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PressReleaseJune 2010

Nail your look with Bio Sculpture They say you make up your mind about a person within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. First impressions clearly count for a lot! What can you do to ensure you leave a lasting impression? We tend to focus on the obvious aspects of our look that we think will affect people’s impression of us such as our clothes, hair and make up but we tend to overlook our nails. Bad nails can ruin your whole look or on the other hand add a more polished dimension to your image. Our nails tell people a lot about us. Bright colours show that we’re fun and frivolous whilst more subtle shadessuggest style and sophistication. We can use them to create different styles to enhance our look. Some days we feel more bold and sexy and on other days we prefer a more practical and traditional look. But one thing is for sure – our nails always seem to get overlooked – which really is a shame since we do so much with them. You’d be amazed how many people notice them – for better or for worse. We shake hands with them, hold hands with them, drive with them, sign with them, text our friends with them…so why do they come down last on our list of things to pay attention to? That’s’ easy…Most often, when we get our nails done they later chip and becausewe’re too busy to do anything about it they get left in a bad state – so we simply hope nobody will notice them. Our confidence suffers as a result and so does our look and the impression we give people! The good news however is that beautiful, strong, healthy nails are now easier to get than ever before and can add that extra finishing touch that everybody will notice and admire; great looking nails will nail your look. Bio Sculpture Gel is the latest must-have nail care product. Instead of grappling with painting on sticky nail varnish that can later chip or flake off – Bio Sculpture Gel is applied in liquid form over the natural nails by a trained professional and is then cured under UV light to give a strong, durable finish that won’t chip no matter what. Bio Sculpture – as well as looking good – is actually good for your nails. When you use it, whether it be as a colour or as nail extensions, it actually acts as a nourishing treatment. Best of all there is no need to file the natural nail and so there is no risk of damage to your nails either! So you don´t need to neglect your nails or leave your hands until last – don’t miss out on the opportunity to have easy, fabulous nails that really bring your whole look together. Nail your look and leave a lasting impression this summer with Bio Sculpture Gel!

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Nail your look with Bio Sculpture