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UP CLOSE WITH JAHSMIN DALEY (Cont’d from Dec. 2013 issue)

RX: Will there be a Launch Party, a music video and/or a tour to support the release of the EP? JD: I am currently not planning a launch party. I do see a music video in the near future for ‘Chasing Rainbows.’

Caribbean Style Artist’ comes from the Black Canadian Awards, which kicks off in June 2014. I enjoy the creative process that comes with this journey, and the blessings which come from being able to minister in song on stage and represent for various community causes; these are definitely positives. It has been an elevating year for me and I am thankful. With regards to negative energy, I wrote a song which is a collection from my first album called ‘Blazing Jealousy’. I believe from one individual to

RX: What are some of the projects done with MEMP since teaming up? JD: MEMP and I worked together on the planning and production of The Brampton Talent Showcase in 2011, which was an initiative conceived from MEMP’s desire to give back to community, creating a platform to help foster artistic growth for local music talent. The event was a success as, we received a united volunteer support from local Artists, Musicians, Dj’s, Mc’s, Promoters, Radio Host personnel and music lovers, who just wanted to be a part of the process in making the talent showcase production a success. We worked together coordinating other musical showcase events within the school setting in honor of our African Heritage and other events for community wellness. My plans musically are to complete my third album, fuller of a conscious vibe. RX: As a female artist in the business, have you met a lot of road blocks along the way? Please tell us some of your positive experiences so far on your musical journey. JD: As a female Artist in the business I haven’t had many road blocks along my musical journey. The ones in which I have encountered, I’ve learned a great deal, which has brought a greater awareness to the journey. I believe it is good to have people in your corner who have your best interests at heart within the business, to help screen out the snares of possible pseudo representatives to music, its cause and your journey, but, one must know what is going on for self. Some positive experiences on my journey, I have to say it starts with my growth as an Artist. My very first award was for Recognition as a ‘Reggae Singer,’ a Reggae Xclusive Magazine Awards 2013. I was Awarded ‘Top Female Vocalist’ at the Uprising Music and Entertainment Awards 2013. My most recent nomination to the Top Six list for ‘Best

for your growth and for deflecting any negatives confronted with. Practice, practice, practice, makes closer to perfect, and helps in reducing any performance fear factors. With every loss, there is wisdom to gain. Network with music minded professionals, who also strive for success, who are genuine to your progress. Try to avoid business, personal conflicts, and verbal agreements that directly affect your rights and freedoms as person or an Artist. Make sure the spoken word, parallels the written oath.*Be weary of music contracts that do not have your best interests at heart, and are penned to own you. Stay true to self, and progress, work with your conscience as your guide, move free of grudges or malice, and enjoy your journey. The advice given, I myself received through various mediums, including experiential learning. RX: Tell us something about Jahsmin Daley that we don’t already know. JD: I will be furthering my educational aspirations. I believe in life-long learning. That doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school, but, I am very excited for this growth opportunity.

another we must not discourage positive movements, even in its imperfect state. Every state of being we encounter holds value to the progression, understanding and fullness of an individual’s life. Regardless of negatives, with the message received from Peter Tosh, and so many others, I’ve learned to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over. RX: Any advice for upcoming artists trying to make it in the business? JD: Take the time to get to know who you are as an Artist and what you want to achieve for self musically, there is so much to learn about the business. Know your stuff! If you are a vocalist, an asset would also be to play an instrument. Be passionate about your craft and be resilient in accepting constructive criticisms

RX: What does Jahsmin Daley do in her spare time? What is your favorite color, food, drink, number? JD: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading and writing for new music, watching movies. I am also a participator in volunteering for community wellness. I really like green, it gives me good vibes, but, I love black as well. It works well with everything, and the feeling is protected. My favorite food is ackee ‘n salt fish, with callaloo, plantain, and boiled bananas. My favorite drink is pineapple juice. My favorite # is 21. RX: Anything you would like to add regarding Jahsmin Daley’s musical journey and LA Allen and MEMP? JD: Yes, first I wanted to make special mention to Toronto Radio Host, King David for his professional musical ear and input to the mixing process of ‘Chasing Rainbows,’ which was a blessing to the complete production. For right now, the movements are in studio, creating new music for my third album; of which ‘Chasing Rainbows’ has been a part of this course with L.A. Allen and MEMP. Thank you to all my music supporters both local and international.

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