How Kapoor Galleries Publishes Digital Catalogs for Curated Art Collections with Issuu

Industry: Retail Art Dealers

Organization Size: 1 - 10

Location: New York, New York

Meet Kapoor Galleries

Kapoor Galleries is an integral part of the fine art community, promoting interest and appreciation for the ancient and classical arts of India and the Himalayas. Ever since its inception in 1975, the gallery has actively cultivated strong relationships with art collectors and major art institutions and has been entrusted with guiding some of the most significant public and private collections of the 20th century. 

Its expertly curated collection is a testament to its owners' knowledge of the field. Many of the pieces that Kapoor Galleries has selected over the years now grace the halls of some of the most renowned museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The San Diego Museum of Art, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, to name a few.

Kapoor Galleries is committed to excellence, infusing it in every step of its operations, from the selection of art pieces to its content marketing efforts, which is why the esteemed gallery has turned to Issuu for the ideal digital publishing tool. Issuu’s platform enables Kapoor Galleries to present its collections in a visually stunning and highly accessible way, reaching its audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, and institutions in seconds. Having Issuu’s all-in-one platform at the core of its content marketing strategy reinforces the gallery's commitment to quality and innovation in all aspects of its practice.

Kapoor Galleries CEO Sanjay Kapoor in one of their galleries.

"Issuu is the most efficient, user-friendly, and straightforward digital publishing platform on the market.”

- Sanjay Kapoor, Director at Kapoor Galleries

Content Marketing Challenges

Kapoor Galleries faced several challenges when it came to creating and distributing its art catalogs. Before 2019, the gallery’s only choice for online distribution was a dated software that required installation, followed by additional burdensome steps that made uploading, publishing, and sharing image-heavy PDFs an uphill battle. 

The lack of streamlined solutions meant resorting to inconvenient tools such as Google Drive or WeTransfer to share the catalogs as large files that were time-consuming to upload and unpleasant to download. Since these options were less than ideal, they led to a taxing and oftentimes messy user experience. Everything changed in 2019 when Kapoor Galleries discovered Issuu as the optimal answer to its content marketing needs.

Incarnations of Devotion Cover

"Issuu’s publishing capabilities are seamless; the page-flipping effect is eye-catching and the platform’s powerful features help us achieve our content marketing goals perfectly.”

- Sanjay Kapoor, Director at Kapoor Galleries

A Seamless Solution

The gallery's director, Sanjay Kapoor, tried several other options and found Issuu to be the most efficient, user-friendly, and straightforward digital publishing platform on the market. With its powerful content transformation-to-distribution capabilities, captivating page-flipping effects, and top-notch features tailored to the gallery’s marketing needs, Issuu helps Kapoor Galleries showcase its carefully curated art pieces in pixel-perfect detail.

Once the catalog is created, Issuu’s plugin for InDesign enables instant exporting to the platform, where the team at Kapoor Galleries enriches it with Links to finally transform it into an interwoven reading experience that increases engagement with every page flip.

To enhance the catalog's visibility, the gallery utilizes Issuu's no-code Embedding to showcase it on its website—right where its audience lives––, putting it in the spotlight and making it easy for anyone to explore each collection.

And by using Issuu’s GIF creator, Kapoor Galleries effectively entices readers with a captivating preview of their catalog, featured as part of their newsletter. As a result, the gallery has been able to generate exceptional traffic through the feature’s unique visual impact. From initial publishing to promotion and beyond, Issuu plays a big part in their digital marketing.

A portrait of Mian Hadala Pal

Key Results

Apart from elevating their digital content marketing strategy, Kapoor Galleries also noticed direct results from using Issuu. And they are nothing short of remarkable: 

  • The gallery's newsletter promoting its annual catalog consistently receives over 6,000 clicks on the Issuu-created GIF.

  • The catalog's digital distribution through Issuu significantly reduced the need for additional printing and massively improved the gallery’s reach.

Kapoor Galleries can now effortlessly showcase its collections in a visually stunning and captivating format, grabbing the attention of its niche audience in a way that was not possible before.

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