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October 2010

As kids, the one thing that connected us all was our fascination for “cartoons”. In fact, for quite a few, that fascination has stayed on. Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, SpongeBob and the like, have entertained children and adults alike, over the years. Thus, we at the editorial board deemed it apt to devote the October issue of Zing to ‘cartoons’. This edition of Zing gets bigger and better! Koffee with KKKK-Karan Zohar and Fairy tales mein twist are sure to tickle your funny-bone. The Vantage Point will give you something to ponder upon. GB Speak is a new column that allows the GB members to contribute for Zing- articles, poems and the like. The Little Birdie has got lots to chirp about, so give her a ear to get your dope on the BOD! Zing also explores ‘manga’ and ‘anime’, two Japanese exports to the world. Finally, we welcome “Adi da Vinci” a.k.a Rtr. Aditya Shah, “Raapchik Robin” a.k.a. Rtr. Anuja Pardeshi and “Quirk Queen” a.k.a Rtr. Simiran Lalvani, as we christened them with their new names from this issue! Happy Reading! Looking forward to your feedback. Rtr. Wayne D’Cruz, Rtr. Nilofer Rehman, Editors-in-chief.

WEB PICKS Zing gets you the best of the web, in its column, “Web Picks”


She’s filmy! She’s crazy! She’s a Robin Scherbatsky lookalike! She’s Raapchik-Robin! Rtr. Anuja Pardeshi talks about the growing trend of Manga and Anime as she writes for the very first time for Zing.

MANGA, ANIME and the like... {School Geek falls for School Hunk but feels that she can never be loved by him.Some embarrassing situations happen. She keeps tripping and falling on him.They meet at karaoke nights or at Christmas Eve celebrations. Fans of SH bully SG.At last SG confesses..) SG : I..<stammer> you even though am...<blah blah> SH : <interrupts in middle> You are kidding right?? O God...I've always loved you..even though no one ever noticed you..I did.Always. SG :< starts to cry..she goes and hugs him> *Sigh* Typical lovey dovey story of shoujo manga which by the way means Japanese comics. Manga are some comics which you'll definitely enjoy more than Archies or Chacha Choudhary:P From the action filled Dragon Ball Z to the enigmatic Full Metal Alchemist, you have every sort of manga. They are later turned into anime shows. I've always being a manga maniac, spending more than half of my time reading them and laughing like a lunatic.Bored of Facebook?? Read manga.Feeling down? Read manga and I guarantee you'll keep laughing.Wanna kick some bad-ass?? Get ideas from manga ;) In a lovey-dovey mood?? Chuck Mills and Boons and start reading shoujo manga. Manga and Japanese Anime are really peppy with a wacky sense of humour, which after reading, will leave you wanting for more! Some may be clichéd, but who cares?? I still enjoy them! The goofy expressions, exaggerated scenes and lame jokes, all are hilarious! Hoping you guys step into the world of manga and anime after reading this! Sayonara, till next time!

FAIRY TALES MEIN TWIST! FAKE-TA KAPOOR knew how difficult it was to stay on the top. She had the GBblock SPEAK : typical writer’s and really needed a stroke of genius to revive her GB Speak , is a column GB members get‘inspiration’. a ‘ka’haanies. So she did whatnew every otherwherein Indian writer does, get chance to pen a little something. In its inaugral issue, And where else to start but Disney! Now that’s a place the average writer Mahreen Ladiwala in touch with her poetic hasn’t got aRtr. chance to ruin yet! Sogets in a desperate attempt to continue her legacy, Faketaji decided to revamp some of the famous fairy tales that Disney side. cherishes. Here’s what she comes up with! Cartoons =) =) ! CINDRELLA: It was my only hobby as a kid As you know, Cindrella found her Prince Charming they got bound in holy Watching cartoons on the sofa is and all i did matrimony; but did you know that this was a plot that Cindrella and her boyfriend-whose-name-no-one-knows came upwere withalways to takefun over France? Well Tom and Jerry & Powerpuff girls as the story goes,On Cindrella managed to get a divorce from the the couch were me and my buttered bun! prince in less than a month because she was able to prove that the prince asked her for a dowry and she went away with most of the gold from the coffers and also three Morning to evening, one by one fourth of France! Poor Charming was devastated! But he found his Princess Noddy, Oswald, Johnny Bravo..oh it was never done! charming and they managed with whatever little they had. Charming and Charming then conceived Charming junior. After a little rendezvous with No matter what I did..cartoons were still on Nostradamus, they were told that naming the baby ‘Mihir’ would bring the tot a Popeye and spongebob went on till midnight and lot of glory. And, so grew a fine lad. But how could Charming junior forget the sometimes even till dawn. loss and shame his father had to bear by losing France? He had to take revenge! Enter, the baby that Cindrella and her boyfriend-whose-name-no-one-knows mother would scream the Since entireholy day basil saved Cindrella have after having a My bit of a honeymoon in India. When i gave a deaf ear, she didn't know what to say! from a bad rash, she decided to name her little baby girl ‘Tulsi’. Enter a sizzling tale of romance, vengeance, betrayal, drama and all that jazz and what do you So Dadrevenge-taking tried tricks likeman cutting line;saint who has evil know, the angry young fallsthe forcable the hot I threw tantrums and cried, as I was just nine. ever after… parents! And then Tulsi and Mihir rule France and live happily SNOW WHITE His decision was firm and heof didour it cause cared Everyone knows the bitter –sweet story abhla he naari. Today you’ll be i ran thetale neighbours and damsel watchedwho it there! acquainted youBut with thetoreal of that very mothered 7 dwarfs. Yes, our very own SNOW WHITE! Does anyone knowAs thei grew truth up behind her oh-so-beautiful-fair face? Yes, it is i realised he was right our very ownCause VICCOnow TURMERIC AYURVEDIC CREAM. my specs are huge and i can Arey barelyyou seedon’t at know? Our Vicco Turmeric that is available in almost night!every household now was not discovered then. White was the first findalone the secret weapon against her Though sometimes whentoI’’m and have no one wicked step mother, Komolika, toaround win theme battle of beauty. She became fairer, with each passing until Komolika, found her replaced it with a I pickday; up the remote and become thesecret same and kid that i skin darkening product (background musicused to be!likkkaaaa aaha).WICKEEED! As soon as White applied the cream that had become a daily routine for her, she was left in utter dismay and screamed, ‘NAHIIII ye nahi ho sakta’, when she saw a dark reflection of herself in the mirror. She was so unrecognisable that her very own Prince Charming refused to take her in his Palace and announced her as ‘dead’. AArgh! Close your ears. Here she goes. NAHIIIIIII!!!! In the interim, the Prince remarried. Soon after, White realised she was bearing the Prince’s child! Nine months later, she gave birth to a kid who had a crazy interest in washing clothes. (guess he took too much inspiration from his maiden name). ‘Mr. White’ was named ‘Tide’ who brought glory to the Whites by magically turning off whites into sparkling whites. Today, ‘Mr. White’ and ‘Tide’ are named after him. Snow was living a lavish life basking in her son’s grandeur and also in the arms of a wayfarer who readily accepted her for what she was. The wayfarer loved White so much that within a span of five years, Tide had six brothers! So thus happily lived Snow in the company of her lover and seven dwarves. What happened to the prince, you ask? Well, the prince married a ‘Fair and Lovely’ beauty. No prizes for guessing! Yes, Snow White’s very own step mother. WICKED! Likkkaaaa aahaa! ;)

The Slick Maverick, Rtr. Siddhi Desai and Crazy Chameleon, Rtr. Nishita Kulkarni team up, as they narrate age-old fairy tales with a twist!


GB Speak is a new column wherein GB members get a chance to pen a little something. In its inaugral issue, Rtr. Mahreen Ladiwala gets in touch with her poetic side. Cartoons =) =) ! It was my only hobby as a kid Watching cartoons on the sofa is all i did Tom and Jerry & Powerpuff girls were always fun On the couch were me and my buttered bun! Morning to evening, one by one Noddy, Oswald, Johnny Bravo..oh it was never done! No matter what I did..cartoons were still on Popeye and spongebob went on till midnight and sometimes even till dawn. My mother would scream the entire day When i gave a deaf ear, she didn't know what to say! So Dad tried tricks like cutting the cable line; I threw tantrums and cried, as I was just nine. His decision was firm and he did it cause he cared But i ran to the neighbours and watched it there! As i grew up i realised he was right Cause now my specs are huge and i can barely see at night! Though sometimes when I’’m alone and have no one around me I pick up the remote and become the same kid that i used to be!

WHAT CARTOONS HAVE COME TO MEAN! Move over the innocent cat and mouse chases and almost angelic episodes of Sesame Street or even the harmless and adorable Teletubbies. For now, the bratty, yellow kid who swears like a sailor and says “eat my shorts” in every third breath is the new hero. Cartoons used to be thirty minutes of pure entertainment and goofiness. Most characters would be decent and dutiful and even the bad guys would turn upright and elevated by the end of the episode. Now, cartoons are thirty minutes of religious and political digs. For young minds to watch their favourite characters making such scandalous remarks on various accounts is terrifying. Moreover, personal views on God and faith should not be impressed upon the minds of receptive viwers. The slight undercurrent of adult humour, which was tolerable, is now horrifyingly dominant. Targeted at audiences of all ages, cartoons have now become more hard-hitting and in-your-face. Definitely, cartoons have evolved in a positive way too. The animation technology has now metamorphosed into a more developed and precise science, so to say. Although, the most disappointing factor is that the quality of content has declined. The best technology is available but the quality does not match up. Thus leaving most of us craving for righteous cartoon characters. From happy endings of cycling into the sunset to gory endings of blood spilling, cartoons have come a very long way and have evolved from having a gentle sense of victory to a jarring sense of one-upmanship and ego. Let’s hope that we can always see and hear the lion roar!

She’s recently boarded the RCJC Editorial express; Rtr.Simiran Lalvani a.k.a Quirk Queen; speaks her mind on the likes of various cartoons today!


Thinker-bell, Rtr.Jiya Jaisingh, reminisces about the significance of cartoons in the times of yore!

As a kid, I remember racing home from the bus stop, running up the stairs, frantically ringing the doorbell, and then skidding to a stop in front of the TV, just in the time for the 5:00 show of Scooby Doo! Cartoons meant for those hours of entertainment, just glued in front of the TV, watching wide eyed, as our favourite characters set off on another adventure! Be it Cinderella, Dora or even Scooby Doo, as he solved the latest mystery with the help of “Scooby Snax”! Cartoons were all about innocence. The clean slate, as they say. Dora taught us how to find places, Scooby taught us about solving crimes, and Popoye taught us that eating the dreaded spinach is good and will make us strong like him. Lots of thought, lots of feelings, lots of love went into making these cartoons; that resulted into a form of entertainment for kids all over the world. Cartoons taught us a moral lesson, too. Cartoons like Superman, Batman, S.W.A.T. Cats, showed us that good always triumphed over evil. These very fictional figures became our role models in some deep corner of our mind. The clinching factor was that there were innocence, truth and reality in the cartoons. "Cartoons seem more real to me than the actual people on TV. Because at least you know that there's some intelligence behind the cartoons, and there's a lot of work that's gone into it, so it can't all be just a lie." - Damon Albarn. Cartoons serve as a very important factor in shaping our personalities, because we used to spend hours everyday watching them, so I'm sure something from those cartoons still strike a chord with us, be it Powerpuff Girls saving the day, or Tom forever chasing Jerry. This is what cartoons meant; sadly, this is not what they mean anymore!

(Not quite)...The Girl Next Door, Rtr. Devanshi Sanghvi and Miss GoodyGoody-twotwo-shoes, Rtr. Devyani Shah team up in this edition of Zing, with their column, “Koffee with KKKKKKKK-Karan Zohar” Zohar”

Koffee with KKKK-Karan Zohar After two seasons of interviewing the same old Bollywood celebs, this time KZo (KKKK-Karan Zohar) has decided to go in for a refreshing, or let’s say “animated” change! His guests on the first episode of his new season are none other than Garfield and Bubbles! KZo: Welcome guys, to a brand new season of Koffee with Kkkk-Karan Zohar! Now for my first guest; (The Powerpuff Girls Theme song plays in the background.) Well then, need I say more? Please welcome the epitome of sweetness, and almost daily saviour of Townsville, Bubbles! B: Hello Mr. Zohar! (Runs and hugs him tight) I love all your movies, especially all the ones that start with a ‘K’. KZo: Why thank you Bubbles! It’s a pleasure to have you here. And now for my second guest… This cat is er… orange and a strong believer of “eat, prey and well... EAT some more!” Please welcome our all-time favourite fat cat, Garfield! (Garfield enters; on seeing the couch, ignores KZo and jumps on it. KZo, visibly embarrassed, moves on!) KZo: ... And now Bubbles and Garfield, let’s start with the famous Rapid Fire Round! If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say? G: Hmm, “Famous Orange Cat Causes a Famine, Again!” ;) B: Mine would read as “A ‘Puff’ of Blue Saves the Day! :D

KZo: Witty, indeed! If you could trade places with anyone famous or not, living or dead, real or fictitious who would it be? G: (Thinking hard): You know Karan; it would HAVE to be me... I’m famous, also fictitious and well... Just perfect =D B (Instantaneously): Ooo Katy Perry in Teenage Dream! (Realising her folly, with a sombre face) er... I mean umm of course Mother Teresa! (G’s busy smiling) KZo: Hmm interesting choices! If a genie appeared before you, ready to grant you “ONE” wish, what would that be? G: More food and sleep. I’m deprived I tell you!(widens his eyes as he speaks) B: Ooo a body like Munni! Not that I wanna get “badnaam” though :P …(sheepishly says) Sorry Professor! KZo: Who do you think is HOT? G: (Smiles smugly) It has to be Ariel, the Mermaid! She’s totally hot! B (Grinning): Has to be Garfield! G: (Extremely pleased): Why thank you, Bubbles! Some lasagne and wine, later? My place, maybe? (Winks; Bubbles blushes)

KZo: (Covers his mouth with one hand, laughing) Seems like a new romance is blossom-ing on our very first episode!! Hoping Blossom won’t mind ;). Anyway, and the final question… Say you are dead— what do you think your eulogy would say about you? B (sadly): The bubble has burst! G: Gosh, Karan! Cartoons never die, NEVER!

PAST PROJECTS Club Dandiya Held on the 16th of October at the Hindu Gymkhana grounds, Club Dandiya was an event held by the avenue of Partners in service. Nearly 70-75 rotractors dressed to the hilt in traditional Indian clothes performed the dandiya and garba to popular folk songs as well as typical Bollywood numbers. The event clearly had everyone soaking in the spirit of true Indian culture with its myriad of colours and people shedding their inhibitions to let their hair down and dance like nobody was watching! This event completely rocked and had the RCJC-ites asking for more! :D

Bollywood Dhamaka The event planned and managed completely by the quality circle of the club service avenue on the 13th of October was Bollywood Dhamaka a.ka. ‘Budoom’. It was a quiz competition wherein the participants were quizzed about actors, directors, singers, producers, movies- both old and new and basically everything strictly BOLLYWOOD! Held in the college itself it was a fun event leading to a lot of awareness about a few unknown facts of bollywood. 15 teams consisting of 5 members each participated in the competition, where every right answer was followed by a ‘jadoo ki jhappi’ and every wrong one with a ‘nahiiii’ in typical Bollywood style! :P Finally, teams kept on getting eliminated until only the best ones were left. An amazing event that had everyone excited and wishing that “The End” doesn’t come soon! ;)

DAWN: Take 2

WACKY SALES A crazy project from the avenue of th Professional Development was held on the 6 of October, called ‘Wacky Sales’. Participants were divided into teams and each team was given 100. Within a time frame of an hour and a half or two, they were expected to multiply this money by buying things and selling them off at a higher price. Teams bought and sold things like clothing, some sort of stones and even bananas. Teams came back with more than ten times the money they were allotted! A fantastic display of hidden business acumen from most of the teams made this event a rollicking success. Kudos to the organizers and winners!

I.P.P, Rtr. Dhaval Shah took the fun that happened at DAWN one step further with his project, “ DAWN- Take 2”, organised exclusively for the BOD. The BOD was split into four teams. Each team were given a deck of cards and a list of things to be built using the cards; namely; 5 two- storeyed bulidings, 3 three-storeyed buildings, 4 bungalows, a gym and a garden. Also, they had to complete it in 20 minutes! Quite a task indeed! While the first ten minutes left the BOD scratching their heads; it was only after that, did momentum pick up. When one team realised they were out of cards, they began tearing up the cards into halves and quarters. Soon, all followed suit! Amidst all this madness, one team had a very different way of completing the task that left the I.P.P impressed with their innovation. At the end of the fun and frolic, the BOD certainly learnt a couple of lessons: Importance of Planning, Optimizing resources, Patience and Time Management among others. DAWN: Take 2 picked up from where DAWN left. It certainly gave the BOD a lot to ponder upon! =)

BRAND WICH The avenue of International Service had organized a fun-filled event called ‘Brand Wich’, right after the GBM on the 18th of October, in which the participants were given the names of some popular brands and they had to make advertisements. But, the twist was, the more global the brand they would get, the more desi the ad would have to be! And the other way round. The ads were made on brands like Louis Vuitton, Microsoft and Nike to brands like Rajnigandha and Zandu Balm. Within a span of twenty sparse minutes, the participants came up with original and hilarious ads and the event was a laugh-riot! Congratulations to the winners and the organizers!

DANCING WITH THE STARS This Navratri season,the avenue of Community Service decided to spend their time spreading joy to not just the people around them but also to those who seldom experience it.'Dancing with the Stars' was an event of pure happiness and fun for both the RCJCites and the old uncles and aunties of Our lady of Piety Old age home in Marine Lines. Just as the name of the event suggests, these superstars grooved to the beats of some of the all time favorite Garba songs. The old people beat the young rotaractors in everything, be it dancing or singing. It was as if they were declaring, "Abhi toh main jawaan hoon":). By the amount of blessings and love given by them and the wide smile on their faces, it was clear that the rotaractors had made their day!

SHUKRIYA ‘Shukriya’, was another impressive project by the avenue of Community Service along with their quality circle, which was held on 12th October. This day was especially dedicated to the civil staff of our college. Busy with so many things in our lives, we forget to thank those people who keep helping us and go unnoticed. The purpose behind SHUKRIYA was to thank those people with a rose. Many rotaractors came forward to show their gratitude and participated in this lovely event. Everyone was genuinely happy that their work was appreciated. Well as for the participants, they received blessings, hugs and lots of love which left them waiting in anticipation for the next ComServ project!

ZONKED Zonked was a brain teaser event, organised by the Professional Development avenue of the club. What started out as 25 teams soon dwindled down to 12 teams after the elimination round, which consisted of a questionnaire. While the marks were being tallied, there was a filler round. Brand slogans were called out, and each team could try for extra points by guessing the correct brand! Round 2 - the buzzer round- started with 12 hopeful teams, competing with each other over their knowledge of the current affairs. Round 3 kicked off with 2 teams being eliminated, and 10 teams waiting to be questioned. This round was no ordinary round, it was memory test! Only 5 teams got through to Round 4. Round 4 was a rapid fire round! The best three teams were picked as the rightful winners! Zonked pushed everybody’s grey cells to its zenith!


SAPNO KI DIWALI The community Service Avenue organised Sapno ki rd Diwali on 23 October. About 20 RCJCites went to Gandhi Garden where they taught the children of Hamara Footpath to decorate diyas which were later sold in the college and the amount collected and donated back to the orphanage. The members even played games with the kids. The sparkle of joy in their eyes competed with the sparkle of the shiny, glittering diyas. Happiness was all around that day; this was clearly evident from the glow on the faces of the kids and RCJCites alike!


Model United Nations


Click, Snap, Shoot




(R.I.D 3140) Rotaract Entertainment Destination (RED) International RYLA


“A Little Birdie Chirped That...” TWEET TWEET!!!! Time for some garma garam gossip! I’m back with a bang and this time for vengeance! I overheard a couple of directors bad-mouthing poor me! Hmph! They’ve had it! If they think, I’m going to die down; then they don’t know who they’re messing with! Time to pour out the dope on the BOD, by the BOD! ;)

PARTICIPATE in projects; WIN and get FEATURED in Boom – Baaadda- Boom!! Splurge: Football:

Typical Johnny Bravo BOD (Purav, Sahu, Saksham, Qais) Brawny and a Casanova! WOOHOO! Who other than Purav satisfies these demands? Yes, ladies and gentlemen PURAV wins this title. And, we are certainly NOT surprised! ;)

1st Place: Bhargav, Yash Shroff & Sherair

BOD as smart as a DISNEY PRINCESS (Behnaz, Nishtha, Aditi, Kamya) Chicks that live in a world of fantasy and fairy tales! The beautiful ones who aren’t high on their IQ! Bang on! This one is shared between the PD directors- BEHNAZ and NISHTHA. Success ki seedi…Go BLONDIE(s)….er… PD! =D


The ShinChan BOD (Qais, Bhargav, Khushali, Dhruti Crazy, peppy, chubby, and tiny! Do these characters remind you of someone? Guess who resembles them? Boy you guessed it right! They are none other than our very own BHARGAV and KHUSHALI. BOD as mysterious as BATMAN (Nilofer, Aditya, Henal, Dipak) They wear a mask of glamour and glee, but within are hiding darkness and misery. Who are these dark knights of RCJC? Well here we have a batman, ADITYA and batwoman, NILOFER headed for a tie. It’s high time you guys make your presence felt! ;) MICKEY MOUSE BOD desperately in need of a MINNIE MOUSE (Qais, Wayne, Sahu, Vikram) This title was the most feared by all the directors in question. The rest heaved a sigh of relief knowing they weren’t a part of the options. But what do we have here? The BOD didn’t target one; we have the title being divided amongst all in question! WHOAAAA! QAIS and WAYNE top the list with SAHU and VIKRAM both coming to a VERRRRY close second! Guess, it’s time to scout for your Minnie, guys! =P

Badminton: (Girls): 1st Place: Behnaz (Boys): 2nd Place: Bhargav (Girls): 1st Place: Behnaz Table Tennis: (Girls):1st Place: Behnaz Throwball: (Girls): 1st Place: Behnaz, Karishma, Delnazz, Nishita, Kartika & Jajoo. Bollywood Dhamaka - Budum 1st Place: Saksham, Behnaz, Khushali, Alifya & Aashya. 2nd Place: Kausar, Davin, Krutika, Nirvan & Shreya. 3rd Place: Ummul, Khadija, Rashida, Naayab & Devanshi ZONKED: 1st Place: Meenakshi & Tanvi 2nd Place: Rakshit & Divesh 3rd Place: Malaika & Anjali STREET SMART: 1st Place: (Pen) Pooja, Ekta & Rishma 2nd Place: (Wild Eagles) Karan, Sachit, Pooja & Sheherazad

BOD as wise as HOMER SIMPSON (Dhaval, Vikram, Shroff, Dugar) Listening to this, DHAVAL might go “D’oh”! But well he is as crazy as ‘crazy’ can be! Congratulations dear for bagging this title! =D

3rd Place: (Wise Crackers) Parinaz, Jumana, Farah & Malaika.

I’ve had a gala time compiling my column with the editors and their team! As far as the BOD goes, I’ve got pretty sharp ears! So, watch it! As for the GB members; until we meet next, TOODLES! =)

1st Place: Dhaval, Bhargav, Nishtha & Vikram. 2nd Place: Siddharth, Nishita & Khadija.

Want to have your say in “GB SPEAK”? Any Ideas/Suggestions/Feedback? We’re all ears! Get in touch with us! Rtr. Wayne D’Cruz Rtr. Nilofer Rehman

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EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Rtr. Wayne D’Cruz Rtr. Nilofer Rehman EDITORIAL TEAM: Rtr. Devanshi Sanghvi Rtr. Devyani Shah Rtr. Simiran Lalvani Rtr. Aditya Shah Rtr. Siddhi Desai Rtr. Anuja Pardeshi Rtr. Nishita Kulkarni Rtr. Jiya Jaisingh

3rd Place: Rashmi, Ria, Sara & Ishita.

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