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KEY OPPORTUNITIES (4) E-Commerce ■ The Company’s E-Commerce capability for its various brands is developed through its 2012

partnership with Italiantouch S.r.l. (, a company controlled by Diego Della Valle. The Company’s brands’ e-commerce sites operate in 31 countries around the world. This company also developed The Luxer ( online multibrand store that sells all of Tod’s brands. Tod’s products are also available on multibrand online stores such as Net-A-Porter/Mr Porter (since 2015).

■ The Company has yet to disclose what percentage of the sales the E-Commerce channel accounts for, and has simply noted that it “is getting more relevant”. The suggested implication is that there should be significant room for further growth in its E-Commerce channel/s.


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Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018  

Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018