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T I F FA N Y & C O [ T I F : U S ]


Tiffany & Co. is one of America’s few heritage luxury houses.

It currently operates 315 stores in 30 countries*.

The Tiffany brand is one of the most iconic global luxury brands, with a storied history that started in New York City 180 years ago when Charles Tiffany founded it in 1837.

Tiffany is one of the few jewellers that has established a vertically integrated business model that provides a perception of quality and luxury to its products and services.

We concur with Morningstar’s assessment of Tiffany’s moat…

“it is relatively harder to establish an enduring brand moat in precious jewellery than in other luxury goods categories, given high raw material value and fewer opportunities to communicate the brand. Only a handful of precious jewellery brands have time-tested global recognition, and even fewer generate good capital returns. Tiffany’s brand equity is supported by iconic and long-lived collections, instantly recognisable blue boxes, and the “Tiffany blue” colour.” Morningstar 23/1/2017

* As at 31 October 2017


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