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Winter 2012

Christine remained deeply connected to Auxiliaries when she took up the role of Executive Director of the RCH Foundation, and in her most recent role as Executive Director of the Good Friday Appeal. We wish Christine well as she prepares to start a new chapter in her life – retirement, although I am sure that her involvement with the hospital and Auxiliaries will continue as a very enjoyable element of this new time. Congratulations Christine on all that you have achieved, and lastly may I say how proud we are that you started your association with the hospital through Auxiliaries.

Toys made by Glenda Ross and friends, long-term Auxiliary supporters.

MESSAGE FROM SUE HUNT We are certainly not hibernating in winter! In fact, we are gearing up for one of the biggest Auxiliary events of the last number of years, the Made By Us Twilight Market, a huge one-off event showcasing a curated selection of goods handcrafted by the Auxiliaries, local designers and craftspeople on Saturday 30 June at the Malvern Town Hall. More than just a market, this event has been specially designed by the Auxiliaries Executive as an awareness raising event, and an opportunity to celebrate the Auxiliaries’ 90th Anniversary in the suburb where they were founded in 1922. I am very excited by the collaborative nature of this large, engaging event, and I am sure it will be hugely beneficial for the Auxiliaries. I look forward to seeing you there on the day. It was very exciting to be present

once again for the handover of the Auxiliaries cheque at the Good Friday Appeal. Congratulations to you all for yet another successful year. Sue Hunt Executive Director

MESSAGE FROM CAROLE LOWEN Auxiliaries receive amazing support from many people both outside and within the hospital walls. I would like to acknowledge Christine Unsworth as one such person who has given much effort towards ensuring the longevity and vitality of Auxiliaries. I am sure many of you remember Christine holding the position of Auxiliaries and Volunteers Manager, and all the wonderful times and opportunities that were created, including the creation and launch of Cuppa for Kids.

Carole Lowen President of Auxiliaries

MESSAGE FROM SUE MANSON Whilst the 2012 year seems to be flying by so quickly and I must say that I am very excited by all that is happening for Auxiliaries to celebrate our 90th anniversary. We are very excited to have Professor Graeme Barnes as the guest speaker at our upcoming AGM, this year. Professor Barnes has been associated with the RCH and MCRI for many years and has a great appreciation for Auxiliaries as people and their association and contribution to the hospital. Remember that we would love you to participate in the ‘Hats and Gloves’ theme for the AGM as our way of honouring all those wonderful people who went before us and made it possible for us to be celebrating 90 years of fundraising for our beloved hospital. I do look forward to seeing you there on this very special day, so please get together with your

fellow Auxiliary members and put your table together. It will be a truly wonderful day of recognition and acknowledgement for all that you have done.


Sue Manson Auxiliary Coordinator AUXILIARIES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2012

Auxiliaries General Meeting 2012


Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Nursing Development Scholarship


Made by Us Twilight Market


A New Way to Keep in the Loop


Update Your Contact Details


Making Bean Counting As Easy As Pie 3 Run Melbourne




Archival Items, Photos, Video and Footage


Do You Know Anyone with Type 1 Diabetes


2012 Cystic Fibrosis Fun Run a Record Breaker


Margo Ferguson- Our Own Iron Lady


People Who Do Meaningful Work May Live Longer


Introducing a New FaceLee Hawe


Living Treasures Afternoon Tea


A Special Message from Christine Unsworth


New Boss for the GFA CIKA Annual Ball

8 9

Celebration of Life Ball


The Auxiliaries AGM and anniversary celebration luncheon will be held on Saturday 21 July at Myer Mural Hall. 21 July is the actual anniversary date of when the first Auxiliary took place in 1922. This event will be a special one, and reflective of the Auxiliaries long and admirable history. We encourage all Auxiliary members to attend, and to embrace the ‘Hats and Gloves’ theme – a nod to the fashion style of the 20s. Auxiliary members $25 per person. Invitations and booking forms will be sent to Auxiliary members, but please contact the office if you have any queries. RSVP essential by 7 July 2012 via response slip only. DAME ELISABETH MURDOCH NURSING DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISING LUNCHEON

The Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Nursing Development Scholarship is a unique opportunity for nurses, and plays an important role in the hospital’s vision of being a great children’s hospital. 
Each year, the scholarship of $50,000 allows one outstanding nurse to develop skills and experience by exploring innovative practices and models of care across Australia and

By supporting the scholarship, you are influencing continuing career development and excellence in practice, and also directly contributing to the world class standard of care that the hospital provides. Nurses and patients at the RCH benefit from benchmarking their practices against the finest healthcare organisations around the globe. This important fundraising luncheon is open to the public, and will feature guest speakers, raffle and silent auction and more. We encourage you, your friends and colleagues to save the date. Auxiliaries will be notified when tickets go on sale for this special event. Friday 24 August 2012 at the RACV Club, Little Collins St, Melbourne. MADE BY US TWILIGHT MARKET

The Made By Us Twilight Market is a one-off event, showcasing original handcrafted goods from the Auxiliaries, and independent local creatives with over 60 stalls. 
Made By Us is a perfect way to spend a crisp wintery twilight amongst friends and family - shopping! Sue Hunt says, “For 90 years, the Auxiliaries have fundraised for the hospital. Their creative entrepreneurship and dedication never ceases to amaze and impress. The RCH Auxiliary network are active all year round, but it’s not often that they come together under one roof. This is a rare chance to both celebrate their wonderful work, and raise muchneeded funds for the hospital. “We’re also hoping to inspire a new generation of Melbourne’s arts, craft and culture enthusiasts to get involved with community 2

fundraising. It’s a rewarding pastime, delightful community and of course, a great cause.” Special features of this familyfriendly afternoon include delicious winter treats, raffles and a line-up of acoustic live music from young local musicians. 
 Saturday 30 June, 12-6pm at Malvern Town Hall
. For more information go to: A NEW WAY TO KEEP IN THE LOOP

Something that we have heard from Auxiliary members is that you’d like to know more about what is happening in other corners of the wide Auxiliary network, and sometimes find it challenging to keep on top of administrative messages from the Foundation and Auxiliaries office. This is not surprising – there are over 1000 of you across Victoria, and not all of you are able to come into the hospital frequently. With this in mind, we set about finding a solution so that all Auxiliary members find it easier to keep in touch through a central ‘news source’. We will soon be introducing a new way for all Auxiliary members to keep in the know about all things Auxiliaryrelated. A Monthly Digest will be introduced from July 2012. The purpose of the Monthly Digest’s is to keep all Auxiliary members connected to each other, to the staff in the office, to stay up to date with important Auxiliary information, 3

upcoming events, accounts and administrative advice, and other news.


This publication will be sent primarily by email to all Auxiliary members that have email addresses. We will send paper copies of the Monthly Digest to all Auxiliary members that do not have an email address and to those who request a paper copy.

Our office has been in contact with some of you, but if you have not heard from us, we would greatly appreciate it if you could confirm your correct details.

The Monthly Digest is for all Auxiliary members, not just the office-bearers. This is very important; we want everyone involved in Auxiliaries to have access to this important and interesting information.

We want to assure you that we take the environment and our cost-effectiveness seriously. For these reasons, we will only send paper copies where requested, so you will need to ‘opt-in’ if you do not have access to email and want to receive a paper copy of the Monthly Digest. We will send the Monthly Digest once a month, around the 15th - at the same time that we send your monthly accounts. We encourage you to set a reminder to check your email at that time for your Monthly Digest! Make sure you and all your Auxiliary colleagues are on the emailing list for the first edition of the Monthly Digest. Email with all the email addresses to add to the list. Office bearers, please spread the word! If you need a paper copy of this publication, please let Janelle know on 03 9345 4508. We will be flexible with this publication – we want it to work for you. We are happy for you to give us requests and suggestions. Sound good to you? We hope so. And we look forward to sending you the first edition soon.

Due to the new Monthly Digest, and a whiz-bang new database that we are introducing soon, we must ensure that we have the most up to date contact information for all Auxiliary members.

Please post, fax to 03 9345 6700 or email au • • •

• •

Auxiliary name, your full name, any post nominals Phone, mobile and fax number email address if you have one - very important, so we can send you the Monthly Digest! Postal address Please indicate if you need or do not have access to email and need to receive a paper copy of the Monthly Digest.

MAKING BEAN COUNTING EASY AS PIE As you can imagine, there is a significant amount of mail coming into our office each day by post and online. When cheques, invoices, receipts etc are not clearly marked, it makes it extremely difficult and time consuming for us to allocate funds to the correct Auxiliary. We ask you to bear this in mind, and please ensure you follow these steps. For posted or hand delivered mail: •

Make sure all your mail is clearly marked with the Auxiliary name and the event/activity with which it’s associated. Write your Auxiliary name,

and event/activity on the back of all cheques Always include a cover note or letter with any finances that you give to the Foundation – either by post or dropping off in person. Just something simple, for example: “Please find enclosed a cheque for $200 for ‘Name of Auxiliary’ as proceeds from our raffle conducted at our local shopping centre during May.”

so you can share your efforts and encourage friends and family to donate to your favourite charity - which we hope is us! If you are fundraising for your Auxiliary through an online donation web page, please ensure you email Lauren Stewart on to let her know. This will make it possible for her to allocate your funds to your Auxiliary when they come in. Good luck!

For online transactions and bank deposits:


With fond memories, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Auxiliaries acknowledge the passing of Mrs R. B. Lewis. Affectionately known to Auxiliary members as Betty, Mrs. Lewis was President of The Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliaries from 1978 to 1982.

Email Pranav Kaushal, au to let him know you are transferring funds – as above, just a sentence or two including who it’s from and what it’s for is fine. Always include your Auxiliary name in the ‘reference’ field on your bank transfers

Thank you for your help with this! We truly appreciate the time and effort you all put into accounts administration for your Auxiliary. If you have any queries about this, please contact Pranav by email or phone 03 9345 5037. RUN MELBOURNE

One of Melbourne’s most popular running events is on Sunday 15 July.  Anyone, at any age and any fitness level can participate. Comprising a variety of running and walking distances, Run Melbourne offers options for all levels of runner. Once you’ve signed up, create your own fundraising web page,

Betty Lewis

Much of Betty’s youth was spent exploring and traveling overseas, and she carried this sense of adventure everywhere she went. When the war came in 1939, Betty learnt on the job, nursing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. In 1943 she accepted Bob Lewis, and there began a devoted partnership of nearly 66 years. She moved to Melbourne in 1968, and received an invitation from Dame Elisabeth Murdoch to join the Committee of Management of The Royal Children’s Hospital. This channeled Betty’s interest in nursing and medicine – her organisational skill and her incredible ability to connect with people meant she excelled as President of the Auxiliaries from 1978 to 1982. Her role meant she was the public face for the hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, and she undertook it with zest and relentless energy. Betty Lewis’ favourite saying was “Aren’t I lucky?”, absolutely – and we were very lucky to have her. Dorothy Blackie With great sadness, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Auxiliaries acknowledge the

passing of Dorothy Blackie. A member of Templestowe Auxiliary since 1941, Dorothy’s 70 years service as a volunteer fundraiser is an inspiring achievement. In 1941, when Dorothy began her association with the hospital, aged 13, it was a ‘family affair’. Her mother, Doris Beale, was a foundation member of Templestowe Auxiliary in 1939. Over the past 70 years, Dorothy participated in a huge range of Auxiliary fundraising initiatives. Highlights of her service include receiving her 60 year service award from Governor John Landy in 2001, being inducted into the Living Treasures Auxiliary in 2004, and receiving a Menzies Community Australia Day Award in 2004. Dorothy treasured the friendships she found in Templestowe Auxiliary, and was proud of the loyal support she received from her husband Don, and three daughters (Glenda has been an Auxiliary member for 29 years). In recent years, Dorothy was thrilled to see her grandchildren become involved in fundraising for the hospital. We were extremely lucky and proud to have someone as generous and devoted as Dorothy working with us for 70 years - an amazing achievement. DO YOU HAVE ARCHIVAL ITEMS, PHOTOS, VIDEO FOOTAGE? As part of the planned celebrations for the 90th Anniversary we are preparing a photographic exhibition to present at this year’s AGM. We are looking for; •

Photos of Auxiliary members (portraits and group shots), photos of events, meetings etc – recent and long ago, with details of what, when, who etc if available. Archival items and correspondence – old letters, meeting minutes, reports about Auxiliary activities, 4

pins, certificates etc. Photographs must: • Be clear (or be of high resolution) • Feature a memorable event or auxiliary members • Be in either hard copy or electronic copy Photographs which are in electronic form can be emailed to Lisa Addison at lisa.addison@rch. Those photographs which are in hard copy will be scanned and returned. We urge you to consider any photographs that meet this criterion so that they may be presented at this memorable event. Please submit your photographs by 1st July at latest. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES?

of Diabetes Services at the RCH Melbourne and Head of Diabetes research at the MCRI. With no cure and the incidence of type 1 diabetes rising at almost 3% per year in children under 15, the hospital needs to continually improve the world’s best practice.

The Endocrinology and Diabetes Department at the RCH is the largest paediatric diabetes centre in the southern hemisphere and are world leaders in the treatment and care of patients with type 1 diabetes. “Living with diabetes is all about challenge. We are motivated by the fact that our patients face up to these challenges every day. Our challenge then is to match their commitment with our research endeavours in trying to find ways to make their lives better. Your challenge is to join our team and support our patients”, Professor Fergus Cameron, Head 5

The Trust funds research Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a threatening genetic disorder severely affects lung function digestion.

into lifethat and

This cannot be done without the support of the public through community fundraising like Inverloch Auxiliary, who raise funds to support Endocrinology by funding a complications screening nurse. The Centre for Hormone Research have also launched a fundraising initiative supporting children living with type 1 diabetes; Mind Over Matter Month. During June, Mind Over Matter Month invites you to change your lifestyle and experience a daily commitment to the fullest. By throwing yourself into a challenge participants  can taste a little of the daily dedication it takes to live with type 1 diabetes. Funds raised through Mind Over Matter Month will directly support the Aitken Fellowship, a clinical training and research position held by a paediatric junior doctor who will train in type 1 diabetes care and undertake important diabetes research at the RCH and MCRI.

Did you know one in 500 young people in Australia has diabetes and it is one of the most common chronic diseases in children?

Medicine Department.

Training more doctors in type 1 diabetes care and treatment will mean that the RCH will be able to provide a better service to our patients. To find out more about Mind Over Matter Month visit To find out more about Inverloch Auxiliary contact Kerrie on 0408 775 535 or kbeauglehall@hotmail. com. 2012 CYSTIC FIBROSIS FUN RUN A RECORD BREAKER The Royal Children’s Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Trust was formed in 2000 by a group of RCH parents in conjunction with Associate Professor Philip Robinson, Director of the RCH Respiratory

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life-threatening inherited disease in Australia. It affects 1 in 2500 children and 1 in 25 people are carriers of the CF gene. In April, the Trust held one of their major fundraisers, the 6th annual CF Trust Fun Run, under sunny skies in Maribyrnong. Over 700 participants elected to do either the challenging 8km run including the now famous ‘heart break hill’ or the leisurely flat 4km walk and run around the river, starting and finishing at the Anglers Tavern. This year’s event was the largest ever and organisers were delighted to raise over $45,000, which is a record. 100% of these funds are directed to CF research at the hospital, where the Respiratory Medicine Department has more than 300 CF patients under its care. Dr Phil Robinson, the Trust’s medical chairman, said the day was a wonderful event made possible by the efforts of the many volunteers and supported by so many in the CF community and local community in general. “Our trust’s motto ‘Creating a Future’ reflects our desire through research to improve the lives of people with CF and this wonderful

amount will help us in our continued push to achieve this”, Dr Robinson said.

written a book summarizing their findings, The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study.


According to the findings the strongest predictor of long life was conscientiousness. Conscientious people are less likely to smoke, engage in risky behavior, and have accidents; and they are more likely to have good health practices and follow medical advice.

Pankina Auxiliary member Margo Ferguson may be almost 93 years of age, but don’t let that fool you. Margo is a familiar face around the hospital. She often mans the Auxiliary stall in Main Street, runs raffles, and acts as secretary and treasurer for Pankina. Her big personality and cheeky sense of humour make her a favourite with staff and visiting families. On the 7th February this year, Margo was crossing the road near her house and was hit by a utility truck towing a trailer on the back: “I remember it all – I remember flying up in the air, and my stick flying up too. I ticked the driver off though, you should have heard what I said!” Amazingly, Margo survived.  The ute broke many of her bones, but did not weaken her fighting spirit. She spent the next seven weeks recovering from several serious injuries in hospital, but is now back on her feet and once again working with Pankina Auxiliary to raise funds for the RCH, as she has been doing for the past two decades. Up until the accident, three times a month, Margo would catch the bus, then the train, then the tram to get to the RCH so she could undertake the vital role of raising funds for the hospital.  After a ‘slight hiatus’ she is now back where she belongs.    Pankina Auxiliary was formed in 1967 and still enjoys a large membership of very dedicated fundraisers who sell their crafts and gifts to raise funds. Margo joined Pankina Auxiliary over twenty years ago and has been a faithful member ever since. We asked Sue Manson, Auxiliary Coordinator, about Margo: “Margo is our pin up girl for anyone wanting

Iron Lady- Margo Ferguson

to be involved with the Auxiliaries at the hospital. Her honest care and compassion towards the children and their families is the perfect example of what makes Auxiliaries so special.” Margo is keen to keep volunteering for her beloved Auxiliary as long as possible: “I’ll come back to the hospital as long as I can, I love doing it, I love the people and what we do – it’s my life.” PEOPLE WHO DO MEANINGFUL WORK MAY LIVE LONGER
 Researchers have found that people who are engaged in meaningful work may live longer! This article in Psychology Today should make all of our Auxiliary members and fundraising community happy, as well as the hospital staff. 

Being sociable and happy doesn’t predict long life; but being a mildly neurotic worrier does, for reasons similar to those for conscientiousness. On the other hand, having contact with friends and loved ones is a plus, if only because they can call for help when you need it. Taking it easy and avoiding stress doesn’t make you live longer, but being engaged with meaningful work does. Divorce shortened the lives of men much more than women. Similarly being single was a greater disadvantage for men than for women.

Thanks for your hard work, and may you live long and prosper!

Surprisingly, for these bright people, starting school early predicted a shorter life. Apparently boredom because school is too easy was not a longevity disadvantage—especially in comparison to the advantage offered by the normal social development of growing up with age peers.

********** In 1921 Lewis Terman began research on more than 1,500 bright ten-year-old Californians. Generations of researchers have been working on the project over the years and will continue to do so until the last participant has died. Two of the psychologists currently involved in the research, Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin have

Lewis Terman originally assumed that the high IQ childen in his study would become the future leaders of science, industry, and politics. However many of the “genius” children wound up in menial jobs; and it appears that the participants as a whole did no better than others from similar social class backgrounds, therefore demonstrating that hard 6

Melbourne is....full of surprises.

work, luck, social contacts, good health, and social skills—were more beneficial to success than being academically gifted. Almost a century after the children involved in the study were born, we can all benefit from what they helped us to learn.

LIVING TREASURES AFTERNOON TEA It was with great pleasure that another twelve people were inducted into the Living Treasures Hononary Auxiliary on 20 April 2012 at the annual Afternoon Tea.

Published on June 5, 2012 by Jefferson Fish, Ph.D. in Looking in the Cultural Mirror on Psychology Today.

INTRODUCING A NEW FRIENDLY FACE Lee Hawe joined the team in April 2012 as Communications Coordinator, and will be working closely to support the Auxiliaries with marketing and communications like her predecessor, Stacey. Lee coordinates the Foundation’s online presence, communications collateral and publications. She recently returned to Melbourne from Auckland where she worked as a marketing executive in television. Lee enjoys working creatively and is excited about her new role. 
What’s the best thing so far about being back in Melbourne?
 Melbourne is my home town and I really love being back and enjoying the best the city has to offer- in particular the food, music, sports and culture. I’m also enjoying being by my family and catching up with friends. 
In a few words or sentences, describe the path that led you to this new job.
 Outside of work I was quite involved in community activities in New Zealand which I really enjoyed. The aspect of doing work that benefits the community, and in this case children and families, has always appealed to me. The opportunity to work for the RCH Foundation was amazing so I jumped at it.

 What’s the best piece of advice that you hold dear? Do something that you are 7

Lee Hawe (in the sunglasses!)

passionate about. Work hard, work smart and don’t give up.

 What do you hope to achieve at the Foundation?
 My goal is to positively contribute my skills to the Foundation team, to learn and grow in my profession, and to enjoy the many unique experiences that the job involves. 
 What’s the best thing about working in a hospital?
 The best thing is to see smiles on the faces of the children who are patients, especially when they are enjoying the new hospital’s attractions. I also like being part of a team that has done so much towards helping sick kids get better.

 Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation highlight so far?
 The meerkat enclosure and aquarium are fantastic.   In the morning I always look over to the aquarium to see the kids pressed up against the glass, watching the fish swimming around. And I keep a look out for the groper- he’s my favourite.  

This day is always a wonderful occasion for Auxiliary members who have previously been honoured to welcome in the people who have given many years of service, time and talent to raising funds, and ensuring that the concept of Auxiliaries is fostered, grown and flourishes. We enjoyed a lovely presentation of Living Treasure Certificates and Badges by Louise Gourlay OAM, Patron of Auxiliaries. Louise always leaves us feeling appreciated and inspired to continue the work of Auxiliaries. Congratulations to our new members and many thanks to all our Living Treasures.

The New Living Treasures- Back- Dawn Bredin, Raelene Trotter, Tony Hubbard, Joan Layet. Front- Glenice Gardner, Caroline Hill, Glenda Fraser and Marian Crawford.

Best coffee in town
? Aruba Café at the RCH is very good. And for home, Aldi’s Just Organic Fairtrade is a nice brew.

 At RCH, the focus is on making sure all the patients receive the best health care. What is your favourite health and fitness tip?
 Keep life simple- eat well, get enough sleep and move.

Linda Lovell (Broadmeadows) and Val Wills (Pankina)

Most of you know that I have a very soft spot for the RCH auxiliaries – a group of people from whom I learnt so much. I have witnessed your commitment and passion and your unwavering devotion to the cause. I have seen friendships develop and grow, and I am privileged to share some of those special relationships. Pat Glazner and Maureen Cody

My very personal thanks to each and every one of you for the important part you have played in my life, and of course in the lives of so many children. With every best wish for the future and with my warmest regards to each and everyone of you, Christine Unsworth

Back- Dorothy Timmerman, Beth Trebilcock. Front- Dorothy Sizeland, Dawn Bredin and Elizabeth Walker (Waverley)

Dear Auxiliaries Members,

Some 27 years ago, I ventured into the halls of RCH on my way to take up the role of Co-ordinator of Auxiliaries and Volunteers. I had come from a pressured position of managing a Community Health Centre, so anticipated that this new task would be a doddle. It proved to be anything but – I was greeted by a group of highly talented, highly organised people who had made it their mission to support our great hospital. Not only was the fundraising highly successful and extremely enjoyable, members of the auxiliaries were some of the strongest advocates for the hospital that I had encountered. It seems to me now that nothing has changed, the names and faces may be different, but the dedication and drive remains.

“Christine’s passion, energy and drive have been instrumental in the success of the Appeal throughout her 16 years of leadership,” Blunden said. “Christine’s genuine love of this wonderful cause has directly helped thousands of Victorian children, and she has led a dedicated team with distinction. For that, we congratulate and thank her.” Victorians have donated more than $160 million to the Good Friday Appeal over the past 16 years under Unsworth’s stewardship, more than half the total $240 million raised in its 81-year history. HWT chairman and retiring Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation chairman Julian Clarke said: “I can’t speak more highly of what has been achieved under Christine’s leadership, particularly the trust and personal relationships built in the wider Victorian community.”


As I am about to leave the Good Friday Appeal, and by association the Royal Children’s Hospital, it has given me cause to reflect on the fantastic contribution made by you all.

Unsworth’s leadership.

Outgoing GFA Director Christine Unsworth.

NEW BOSS FOR THE GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL The below announcement was released in early June. We look forward to welcoming the new GFA Director. ********** The Good Friday Appeal has appointed Deborah Hallmark as its new Executive Director, replacing outgoing Executive Director Christine Unsworth, who has led the organisation through a period of pivotal growth for the past 16 years. HWT managing director Peter Blunden welcomed Hallmark to the role and paid tribute to Christine

Deborah Hallmark

Deborah Hallmark – current board director of the Transport Accident Commission – joins the Good Friday Appeal with more than 20 years marketing, communications and event management experience. In her new role, she will be responsible for the overall 8

management and direction of the Good Friday Appeal. “As a proud and passionate Victorian I understand the importance and value of the Royal Children’s Hospital, which is one of the best paediatric hospitals in the world,” Hallmark said. “I look forward to building on the strong foundations Christine has established to ensure the RCH remains a world-class facility equipped to deliver the best possible care to our sick children.” CIKA ANNUAL BALL

The Cancer in Kids Auxiliary (CIKA) annual ball is always a brilliant night out, so we are looking forward to the 2012 event on Saturday 18 August at the Sebel Albert Park. This year the theme is ‘A Night In Monte Carlo’ - a great chance for guests to glam it up and hit the grand and silent auctions with the same enthusiasm that you might hit the roulette wheel if you were in one of Monte Carlo’s premiere casinos! Ticket price includes a three course dinner and beverages, and swingin’ entertainment by Bob Valentine and his band. Specifically raising funds for research into childhood cancerous solid tumours, CIKA have been funding an active immunotherapy research project since 2008 that involves developing and testing an anti-tumour vaccine for children with brain and solid tumours. Grab your Lady Luck, dress to impress and get your tickets at $150 pp. For

more 9




One of the biggest celebrations of our year is the 10th Annual Celebration of Life Ball. The event is being held in support of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Tickets have just gone on sale for the popular and fun filled night. A familiar face, ‘The Voice’ finalist, Matt Hetherington, will host the event. Matt has been a supporter of NICU for many years, and recently blew us away as part of Team Delta. Matt’s wife Melissa, and Channel 9’s Glen Moriarty will co-host the event on the 20th September at the Palladium at the Crown, Southbank.   The ticket price also includes luxurious three-course meal, beer, wine, entertainment and a gift. Tickets are $250 per head or $2300 per whole table of 10. For more information go to

Quirky Facts Did You Know? The hospital caterers make 58,400 jelly cups per year. 400,000 blocks of concrete make up the new building.

The Next Issue of Auxiliarated All Over is due out in Spring!

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY More information on all of the events below, including times, booking details and ticket prices, can be found on at Event



Melbourne Sinfonia Concert II

MLC, Kew

22 June

Made by Us Markets

Malvern Town Hall

30 June

OARA Cropathon

Xavier College, Beaconsfield

30 June

Christmas in July

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

1 July

Run Melbourne


15 July

Auxiliaries AGM

Myer Mural Hall, Bourke St

21 July


The Sebel, Albert Park

18 August

DEM Luncheon

RACV Club, Bourke St

24 August

Celebration of Life Ball

Palladium at Crown

20 Sept

CIKA Wood Days


10-11 Nov

CF Research Trust Gala Ball

Grand Hyatt, Collins Street

17 Nov

Opera in the Roses

Cruden Farm, Langwarrin

23 Nov

Andy’s Market

RCH Main Street

30 Nov

AUXILIARIES SUPPORT STAFF CONTACT DETAILS Sue Hunt, Executive Director 03 9345 7063

Janelle Holden, Auxiliary Assistant 03 9345 4508

Debbie Shiell, Community Development Manager 03 9345 5140

Lisa Addison,Community Development Event Coordinator 03 9345 5143

Stephanie Zappala Bryant, Communications Manager 03 9345 7051

Lee Hawe, Communications Coordinator 03 9345 6700

Sue Manson, Auxiliary Coordinator 03 9345 6491

Ellie Pateras, Donor Development Coordinator 03 9345 7064

Laurel-Leigh Lawson, Auxiliary Assistant 03 9345 5188

Pranav Kaushal, Accounts Coordinator 03 9345 7639

Auxiliarated- Winter 2012 Newsletter  

Quarterley monthly newsletter for the Auxiliary members who fundraise for The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

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