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Max Romeo Interview @ Festiville 2019


Veteran roots reggae singer Max Romeo releases his new album Words From The Brave on June 28th. It coincides with Max’s 55th year in the business.

This is your 55th year in the music business. What happened 55 years ago that made you start on the path of music?

Well, I tried everything and I realised I’m too weak and I’m too cowardly to steal so I must find something! And if it wasn’t music it would be the church! Luckily, I chose music and it worked out for me! (laughs)

The first place you started singing was for Ken Lack at Caltone. You were in the Emotions with Kenneth Knight and Robbie Shakespeare’s brother, Lloyd. You had a hit with your first song…

Yes that’s right. I’m Going To Buy You A Rainbow. It was number two on both charts. It never made number one but it was number two for a while. In those days you had to pay for the number one spot but I didn’t have the money!

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