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KEY OPPORTUNITIES (6) Re-Emergence Of Global Travel ■ With the global recovery has come an increase in the level of global travel. Tod’s therefore needs to increase its travel retail site count across brands.

■ The Company has yet to disclose what percentage of the sales the E-Commerce channel accounts for, and has simply noted that it “is getting more relevant”. The suggested implication is that there should be significant room for further growth in its E-Commerce channel/s.

Modernisation of Stores ■ Tod’s recently refurbished Bond Street London flagship store is an example of refreshed Tod’s aesthetic that will in time roll out across its global network.

Brand Collaborations “Co-Lab’s” ■ Tod’s should develop “Co-Lab’s” with other

brands e.g., Hogan and Monreal (the London based luxury brand that straddles between sports and fashion).

Potential Spin-Off ’s/Divestment ■ Tod’s could spin-off/divest one or more of its brands, potentially adding value for shareholders. Fay is a prime candidate for divestment in our view given its focus on the crowded apparel and outerwear market.


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Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018  

Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018