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THREATS (4) Competition outside the Alcoholic Beverages Industry ■■

Outside the alcoholic beverages industry, alternatives are becoming available to many beer drinkers. For example, the legalisation of Cannabis in Canada and several states in the US could affect existing beer sales as new cannabis products promise to be hangoverless, low-calorie with the dose-response curve similar to regular beer. It is suggested that legal marijuana could “canna-balise” 7.1% of revenues from the existing US retail beer industry*.


Also, many people who are health conscious are starting to turn towards low or non-alcoholic brews. This trend is creating new threats and opportunities for existing brewers as they have to carefully navigate and craft their marketing messages so as not to cannibalise their existing alcoholic beverages sales too much and attempt to grow non-alcoholic sales at the same time.



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Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018  

Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018