the Rewards! Call for a FREE Authors Submission Kit: 855-725-7825 (WCAN). WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks. We sell used parts. Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm. Newville Auto Salvage 279 Hwy 59 Edgerton 608-884-3114

Stateline Auctions Office: (608) 439-5794 Dan Powers: (608) 214-1883 – Mike Powers: (608) 214-5761



Stateline Auctions is now accepting consignments! We are Accepting Quality Used Farm Equipment Construction Equipment - Skid Steers - Attachments - Hay & Forage Equipment - Planting & Tillage Trucks - Trailers - Lawn & Garden - Recreational Equipment and more! Consignments Accepted Until April 2nd!

Free Extended Global Advertising! Equipment is available for inspection prior to auction. Increase in online equipment catalog previews and bidding activity. The longer your equipment is up online and in our yard the more eyes see it!

For More Information & Details Visit www.powersauction.com

Powers Auction Service

110 E Murray Street, Browntown, WI 53522 Phone: (608) 439-5760 www.powersauction.com

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 — Call 845-9559 to advertise in The Great Dane - 5


Angus Bull Sale Ninth Annual

ALL KINDS of hay and straw. Local, Western and Canadian and haylage. All delivered. Walter Mathys. 608-482-1457. FOR SALE: Grass hay, large squares and large rounds. STORED INSIDE. Will load. $150 a ton. 608 723-2686. FOR SALE: Grass hay, large squares and large rounds. STORED INSIDE. Will load. $150 a ton. 608 723-2686. TEFFGRASS HORSE and heifer hay. Small squares. $285 a ton. Can deliver. 608-723-2686.

ANGUS, RED ANGUS, LIMFLEX AND LIMOUSIN BULLS, YEARLINGS AND 2 YEAR OLDS, Carcass ultrasound data, semen tested, large selection, delivery. Like us on Facebook. Spring Creeks Cattle Company. 608-553-8070.

February, 20, 17 2018 February 2021

FOR SALE: Jersey bull, records of over 29,000 lbs. milk, scored 94. Also have younger bulls for sale. 608-732-1130.

5:00 pm | 9141 R & K Rd., Darlington, WI

Proudly offering 70 elite ff calving-ease, power and growth herd sire prospects!

2021 SPRING Bee Pre-Order www.bradsbeesandhoney.com 3 lb Bee Packages $160. 5 frame NUC $165. Single & Doubles Hive. Brad 262-749-0716 (WCAN).

WANTED: HORSES and ponies. Western store available, www. ivegotbling.com. 608-341-8144. ARE YOU a do-gooder? The found classifieds are available at no cost to the customer.

Lot 1 RB Active Duty 115-6608

Chad Morrissey - 608.778.7066 | Jeff Riley Chad Morrissey - 608.778.7066 | Tim Salathe - 608.482.1246 | Jeff- 608.574.2299 Riley - 608.574.2299 rileybrothersangus.com | rileybrosangus@hotmail.com


RENT SKID LOADERS MINI-EXCAVATORS TELE-HANDLER and these attachments. Concrete breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake, concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher, rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump grinder. By the day, week, or month. Carter & Gruenewald Co. 4417 Hwy 92, Brooklyn, WI 608-455-2411

GREAT DANE CLASSIFIEDS… from autos to real estate to employment opportunities to merchandise, there is no better source in the Madison area!


BIG SQUARES of Western hay. 563-419-7370.

WANTED: 10' or 12' grain drill with double disc. 608-943-6142. WINTER TOOL SALE! 10% Off all Powermatic Tools! WoodworkersDepot.com, M-Sat 8-4, Oneida St, off 41, right at Subway, 2965 Ramada Way, Green Bay 800-891-9003 (WCAN). FOR SALE: 1980 JD 8640 with 12' blade, motor rebuilt, 2 spd., new clutch. 608-794-2321 or 608-778-3710.

CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! 2002 and Newer! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! Were Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888416-2330. CASH FOR CARS: We Buy Any Condition Vehicle, 2002 and Newer. Competitive Offer! Nationwide FREE Pick Up! Call Now For a Free Quote! 888-3665659. (MCN). DONATE YOUR CAR or TRUCK to HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3-Day Vacation. Tax Deductible. Free Towing. All paperwork taken care of! CALL 844-374-3067 (WCAN). DONATE YOUR CAR TO CHARITY. Receive maximum value of write off for your taxes. Running or not! All conditions accepted. Free pickup. Call for details. 855-752-6680 (MCN). DONATE YOUR CAR TO UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION! Your donation helps education, prevention & support programs. FAST FREE PICKUP - 24 HR RESPONSE -TAX DEDUCTION 1-855-665-3370 (WCAN). DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. CALL 1-855-977-7030 (MCN). FREE AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES See how much you can save! High-risk SR22 driver policies available! Call 844-841-5198 (WCAN). YOUR CAR, BOAT OR MOTORCYCLE helps Rawhide provide mental health services that redirect local Wisconsin youth & adults from harmful decisions. Donate Today! 888-6532729 (WCAN). Cash for CARS: We Buy Any Condition Vehicle, 2002 and Newer. Nationwide Free Pick Up! Call Now: 1-800-864-5960. WANT TO purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201.

For Info Contact Scott Implement - (608)348-6565 or to view pictures www.scottimplement.com

ON-SITE BIDDING and INTERNET BIDDING available sale day.

See Scottimplement.com or EquipmentFacts to register for online bidding. TRACTORS

2014 MF 7622 cab, fwa, Dyna 6, 165 PTO hp, 1332 hrs, EAN 2014 MF 4608 fwa, ROPS, 171 hrs, I E NE MF 2680 cab, fwa, new tires 2007 MF 3645 cab, fwa, 729 hrs, NI E AGCO Allis 9455 cab, fwa, duals AC 8050 cab, 2wd 1997 JD 7810 cab, 2wd, power quad, 4200 hrs, JD 725 loader, grapple White 2-105 cab, 2wd AGCO Allis 8775 cab, fwa MF GC1705 sub compact, diesel, fwa, 60” belly mower MF 3525 cab IH 5488 cab, fwa, new tires, duals, 4800 hrs MF 4610 fwa, loader AC 200 cab, 2wd JD 2755 2wd, 245 loader, 3498 hrs Case 4490 4x4 tractor CIH 2090 JD 4240 Case 930 Deutz DX90 cab, 2wd, mechanics special (2) AC 170, gas AC 180 tractor IH 340 industrial loader tractor Farmall F20 JD MT gas, nf Ford 5000 gas, wf Ford loader Yanmar YL210 loader with bucket Farmall 350 gas, nf Farmall 400 gas, nf, Workmaster 800 loader Westendorf loader


2016 NH L228, 2 spd, CAH, hyd detach, 2800# lift 2015 NH L220, 2 spd, CAH, hyd detach, NE NER NH L218 cab, heat, one owner NH L225, E-H controls, 2 spd, CAH Gehl R260 NH L220, CAH JD 250 NH L185, cab 2010 Case SR210, CAH 40ft hyd truss boom, winch, skid steer mount NH L170 NH LS170 NH LX885, cab (2) log grapples 2007 Case 420, new tires, 2500 hrs. Small sq bale pick up attachment Several skid steer attachments, new and used


(2) NH RB560 rd balers, Specialty Crop, 5X6, EAN New Idea 7333 big square baler (2) 2015 MF 1383 swivel hitch discbines, NI E (2) MF 1359 9ft discbines NE Pequea 910 fluffer tedder, pto drive 2016 CIH DC133 discbine, drawbar swivel CIH 455 rd baler, 4x5, net, twine, NH BR740A rd baler Vermeer VR1428 14 wheel rake, all hyd (2) JD 956 15ft discbines, 2 pt swivel hitch Miller Pro 5200 chopper box NH BR780A rd baler, bale slice, net Miller Pro 7914 merger (2) MF 1372 12ft discbines Hesston 956 rd baler, net 2015 NH H6740 3pt disc mower JD 567 rd baler CIH DCX131 discbine CIH 8570 big square baler H&S chopper box, tandem Miller Pro 4100 box, tandem Vermeer 605N rd baler, net NH BR780 rd baler, net (2) bale baskets NH 316 sq baler, thrower Rotary rake with Honda gas motor JD 946 discbine, 2pt hitch (2) Gehl 970 chopper boxes, tandem (2) NH 256 rakes (4) New Idea 5209 discbines NH 7230 10ft discbine JD 936 discbine, steel rolls JD 930 discbine, impeller NH 1411 discbine Little Giant bale conveyor, electric motor Gehl 260 rake Meyers 500 16ft chopper box, tandem Gehl 970 chopper box, JD gear NH 326 sq baler NH 900 chopper, hay hd Miller Pro 5200 16ft chopper box, tandem (2) steel bale racks Badger 14ft chopper box Kasten 8x18 flat rack 6 place rd bale transport with 3pt forks CIH 3650 rd baler Hesston 3717 tedder JD 100 blower Kasten 14ft box, tandem Miller Pro 16ft box, tandem NH 565 sq baler, thrower (2) Gehl 970 chopper boxes, 16ft JD blower Gehl 1200 chopper, 330 head JD 660 rake (2) Hesston 1340 hydro swing discbines H&S fluffer tedder, pto drive (2) CIH 600 blowers New Idea Cut-ditioner Several bale racks NH 80 3pt bale mover Rex chopper box JD 3pt 7ft sickle mower IH 430 sq baler JD 640 rake 6 place rd bale transport (2) NH 28 blowers


NH 195 spreader, hyd gate, AR MF 3719 spreader, tandem axle, hyd gate, NI E 2015 Kuhn Knight 2054 vertical beater spreader, NI E NI 3732 spreader 2013 MF 3728 spreader Kuhn Knight 8124 slinger NI 3739 spreader

Kuhn Knight 8114 slinger (2) Knight 8118 slingers Meyer 7500 V-Force rear discharge spreader NH 680 spreader, top beater Knight 8114 slinger (2) NH 165 spreaders Houle manure pump NI 362 spreader, top beater Jamesway 3pt manure pump Frontier MS1117 spreader Manure pump stand NI 3622 spreader NI 3639 spreader H&S 235 spreader NI 3626 spreader NI 3726 spreader, hyd gate


Sunflower 6221-17ft finisher, 6 bar hi residue harrow, one owner, NI E JD 2210 22ft field cultivator, AR Sunflower 6631-31ft vertical till, A RE DMI Tiger II 5 sh deep till Glencoe 9 sh chisel plow, tandems Kuhn-Knight Excelerator vertical till, 25ft Noble 6 row cultivator, side dress with PTO pump Sunflower 6331-19ft finisher Brillion 10ft mulcher Krause 3100 27ft finisher, basket Sunflower 6332-20ft finisher, 5 bar spike harrow JD 2700 6 btm plow Glencoe 3550 field cultivator 12ft cultimulcher Brillion 9 sh chisel plow Noble till-all 8 row folding 3pt cultivator 14ft field cultivator Kewanee 9 sh disc chisel Blu Jet 4 sh 3pt deep till ripper IH 7500 5 btm Vari width plow IH 475 disc Binkley 9 sh chisel plow Krause 2800 12 shank chisel plow White 508 5 btm plow Miller 500 sprayer JD 2700 4 btm plow Macfarlane 30ft harrow Century 300 gal, pull type sprayer, 40ft booms JD 225 disc Glencoe 7 sh chisel plow AC 5 btm Mono Frame plow Kewanee 10ft mulcher Century tank on dolly cart MF 3 btm plow Brillion 7 sh chisel plow Bush Hog chisel plow Lindsay 24ft harrow on cart Krause 12ft disc IH 470 18ft disc Brillion 3 bar coil harrow attachment 4 btm plow 510 5 btm plow IA 2224 8ft 3pt disc Deutz 1500 7 sh Min-Till chisel plow JD 215 12ft disc Kewanee 470 3pt rotary hoe King Cutter 6ft disc 4RW 3pt cultivator 10 sh chisel plow


2014 White 9222 12 row 30”, liq fert, C3000 monitor, Pneumatic down A RE pressure, 3 bu hoppers, corn and bean, JD 8300 10ft drill, press wheels, grass JD 7200 6RN Max Emerge, liq fert, finger pickups CIH 1200 8R 30”, liq fert, row shut offs, end transport, corn and bean Great Plains 14ft drill, grass JD 7000 6RN, recent rebuild, liq fert, JD 8200 drill CIH 5300 Soybean Special, 12ft, press wheels, acre meter JD 4R 3pt planter, Max Emerge XP1700 JD 750 No-Till drill JD 7200 6RN planter, vacuum IH 10ft drill, grass JD 7000 4RW, no monitor (2) JD 7000 6RN JD 8300 drill, 13ft, no grass, marker tires (2) JD 7000 4RW, dry fert, insecticide (2) JD 8300 drills, grass


JD 9770 STS Combine, Contour Master, Pro Drive, 4x4, high wear pkgs, Green Star ready NH 98D 12 row 30” cornhead NH 72C 30ft flex head Brent 1082 grain cart, duals, tarp J&M 350-SD gravity box, 15ft cup seed auger, roll tarp, H&S gear DMI E 280 gravity box, gear, Killbros 115 15ft brush auger, Subaru 9hp elect start (2) Parker 605 grain wagons Mac Don 35ft flex draper head, sn#216570 Parker 739 grain cart, tarp Feterl 10” 60ft auger J&M gravity box Oliver 73 2R pull type picker Killbros 1400 grain cart Walinga Agri Vac seed vac, pipe included Hutchinson 70ft auger E-Z Trail 475 grain cart Demco 650 grain cart Westfield WR80-36 auger Brent 644 grain wagon, fenders, AR J&M 385 Gravity box, NI E Westfield 80-61 auger NI 324 2R picker, 327 husking bed Brent 540 grain wagon IH 1660 combine, grain head and 6 row cornhead Feterl 8x55 auger (2) Kory gravity boxes, gears Farm King 10-70 auger, hyd walker Brent 420 cart Westfield 10-31 auger JD 400 grain cart, tarp NI P433 1 row pull type picker Mayrath 8-62 auger M&W gravity box, gear, 2 compartment box Parker gravity box, gear E-Z Trail 680 30ft head cart


Reel Auggie 2375 with scales Triolet SM-8 TMR mixer Lucknow 2420 mixer, bad planetary Knight 3300 mixer Lucknow 425 mixer Bearcat 950A mill Jaylor 4650 mixer Arts Way 800 feeder wagon Shuler 130B feeder wagon Farmhand 817 mill

Patz 305 mixer Rotomix 653-16 mixer Triolet Solomix 1200 Farmhand 838 hyd drive mill Rotomix 533-16 mixer Knight BOTEC 4063 mixer Gehl 125 mill Knight 4052 BOTEC mixer Patz 615 TMR mixer NH 358 Mill, needs work


NH E26C Mini ex, heat, 2 spd, 244 hrs, blade, 2 buckets, EAN Wacker Neuson LTN6 light tower Wacker Neuson 50Z3 series 2 mini ex, CAH, hyd thumb JD 310J backhoe, 4x4, OROPS Terex 72-31B wheel loader, 27,000 lb. Genie TMZ-34/19 lift Clark C500-40 forklift, 4000# Genie 24Z-22 4X4 manlift, 45ft Pallet forks for JCB Manual excavator thumb


2018 B&B 16ft full tilt bh trailer, 12,000lb GVW, I E NE 2008 Chevy ½ ton 2wd gas truck, 151,218 miles 1986 Wilson 42ft hopper bottom semi trailer 2017 8.5x20 enclosed trailer with shelving 2015 Elite 32ft gn flatbed, 2-10K axles 2003 Travalong 20ft gn stock trailer Army trailer 1992 White GMC single axle semi tractor 2003 PJ 20ft bh flatbed trailer 1995 US Cargo enclosed bh trailer Flatbed gn trailer Flatbed bh trailer Loadmaster 4x8 tilt trailer 1980 Fairmont 18ft bh trailer


Loftness 15ft stalk shredder, windrow attachment 20ft shipping container AGCO RC5010 10ft pull type rotary cutter Toro Workman cart H&S 20ft feeder wagon Dual hubs, spacers (3) beaters for Gehl chopper boxes (2) 23.1x26 rims and tires off of JD combine Towable creep feeder Apache creep feeder Wilmar 10T tender, trailer mounted 5ft 3pt landscape rake 1000 gallon stainless steel tank on cart, with inductor Rhino Turbo 96 3pt rotary cutter Cement mixer 1000 gallon stainless steel tank on cart Pull type dirt scraper NeCo grain cleaner American 190 10ft 3pt blade Hi Cap grain cleaner Platform scales (2) walk thru corral gates Shaver HD8 post pounder 20.8-38 clamp on duals Pallets of new web chains Army generator Rd bale feeder 3pt log splitter (2) Barge boxes with hoists IH 80 3pt snow blower Running gear with wood feeder Peerless pull type roller mill JD cab Brady 1440 12ft stalk shredder (4) used Galaxy 12.00-16.5 industrial tires

TERMS: ALL ITEMS MUST BE SETTLED FOR THE DAY OF SALE by Cash, Check, Credit Card W/ 4% Convenience Fee. A Photo I.D is required to register. All Sales are Final. Everything is Sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS w/ No Warranties or Guarantees of any kind Implied or expressed. A $25.00 Doc Fee applies on ALL TitledItems. Wire transfer fee of $15 is buyer’s expense. Announcements made the day of sale supersede any printed material. A NOTE: 5.5% Sales tax applies to certain items. LUNCH STAND ON GROUNDS A E



Wisconsin Registered Auction Company #91, Registered Auctioneers: Dan Powers, Browntown, WI. - #667 -(608)966-3765 Cal Kaufman - #801 Mike Powers - (608)214-5761 Dan Powers Jr. - (608)214-1883 adno=206564

6 - Call 845-9559 to advertise in The Great Dane — Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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St. Ann Parish Knights of Columbus

Drive-Thru Fish Fry


Deep-FrieD Fish, French Fries, coleslaw & Dinner roll Proceeds support local charities and youth groups Who is eligible for 4-year-old Kindergarten: Children who turn four on or before September 1, 2021 are eligible for our free, community based 4-Year Old Kindergarten program in the fall. All students entering the district, even if siblings already attend, must complete the 3 step enrollment process. See below.

4-Year-Old Kindergarten ENROLLMENT NIGHT Date: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Virtual Tours 4K Community Sites • LaPetite Academy, 635 Lincoln Ave. www.lapetite.com (608) 873-5039 • Martin Luther, 900 W. Wilson St. www.martinlutherkids.org (608) 873-8073 • Pumpkin Patch, 1940 Jackson St. www.mypumpkinpatch.org (608) 873-3380 • Reach Dane-Head Start, 315 Mandt Pkwy www.reachdane.org (608) 444-6199 • St. Ann, 324 N. Harrison St. www.stanns-school.org (608) 873-3343 • Weebleworld, 1815 Cedarbrook Ln. www.weebleworld.com (608) 877-2690 *Individual site in-person tours by appointment only. Call the site directly to set up a tour.


2:00-7:00 p.m. 4K ENROLLMENT Night Checklist Drive and Park Enrollment Night Location: Kegonsa Elementary School (1400 Vernon St) frontcircle drive By appointment only 2:00-6:00 p.m. (Sign Up Genius) or call (608) 877-5404 https://wwwsignupgenius.com/go/9040F44A4A72BA0F94-4kenrollment Drop in (space limited) from 6:00-7:00 p.m. **Enrollment is not complete until all 3 steps have been completed. 1. Complete Online enrollment form prior to March 2nd 2. Present proof of residency and child’s age as well as Parent/Guardian proof of identification ❑ Acceptable proof of residency (lease agreement, utility bill, home purchase agreement) ❑ Acceptable proof of Child’s Age (Birth Certificate or Current passport ❑ Parent/Guardian Proof of identification (only parents or legal guardians may enroll a student. Please bring proof of identification for yourself.) 3. Determine transportation eligibility SASD Transportation Transportation is only offered to and from you home address if eligible.

Can’t make it on March 2nd? Please 608.877.5045 call to arrange an appointment after March 2nd

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How do I enroll my child online? The enrollment window for 4K begins on February 22nd, 2021 at www.stoughton.k12.wi.us • Select “Our Families” • Select “Registration and Enrollment” • Select “New Students” and follow thedirections on that page • Select “Next Year” or “2021-22”

CALL EMPIRE TODAY to schedule a FREE in-home estimate on Carpeting & Flooring. Call Today! 844-228-5472 (WCAN).

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Friday February 19 & Friday March 19 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. St. Ann School 324 N. Harrison St. Stoughton, WI

$10 per meal

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Unified Newspaper Group can help


your herd!

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Capitol Lakes is a vibrant and beautiful senior living community located in the heart of downtown Madison. We have immediate openings for the following positions:

• Resident Assistant/Caregivers • CNAs • Nurses • Maintenance Tech (Full-time, Evenings) • Senior Living Sales Representative (Full-time, Days) Review a full list openings and apply online at www.capitollakes.careers

Capitol Lakes offers a fun, friendly and safe work environment for our staff and we offer an awesome and comprehensive benefits package, including PayActiv (daily pay option), subsidized medical/ dental/vision, paid holidays, robust retirement plan, employee discounts and many others!

Questions: Herlinda Martinez, Regional Recruiter-Capitol Lakes hmartinez@retirement.org call/text: 817-538-8142


Kuhn North America, Inc. in Brodhead, WI is a global leader in the agricultural machinery industry! Paint Prep (1st & 2nd Shift) – This general labor position involves preparation of the unit for the paint process; power washing, scraping, sanding, and material handling. The ability to use basic hand tools is required, with occasional forklift operation. CNC Machinist (1st, 2nd & 4th Shift) – The position requires set up and operation of machining equipment including various drill presses, manual/CNC lathes and mills. The position requires the ability to operate measuring and material handling equipment, read blueprints and perform basic math functions. A vocational diploma in machine tool and production machining experience is preferred. Fabrication (1st, 2nd & 4th Shift) – Seeking operators of fabrication equipment including shear, brake press, punch press, saw and NC backgauge. The position requires the ability to read blueprints, complete fabrication measurements, operate forklift, overhead crane, and sheet lifters. Experience operating fabrication equipment is preferred. Painter (1st Shift) – This position involves painting parts and units with an electrostatic spray gun while conforming to established quality standards. A vocational diploma in auto body and paint technology, with knowledge of coatings, coating systems, and electrostatic spray coating is preferred. Ability to read basic blueprints and measuring devices and wear a fully enclosed hood type air supplied respirator is required.

Visit our website at www.kuhn-usa.com to view other manufacturing and professional employment opportunities!

Call 845-9559 or 873-6671 to place your farm or auction ad!

Manufacturing production shift schedules are: first shift runs M- Th 5:00 AM – 3:00 PM and second shift runs M – Th, 3:30 PM – 1:30 AM: fourth shift runs F-Su 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM. A high school diploma or GED is required for any position. We offer a competitive wage and complete benefit package (health, life, dental, and disability insurance, paid vacations and holidays, 401(k), and tuition reimbursement) for full-time positions. Pre-employment drug screening is required.



NEW AUTHORS WANTED! Page Publishing will help you self-publish your own book. FREE author submission kit! Limited offer! Why wait? Call now: 855-6238796 (MCN).

NEED TO place an ad? Call 8459559 and the Shopping News will do their stuff!

DRIVERS: - CARGO-Sprinter Vans - NO CDL REQUIRED! FTPT. Smart Phone skills needed. dayorniteexpress.comjobs.html.

OWNER OPERATOR to lease on, pulling hopper bottom. Local and-or OTR. Must have own truck and trailer. 608-723-7197.

NEW - HELP WANTED: full-time beef farm help for large beef herd located in Monroe, WI. Some cattle experience required. Call 608558-3024 or 608-328-1885.

SEMI-DRIVER NEEDED: dry freight, southern WI to AZ and FL. Nice equipment, clean driving record, experience, insurance paid. 608-516-9697.


We want to talk with compassionate nurses (RN or LPN) interested in a leadership role coordinating resident care at our Memory Care Residence. Competitive salary and benefits package offered.

Specialty Retail Store Deli Associate Full-time or Part-time.

8210 Highview Drive in Madison allsaintsneighborhood.org

Sloan Implement at our Mt. Horeb location is looking for an experienced

Ag Sales Representative

Sloan Implement at our Mt. Horeb location is currently looking for an experienced


Help Wanted!! d

Must be able to read and write the English language.

Bavaria@bavariasausage.com 6317 Nesbitt Rd • Fitchburg, WI 53719-1820

Call today to see if you could join our team! Bloomington:

Richland Center:

Hazel Green:


Sloan Implement at our Mt. Horeb location is currently looking for





energetic employees


Fennimore: Mt Horeb:


who have a passion for mechanics and a desire to learn. If you are interested in a service technician apprentice program, please go to sloans.com and apply online or call 608-437-5501. Sloan Implement is an Equal Opportunity Employer. adno=205053

We train. Learn a trade!

Assemblers Machine Operators - Fabrication Material Handlers Maintenance Mechanics Welders


Are you tired of working nights, holidays and every weekend?? We have the job for you!! Our unique European retail store / deli is looking for an experienced, friendly, hardworking, energetic team player to join our team. Great customer service skills and deli or food experience is preferred but if you have a real interest and are willing to learn, we will train you. Tasks for this job include; prepping items for the deli daily, helping customers from start to finish, stocking shelves, unpacking shipments and pallets of products, cleaning, answering phones, taking and filling orders, and so much more. We offer very competitive wages, Monday – Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 9-1 (rotating every other Saturday and a day off during the week). Please email us your resume, or stop in our store to fill out a job application.

Service Technician

to perform advanced diagnostics, service repairs and maintenance work on customer and/or dealer-owned agricultural. For all job duties, requirements, and to see our full-time benefit package, please go online to www.sloans.com. If you are interested and qualified for the position, please apply online or in the store.

Say You Saw It InThe Great Dane Shopping News!

CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS Noon Friday for The Great Dane and Noon Monday for The Courier Hub and Oregon Observer unless changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your classified ad by calling 8459559, 873-6671 or 835-6677.

Nurse Care Coordinator

Apply online at elderspan.com/join-our-team or call 608-243-8800 with any questions.

to sell new and used Ag and Turf equipment. To view the completed job description and job requirements as well as viewing our competitive benefits package, please go to www.sloans.com. You may apply directly online or send your resume to SMcRae@Sloans.com.

THE ASSOCIATION of Community Publishers (ACP) is searching for an Executive Director. If interested, visit afcp. org or ifpa.com and click on the Executive Director Search link for more details.



$20.04 – $25.79/ hour Based on shift and skill

■ State of the art fabrication & assembly equipment


■ Clean, temperature controlled working environment


■ Excellent employee benefit package ■ On-site employee clinic and fitness center available


subzero-wolf.com/careers We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer adno=203222


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WE ARE interested in establishing a long term relationship with a dedicated and motivated individual with a strong work ethic that will be responsible for applications of Granular-Dry and Liquid products for FertilizationWeed and Pest Control. No experience required, will train. This is a high paying position with flexible hours-paid vacation and a sign on bonus. Valid DL required. Reach us at messner landscape.com or 608-4552323.

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JOB OPENINGS: Mechanic & Office Admin & Shop/Yard This is a great opportunity to join Wisconsin’s leading online auction company. We are growing and have moved into a new larger facility. If you like something new and different every day, this is the place for you. WisconsinSurplus.com is a relaxed, fun to work at, family orientated workplace. New or unfamiliar with the auction industry – we can change that and will teach you everything you need to know. AUTO MECHANIC: Basic Job Description: Primarily Performing Safety Inspections on Autos, Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks and Motorcycles including test drives; When needed replacing Starters, Alternators, Batteries; Diagnosing No Starts; Basic fleet maintenance; and More! Qualifications: Must be very organized and detail orientated; Good driving record with a current driver’s license; Ability to lift over 50# and work at a fast pace; Ability to work outside in both hot & cold weather; Friendly, Positive attitude; Can work well with others and take direction well; Ability to see what needs to be done and do it. Your own basic tools are not required, but a plus. Work Environment: You will be working mainly in a heated mechanics bay with a new Rotary 2 Post lift. Most work is completed on your own with limited supervision. Compensation: Pay based on education, training, skills, experience and certifications. Minimum pay of $17 and Max of $30 per hour. 60 day probationary period ending on the 1st. ADMINISTRATIVE SHOP OFFICE ASSISTANT: Job Duties will include: Front Desk Receptionist, answering phones, helping walk-ins, assisting customers with payments, assisting staff with invoicing, shipping, scheduling, basic office duties, accounts payable, QuickBooks basic accounting, vehicle sales processing and customer service. Qualifications: Excellent organizational skills, good at multitasking, typing, computer skills including: Outlook, Word & Excel. Positive happy attitude, speak clearly, good phone etiquette. Pluses: Experience with QuickBooks, Motor Vehicle Dealer Forms. You are confident, have a good work ethic, like to keep busy and can work well with the shop staff. Compensation: First 60 day probationary pay of $17.50 per hour followed by a raise to $18.00 to $18.50 depending on skills, performance and work knowledge. SHOP ASSISTANT: Basic Job Description: Customer assistance; Preparing vehicles & equipment for auction; Photograph and describe items to be auctioned; Te sting/Operating auction items; Yard/Lot organization; Deliveries; Shipping; Loading; Cleaning; Basic grounds care; Customer assistance and more!! Every day is different. Qualifications: Must be very organized and detail orientated; Can use a basic pointand-shoot digital camera; Good driving record with a current driver’s license; Ability to lift over 50# and work at a fast pace; Ability to work outside in both hot & cold weather; Friendly, Positive attitude; Can work well with others and take direction well; Ability to operate forklift, skid steer, tractor, trucks, trailers; Knowledge of Cars, Trucks, Grounds Equipment, Construction Equipment, Firearms, Tools; Ability to use a computer; Basic typing and a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel, Outlook & Word; Ability to see what needs to be done and do it. Work Environment: You will be working in all areas, conditions, and climates including: in the Office, Shop, Warehouse, Outside, and sometimes offsite or on daily pickups/delivery runs. Most work is completed with assistance from others and with limited supervision. Compensation: First 60 day probationary pay of $16.50 per hour followed by a raise to $17.00 to $17.50 depending on skills, performance and work knowledge Benefits: Health insurance offered: Current individual employee insurance cost is $78 weekly per pay period (Kids, Spouse and Family coverages available). Insurance coverage is excellent w/no deductibles, low co-pays and minimal outof-pocket expense. 4% Retirement 401K match, Employees start with 80 hours of yearly Paid Time Off (PTO) starting after probationary period, Te n Paid Holidays (2 are Employee choice), Yearly pay raises, End of year bonus, Paid breaks, work shirts provided and more! Work Hours: Our office and yard are staffed M-F 8-5pm and Sat 9-Noon. The new hires will be scheduled for 40 hours per week M-F 9-5pm. We are open on Saturdays 9-Noon, you will be placed in the Saturday rotation consisting of 1 or 2 Saturdays each month. How to Apply: Please email MRL@WisconsinSurplus.com with resume and more importantly a brief paragraph about yourself and why you would be a good candidate. You will not be considered if brief paragraph about yourself is not included – doesn’t need to be fancy. Please ask any additional questions. Please no walk or call in’s. adno=205362

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2/17/2021 Great Dane Shopping News  

2/17/2021 Great Dane Shopping News

2/17/2021 Great Dane Shopping News  

2/17/2021 Great Dane Shopping News