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Ed Note: Hey Guys, It‟s the beginning of a new year! But Zing has gone “Retro” with this issue! It just seemed apt, with 212° the RCJC half yearly Conclave being held in the same month! Hoping a few noble souls have kept their resolutions, as “The Vantage Point” addresses the resolution debate! “Oh So Retro” gets you the dope on all things retro. And nestled inside, is the BIG FEATURE… the award winners at 212° the RCJC half yearly Conclave! Check your name out and enjoy the footage! Have fun! Indulge in some retro randomness! Get out the “Zing” in you!

Till next time, Editors-in-Chief, Rtr. Wayne D’Cruz, Rtr. Nilofer Rehman.

Koffee with KKKK-Karan Zohar The Rock-and-Roll King, Elvis Presley, makes an appearance on KKKK-Karan’s show, in this issue of Zing.

KZo: Our shows has seen many and any of the possible celebrities entertain us… but no one is as iconic and no one can give us the very essence of the past of rock n roll like our guest today so please welcome our guest for today… ELVIS PRESLEY! Elvis: [entering whilst shaking his hips] *Love me tender baby*!! ♫ ♫ KZo: This is a family show, what‟s wrong with you? ELVIS: I‟m shaking my booty! KZo: WHAT? Elvis: Oops, wrong era, I‟m shaking my pelvis because I‟m Elvis! I‟m doing my Jailhouse rock! KZo: Oh yeah, that‟s my favourite number! Elvis: Oh yeah! That‟s why you wrecked it by ripping it off in an absurd Hindi version! Dil Khol Ke? Seriosuly? My fans in India almost burned effegies of you! Luckily for you, the agitated mob was distracted when Richard Gere made out with one of your stars…the Big Brother winner! Kzo: Well, how do you think Shilpa Shetty *shut up and bounced*? Elvis: Oh…So that was planned? Aren‟t you a sneaky little devil? *I can‟t help falling in love with you* ♫ ♫ KZo: Good God… this is outrageous! Elvis: I was only singing one of my songs! It was one my most popular ones, you know. KZo: Oh this is embarrassing! <Trying hard to change the topic> Interesting shoes you have there! Elvis: Yeah, my favourite blue suede shoes! KZo: Ah, you seem to have an interesting taste. You are the purveyor of schlock after all! Elvis: WHAT! Don‟t you insult me with your high English gibberish! Rockability ain‟t reducing my ability! KZo: [shocked and scared] I didn‟t mean anything bad! Elvis: [goes to attack K-K-K-Karan and then notices something in the coffee hamper] Is that a peanut butter and banana sandwich I see? I wouldn‟t mind a Big Hunk o' Love! Could I get some bacon with it? KZo: Does that even taste good? Elvis: ah…‟s my favourite! KZo: Well I wouldn‟t mind a try! [They both have the sandwiches and everything is hunky-dory] After the Santa and Elvis episodes, KKKK-Karan has surely learnt that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! ;)

Oh So Retro! Rtr. Nishita CrazyChameleon Kulkarni, on how Bollywood can never grow out of its Retro craze!

Rtr. Siddhi TheSlickMaverick Desai, on why retro should not return.

That 70‟S [All Time] Low!

Ye hain Retro meri jaan! „Aawaz neeche‟! Bell bottoms, Eastman colors and big hair do‟s. Bollywood is going retro and how! From the years biggest hit „Dabangg‟ which has Salman Khan putting up a retro show to „Action Replay which is more of a rewind to the 70‟s than Replay, bollywood last year has seen it all. Even the don flick „once upon a time in Mumbai‟ looked back and that‟s just last years releases. Interestingly, the retro look has been anything but history in bollywood. The 50‟s were recreated by Sudhir Mishra in his 2007‟s „Khoya Khoya Chand‟. 2005 Pradeep Sarkar‟s version of Parineeta reflected the 60‟s in all its splendor with the women dressing in fitting kurti‟s and chudidaars and Rekha reliving the magic of the cabaret culture with a sensuous number. And if it‟s not an entire movie, even a song like the number from „3 idiots‟, „zoobi doobi‟ recreated the past. Farhan Akhtar traced the bollywoods retro dance routine that had been lost in the ages with the quirky dance number „who ladki hai kaha‟ in „dil chahta hai‟. But no one brought 70‟s back like Farah Khan did in „Om Shanti Om‟. Clearly retro never really goes out of fashion in bollywood.

A wise man had once said that, “History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.” We agree! And that is why we are here to warn you about the Dark Age which has been glamorized by being called the „retro age‟ and give you some pointers on how to avoid the mistakes our ancestors made! So let‟s start of with fashion, shall we? Is it a fan, is it a cloth, is it an evil pair of triangles? No, it‟s a bell bottom! Doom was felt when these obnoxious pants came into fashion. These flared bottoms seemed to be some practical joke by someone in order to make people trip more, and it seemed to have been mistaken into a fashion! And even worse, those God awful gaudy checked suits… no, they were not too good to „boogey‟! And don‟t even get me started on afros. Dear God, they were big enough to block the sunlight of the face of the earth. Sometimes I wonder if the absence of afros has actually sped up the global warming process! And seriously, those too bright too colourful disco floors could give anyone an epileptic attack! And seriously what examples were those people setting, smoking was cool and the chick always fell either for the bad guy or the guy with who had a bike. Talk about parental nightmares! And everything from the superman to the x-men to the star trek series originated in this era; whether it‟s a good thing or not, I have no idea! And besides the funkies and grease monkeys getting all the chicks, all those dance steps that we now make fun of seem to have come right in this very „funky‟ era. And that‟s not enough, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison died in the 70‟s. So all we can do is learn from history and not make their mistakes; rather make our own unique mistakes!

Rtr. Jiya ThinkerBell Jaisingh Brings back the old touch of music.

Conclave went ‘RETRO’ because…

BRINGING BACK THE SOUNDS OF THE SOUL. 'All we hear is radio GaGa!' Remember those days when your parents dragged you to those typical 8'o' clock parties where you sat with a fruit punch wondering what you were doing in a polka dotted frock next to a nerdy boy showing off his GI Joe? Those lyrics of songs by the Bee-Gees or Beatles that only the 'cool kid' knew. Well, some of us were that 'cool' kid who could probably bob our head midst a sea of oldies going wild on Hey Jude, but how many of us actually cherish those tunes and words even today? Meaningful lyrics and heart-warming tunes were a signature of the retro music style. The expert mesmerizing guitar playing of bands like Dire Straits or U2. Even now as some people are reading this they will wonder who on earth I'm talking about. Sad it is really. Retro music is like wine, just gets better with age!. Music is a journey we take every day, on the way to work, over morning coffee, or when we take that special one into our hands. A human voice can take us to different places and express a range of emotions difficult to describe in words, from anger and pain to complete serenity and a feeling of pure joy. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins are not merely artists they are musical genius's. Bands like the Beatles and Pink Floyd are remembered and praised till date. Their music was simple but it struck a chord somewhere! Even now if a lot of those musical geniuses could spring up from their grave, they would come singing..."A long, long time ago... I can still remember How that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance And, maybe, they'd be happy for a while." --

Its all about Love

I personally believe that life's worth taking risks, going against all odds, perceiving in what you strongly believe in, blah blah. And I know, that going Retro for Conclave was one such risk that I’d taken. For some odd reason, it had been my dream in RCJC to have an event completely dedicated to Retro. And this takes me back to where it all started. Last year, somewhere around November, I still remember the canteen songs, ‘dip chai’ and a lot of fun that we did. Things were quite eased out during Dhaval's Presidentship year and meeting up in the canteen and singing to the tunes of these Retro Songs was quite a hit amongst us. And this was especially between Nishtha and me. Gradually towards the end of that year, we planned an event called ‘Zodiak Fest’. And for some reason, this event had a lot of sentiments attached with it. Due to unfavorable reasons, we could never do this event. And it’s ‘Zodiak Fest’ that kept popping in my hindsight, throughout this year. The original theme decided for this event was Retro and Nishtha and I were Chairpersons. And this was even more of a staunch reason for me to relive those days. So I believe, the fear of not being able to do the event even this year, coupled with the passion for having at least one event with Retro as the theme, probably gave birth to the Conclave that we all witnessed. And I guess we definitely lived up to the expectations of the task we set for ourselves. Not to the fullest perhaps, but somewhere the satisfaction of achieving the dream to do an event in true ‘Retro’ style was fulfilled. --Rtr. Saksham Mendiratta

RESOLVE AND THOU ART FREE! From Gandhiji‟s example of resolve to change the world and Michael Phelps, an Olympic Swimmer‟s determination to succeed in spite of all the ridicule to a more contemporary reference of Kareena Kapoor‟s determination to look f(l)abulous, and Ekta Kapoor‟s dauntless efforts to begin all her soaps with her favourite letter and finish 32847 episodes of each soap are examples of exemplary efforts that have resulted into something that most of us shall remember for a long time. New Year‟s is the time to start afresh; making a resolution is something many of us do. There are plenty of critics who are absolutely cynical about resolutions. It is always great to know what you can do better and forming a resolution is a constant reminder as to how you can better yourself. Undoubtedly, it is quite difficult to over come some habits and venture into something one is not used to. Like a famous quote goes, “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

Quirk Queen, Rtr. Simiran Lalvani tells you why you should keep up to your resolutio ns!

Just like worrying about how close your exams are, doesn‟t give you any more time to study, in the same way, worrying about how things aren‟t going to work out, will never help you get over your problems. It is essential to overcome this initial fear of failure and go ahead and give yourself a chance to improve. As preachy as it sounds, yes you can!

So this month, think of what you don‟t do right, whether it is your habit of biting your nails or your alcoholism or your lack of standing up for injustice, set it straight!


Crazy Chamel eon, Rtr. Nishita Kulkarni gives the thumbs down to resolutio ns!

“I will not eat junk food this year!” “I will work out rigorously and follow a strict diet!” “I will study hard and not watch movies and hang out with friends.” These and many such resolutions are common amongst today‟s generation. But how many of us actually stick to them? How many of us do not yield to our temptations even once in 365 days. It‟s hard to imagine! But, those who commit to these resolutions and emerge victorious definitely deserve a pat on their backs! They give up things that mean a lot to them; things that make them happy; things that fetch a smile on their face, for something else that they desire badly. Giving up on small desirable things in life for something wholeheartedly desired is foolish. We get only one life! We should live it to the fullest! Instead of giving up movies and hanging out with friends for scoring well in boards, one can do the former moderately. You need a happy and calm mind to study anyways. And sacrificing on small cravings will anyways not give one peace. Instead of giving up junk food completely, one can reduce the intake. Falling prey to your taste buds once in a while is alright. We won‟t get another life to enjoy activities or food we like. So, don‟t give up small desires for the big ones. Resolutions are meant to be followed to start afresh; to have a new beginning; learn from the past mistakes and promise to not commit them again, in order to have a glorious future. They are not meant to harm your peace of mind or ruin your happiness or pour water on your desires. The reason they are called „RE-SOLUTIONS‟ is because they are meant to find solutions to our past wrong actions for us to become better individuals; to forget the past and blossom into fresh youthful intellectuals! But, then again, why do we need just one day in the entire year to learn from our past mistakes and oath to not commit them again? When we realize that we have made errors, why not learn from them then and there and forget them? Why pile them up and remember all the blunders committed by us in the year; blunders that we badly want to flush out of our minds, on the last day of the year? Why give the mind a flashback of them all and trouble it on the day it is supposed to be the happiest; the day it is going to open a new chapter in its life? I believe you should just live for the moment. You misbehave. Accept your wrong doing, learn, and forget. You never know whether tomorrow will arise or not, for you to keep the wrong action in mind till the New Year arises and it is then when you decide to learn and forget. It will be too late by then and your mind will continue being upset and guilty the entire year. So just accept every day as a new year! Trust me, you won‟t feel any better! Every day is worth celebrating! It is totally worth it!

212°- The RCJC Half Yearly Conclave Dramatic Nominations. Cupcakes. Saksham‟s Pj‟s. Kumta‟s Sarcasm. Dugar‟s and Dhaval‟s Humour. Cabaret. Jive. Qawalli. The Graffitti Wall. The Ticket Counter. Madness in the Green Room. Time Travel. Retro. Craziness Backstage. And finally the awards…to give the best their due! That was 212°- The RCJC Half Yearly Conclave. Organised by Rtr. Aanchal Samtani and Rtr. Cherika Jain; truly this was one event that will be remembered for a long time! =)

And the award goes to…

Jury Choice Awards

*Best DirectorMale: Rtr. Wayne D‟Cruz Female: Rtr. Priyanka Chauhan *Best OCP Rtr. Hansika Shahani and Rtr. Qais Husein (DAWN) *Find od the YearDirector: Rtr. Siddharth Sahu GB(Male): Rtr. Hardik Jain GB(Female): Rtr. Aanchal Samtani *Most Contibutive GB Member Rtr. Ankur Gagandeep *Most Active GB member Male: Rtr. Ankush Kriplani Female: Rtr. Shikha Tanna *Best Event Hall of Fame (Rtr. Dhaval Shah & Rtr. Siddharth Sahu) *Best Alumni Relations Rtr. Ankit Ravani *Best Yearly Initiative Wake Up (Rtr. Wayne D‟Cruz & Rtr. Nilofer Rehman) *Best Quality Circle Club Service (November) *Most Progressive Member Rtr. Alifya Nalwala *Most Progressive Director Rtr. Yash Shroff *Most Dependable Member

Rtr. Deven Rawtani *Most Creative Member Rtr. Kunal Kumta *Best Organiser Rtr. Aditya Shah *All Rounder Rtr. Hardik Jain GB Choice Awards

*Most Popular Director Rtr. Dhaval Shah *Most Popular Co-Ordinator Rtr. Aanchal Samtani *Club Clown Director: Rtr. Siddharth Sahu GB: Rtr. Kunal Kumta *Most Popular GB member Male: Rtr. Aayush Nagrecha Female: Rtr. Cherika Jain *Best Event RCJC MUN (Rtr. Yash Dugar, Rtr. Aditi Verma)

ZAIKA Zaika was an international food festival organized by the avenue of International Services which was held at Sangam Banquets at marine drive. All the participants came to showcase their culinary skills and they did so in a fantastic manner. It is said that the best way to reach someone's heart is through is stomach. And the participants did quite well to reach the judges hearts and the best team which could do so was '(team name)'. The different rounds built up the excitement in the participants especially the round of choosing additional ingredient. All the teams were very well prepared with all grocery and cutlery. Participants tried all sort of recipes to make something delicious. Those who were there surely had a blast!!!!

ZAIKA WINNERS:1st place:- Hansika Shahani ,Upendra Dhawale and Dhruti Chedda 2nd Place:- Urvi Chedda, Shikha Tanna, Shantanu and Harsh Jain 3rd:- Jishma Parekh, Dhwani Shah, AditiyaWanwari and PriyankaMajmumdar

“ A LITTLE BIRDIE CHIRPED THAT” RCJC‟s little birdie is mighty impressed with the set of coordinators she shows her love for them, by spilling the beans, in her trademark style! Check out what she‟s tweeted in the months * coordinators special*. Word has been running that Alifya you‟ve been visiting the “doctor” often?;) Beware of what you‟re doing sweetie; you‟ve been bonding too much with Hardik creating problems in his perfect married life with Cherika. Seems like the couple is trying to follow the footsteps of Sarah Jessica parker and Matthew Broderick to keep their relationship stable! :P Krutika, don‟t you know best friends boyfriends are off limits not Oaun? :P Aanchal Samtani joined the RC looking at the Brand Manager, seems like the Knight in shining armor isn‟t who she was looking for. I guess she is more into the club jester, Kunal Kumta or probably planning a trip to Nepal. We hope its FUN! ;) Karim we understand that the weather is dry. But not so much that you apply Vaseline to your lips every time. Wats the truth boss?? :P Someone has informed little Birdie that Tarang Gupta has a huge crush on Priyanka Kamble, do we see any sparks for them in the future? The silent romeo amongst all seems to be Aditya Shah. Not very verbal of his feelings, we do see him moving towards guys now!! C‟mon Aditya, we‟re sure that the girls deserve better.

Blog Along! (My Say…My Way!) Eligibilty- RCJC member, Ability to

connect to the Internet. Well if you fulfil the above minimum qualifications, it‟s time to give wing to your thoughts! You don‟t need to be a Wordsworth! All you need is a passion for RCJC! Tell us your say, and see it published your way, in its UNEDITED version!

RCJC is finally making its presence felt on the Web. Check out your club in it‟s online avatar! Blog: www.rcjcmysaymyway.blo Issuu: l Facebook: nd Ideas?

Roses are red, Violets are blue, and secrets admirers like these are very few; Rahil Malkan seems like you caught the eye of one lucky girl, don‟t let her go PIS.. oops.. sorry.. we meant PLS !! :P What on earth is going on within the coordinators team!?

Suggestions? Feedback? Want to have your say in “GB SPEAK”? Or want to blog along on “My Say…My Way”? We’re all ears! Get in touch with Ed, Eddy & Co.!

We welcome our GUEST MEMBERS, Rtr. Pia Sanghvi and Rtr. Raunaq Saya! Hoping you’ll have a fab time, on board! -Ed, Eddy & Co.

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