How Moe’s Home Grows Its Business and Digital Presence Using Issuu

Industry: Luxury Furniture

Organization Size: 201 - 500

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Meet Moe’s Home

Moe's Home is a luxury furniture retailer that was founded in Vancouver in 1986. The family-owned and operated business was launched by Moe Samieian Sr, who opened Moe’s as a fine rugs and furniture store in South Granville, Vancouver. Today, Samieian Sr runs the business with his children, Co-CEOs Moe Jr and Sara. It has grown exponentially since the 1980s to become a prominent full-range furniture line in North America. 

The brand is designed for the modern home and focuses on creative expression, quality products, and making innovative and unique pieces simple. The brand's spirit is built upon the belief that your home should be your oasis, and its customer-focused values and creative direction reflect that. The company caters to wholesalers, e-commerce, retailers, and individual customers from all over the world.

“Issuu has helped us elevate our publications and enabled us to create a more interesting reading experience than we could ever get from a printed version.”

Zachary Waugh, UX/UI Design Manager of Moe's Home

Problem to Solve

Moe's Home was looking for a way to share its curated collections and other documents in a way that worked into its thoughtful brand aesthetics. With an elevated creative direction, it was important to have lookbooks that matched the sophisticated style of their furniture. This way, clients can be transported to the showroom and see the pieces without ever needing to leave the home or space they hope to decorate. 

Artfully designed, the products are an expression of the ever-evolving creative process. Its line of products frequently expands, so outputting a printed catalog or lookbook was a costly and time-consuming endeavor that didn’t bring much value over time. Rather than having a lookbook that could only be printed a few times a year (and, therefore, would be missing updates to the collections), a solution was needed to showcase new pieces effectively without sacrificing quality catalogs and materials. 

Additionally, the brand had environmental concerns about the impact of printing so many lookbooks each year, only for them to become outdated over time. Something was needed to share the collection, spread the word while empowering customers to view the collections at their own pace or during trade shows, cut down on potential waste, and fit with the brand’s modern luxury aesthetic. A digital approach made more and more sense, so UX/UI Design Manager Zachary Waugh began searching for a solution.

Moe's Home 2023 Outdoor Collection Cover

“The fact that we’re able to make our content dynamic by adding videos has been really valuable, and we plan to continue using the platform for many other purposes.”

Zachary Waugh, UX/UI Design Manager of Moe's Home

A Well-Designed Solution

Moe’s Home started using Issuu after discovering it through a digital magazine. Waugh had seen the way other publications looked with Issuu and decided it could be an effective digital marketing tool and a way to showcase collections in a streamlined digital way. The page-flipping functionality gave a virtual version of the printed lookbook experience, and the Embed feature made it easy to add each upload to a website.

Embedding: Issuu’s embed feature makes creating a cohesive design on the company website easy. In the past, Moe’s Home had looked to other solutions like a desktop publishing software that created HTML flipbooks but found the books were difficult to customize and they distracted from the simplicity of the site. Now each collection can seamlessly work into the company’s website design as customers explore products.

Video and links: The latest flipbooks have started using video embedding, which transports readers into the inspiration behind the collection and uses skillful videography to help tell a story. This adds an element that print catalogs couldn’t provide, enabling their creative efforts to go further.

Digital lookbooks & guides: In addition to lookbooks, Moe’s Home uses Issuu for tradeshow guides. For 2022’s Las Vegas Summer Market – the top furniture, home decor and gift market trade show in the U.S. – the brand created a catalog and buyer’s brief of some of the recent pieces potential customers could look forward to seeing at the show.

Marketing collateral: The lookbooks and buyer’s guides don’t just work on the websites or at trade shows; Moe’s Home adds them to other marketing collateral. Several of their marketing emails link back to the lookbooks or the website where customers can view them. Additionally, QR codes to the lookbooks simplify print advertising, especially on materials with limited space, like postcards.

Moe's Home Material + Form Cover

Key Results

What began as a place to share catalogs has now turned into an extension of digital content for Moe's Home. Recently, the brand has started investing more in its website and digital presence. The latest lookbooks host high-quality photography and video content. Each of their dedicated photoshoots is transformed into interactive page-flipping content. Moe’s Home now prints less, so the brand can reduce its environmental impact, and the product line can expand while customers can always see the most up-to-date and detailed information online. 

With Issuu’s solutions, Moe's Home can continue to grow its business and create a virtual experience as well-crafted as its furniture.

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