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Fashion jewellery, which represented 33% of Tiffany’s FY2016 sales, primarily consists of non-gemstone gold and silver jewellery. This category has relatively higher margins than Tiffany’s other categories.

This category has outperformed Tiffany’s other categories for the last three quarters, driven partly by demand for gold jewellery and items from the “Tiffany T” collection (introduced in 2014).

The Company has been able to improve the average price sold under this category from US$310 in FY2014 to US$350 in FY2016 (an increase of 13%).

We see this category continuing to grow in importance for Tiffany. However, we do recognise the challenge of expanding this category without potentially cheapening the Tiffany brand.

Source: Tiffany 2016 Annual Report


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Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018