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TO START IT OFF.. Countless victims are suffering from poverty, hunger, hatred, pain and hopelessness, and it hurts to think that these victims are children; the individuals in which we should mold to become better and productive individuals. They live on the streets, eating garbage, begging, working at such a young age, hated and ignored by people. They do what it takes just to survive in the harsh environment we call streets; these individuals are the street children. At a young age, most likely in their teenage years, some individuals commit crimes which include fighting, stealing and other bad acts. They influence other people to form gangs in which they will work with to get what they want and nothing should stand in their way. They steal, they trick, and worst of all, they kill. These are the juvenile delinquents; the young criminals of today.

All these young individuals are in need of assistance, support and guidance. They cannot do it alone; they need help. We need to do what it takes to change them. Fortunately, there are several organizations that are aware and concerned of this situation; they are formed for a reason and one reason alone: to support them. One of these concerned organizations is PLAN. PLAN is spread throughout the globe; which gained the title INTERNATIONAL. That is why it is known as PLAN INTERNATIONAL. The information to breathe in: it is found here to discover the goals of PLAN and what they do to make it possible.


• What is a Street Child?

• What is a Juvenile Delinquent? • What motivates the individuals? • Do they still believe in God despite their condition? • Plan International • What can we do to help?


A street child is a child who lives on the streets of a city, deprived of family care and protection. They live in junk boxes, parks or on the street itself. A great deal has been written defining street children, but the primary difficulty is that there are no precise categories, but rather a continuum, ranging from children who spend some time in the streets and sleep in a house with illprepared adults, to those who live entirely in the streets and have no adult supervision or care. They beg, they vend, and worst of all, they steal; but not all the time. Three kinds of street children according to Stairway Foundation: "Children on the streets" work on the streets but do not live there, having a home to return to after working. Some of them even continue to attend school while working long hours on the streets. "Children of the street" on the other hand make their homes on the street. These children often create a sort of family among fellow street children. Some of them still have family ties, but do not visit them and some even see these ties as bad. "Completely abandoned children" have no family ties and are entirely on their own for physical and psychological survival.


Juvenile delinquency refers to antisocial or illegal behavior by children or adolescents. Delinquents are the young criminals of today. They engage in bad acts such as stealing, sexual harassment and murder as a sign of rebellion and, often times, an unstable mind. They lack care, attention, affection and love which leads them to doing ruthless acts.

What Motivates these Individuals? Even though these young individuals suffer traumatic experiences in a long time, they are motivated by factors which give them a push to strive to survive. They continue to do their daily routine such as begging and working for money for a reason; and that is to survive and to bring their family back to life. They do what it takes just to eat once a day, not to sleep with a crying tummy. They persevere just to get through the day feeling good.

As for the delinquents, they are motivated in doing criminal acts for the same reasons. Plus, they are influenced by bad individuals and they have nothing else to do that is why they do these acts as a pastime. They steal for themselves and for their own advantages to do what they want to do.

Do they still Believe in GOD despite their Condition? Though these children have their own experiences regarding their condition, there is still a God that guides them. It is their choice whether to believe in Him or not. Most street children and juveniles experience miserable moments in the streets and in other places. Some believe that it is part

They might say such words full of pain

of God’s plan that they are experiencing such

and hatred but they still believe that God

hardship and there will come a time that they

will never leave them and He will always

will recover from such experience. They say that

guide them throughout the harsh journey.

they are being tested in how hard living a life is

Though, others blame God for

when you are not depending on anyone but

not giving them a life worth living. Instead,

yourself. Life is never easy, it is unfair, painful;

giving them a life wherein they will suffer,

some might say.

not being able to smile, crying themselves

“We are hated, being pushed away;

to sleep, and always feeling hopeless. They

while the rich people are living the dream, we

blame God for not being supportive by

can only dream, seems like nothing good will

not giving them a life wherein they will

ever come our way...�

enjoy, laugh, love, smile and stay happy and contented. Instead, they work hard; suffer physical and emotional hardships, living a miserable life just to get through the night. It is a matter of faith, case-bycase basis and personal decisions. They make the choices whether to believe in God or not; whether to ask for His guidance or not; even though these people turn away from our dearest Creator. It is certain that the Creator Himself will not leave them, us.

Plan International Founded over 70 years ago, Plan is one of the oldest and largest children's development organisations in the world. It works in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty. Plan works with nearly 38,000 communities each year, covering a population of 28,200,000 children. It is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. - Vision Plan's vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies that respect people's rights and dignity.

- Mission Plan aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in developing countries, through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives, by:enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies, building relationships to increase understanding and unity among peoples of different cultures and countries, and promoting the rights and interests of the world's children.

- Plans of PLAN Education - Plan helps children, young people and adults to get the knowledge and life skills they need to realise their full potential. Health - From supporting immunization programs to training volunteers on strategies to combat malaria, Plan's health programs help to save thousands of children's lives every year. Water and Sanitation - Plan works with communities to improve access to safe drinking water and to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation. Protection - Violence against children is widespread and has a devastating impact - threatening children's survival, development and participation in society. Economic Security - Plan helps families to achieve financial stability so they can provide for their children and plan for the future. Emergencies - From providing disaster relief to running recovery projects, Plan works to protect the rights of children and young people during emergencies. Child Participation - Plan helps millions of children to learn about their rights and take an active role in their communities’ development. Sexual Health - Plan's awareness-raising and direct response programmes help to empower children and young people so that they can protect themselves.

What can we do to help? As part of the community, we have several ways to support the goals of Plan International in helping the children realize their potential. By donating, campaigning, volunteering, sponsoring a child and shopping online. All these can help Plan International to make their works possible and benefited by children. A simple effort dedicated for the children will do. Children nowadays have their own hopes and dreams and they cannot do it alone since they are young. We need to support each and every one of them and do what it takes to make their dreams come true. They are our hope for this generation, they will build our tomorrow and will be the stewards that will inherit the world in which we call home.

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