How Kempinski Hotels Uses Issuu to Increase Impressions and Expand Their Reach

Industry: Hospitality and Travel

Organization Size: 20,000 +

Location: Worldwide; Munich, Germany

Meet Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels is a five-star luxury hotel brand based in Munich, Germany. With over 80 hotels and destinations worldwide, their profile includes historic landmark properties, award-winning urban lifestyle hotels, outstanding resorts and prestigious residences. Each destination is uniquely designed for guests seeking five-star getaways and vacations, and as Europe’s oldest luxury hotel company, the hotelier is passionate about upholding a history of exceptional standards and offering an unforgettable experience for each guest. 

With a staff dedicated to providing the highest-quality experience to a global clientele, the Kempinski brand focuses on delivering that experience from their guests’ start of travel planning to the send-off at the end of a well-enjoyed trip. As life blends more with online spaces, and many travelers search online for their travel plans, it’s essential for the hotelier to deliver the same luxurious experience in their digital spaces that’s in line with in-person ones.

“With the extra support of the Elite program, our latest publication has over 1.3 million impressions, much higher than in the past. That was a great statistic that I was able to bring back internally, at no extra cost.” 

Jaclyn Thomas, Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager of Kempinski Hotels

Problem to Solve

With so many beautiful destinations around the world, everything Kempinski does is of the highest quality and experience, including their content. Travelling in Style (formerly MY Kempinski Experience) is Kempinski’s premium guest magazine which has been a staple in its brand communications, both externally and internally for years. A print copy is placed in each guest’s room and throughout key locations of the hotels and resorts. But, like many brands, there was a need to bring the content online to make it more accessible to their existing international audience and entice new travelers to learn about the experiences they can have with Kempinski.

In 2017, the hotelier overhauled their website to create a more immersive online experience for their guests. With that refresh came the desire to bring Travelling in Style onto the Kempinski website.

Kempinski's Traveling in Style Issuu 52 Cover

Articles & Statistics

“The Articles, I find them really useful, because they're taking people directly to the specific story that I want them to see. When my colleague in social media links to stories, the Articles are the ones that she uses too. So I think that's a great way of getting people more directly to the piece of content that you want them to see. We've seen that it's been really useful.”

“We have over 80 hotels and destinations around the world, so when we look at the geographic distribution of our guests, they really are everywhere. With Issuu, we see who's actually reading our magazine online. We get to see where they're based.”

– Jaclyn Thomas,
Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager of Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Travelling in Style Issue 50 Cover

A Five-star Solution

Kempinski started using Issuu after discovering the Embed feature. This ensures that guest magazines and amenities brochures can be displayed on their website and shared in fullscreen from a single link. Now, the hotelier has an interactive magazine that links directly to features on their website, where guests can book their trips and amenities. The company offers unique experiences for events or groups, which are highlighted in their magazines and shared with guests. 


For a company with so many destinations, tracking statistics about where readers are located and how they’re interacting with content is useful information the marketing team can use to direct future campaigns. With the Statistics feature, Kempinski searches by geographical split to see the reach of content.


Thomas and her colleagues use the Articles feature with every Issuu upload. She creates an Article to share individual pieces of content, which are optimized to include photos and then shared on social media or in newsletters. This simplifies the content creation process and makes it easy for their subscribers and followers to choose to read the full magazine or specific pieces.

Link navigation: 

The link navigation in the hotel’s magazine, Travelling in Style, makes a seamless online experience for guests to explore a range of luxurious stays offered in the hotel’s locations as well as in-depth interviews with artisans and developers of some of Kempinski’s most iconic characteristics. Readers can also click through the pages to shop directly from advertisers or navigate to the company website to book their travels.

Kempinski's Traveling in Style Issue 51 Cover

“Issuu allows us to display our guest magazines on our website in a user-friendly fashion. I really like how intuitive it is - the prompts and explanations guide you through the process and help highlight features you didn't necessarily know existed. The Articles are an efficient way of promoting content online.”

Jaclyn Thomas, Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager of Kempinski Hotels

Key Results

As a result of using Issuu's publishing platform, Kempinski has not only given their magazines and other publications a prime spot in their digital communications, but they’ve been able to see how their content is interacted with by viewers all over the world. These insights are valuable in learning which pieces of content appeal most to their audience and help illuminate ideas for how to connect with more potential guests. 

With Issuu’s solutions, Kempinski has been able to expand the reach of its engaging content and encourage more travelers to learn about the wealth of experiences they can enjoy.

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